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B R O K E N: Upcoming Book

It may be difficult to relive the past, but we must come to terms with it in order to seek peace, so that the pain no longer lingers within you. You cannot change the past, but you can definitely take this present time as a present, to make changes necessary for a brighter future.

There are plenty of people who would appreciate the healing doses of (not only poetry and prose) but also from compelling storytelling. Currently, I’m working on a book I started back in 2013. Haha. Yeah I know it’s been a long time. I think that’s got to be the longest writer’s block ever. This story was inspired by a dream I had back in 2013, and I was compelled to record this dream. What was once a two-page journal entry in my notebook evolved into 80 pages. Then, writer’s block came and it stayed like that for years.

Now, I’m back at it in May 2021, and I’m determined to finish this inspiring story, it will be titled “BROKEN.” I’ve went from 80 to about 250 pages within these couple of months.

So what’s this story about?

It is a realistic/spiritual fiction that takes place in the late ’90s. It is about a woman who overcomes past traumas from her childhood and her abusive relationship with a psychopath narcissist.

She was desensitized due to having witnessed her mother go through physical, emotional, and psychological abuse. Red flags can be hard to see when you’re used to seeing fucked up shit. Then, she eventually awakens, and can finally see through the fog. She takes the steps necessary to be free, but it’s not easy.

She develops Complex PTSD symptoms, and has a constant fear of being found by her abuser. She was left broken, but she seeks healing and wisdom to put the pieces back together.

As she goes through her awakening process, She gets these flashbacks from the past, that do trigger her, but soon enough she begins to understand the pattern that must be broken. She braces herself, and is determined to break that generational curse.

Her vivid dreams also inform her. Dreams range from nightmares & spiritual attacks -> to her learning more about the psychologically deadly pattern she found herself in. She’s determined to make something out of the shattered pieces. She begins to realize that the problem is much bigger, and it goes deeper than what the eyes can see. Narcissistic abuse is a spiritual affliction with the purpose of destroying all the light in the world. However, the empowered individual who’s fully healed and enlightened will always reign victorious. There’s no need to fear evil.

Nothing wrong with having a good heart, just don’t give it to the wrong hands.

Anything is possible once you put your mind into it, thus the power of the mind.

2 responses to “B R O K E N: Upcoming Book”

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  2. […] It is titled “B R O K E N.” And I’m looking to publish it some time next year in 2023. I wrote another blog detailing what it’s about. You can read that here. […]


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