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The Cynical Empath

It sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s really not. I think it’s a perfect concoction of knowledge unearthed from the dark corners of the world and the power to deeply love and empathize with others. Your love grows much deeper the more you survive, and that love becomes an even stronger superpower everytime we go supernova. We realize the high intensity of our resilience which fuels our self-love. The cynicism gives you keen eye-sight like a sniper, you observe from a distance, and never allow anyone to be a hindrance to your purpose. The empath aspect is that agape love you still have. The difference is that wisdom allows you to direct your potent energy into the correct avenues which includes people, places, and things. Don’t pour your precious energy into the soulless ones who carry voids that can never be quenched unless they destroy us.

I’m more of a cynic, and I’ve been this way for a very long time. I’m an old soul, so I guess that’s the intensity of foresight or perhaps the third-eye. I can see it coming from a mile away, so I obey the voices that speak sense into me; that is the information that has saved me, and that I intend on sharing. The familiarity of deja vu episodes are so surreal. Love is powerful because it endures many fiery trials, but altruism and compassion only spreads as far as those who have genuine hearts, and/or those who have been broken down by life but are actually trying to be decent human beings. I’m all about elevation, and it brings me great joy to see someone from the rock bottom finally rise up and show the world how wrong they were about them.

Although, all that is lovely, we have to be aware that not everyone is trying to rise up, and your joy agitates certain people. Those damn crabs are mad that you got out the bucket. Traumatic experiences exposes us to the dangers of being close to the soulless ones. A soulless one is an empty vessel that houses plenty of demons, and they have no problem with that because they have no remorse. Some of us may’ve grown up with them, went to school or work with them, they could’ve been hidden among your friends, or maybe you may’ve dated or married them. Whatever it is, they are everywhere, and as my abuelita used to always say, “El diablo nunca duerme.” That means that the devil never sleeps. He is always at work, and will use any available vessel with an open crack.

The truth is that most people will choose evil, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Oh well.

There’s no point in wasting energy on the soulless beings.

There’s a difference between a broken person and an evil person. We all go through tough and tragic times, but your decision to serve good or evil is what will determine the trajectory of your life including the afterlife. Just because you may be “broken” right now doesn’t mean you’re a terrible person. If you still have a conscience, then there’s enough hope for you to truly feel remorse, and work on yourself in order to become a better person. However, we have to be aware of those who consciously have chosen to do evil. You cannot let that fly over your head, and if you do, you may end up learning the hard way.

It amazes me how unaware some people are of the evil nature of mankind. They will hate people like me for stating the obvious. I guess because most people would rather be lied to, and live in a delusion. I may sound a bit arrogant here, but oh well. I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t given the privilege to have my head in the clouds. I was forced to be a spiritual sharp shooter at a young age. It seems like my eyes have been wide open since my birth, but I went through some stages in life that would enhance these abilities.

It is inevitable to be a cynic when you have had to experience life with heightened senses, and you bared to witness constant repetition of bullshit over and over again. You predict and foresee, then viola there it is, “what a big fucking surprise.” Oh wow! I sure didn’t see that one coming. *sarcasm*

Betrayal after betrayal. Layers and layers of warped perceptions of the wayward minds who end up becoming reprobate anyway. They will hate you for trying to save them, so why bother?

Mainstream Christianity will make you believe that you must “love and help everyone.”

Um no. Not really.

The hard truth is that some people just don’t want to be loved, and/or loving them could be dangerous. You can give them all the love in the world, but if they don’t know how to receive and reciprocate they will give you nothing but pain and suffering. Toxicity is their love language, but we don’t speak that around here. Not everyone can love the way we do, so it’s safe to say that we’re not all the same. There are plenty of evil spirits running through people at the speed of light, and they don’t even know it. Those who do know, don’t even give a fuck about the pain they cause.

You can only love those who will love you back, but such people are quite rare. They do exist though. I’m not gonna deny the existence of remarkable people because I know they’re out there, but you must take cautious steps when you encounter new people. You better pay attention and keep mental notes, in order to make wise moves that will preserve your life and soul.

You can’t help everyone because some people don’t want to be helped. Hey, even the Good Book says to “not cast your pearls before swine.”

What does that tell you?

That not everyone is going to want to elevate and ascend like you do, and it’s pointless to waste time on people who don’t want to take heed to wisdom and truth. We can have different opinions, but some people would kill you over it. I don’t care if we don’t agree because I believe in freewill. Be thankful for freewill because it allows us to see what’s really in the hearts of man, and unfortunately the majority of people are hopeless. Focus on helping those who really need it and have good intentions. Make sure you invest in people who will contribute greatly to elevating the frequency of the Universe. I’m not against helping one another but we have to be very careful of whom we allow into our lives because demons always come with the right disguise at the right time.

It is a harsh reality to fathom that the masses would rather lather up their asses in the mud, than to elevate and grow. As an empath, you have that agape love for others, but don’t get so attached to this world because distractions can hold you back from growing. Some people are just distractions who want to lure you back into square one. These types of people don’t want to change, they just want your energy. You can throw your gems at them, but just like the swine, they will not know what to do with your love and wisdom. You can love certain individuals all you want, it will not move them because they have made their final decision to serve evil or to simply live in ignorance which curses them with the inability to love deeply or comprehend the complexities of life.

They will not stop doing what makes them happy which just so happens to be low-vibrational things. Not to mention, some people really do enjoy seeing people suffering. Now you tell me if I should have empathy for pieces of shit like that?

No thank you. For all you know, you could be entertaining a demon. Give your love and support to those who will appreciate and reciprocate. If you don’t have anyone in your life, then give that love to yourself and know your worth. I know it’s hard for some empaths to believe that, but it’s true. Once you see certain things, you just can’t unsee it. I used to hate being able to see these things, but now I embrace the truth that slaps me across my face like the water of wisdom that pours down on me from the sky. Oh yes, I learned to love it because knowledge and wisdom is empowering. In life, you are left with these choices: You either pick up your sword or you fall face flat on the floor. The first one describes the narrow path that many reject because falling down is easier than getting back up.

Mankind is so disappointing, and it breaks my heart to have to acknowledge the harsh reality of this world, but I’m not surprised not one bit. Being an old soul, I feel like I’ve already seen a lot because all of this stuff is so predictable that I don’t even want to say that I’ve “foreseen” it. It’s got me questioning like: “Am I really psychic or is this world just predictable?”

Honestly, it disgusts me to see how easy it is to manipulate the masses, and it’s hard to give them credit when the majority of the world would rather listen to soothing lies, than the hard truth that will save them. Most people would rather destroy you than to love you. As you know, real love is when a person tells you what you need to know, not what you wanna hear. Most people want to get their asses kissed as you whisper sweet-nothings. We’re not booty blowers!

Now, you tell me what’s there to love about people when most of them hate the truth and those who speak it?

Throughout history, the freethinkers and prophets have always been hated because they spoke the straight up truth. They were hated, but the masses who hated them failed to realize how much love these speakers of truth had for them. Most of mankind hates that which God loves which is the Truth. Since mankind is inherently evil, then it makes sense for them to hate the light that truth brings.

Most people hate the thing that I love which is the truth, so how can we mix? Maybe we weren’t meant to. However, if you love the truth, then consider yourself a blessed individual. I’m right there with you, and you will most definitely love my blog.

I don’t hate people. I just understand human nature. What I do hate is the evil spirits that easily takes over their vessels effortlessly, and they have no idea what the fuck is going on. You can’t tell them anything because they refuse to listen to wise advice. Some may even try to go against you for no reason, so why even bother? Especially, if they become a threat to your mental health and sometimes even your own damn life.

I don’t hate anyone, but I do despise the evil that roams about and hijacks the bodies of those who’ve lost their will to live. Once that mind is permanently overtaken by evil and they have made a final decision to serve the devil, then there’s no turning back, and there’s no way you can trust them again. At that point, It would be futile and foolish to expect the best out of them after their various failed attempts, and unwillingness to rise up. It makes no sense to believe in an individual who doesn’t even believe in themselves. Once they make that choice, there’s nothing you can do about it, and you better believe who they are when they show you because they have revealed themselves to be your enemy.

Fuck feelings!

You must look at these situations with logic, accept the harsh reality for what it is, and move accordingly. Think like a war strategist, not like an avid romance novel reader. I always hated that genre by the way, even as a kid. I was more interested in being a beautiful warrior queen than a helpless little princess waiting for someone to rescue her. I’d much rather be a highly adaptive survivalist who figures the way out without any help because expecting a rescue is not realistic and it ain’t safe to rely so much on others. Humans are naturally disappointing. But hey, if they do come to save the day, I’ll be sure to show them my gratitude. In my mind, I naturally gravitate toward self-reliance because it is a sure-fire way to succeed, and I don’t stop until I find the way out. I must give God the credit for guiding me though. It’s only right, you know?

Yeah, I have a good heart, but that doesn’t mean I’m stupid. If anything, I’m as “wise as the serpent, but gentle as a dove.” Yeah, that’s in the Good Book too. I’ve made mistakes before, but I made sure to learn from them in order to strengthen my spiritual armor, and not allow myself to be corrupted. I observe without absorbing the vast negative energy that I encounter. My cynicism has been with me since before I even hit puberty, but somehow I still had that light preserved within me. I was still that creative kid.

I was determined to have the heart of a samurai warrior, instead of allowing it to harden. I love too hard to allow that gift to diminish. Nothing will stop me from having the power to love. I will always love, but I will remove all toxic or unnecessary ties in order to maintain tranquility. I’ve only grown more cynical the more I know. It reminds me of what King Solomon wrote, “As I increase in knowledge so does my sorrow.”

Cynicism seems to be an accurate way to view the world because it’s a cold place to be in, and without wisdom you’re doomed to ruin your own life, so you better arm yourself. I’m not negative. I’m just aware and I keep adding more wisdom to my mental arsenal because you have to. This world is a battleground, and you better be ready for anything that may come your way.

Not everyone is your enemy, yes. I had to learn that because my mindset was operating sort of like a war veteran. You better believe that there are enemies lurking, especially when you have a lot to offer, and a whole lot of love to give that which they perceive to be a weakness. Those who are afraid to genuinely love are the real weak ones if you ask me.

You don’t have to stop being a good person. Remain righteous and honorable, but keep getting that wisdom. Be very wise of evil devices otherwise the snakes will keep you in a vice-grip. You can call me a cynic, but my heart remains intact, and that is what makes us powerful. We acknowledge the evil with no fear just like a real spiritual shinobi would. We see the darkness, but we don’t allow it to overrule us, nor beguile us because we recognize the greater power that exists being a person of the light powered by the Almighty from the infinite sky.

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