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A Message to the Ladies Coming of Age

This was a quote that birthed from my mind when I was in high-school. I wrote it on my desk, so it would serve as a constant reminder of what I need to do.

Wisdom saves lives.

Some people in Modern society view sex as a sport or hobby, but it’s absolutely not a game. People think that they’re “missing out” if they don’t engage in meaningless casual sex. Well, you’re not. There shouldn’t be FOMO (fear of missing out). If anything the only thing you’re missing out on is time wasted, toxic soul ties, unexpected pregnancies, broken relationships, drama, and STDs. Sex isn’t meant to be casual. It is a deep connection to another soul, that which merges itself into one. You become one with that person. It is the ultimate spiritual bond that binds you both forever, so you definitely want to make sure this is the right person.

Promiscuity does not benefit men nor women. I’m noticing that this wisdom is being muffled by the nonsense that is promoted here in the West. As a woman, I’ll be mainly speaking to the ladies, particularly those coming of age because there’s always hope for the youth. Certainly, gentlemen are free to read this as well.


It is important for us to protect our energy and lifesource. We cannot allow just anyone to enter into our sacred bodies, so we must protect it. Don’t allow foolish men to desecrate your temple. I’m not excusing the foolish men. They are wrong for deceiving, lying, and using women, but what else could you expect from someone who is foolish?

“Sex is a sacred act that was not designed for people to willingly discard each other.”

We carry the womb, so we must protect it. The goal isn’t to just prevent an unexpected pregnancy. It is also to keep our peace of mind intact by not creating deep-rooted toxic soul ties. We tend to overlook the power of the mind, and it can either work with us or against us. The more trauma that we add unto us, the more self-destructive we become. We don’t want that to happen.

Sex is a very deep thing, and when you engage with the wrong person it can destroy you emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. We cannot stop whoremongers (aka F-boys) from being whoremongers (F-boys), but we can provide life-saving wisdom to ensure that the next generation of women make the right decisions to avoid whoremongers, toxic, and narcissistic men. We can’t control what they do, but we most certainly can control how we move, and who we choose to be a part of our lives.
I’m speaking on this out of love for the sake of your mental, physical, and spiritual health.


It makes you smart, wise, and vigilant. This will empower you as well.
People may mock you if you are still a virgin, and I say let them. They may even laugh at you, but that’s OK. Don’t let anyone pressure you into doing something you aren’t ready for. Take your time, and focus on yourself. It kills me how young people feel like they need to rush into things when they have so much time ahead of them.
I was ridiculed by some people for the same reason. Yeah, they laughed at me too. Haha, but who’s the one laughing now? They’re just trying to shame you into making stupid decisions just so that they can feel better about their own mistakes. Don’t become company to misery. Choose your friends very wisely too. A real friend wouldn’t pressure you or make fun of you for wanting to wait.

Whether you are socially liberal or conservative, one thing is for sure, no woman wants to feel used by a man they thought loved them back. Can we at least agree with that?

And I don’t like seeing people getting hurt like that either, man or woman, in whatever case. Promiscuity serves no one any good. It is not only fruitless, but it keeps men and women away from loving one another, and causes us to repel away from each other. You would think sex brings them together, but it doesn’t because love was never a part of the equation. Another problem is some confuse love with lust. I wrote about this before; it’s titled, “L O V E vs L U S T.”


You may be experiencing this, and just acknowledge it, but find ways to heal. You have to find the root of the issue. What has caused you to look down on yourself?

We have to shift our thoughts to more productive and creative things. During your youthful years, that is when you focus on yourself and build yourself up. Don’t be so concerned about what others think, especially if they have low expectations of you. Their perceptions are not who you are. Don’t give them that power.

You may not see it yet, but you are a beautiful person. It’s just that someone or something has robbed you of your sense of self worth, but you can always reclaim it. You have the liberty to regain your power back, and stand up for yourself. You are beautiful, just keep working hard on yourself, stay holistically healthy, and get into some creative and active hobbies that will enrich your soul!

Go for a nature walk, or if you don’t live in an environment like that, you can vibe with some chill music and write. Maybe draw or make some art. You may not know what you’re good at, but you will discover it. Everyone has a purpose, which means there’s at least one thing you you’re good at you just don’t know it yet.

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