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Detecting Patterns is Key to Healing

Breaking generational curses is all about breaking patterns in your brain and soul ties attached to your spirit. We will be going over the physical and the spiritual aspects of this. The spiritual aspect of things tends to get overlooked, yet it is the most important component of our existence.

When you really sit back and reflect on your life, you will begin to realize that all things are contigent upon patterns. The patterns are dug deep into your very being, from your soul to the familiar spirits that continues to plague your lineage with the same generational curses. The oppression of it remains alive even if you thought you’ve overcame it. We must be very self aware and vigilant because it can really throw you off. The entire time you’ve been trying to run away from the things you despised about your parents only to realize you’ve become no different from them. We must break the toxic patterns, so we can be free from the bondage. The key is to detect the pattern, which forces you to admit to your own flaws and those of our parents, grandparents, and henceforth. Pride can get in the way of you healing.

Let me tell you that

Once you detect the pattern, it will give you better awareness of your own actions. You will reconsider indulging in the vices that once filled in the void where love was supposed to be.

The pain runs deep, and the traumas are deeply-rooted, tattooed into you,

Leaving you with nearly loose screws,

Inviting more abuse,

as we walk in this life blindly looking for the love that was denied,

but no one in this world can give you what your parents should’ve given you.

Therefore, you are filling up an insatiable tank, hoping that one day you will be happy. Happiness feels fleeting because you are not aware that your tank had holes in it the entire time. That tank is the proverbial heart of yours, broken. Broken hearted where love has departed, because you taught yourself to never love again, in order to avoid feeling that pain again.

The truth is that all that time you thought that abuse was love, it never was, but you equate it as such. Your mind proceeded to be programmed to retreat from the very thing you needed: love. You were denied of it, so you either yearn for it in the wrong places, or you may take that frustration out into the world. The only kind of love you’ve seen came in the form of manipulation and dysfunction, but that was never love. You may have to come to terms with the fact that you were never loved to begin with, and that gave you a skewed perception of a beautiful thing. The reason why you weren’t loved isn’t so much because your parents hated you, it is because they themselves don’t know how to love either. They may have similar traumas as you that their parents unconsciously instilled in them, and they’re still reacting to that which was programmed into their minds.

Your mind is where it is today because of what it’s been exposed to, or deprived of. You may be operating in a way that is detrimental, but you aren’t aware of it nor understand it. Your brain has been programmed since birth, and you are subconsciously reacting to the past traumas you’ve experienced.

The way we think and move is dictated by our mind. Our mind has been molded since birth, and I would even argue that even since we were in our mother’s womb. Our minds were molded during our “formative years,” which is usually when most of our traumas occurs. When we are still developing, we absorb our surroundings, whether it was wholesome or toxic. We take in all the energy around us subconsciously, and the patterns become deeply embedded into our psyche. As we get older the patterns continue to persist. We may still be operating in survival mode even though it’s been 10+ years since we’ve had to face that kind of threat. We have to unlearn the toxic patterns we were forced to be programmed with, and learn new ways to prosper and thrive.

In order to achieve this we have to stop those same old patterns by not entertaining negative thoughts. Negativity has almost become a permanent neurological pattern due to the consistency of toxicity in our dysfunctional environments. We relive and reenact what we’re taught. The older we get the more it solidifies until we become self-aware, and take the initiative to put an end to this generational curse.

The old pattern must fade away by us not dwelling in it. We have the power in us, and in our minds. We hold the keys to what we want to bring into existence. This negativity exists because we allow it to dwell in our minds for far too long. The neurological pattern that induces toxic behavior persists because we keep making it a reality every time we entertain those thoughts. As difficult as it may be, we have the power to make those neurological patterns fade away by replacing it with things that will promote creativity and productivity. We have the power to remold and remodel our minds, so let’s flip this house since we still have good bones!

Also, you have to deprive your mind and body from unhealthy cravings that causes us to turn to vices. This will allow us to break free from the neurological patterns that continue to enslave you. The best thing to do is to take control of your life, and attain discipline by completely changing your lifestyle to suit a healthier one. Gradually, replace your vices with good habits. This is why fasting is very helpful because it trains you to have self control, and instills discipline in you. That way, you are no longer dependent upon unhealthy indulgences that you thought would satisfy your sense of emptiness.

That’s why some seek validation externally, rather than fulfillment from within. It is dangerous to be in a position where we feel the need to depend on outside sources to validate our worth which comes from God whom lives within us. Unfortunately, we push ourselves further away from our true selves the more we consume things that we think will fulfill us, but never will. The void where love was suppose to be can never be truly satisfied by anything or anyone in this world. There’s no point in succumbing to the whimsical pleasures of this world that get you nowhere in life. Detecting patterns, it will give you better awareness of your own actions.

Some people tend to undermine the heaviness we may still feel due to our past traumas from our childhood and adolescence. They’ll tell you to “just get over it.”

The reality is that we are who we are because of what we’ve experienced during our formative years. They call it “formative” for a reason, it forms you into the grown adult you ought to me; but unfortunately, some are behind in their development.

It’s not your fault that you’ve been robbed of the love and proper nurturance from your childhood. However, we reach a point in our adult lives where we have to take accountability for the mistakes we make, and start taking steps toward healing. The only way to truly live a prosperous life is to heal. It takes time because the brain needs time to mold itself back into productivity. There’s a psychological term called, brain plasticity which means that the brain can mold based on whatever you stimulate it with. You become what you immerse yourself in.

The difficulty comes when your brain was been molded by your formative years, which may be filled with past traumas. Negativity has been embedded into your brain, and became almost like a permanent pattern. You have to deprive the cravings from vices, in order to break free from the neurological patterns that continue to enslave you.

Your brain is programmed to protect you, but sometimes our defense mechanisms can end up working against us. Moreover, we go through spiritual warfare daily, which adds another possible threat to our temples. Our temples is our bodies and our mind is the ultimate control room.

Darkness can hijack our temples causing us to become corrupted and make malicious decisions that appear delicious, but it’s all a deception as many move like a empty vessels. Our temples are our bodies and our mind is the ultimate control room. You do not want to be left to your own devices, especially when you have self-destruction on autopilot. The more we feed the legions of death, the more we grow closer to spiritual death. The cleaner your temple is the more light will emanate from you, which irritates the demons. Although, you may still experience spiritual attacks, you will overcome it due to your light which comes from the infinite source: God. The more you grow spiritually, the better you will be equipped for spiritual warfare.

Therefore, healing is the only thing we ought to do, and I am here to tell you that it is very possible. Consistency is key, not the speed. Life is like a marathon, you wanna at least get to the finish line because that symbolizes that you have accomplished your life’s mission.

May peace be with all those who read this!

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