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The Benefits of Writing Poetry

Writing poetry saved my life because it gave me a purpose. A life without a purpose isn’t even worth living.

The very same words you needed to get off your chest could become a lyrical art form that transforms the way you feel, think, learn, and grow.

It provides cathartic release for mental clarity and spiritual healing. Your communication becomes clearer and people will gravitate toward your words. You gain wisdom by making sense out of your life. Writing poetry and prose forces you to reflect on the reality of your life, and can make you a better individual.


The way you felt when you started writing isn’t the same when you finish. Usually, you’re inspired by something that happened, conflicting thoughts, memories, etc. You may feel sad, upset, or zealous in the beginning. When you finish you feel more serene and at peace.

Cathartic release is one of the biggest reasons why I enjoy writing poetry. It is very therapeutic. There’s a sense of heavy weights being lifted off your shoulders when you release all of that tension. The first draft doesn’t have to be perfect. But you’ll notice that the more often you write, you’ll develop the art of rhythm in your words. Soon enough, it becomes sort of like a prose, or perhaps POETRY. That same poetry you wrote that healed you can heal many others.

This can help you acknowledge and deeply understand your pain and use that to fuel your passion. Making sense out of your life events can help you gain insight. We’ll be discussing that on #3.


Various elements go into forming the perfect flow for a poetic masterpiece: metaphors, punchlines, rhyme schemes, parables, prose, wordplay, imagery, etc. You can add any literary element into what you write that can make your writing sound compelling.

The more you get into the habit of writing poetry, the more you’ll notice these elements, and it will improve your communication. The more you sharpen this art, the better you’ll become in articulating your thoughts and conveying them the best way possible. This writing skill will bleed into your verbal communication skills. When you write you teach your mind to organize thoughts and express them accurately, so when you speak your mind will operate similarly.


You’ll be able to make sense out of your experiences. This alone can help you become a better problem solver. It also increases self-awareness.

When you start writing your first line, you begin with a certain phrase. Then, next thing you know you’ll go on and on, and the poem comes together, knitted beautifully.

The line you started with is the fuel that kept you going into forming the rest of the body. Suddenly, your mind will guide you throughout the process, and you may end up answering your own questions and concerns. By the time you finish, you’ll notice the insight you’ve birthed through this writing. It is an absolutely wonderful thing to experience. To see how your own writing has healed you, and if it has done so for you, it can heal others as well. And that is the beauty of poetry. It connects people to each other, people you may not know, people from across the world can read and resonate with your words. Words carry vibration. And poetry gives you that power to create positivity and cathartic releases. Truth spoken in these words sets us free.


In order for you to even have content to write, you will have to self-reflect. Especially with poetry. The most compelling poems hit home and is revelatory. You are forced to dig deep within yourself and transfer those words from your mind into paper. You will learn a lot about yourself, and you’ll focus on sharpening your skills. You go from self-reflecting to self-improving, and this becomes a healthy cycle of mental growth and healing.

When you write, you create vibes through your words that spread worldwide. You have the power to change your aura, and increase the energy of others.

There are many energy leeches out here in this world that seek to deplete people’s lives, causing many to succumb to toxicity.

Choosing to remain positive, righteous, and elevate to higher consciousness is an honorable way to live. Allow us to spread the light amongst the vast darkness. That is the power of writing poetry. It can uplift and inspire someone to find their voice, and explore a gift they never knew they had, giving them a purpose… as I said before, “a life without a purpose isn’t worth living”, your writing can literally save lives, by helping guide others to find their purpose. Words are healing vibrations.

The Most High used words to bring forth creation. The Psalms of David is poetic and healing for those who may be experiencing hardships in life and spiritual warfare. Not to mention it contains great insight as well. This is why prayer and meditation of wisdom is vital.

The beauty of poetic words and flow. The art of lyricism breeds creation and wisdom.

The power of the mind. Arm your mind with the right vibes.

You have the power to create a peaceful life amongst this chaotic world.

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