Power Of The Mind – Spiritual Samurai Writes

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•A V O I D A N T•

The eccentric loner hones in on the creative gifts they were born with,

Despite being torn from past disappointments,

Though it may be hard to cope, scoping on the possibility of hope,

Social anxiety comes knocking on our door,

Me against the world,

Overthinking paranoia,

Unseen toxic ammonia,

Clouding our perception of reality,

As we observe from a distance,

We often feel like a hindrance to our own progress,

We were treated like burdens, so we grow yearning for the love that we been burning, turning over a new page, engulfing it in flames,

Because we’re afraid to face another day of humiliation,

Even though we’re no longer fazed when people decide to betray us, doing a 180,

Layered betrayal is symmetrical, cementing the trail of failures until we learn to discern,

Between the genuine and the counterfeit, so we can win and not forfeit.

Our hearts are large ready to accept open arms, but instead we bear arms because we bared to witness pain we had to dislodge the bullets we caught,

Immense defense strategies only work on enemies,

But recognize who’s in your royal team otherwise you’ll hurt those worthy to be in your circle.

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