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•C O C O O N•

Moonlit skies dyes the clouds indigo,

When your mind is inclined to dig gold,

Yearning to unearth the gems stuck within,

‘Til it gets struck, no more living in the rough.

Do we have to be broken to be made whole?

How else can we see within the crevice if it weren’t for the breaking of the outer layer of ourselves?

Or at least we thought it was ourselves…

We would’ve accepted the darkness that constricted us as our ultimate reality,

Until the day our cocoon cracked and the light gleamed from the outside,

“Never did I ever think that life could be this pristine and serene,

I need more room for my wings, never thought I could grow these.”

Metamorphosis approaching,

This cocoon made us crave a more spacious habitat,

We look back at our former home wondering how’d we spent so much time confined to the darkness that once enveloped us, thinking that was our reality.

Although, most of that cocoon remains a part of us,

Eventually, the rest is lost permanently due to shedding,

Letting go of what you’ve outgrown,

A transformative metamorphosis,

Your formative years are behind you but can still haunt you,

Unless you fly higher than a hawk,

Keen eye overlooking the scenery, beaming at what was once your habitat,

The world’s so vast compared to that.

Makes no sense to live with a scarcity mindset,

When our wings give us infinite reach to abundance and eternity beyond this Earth.

Our words unearth our purpose.

2 responses to “•C O C O O N•”

  1. our words unearth our purpose✨

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    1. Thank you for your comment! 🙏


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