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We No Longer Resonate with the Earth

Some of us have forgotten what it feels like to walk on the Earth. Not just walking outside, but really actually walking ON THE SOIL of the EARTH. They say one can resonate with the Earth when they walk upon it barefoot. The vibration of the Earth connects to us at every step. We feel more laidback and “grounded”, or “down-to-Earth.”

If you’d like to read more about the benefits of walking barefoot read this article titled “Is barefoot walking good for me?” by clicking here.

But the ground is dirty why would anyone walk barefoot like that?

The only reason why the ground is dirty is because of contamination, which is man-made. We supposedly live in a civilization yet the basic principles of cleanliness are often ignored. Everywhere I go people litter. I’ve seen garbage bags left on the side of the roads of a so-called Western civilized society. I can only imagine how it is in other parts of the world.

The ground has become so dirty we don’t even want to walk on it barefoot because many humans keep contaminating it. We live amongst many people who don’t care about taking care of the Earth. Then, those same people will get mad the day the Earth stops taking care of them.

Imagine if all the fish died this way. There would be no clean fish for us to eat. Fish provide us with the best source of lean protein and Omega-3 fatty acids.
Plastic is one of the worst things mankind has invented. It is NOT biodegradable, so the Earth cannot get rid of it. It cannot be decomposed. The scavenger creatures cannot even eat it. They’ll literally die trying.

The truth is… the ground is not suppose to be that way. It shouldn’t be so dirty to the point where we don’t even want to walk on it barefoot. The Earth has a natural way of cleaning itself. Every animal, even down to the tiniest bug plays a significant role in the ecosystem. They clean the Earth in plenty of ways. Each living organism plays an important role. Certain animals are known as scavengers that clean up the Earth. These type of animals are unclean for us to eat. What sense does it make to eat animals who eat worms, carcasses, and even feces? That’s why we’re not suppose to eat unclean animals. Some people may not believe the Bible, but it is very on point regarding what meats are clean and unclean unto us. If you’d like to check it out click here.

Photo credit to Pinterest and Google Images

How is it that we’ve forgotten things that should come natural to us? Have we forgotten what it means to be human?

At one point in history, we’ve also played an important role, we knew how to live off the land, how to respect the land, keeping our living spaces clean without the use of trash bags. At one point, we weren’t so wasteful, we knew how to make good use of one mighty Buffalo (or Ox and Bison) and never let anything go to waste. We were efficient like that. We had large families and having many children wasn’t expensive because we lived off the land with plenty of resources for them without the need for money or paper chasing. We grew or own food and animals, we knew how to hunt and fish… this is the true definition of “working so you can eat” (it wasn’t referring to a soul-sucking 9 to 5 job). Living off the land is how “the Lord gives us our daily bread,” we are blessed by the Creator by what grows on the Earth we live on. We appreciated the abundance of the Earth, yet we were not wasteful because we had respect for it.

Nowadays, many people may call it a “rudimentary” or “boring” lifestyle. Most people (especially in the West) would ask “Why do I have to do all that when I can just live a comfortable lifestyle? Why do I have to hunt or raise livestock and crops for food when I could just buy it at the store?”

Well, because those food sources aren’t so trustworthy considering the chemicals in them, the GMO foods, the current food insecurity (most people cannot afford a nutritious diet for their family), and the possibility of a famine.

When you are self-sufficient nothing can stop your growth, and nothing can threaten your livelihood. You never want to leave your livelihood in the hands of other people, for the sake of a pathetic paycheck. It’s not good to get too comfortable. (I don’t see how anyone could be comfortable in the rat race, where you can lose your job at any minute). Everything about this life is unpredictable; therefore, we can never get too comfortable with depending on outside help for resources (that includes a comfortable job, a nice house that the bank still owns, materialistic vain things that mean nothing, etc).

What if one day you lost it all? And those who handed you the paycheck also lose everything? Then what?

That’s why self-sufficiency is key, yet the art of it has been forgotten because that and minimalism is viewed as “rudimentary.” But I’d argue that NOT knowing basic survival skills (like hunting, fishing, building shelter, cooking, starting a fire, growing food, digging a well, and knowing how to purify water) is below rudimentary. At least know the basics of what is deemed “rudimentary” by society. If it’s so basic how come most people don’t know how to do any of it? It is actually pretty scary to realize that most people don’t know how to do any of the survival skills I just mentioned.

And advanced digital technology has taken us further away from our innate abilities to navigate without a GPS or map. You could never get lost when you know the sun and wind patterns. The sky is your clock and your compass as the sun always sets in the West. Usually, the moss on one side of the trees would let you know where north is. Now, having a map or GPS may be nice, but what if you end up stuck without one then what?

Just like how urbanites recognize streets and it’s corners, there are people who know how to navigate by keeping mental tabs of natural landmarks. But to outsiders all trees and boulders look the same, not to a person who’s lived in the country most of their life. Similarly, a person from a rural area would easily get lost in a crowded city. The excessive commotion and constricted space can be bothersome, especially from those who enjoy the serenity of the spacious outdoors and its fresh air. But some people love that about the city… they often say, “there’s a lot to do!” And “there’s always something going on.”

If you ask me I’d rather know how to navigate around the country than in a busy city street. I’m not a fan of noise and pollution. I can’t walk barefoot on surfaces that the Earth cannot clean.

People who have spent their entire lives living in densely populated areas, or in monotonous suburbs designed with societal conformity in mind, on top of living a sedentary life, have a hard time or are oblivious to the human experience.

Can you imagine being a grown adult and coming to the realization that you’ve never truly had a complete human experience? Even though you are one!

The human experience has been forgotten by most, and we wonder why we’re so depressed and our lives seem so meaningless. That’s because we are trapped in what is known as the “rat race.” We’re not in our natural setting. We are in a board game, trapped in a game that simulates “real life” but what is life? Is life meant to be lived sedentary? How can it be when our bodies were made to move!

We’re trapped in a game without knowing how to hunt game for our survival sake. We are staring at screens all day, we don’t know how to take a break from it and just meditate in a tranquil space, even for just a minute. We don’t realize how much peace we can attain if we returned to living the natural way, the way that we were meant to live, with freedom and morality.

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