Power Of The Mind – Spiritual Samurai Writes

Scribe Prescribing Healing doses of ●Poetry ●Prose ●Truth Spoken

•D E T A C H M E N T•

We don’t need to be attached to this fake & materialistic world. Only focus on yourself and embrace the solitude that comes from the times you’ve fallen. Keep rising back up. That’s what the righteous does as the Good Book says. Never give up on getting better and seeking the light.

As the heart rips apart,
The pain is excruciating,
Cruelty moving through me,
Poison that these scorpions donated to me made a home in me,
Until my body produced antibodies,
That discombobulated what was meant to block me from being alive,
Grueling wars aching,
Making me nauseated,
Lost in a maze of hate from the ungrateful.

The psyche getting beat repeatedly,
Light depleting when they minimize our plight,
Until becoming nearly senile-minded but we’ve survived it,
Anxiety keeps you from unwinding,
As you rewind back to that time,
When you almost lost your damn mind.

Slowly, you feel the sense of weakness leaving the body,
Oh so soothingly, the wounds left in ruins,
Of whom I used to be when I’ve once ruminated on the constant betrayals, on top of trauma layers,
Giving your spirit wear and tear,
That left trails of blood from my bleeding heart,
But somehow the love kept pumping,
Only enough left for me to feed myself from being starved of real love,
Unsure of what the fuck it was.

Since the very beginning of livin’,
I got that warrior spirit, also embedded in my ancient lineage,
Old soul reincarnated,
Overcoming the carnal-mind,
Superseding stages,
Accumulating wisdom from sages,
Power reinstated so I’m never finished,
I’m not stopping shit,
Our existence can never diminish,
You cannot kill what’s infinite,
We were meant to always live.

Pain is the greatest thing you can give me to cause me to detach from all that is bad for me,
Taste aversion made me my best version,
What I used to yearn for now makes my stomach churn like I got tapeworms,
Give me a laxative so I can shit out all leeches from draining my energy,
Now, I’m allergic to it,
Where’s the toilet?
Before I soil my royal garments they never got to see me fold.

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