Why I expect the WORST case scenarios…

There’s just something about the soothing sounds of music, it serves as a therapeutic remedy for the mind to get ready, for anything that may come… even if you don’t have your headphones, your mind can produce tunes.

Life has a way of throwing curveballs at you.  You better make sure you’re looking. As the saying goes, it doesn’t cost money to pay attention! Not only should you be looking, but also be steps ahead of the game. Have ten steps set in your mental arsenal.

My strategy has always been to expect the worse possible scenario. Sounds morbid huh? Maybe pessimistic. Well, it’s kept me from getting my hopes up too soon.

I would await the impending death of joy I may have when bad news comes to visit. Pessimistic? Maybe for some. I’d say it sucks to be flying high expecting to meet with the clouds of Hope, until torpedoes come to destroy your plane’s wings. MAYDAY! MAYDAY! When you already have laid out a plan on how to deal with surprise ATTACKS like this, you’ll know what to do.

Life is about adaptation, and we have to know how to maneuver through it. I’m not saying you can’t make it. What I’m saying is be prepared to fail some times, but keep going until you pass. You will pass. But failure will come knocking many times before Success can reach your door!

Just like going on dates or making friends throughout your life. You may meet some strange characters along the way, (the fails), don’t let the past rewrite your future, and don’t allow people of the past to hinder you from meeting great people (the success). Look ahead, not back otherwise your life will be backwards.

Essentially, you wanna have a balance of enJOYing moments of JOY, and also being able to ADAPT to changing surroundings that may not work in your favor. So it’s not so much I’m cynical or a pessimist, I just simply prepare my mind for the worst, so that I can survive it, overcome it, and return back to normal. All it is is mental preparation.

Life isn’t always going to make you happy all day, everyday,  all the time. No. Life is a battlefield of the mind and spirit. Happiness comes from how much you’ve overcome and accomplished. And it brings you even greater happiness due to how thankful you are to be where you are at. You no longer take things for granted.

So, yes I expect bad news, I expect the worst scenarios, because if it does happen I’ll know how to deal with it, and if it doesn’t happen well what a RELIEF. Happiness multiplies even more. No matter what life will be life. So hang on tight! Hopefully you’re a good driver. Make sure you wear a seat belt, there may be some turbulence along the way. Either way Keep on Living! And DO NOT UNDERMINE the POWER OF THE MIND.

Published by Yasira Damas

●Writer ●Poet ●Artist I've been existing in this realm since December 16, 1995. Mexican-American of Indigenous and Spanish-Mediterranean descent. Southwestern US born ->Midwest (CHI/NWI) raised -> Southern living. I'm an introvert who loves independant films, art, poetry, writing, and music. I like pretty much all music especially instrumentals, lofi, jazz, latin jazz, 70s classic rock and soul, 90s grunge, hip-hop, and trip-hop. I read fiction as much as non-fiction, my favorite subjects include mystery, crime thrillers, psychological fiction, uplifting stories, dystopian novels, suspense, philosophy, science, and ancient history. Blog posts including poetry and prose written by Yasira Damas cannot be reproduced or copied without credit given to the original authors. Posts written by the authors are intellectual property that belongs to the original author(s).  © 2021 Power_of_the_Mind_Blog

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