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Cryptic Dream Messages: The Language of the Angels

If you’re highly spiritual, and if you’ve had incredibly vivid dreams, then this message is for you. You’re most likely an empathetic individual who has unlocked the spiritual gifts of vision and foresight which has allowed you to gain greater insight. Some dreams come with mysterious meanings that can be decoded by capturing important details that come together to form a message. The messages don’t always come in the form of words. That’s where symbolism, memory recall, and empathy during lucid dreaming comes in.

Empathy is a power that can be used to make it easier for you to remember your dreams by emersing yourself into the scene and sensing patterns. Please realize that your empathy is rare, and it can be utilized by YOU as a superpower to show you the truth that can save your soul and protect your mind and heart. Let’s focus on finding solutions and not allow the darkness to reduce us. It is time to become empowered, so that our energy doesn’t get devoured.

Throughout the course of ancient history, dreams have always been known to be highly regarded as warnings, sacred messages, and journeys. The purpose of dream interpretation is to gain knowledge and awareness about certain people, places, and events for the purpose of self-preservation and protection. Some people may laugh and make a mockery out of the concept of dream messages, but this is a part of ancient knowledge that has been known for many ages. The Ancient Egyptians highly revered those with the spiritual gift of psychic dreams and its interpretation. They were usually promoted in positions of power where they would often communicate with the Pharaoh just like in the case of Joseph in the Bible. A Hebrew man was accepted as part of the royal Egyptian class, that says a lot about how important dreams and prophetic messages where to them. There must be something going on there.

Dreaming is like having a spiritual mailbox in your subconscious mind, and every piece of mail symbolizes each dream. You notice how some days you get one or two pieces of mail; Sometimes several or none. That’s how dreams come to us. They come at the appointed time in which the message must be received. This is a natural occurrence for highly awakened minds and advanced souls. God will let you know of clues and insight that can help you as you go along in this path of life. The more you evolve spiritually, the more clearer the cryptic messages will be in your dreams, and you’ll be able to remember the details, in order to gain more divine wisdom which can save your life.

So far, I’ve contemplated on the idea that dream symbolisms are a form angelic communication. Metaphors and analogies are a language that seals the sense of understanding in your mind. Things like imagery, sounds, events, voices, and written words can all come together on stage to show you the perfect picture that can help you comprehend complex problems. Like I said, it’s like getting mail. Back in the day, people used to look forward to getting their mail, but not so much today. Haha! Now it’s just annoying ads and bills. Anyway, having meaningful dreams is like receiving a divine letter, and watching it unfold in a theatrical format. It is key to capture the details in order to make accurate conclusions of what the dream is about.

I’ll even add that highly creative people will tend to have the most vivid dreams because of all the additional wiring in their brain that came from years of sharpening their craft. As a writer, I can definitely say that writing stories and poetry opened my mind even more to lucid dreaming. Whenever you create something, that imagery was birthed from your mind. You had to envision it in order to produce that art in the first place. Only you can see this, but just because that is so, doesn’t mean that the art isn’t real. This concept reminds me of a post I wrote called “The Art of Making Something Out of Nothing.” You see, only YOU know what your dreams really mean, and the art you make from that inspiration is defined by your interpretation of it. The meaning of the dream becomes real because you made it happen. Your art didn’t always exist, but now it does because of you. You are a very special person. You create beautiful things, and the crying Earth needs more of that.

Once you unlock the ability to interpret dreams, your spiritual sight will enhance, and you will become wiser. I’ve always been heavily interested in dream interpretation ever since I was a kid, and it never left me. I’ve been writing all my dreams down for about over 12 years now. Ever since I’ve been keeping record of my dreams, I noticed that they started to get clearer. I’ve been able to awaken my conscious mind while in the dream state. One tactic I’ve instinctively used was when I would scan the setting for anything that stands out and is familiar to me from the physical realm. Once I’m able to detect those objects, memories associated with it would resurface. Those connections make it easier to extract information from the dream or subconscious mind, and then bring it to reality when we wake up. I’ve been able to achieve this skill by using the defense mechanism that stemmed from having trauma triggers. A concept that once brought me anxiety, became my superpower, as I would use my empathy to feel the energy in the dream setting, and be able to download vast amounts of information including reading the minds of the individuals in my dreams. I can sense the feelings of others which gives us indepth information as if I were wearing their shoes, or looking through their eyes. I guess having deep feeling isn’t so bad after all. That is, if you gain knowledge on how to use your empathy as power to fuel yourself and helps others ascend as well.


I’d like to describe the dream world as an outlet where spirits can communicate with human souls. This can either include the light or the dark side. We have to have discernment, so we can know which messages are actually relevant to note, or if they’re spiritual attacks meant to misguide you. Heighten your vibration, so that your frequency aligns with higher beings, the angels. How can we communicate when we’re not in the same wavelength, right? I strongly believe that prayer is a way to elevate the vibration of the room. The sound of your voice is detected as a frequency that has the power to change the environment, and set the tone. If plants need it, then so do we. We need life to be spoken unto us, and this can come in the form of speaking the truth to release people from the fog they’ve been under. Let them see what’s been really going on, so that they can achieve the peace they’ve been searching for. This comes with wisdom which originates from the truth.

Keeping your temple clean, body healthy, and your vibrations high will keep your mind open to receiving spiritual downloads of information whether it comes from dreams or during the daytime. A high vibration emanates a strong presence within you because it’s a rapid-moving energy that strengthens the faster it goes as you elevate. All that energy moving at a rapid-pace forms a firewall that covers you, and anything that lands on you will burn proverbially. It’s not an actual burn, but the enemy’s attacks against you will either go through you, or it will return to hurt the sender. Either way, you are protected. Empower your spirit with words of truth released in prayer, keep that temple clean by fasting from things that distract or hinder you, and practice self-discipline. If you can go monk mode, you will get to a point where you’ll be so focused on your purpose that no distraction can stop you. You want to become unstoppable at the end of the day, right? You have a mission that needs to be completed before leaving the Earth, so please stay encouraged out here.

Gloria a Yahawa que nos trai el agua.

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