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A Fatherless Home is like a Pilotless Plane…

Can you imagine being on board a plane then suddenly the pilot decides to abort mission in the midst of our journey? That could be disheartening and scary.

Last night, 2/10/21, I had this dream that I was on a small plane heading towards Thailand.

I was able to see through the front window, beautiful forests, tall trees and green grass in the rural area, ponds, and leisure chairs right next to rivers, and I knew it to be Thailand. The pilot was conducting the plane too close to the trees, we were moving very slow, I almost thought the plane would go down and stop, and we’d be stranded. But we continue to go a little higher into the air.

Then I had this thought come to mind “a fatherless home is like being on a plane without a pilot. Imagine if the pilot just parachuted out of the plane, leaving the co-pilot to do everything, endangering the passengers, increasing the likelihood of crashing.”

Though, our pilot never left, and we did arrive to our destination safely. As I was about to sip on some Chai tea, I wake up.

A pilot (father) has a duty to ensure that the plane arrives to its destination safely. Wherever the passengers (his children) decide to go after landing is up to them (when they reach adulthood). If a pilot just decided to jump out of the plane with his parachute saying, “Forget this I’m out!” in the middle of a long flight, the co-pilot (lone mother) would have a lot of stress. There’s a reason two pilots are needed. It went from making sure the plane arrives – to making sure it just doesn’t crash and burn. It went from living life to just plain survival. This endangers the passengers which would most likely have difficulty in life getting to their destination. Their priority then becomes “making sure you don’t mess up” instead of having the confidence to move along to prosper and focus on tackling high achievement goals, like “once I arrive I will do this and that.”

A lot of extra energy is exerted when there’s no pilot (no father) to lead the plane to the right direction. Everyone in a family unit is to do their part in ensuring that the next generation is prepared to take on the world.

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