Lofi And the Serenity it Brings to The MiNd

I’ve always been quite the music junkie, exploring various hidden gems. Jazz and Hip-hop being the perfect combination for some soothing beats that cradles the mind into relax mode.

I’ve been listening to Lofi since around the 2010s, as it regained popularity. The genre has been around since the 90s, as the musical art of sampling sounds into a beautifully crafted mix.

My love for this genre as well as writing came accompanied together. I’d listen to various instrumentals and when I discovered lofi I was quickly hooked, inspired me to finish writing books. (I have yet to do so! Lol).

You do need some tunes to get you through the vast hours spent on writing.

I love writing don’t get me wrong, but music enhances the concentration to stay on top of it! It’s quite enjoyable.

If I’m having a crappy day lofi, has a way of erasing any nonsense the day has tried to fill my head with. It’s difficult to stay mad.

I recommend sufficient doses of musical treasures as a mental remedy, side effects may include new found inspiration, increased focus, loss of irritation, no sense of agitation, stress fleeting, as changing beats keep repeating, beating the mindset of defeat, expect enjoyment from self-employment in your own oasis, your abode, chill mode, no longer anxiety prone. Please do try it at home!

Feed your mind with pleasant vibrations to unlock the power of it!

Published by Yasira Akamai

Wife. Writer. Poet. Artist. Lyricist. Born in December 16, 1995. Mexican-American. Southwestern US born -> Grew up in the Chicagoland area & Northwest Indiana (mostly East Chicago) -> moved to a warmer place living that Southern coastal life. I've been writing since like around the late 2000s. Depression and anxiety was swallowing me and I had difficulty trusting others, so I decided to confide in writing. It started off as Spanish songwriting, then it evolved into English poetry, prose, and short stories the more I improved my English grammar and vocabulary. I once had to take ESL classes, until it was determined that I didn't need to anymore around middle school. I became so dedicated to writing that I just did it everyday, and it served as my daily therapy as I was battling with negative thoughts. It put my mind in a state of meditation where it opened me up to many ideas and inspiration that I lived to create. I began to notice that I could write and speak things into existence with my words and actions. I had to find myself, and search for the power of the mind. Blog posts written by the author who goes by the pen name, Yasira Akamai, are intellectual property that belongs to the original author.   ©2021 Yasira Akamai, Power_of_the_Mind_Blog

2 thoughts on “Lofi And the Serenity it Brings to The MiNd

    1. You’re absolutely right. People tend to give their family the benefit of the doubt just because “thats family”, but what if they’re toxic? Especially in today’s age, there’s so many toxic families, so much so we have to unlearn their dysfunction.
      I used to walk around always wearing headphones back in high school. 😊 people “thought I was high, but I was just mentally traveling” as Pharcyde says in that song “Why”.


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