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Spiritual Philosophy: Temptations Were Never Your True Desire

1. If you have to be seduced into doing something, can you really say that that’s what you truly desire?

Temptations were never your desire because they usually have to be introduced or forced into you. In some cases, you have to be broken into it, and it always comes when you’re vulnerable. It was all an illusion. You can’t trust your senses because it’s powered by emotions and not logic which leads to deception. What feels good for the moment isn’t good forever.

2. If that temptation was really what you wanted why does one feel drained/empty afterwards?

Because it leads to no fulfillment, only dead ends that can leave you spiritually dead, living a life of regret. Vain temptations never lead you to real purpose, instead they curse and break our temples even more. This causes you to age worse.

3. If you have to be broken throughout your life in order for you to fall into darkness, can you really say that the darkness was really your path?

Past traumas causes us to feel like we’re not worthy of God. Our sense of worthlessness makes us feel undeserving of good things, so we surrender to the darkness because we feel like we have nothing to live for. We had to be broken in order to get to this point, and traumas alters your brain chemistry and soul. Spiritual death is no different from suicide because you’ve given up the light. I’d argue that it’s actually worse than suicide, but that’s just my opinion for now.

That’s why healing from traumas is essential as it cuts off all toxic ties with what brought us misery. Unhealed traumas power the evils that will snatch your body, and create a false identity out of you. The longer you live this way, the more convinced you’ll be that that false identity is you when it never was. The further we disconnect from our own soul, the harder it is to overcome. Spiritual death is the worst thing because it cuts you off from the infinite source of life and wisdom.

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