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To Whom It May Concern,

I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read my writing. I genuinely hope that it uplifts you. I do this for a reason. My dreams reveal a lot of information to me which inspires me to relay the messages to anyone who may find themselves reading this.

I never thought I’d ever find myself forgiving those who hurt me, until I sense them suffering without having to be present nor speak to them. I’m very sensitive to the spiritual realm. For this reason, forgiveness comes easy to me, and I honestly wish them the best.

This life is no joke. When a person doesn’t take heed to warnings, and is too prideful to admit any fault, karma will catch up to them. You cannot runaway from the truth. The good thing is though, you can always repent for as long as you’re still alive. Use your time wisely to get right with the One in control of where your soul goes in the afterlife.

You know what these words are for,
The cure from the hatred we were made to embrace,
Until we are faced with the consequences from past actions,
Plenty of mistakes made, to the point people think it’s pointless to forgive,
Because every time they did,
They’ve been met with disappointment,
Chances are not meant to be taken for granted.
Be grateful you still live,
So you can forge a new beginning,
For once in your life stop living a lie,
Release yourself from your own mental prison that prevents you from being fulfilled,
Finally taking self-improvement serious,
And becoming a better version of yourself,
You still have an opportunity to truly express your remorse from previous selfish acts,
The fact that you’re living with regrets just shows you have a heart of repentance,
Use your solitude as a time to seek penitentence,
That will allow you to make sense,
Out of the turbulence that life brings.

Your traumas continue to haunt you, oppressing the last bit of light left in you because it’s been robbed by those who were suppose to love you,
They used you when you were vulnerable and not old enough to comprehend why you felt so drained,
You gave so much of yourself to someone who never did,
In hopes that they’ll reciprocate affection,
Instead your needs were rejected by the narcissistic parent,
This abuse may have burned you, and turned you into someone who yearns for all the energy they can get from various people,
Not realizing you’ve just become just as emotionally immature as your selfish parent,
It clouded your perception, to the point you subconsciously hurt people along the way as you carried your pain with you,
Hoping no one would ever exploit your generosity ever again,
It left you with an insatiable void that no one could ever satisfy not even your self,
Unstable mentally, to the point you’re viewed as demented,
They don’t know that the way you moved was simply a defense mechanism,
That you can overcome when you heal from your past traumas,
Taking your power back,
So you can walk in your true authentic self.

Despite the bridges burned, the lessons were learned as long as you actually feel remorse,
Even if you may not have much time left,
If you truly do regret the mistakes you’ve made, embrace the grace God has given,
By finally living in Truth no matter how brutal it may be,
To be released from stress, depression, anxiety, and spiritual oppression,
Acknowledge your wrongdoings,
Forgive yourself.
Seek wisdom, keep your temple clean, so you can reach peace.

Take the time to appreciate the people who’ve been a part of your healing journey. Even if it’s just been you, give yourself some credit for putting in the effort to grow. Isolation can be a blessing. It means you need to take the time to self-reflect, and get proactive on the next steps to upgrading yourself.

If you have good people in your life do NOT take them for granted because they are rare. If you lose them, you never know if you’ll ever find another.

The world is controlled by unseen forces,
You’re either a vessel for good, or for evil,
Whatever spirit you choose to feed will lead you.

Forgive yourself.

As long as you genuinely feel remorse, you have already been forgiven.


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