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Book Coming Soon: “B R O K E N”

This is an excerpt from the book I just finished writing, and currently editing right now.

It is titled “B R O K E N.” And I’m looking to publish it some time next year in 2023. I wrote another blog detailing what it’s about. You can read that here.

It was the winter of 1997, gusts of wind whistled from the cloudy skies, but the cherry colored brick building barricaded the frigid temperatures. Coldness from the outside could not penetrate the home, but the coldness of heart had already made itself home.

A young lady who was an empath found herself sucked into a mirage that all started from the facade of the narcissist she’s grown fond of, the bond was slowly breaking due to the barrage of toxic spews, then refurbished with faulty upgrades, false apologies with no resolving. This pattern confused her, it left her with almost loose screws.

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