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The Birth of the General: My Self-Healing Journey & the Making of an Empowered Individual


“Narcissistic abuse is basically premeditated spiritual murder…”

– You already know

If you’ve been through mental, emotional, or psychological abuse, then you’re going to love this message. They say psychological wounds are impossible to heal, but there must be a way to unlock the power of your mind and spirit. The mind is the bridge between your body and spirit. The same way traumas alter our brain chemistry is the same way we can shift our perception, and rewire our minds to create empowering thoughts. Look into the “brain plasticity” concept, and you will be amazed by what your mind can do.

Stay encouraged, focus on yourself, and keep on moving. The best way to do this is by mastering the art of self-healing which is a very important skill to have. Most people are untrustworthy, unreliable, and lack empathy, so it’s vital to be mentally strong and self-sufficient in order to ensure ultimate success. The goal is to acquire the ability to survive despite being left for dead with a severed heart that’s already been tattered up.

You’re supposed to be left with a void,

When a hole has been blown through your chest,

Left restless, mass anxiety tension,

The strings of the heart depart,

It was taken off like an Aztec sacrifice,

Spiritual death is expected,

Will to live diminished as the spirit breaks,

Reminiscent of the previous pain,

That crevice was necessary for that renewed spirit to make its entrance,

After going through a psychotic split,

Contemplating killin,’

The only way to stop the villain from cocking that shotgun against the innocent.

A decision must be made,

If you’ll serve righteousness or be a slave to emptiness,

That will only make your debt hefty,

Many succumb to a perilous existence that resembles hell,

Parallel to how demons dwell,

Making your skeleton tremble at the presence of an angel,

That’s why they attack Divine messengers,

Messing with their head,

But confusion does not resonate with the chosen,

Only the reprobate are rendered useless,

As they try to use us,

But we know better than to serve Luci’s whores including the mongers who produce abominations,

Tainting many nations and blaming those they left nameless,

The ultimate narcissistic game was originally played by Satan,

When the first betrayal started with Cain,

That same hatred remains scattered across this physical plane.



People will still hurt you despite knowing all the things you’ve been through. This is more than enough evidence that they never loved or cared about you, so don’t hesitate to cut the cord. Let me highlight this: IF A PERSON USES YOUR TRAUMAS TO INSULT YOU, IF THEY INVALIDATE YOUR PAIN, OR IF THEY DELIBERATELY HURT YOU KNOWING THAT YOU HAVE A HISTORY OF HEAVY TRAUMAS, THEN IT’S SAFE TO SAY THAT THAT INDIVIDUAL HAS NO EMPATHY. You already know what kind of person THAT is. Since we have identified them as someone who lacks empathy, then you should know that whatever they said NEVER MATTERED. They only said what they said with the sole purpose of HURTING you, and they wanted to deliver you the worst kind of pain.

They’ll even go as far as lying to you ABOUT YOU, just so you question your own worth. They want to shatter your self-esteem, self-image, and confidence permanently because deep down they know you’re GREAT. That’s why they tried to hurt you. I mean all they do is lie, so it’s not far-fetched to know that they’ll tell you a bunch of confusing bullshit just to make you feel ugly, and give up on your dreams. They don’t even mean what they say because in order for them to speak from the heart, they’d have to actually have one in the first place. They only did that to put you down. The knowledge they have of your past traumas will not stop them from hurting you, if anything they’ll use it as ammunition to hurt you in the worst way. Oh, they just can’t wait to use that against you to try make you feel even more worthless in hopes that you remain broken…


THE BIRTH OF THE GENERAL is basically the making of a super empath. This happens when you finally awaken after going through a tremendous amount of bullshit. It is the moment when you realize that you’re the one in charge of your own life, and you’re the one who holds all the power to take flight. It is when you finally know your worth, and your energy begins to align with your best interests. Keep walking toward the light and allow the truth to guide you. Never in your life will you ever allow anyone to have the power to crush your spirit like that. If you’re gonna go through immense heartaches and pain, you mind as well extract all the wisdom you can from it. If you want to survive and thrive, you have to learn how to adapt to any climate, so you can climb it.

Now, who’s the general?

It’s a militant warrior spirit that dwells inside of me. It is the voice of encouragement I would hear every time I got triggered, every time I fell down, broke down & cried, every time anger would erupt,
everytime I got my heart broke, everytime I felt like giving up on life, had panic attacks, and everytime I woke up from an anxiety-inducing nightmare. It allowed me to embrace my weaknesses, so I could turn them into strength. It would remind me of what I needed to do everytime I got shot down by life. It is what has pushed me to go further no matter what life throws at me, and you already know it’s a lotta stuff because the one thing the world hates the most are those who preserve the light. God forbid you come to this Earth to make a positive impact. Oh, but never mind the corruption and wickedness of this world. This world is sick, and some of the same people who go against the healers and lightworkers, are the same people who say, “Ain’t no such thing as a good man or woman.” They’ll say that even after they broke them down, or at least they thought they did.

The general within me allowed me to remember who I was again, and I would immediately start writing again with that pain fresh in my mind still oppressing me. The compilation of psychological pain that was suppose to sedate me became the best inspirational fuel for my songwriting. I would still work hard with a broken heart and a shattered mind because I had a strong desire to succeed. I got so tired of feeling like shit that I bled all of that pain onto the ink in which I would write poetry and lyrical verses. Thankfully, I learned a lot at a young age, and caught on pretty quickly because I was so determined to break generational curses.

I recall the day I was grieving the loss of a persona that never existed, that pain eventually triggered my awakening. That was when that voice began speaking to me, and it sounded like a general saying:

“Look, that’s enough. You’ve cried enough. C’mon now, GET THE FUCK UP!! Stop crying like a little bitch! He doesn’t want you anymore. What the fuck ‘you gonna do about it, huh? Forget about that bullshit! You’ve got a lot of work to do. Remember that you have these gifts right here. They couldn’t take that away from you, and they never will. Get back to that writing, but before you do that I’ma need you to hit the track and run some laps. Drop down and give me 50, and if you’re still mad as fuck go hit the bag until your muscles are just numb as your emotional state of mind. We’re not about to let ANYONE STOP US now, and it will NEVER FUCKING HAPPEN. DO YOU HEAR ME!? IT WILL NEVER FUCKING HAPPEN! THEY’RE NOT STOPPING SHIT! WE’RE NOT GIVING THEM THAT POWER. THE POWER IS OURS! WE KEEP GOING! WE WILL KEEP FUCKING GOING NO MATTER WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENS! Now, get back to work, and allow the pain to fuel you into becoming a better YOU. This PAIN IS THE FUEL. EMBRACE IT. FEEL IT IN YOUR VEINS. USE IT AS WAR PAINT.”

Ever since that day, I was never the same. I learned how to emotionally detach instantly because I’ve been speaking life to myself since I was a kid, so I was already used to solely relying on myself for validation even if I didn’t believe it at the time. I really wasn’t the most confident believe it or not. Eventually, I began to recognize my worth in my late teens which is a blessing because self-love became my superpower that gave me a low tolerance for bullshit. Also, I learned how to become powerful in my solitude, and as an introvert it’s like second nature to recharge alone. It enabled me to extract myself from certain situations before things got worse. Even though those encounters were short-lived, I realized that I was being followed by a familiar spirit because I would recognize the same spirit in different people. Same poison, different scorpion.

Once you see people for who they are, it becomes very clear to see their plots against you. It’s almost like you can read their minds, and it disgusts you to the point you want nothing to do with them. Now, you’re THE ONE who feels NOTHING for them, so it becomes easier to move on and never look back. The pain of heartbreak gets muffled by the wisdom you gather, so keep learning more because it will help you heal.

Everytime I felt that surge of rage boiling inside of me, the general would yell at me like, “Time for you to TAKE YOUR ANGRY ASS BACK TO THE TRACK AND RUN SOME LAPS UNTIL YOUR LEGS COLLAPSE!” I would feel a strong urge to go for a long run while blasting some hardcore music. My daily therapy also consisted of hitting the bag, military-style workouts, lifting iron weights, reading, and writing. I made sure that whatever habits I had was solely for my advancement.

My vision became clearer the more I became receptive to wisdom. I allowed logic to dominate my mind, so that I could prevail. I was able to see the traps that have been set up to destroy me to the point I could forsee certain things before letting anyone get too close to me. The moment I sensed that dark energy, I knew I was in close range to a possible proverbial “bomb threat.” My anxiety attacks would let me know, or I would just sense shady vibes. I was so close to stepping into a minefield. Whenever this happened my militant conscience would tell me, “GET THE FUCK OUTTA THERE! Go home before it’s too late.”


I’ve never joined the military, but I would carry myself as if I had a drill sergeant for a conscience. I wasn’t aware of David Goggins at the time either. I learned about him recently, and I greatly respect his work. You should check’em out too if you haven’t already. My imperfections and flaws is what fueled my drive to be better. The world needs more good people. The world needs more righteous warriors.

Overtime, the general’s voice began to sound calmer like a kung-fu master sage. I took it as a sign that I’ve accomplished a lot of healing. I stopped being so hard-headed, and my anger was gradually dissipating. I would forget about the things that made me angry as I began to realize that there’s no sense in stressing over things I had no control over. Whenever the rumination and flashbacks resurfaced, it would no longer have power over my emotions. That’s how you know that you’ve healed.


“I was the star that was supposed to die, but instead I went supernova each and every time since the early stages of my life.”

As I look back, I will never forget about every moment I went supernova, how it opened my eyes EVEN MORE, how it restored my spirit, and gave me immense mental strength. It toughened me up and I was able to self-heal at an exponential rate that I couldn’t even believe. I was detached from the pain of this world as I was slowly mastering the art of self-healing. In a weird way, I actually felt powered by my pain, and it motivated me to become better at everything that I do. Everything that I touch must turn to GOLD. I was powered by my ambition and drive to overcome all odds. I was operating on savage-mode like I was so motivated to study, work, and exercise even harder than ever before. Eventually, I began to embrace the pain because my anger became the fuel to my passion. I have literally mastered the art of transmuting negative energy into a positive fuel for me to propel myself to greater heights. If it wasn’t for all that, I would’ve never known of this great power that I now hold.

Heartstrings are now my acoustic instruments that charms snakes that I have forgiven,

So they have no choice but to appreciate the beauty I can create with the pain they gave me,

Oh those scorpions tried to kill my spirit, but instead they empowered me indirectly,

Now, I'm able to produce the best medicine to heal the chronically heartbroken.

All that pain can only make you great if you learn from it. We don’t really have much of a choice: You either become great or you break, so you mind as well find a way to become empowered by it. When you do that, you will develop a mind that can foresee storms and impending wars before they reach you, and when they do come, it will not faze you. You’ll be well-equipped with a full arsenal, and be able to concentrate because you’re practicing stoicism, and not allowing these clowns to control how you feel about yourself.



I was even surprised to see the consistent work flow I was engaging in. It was crazy. I felt crazy. In a good way though. Instead of going psychotic, I fought hard to shift my mind toward productivity and creativity. It wasn’t easy at all because sometimes I felt like my body was influenced by an outside force that would try to lure me into darkness. I constantly went against the grain by denying my flesh daily. I knew I could never go wrong by exercising high levels of discipline, and becoming a master of my own mind. I refused to be controlled by anything that would lead to my detriment. Denying your flesh everyday is already difficult as it is because we’re still human, but imagine trying to do that in the midst of living with unhealed traumas and undiagnosed mental issues (cPTSD and possibly BPD. These two often get confused as they have similar symptoms).

Our fall is inevitable, but our mistakes are valuable learning lessons, so I learned to forgive myself, and still kept going. No one knew of the battles I’ve been fighting in my own mind that would trigger my “fight-or-flight” mode. I was trying to identify my issues, so that I could take steps toward healing because I refused to make excuses for poor behavior in myself as well as tolerating it from others. I was willing to work extremely hard to attain a better quality of life, to be a better woman, and attract the right man for me. I never expected anyone to care or help me with my growth, so I took matters into my own hands and diligently worked on myself despite the distractions I’ve encountered along the way.

Over the years, my mental health has greatly improved. The devil doesn’t speak to me anymore as I’ve gotten closer to God by feeding my spirit. My anger isn’t as intense as it was before. I give credit to living by the coast because the sound of the ocean waves is very soothing. Also, I went from having an avoidant attachment style to a secure one. I’ve been married for about 7 years to someone whom I’m aligned with who shares the same morals and values. I’m just letting you know that once you heal, it is very possible for you to find the person who’s meant to be with you. Don’t worry so much about finding someone, but focus on getting to know yourself before anything.

Healing is very possible for those who put in the work. I was very determined to excell with or without anyone, all while fighting the yearning to be loved. I already knew that looking for love would only take me into an even darker place because there was a familiar spirit that kept following me the more I remained unhealed. I was already cynical at a young age, so nothing was new to me. I learned very early on that some people love to see you down, depressed, in tears, or living in fear. The one thing I learned from being vulnerable in front of certain individuals is how sick people can be to take pleasure in your pain. The fact that my pain empowered them just goes to show you that I was the one with the TRUE POWER. It is because of this knowledge that I am able to take MY POWER BACK.

I refuse to allow evil people to corrupt my character. Just because they choose to be trifling, doesn’t mean I have to be. I realized that hatred is a waste of energy, so wisdom allowed me to detach from all that isn’t meant for me, and become open to better things in life.

People could say whatever they want about me, but one thing I know for sure is that I do have a good heart. I stumbled and fell a few times, but I got back up each and every time and never listened to those who didn’t believe in me. I wasn’t even expecting God to be there for me, but it turned out that He was.

In this fake world, we are not allowed to be different, especially if you chose to be a good person. Oh no, they can’t have that. They also can’t have intelligent and claircognizent people walking around who know the truth and are very aware of the spiritual realm. They really thought we were weak and stupid not realizing the power we have within us. Then, they got the nerve to get mad when we rise again and again after they kicked us when we were down. Maybe they should’ve never did that because our tenacity to ressurect proves our level of strength to be far HIGHER than theirs. Now, they’re in for a rude awakening.

They kicked us while we were down instead of lifting us up because THEY WERE NEVER ABOVE US TO BEGIN WITH. That high-horse they thought they were on was an illusion. The horse doesn’t even exist! It doesn’t matter what they have materially or monetarily when their hearts are impoverished, their morals are bankrupt, and their minds are empty.

As long as you put in the work to heal YOU CAN LOVE because once you heal you’ll be receptive to accepting love from genuine people. You have the power to change your current situation. Don’t worry about what people say when they say you can’t do something. This thing is gonna get done with or without them. You better make that happen or die trying. You mind as well keep trying for as long as you’re still breathing.

Forget about dating. Fall in love with discipline, truth, and wisdom, and that is what will be there to make you great. No one can give you these things but YOURSELF when you seek God who will elevate your consciousness, and promote your spiritual growth that will give you that glow.


The soulless ones seek to bring you down to their level because they don’t have real power. Why do you think they need to weaken you? Why do you think they feel the need to break you down? Why do you think they need to recruit a group of people to go against you? Their power only lies in your pain and fear for them, which gives them the illusion of dominance and superiority.

Since we know that “fear” is their fuel, then it’s time to starve the demon, and allow your faith to increase.

If you’ve ever wondered why you’ve been attacked so much in life it’s because the spiritual realm knows that you are a tough one to break, so they send all these demonically possessed idiots to destroy you. They use fear to keep you from standing up for yourself, but the truth is that there’s nothing to fear. Your fearlessness confuses and even scares them because it’s a reminder of how weak and powerless they really are. They snicker when they hear you crying because it makes them feel so powerful when you break down. They keep smiling as your mind deteriorates and your heart breaks, so what kind of purpose do they even serve?

Absolutely NOTHING!

Only lies resides inside because they’re a parasite.

What I learned when I looked into the eyes of the most conniving is that I was staring into the eyes of a coward. Since the devil has no power, what makes you think this coward is powerful?

Nothing good comes from fucking over good-hearted people. Making a mistake is one thing, but consistently putting the conscious effort to destroy people as a form of “amusement” is absolutely despicable.

The truth is that THEY HAVE NO POWER OVER YOU.

Just like the quote below says:

“If you have to hurt other people in order to feel powerful, you are an extremely weak individual.”

Unknown Author

They’re mad they can’t run laps, that’s why they try to stumble our walk, in hopes that we stop running. Oh no, but we’re still coming, a lot more harder and stronger than ever before. Now they hate on those who excell after going through hell. They hate our strength because they don’t have it. That’s why all they can do is try to break us down.





If you’re going to harden your heart, let it turn to GOLD.

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