Power Of The Mind – Spiritual Samurai Writes

Scribe Prescribing Healing doses of ●Poetry ●Prose ●Truth Spoken


What are these verses for?

Me versus the world.

Stone cold, but I remain warm,

Keeping my peace hidden from the swarm of leeches, I’ve been warned to refrain from,

Disdain painted across their faces as they see me making it without them,

Without a handout I stand out,

For as much as they put me down,

Minimizing my potential, living in denial,

I didn’t need you to overcome these trials,

That keep on trying me, endless spirals,

If anything, some of you inspired me to fly higher, than an admirer wired up with passionate fire, who was betrayed by pathological liars,

And that allowed me to never turn back,
To see those who turned their backs on me when I was in dire need,

Perhaps I shoulda got therapy or seek God’s healing, but it’s hard to make sense of it all,

I’ve been lost,

Forgive me if I ever been a burden.

Normally, my attachment is avoidant, but the moment I become open,

I realized these persons, were never my friends,

Just impersonating, perpetrating a fraud, false confidant,

But I thank all those who let me know what it really was early on.

No matter what they say,

I’ve never been fake nor two-faced,

If anything I’m too transparent, and that’s just too intense for the counterfeit.

I’m genuine, I don’t fit in,

But that’s a blessing, and also menacing for those who fear their own reflection,

Life’s full of lessons for greatness,

You either break or make it, I only take wins.

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