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Encouragement for Those Who Defied the Odds

A person can know everything you’ve been through, but that doesn’t mean they won’t try to hurt you.

They may know about all the pain you’ve endured for years to the point you wanted to end your own life.

You were about to self-destruct because you felt like there was nothing to live for.

They knew this and they still hurt you, but that’s OK because that just means they weren’t meant to be in your life.

When SHTF those are the moments when life sifts out all the fakes.

You will see who’s real and who couldn’t stand the test of time.

The experience they had with you may either serve as a life lesson for them to better themselves, or they may end up feeding into that toxicity and get worse.

You can either get better or get worse each day: the choice is yours.

Some people will hate you for choosing to upgrade yourself daily.

Don’t worry about them.

Focus on you.

You’ve come this far, and it may bring a tear to your eye when you look back at the long distance you’ve covered.

Yet and still some will misunderstand how you got there. They may even feel like you’re undeserving of the triumph.

It’s crazy because they may actually know what you’ve been through, but they don’t want to acknowledge it.

You don’t need their acknowledgement nor validation.

You know YOU better than anyone else.

Despite all the suffering you went through, you decided to use it to fuel you for positivity because you needed something to make life worth living.

You work very diligently because that was the only way for you to cope. Productivity was your life support because an idle mind is not the kind of playground you wanna be in.

We don’t do this for the attention or praise we do this because IT IS WHAT KEPT US FROM SELF-DESTRUCTING. It gave us a reason to live, so we put our heart into everything that we do because WE NEEDED TO KEEP THE BEAT ALIVE!

Some people have no idea what goes on in your mind when you are at work, and pushing yourself beyond the limit.
Rather than them respecting you for it, they’ll rather envy or even try to destroy you.

I could never wrap my head around the amount of hatred one has for those who went against all the odds.
I respect every single person out there who has done it because it’s not a easy thing to do.

I also have empathy for those who’ve been ensnared by the pitfalls of life due to having a shitty deck of cards. Life is hard as it is, and it’s even harder when you have to live with childhood trauma. I know we ought to have personal accountability for our actions, yet at the same time I understand how the lack of love and guidance can break anyone. My heart goes out to those who’ve been through hell in this life, but still have a good heart.

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