We Are Our Own Architects…

For our own lives.

We have control over our own life’s decisions. As an architect, you cannot blame others for your faults, for causing that structure to fall because YOU designed it. Do not embark on a project you aren’t ready for. Be equipped with the right amount of knowledge before you build.

It is very important that we move in this world with a logical sound mind. We are indeed architects of our own lives, and like a good architect we have to have vast knowledge on how to build structure into our lives. We must not start off without the basic essentials, the foundation, otherwise the building will topple over.

We are architects yes. We can either be wise ones or foolish ones.

We can be the architects of our own earthly heaven, or we can be architects of our own hell.

Do we want to thrive and live in abundance? Or live in scarcity and quickly reach our demise?

Every choice we make in life has a good and bad consequence. The same age old battle of “Good vs. Evil,” the spiritual battles we face daily is not new. This has been going on since the beginning of time. This is ancient stuff.

Though, there may be plenty of factors we can’t control in life, there are some things we can handle ourselves. It is up to us to do what we can to make the best decisions, and the only way we can do so is by always seeking wisdom. This is achieved through self-reflection, accountability, humility, being in a meditative state (prayer mode), and deep thinking. Vital information can be downloaded onto us when we are humble enough to admit that there’s plenty of things we do not know. And just because you don’t know everything does not mean you cannot learn abundantly.

For as long as we live in this earthly realm, it is impossible to learn every single thing in one lifetime. One lifetime is not enough to learn everything, so there’s no sense in being a prideful, arrogant know-it-all. Enjoy the time here and gather all the information you can. Sharpen your skills, hobbies, talents, and mind. Work smart and have fun.

Be that architect that knows how to build a sturdy structure that lasts centuries or longer. It has surely been done before. Create your own oasis despite the challenges. At least try, so you don’t have to live with regrets.

I’d rather try and fail knowing I at least tried, than to never try and live with the regret of “what if I would’ve…” I’m an overthinker as it is, I cannot live with regret like that. And just because you failed once or twice doesn’t mean you cannot accomplish things. Just try new approaches and keep on building. Find better ways to do so. And build. Keep on trying. The more you try, the higher the likelihood of you actually getting it done the way you always wanted it. A lifetime may be short, but it sure is enough time to shoot your shot, trial and error, until you finally get it right, and you get to enjoy that blessing you reaped from your consistent labor, and wisdom seeking.

Never give up! You never know how close you’re getting to hitting the jackpot!

 © 2021

Graffiti Poetry Art Series 2

Artwork by Yasira Damas – 5/8/21

It reads “YOU cannot follow one who’s iLLOGiCAL, one who wants to go KAMiKAZE with their own LiFE.”

As you may have already seen, I’m starting a Graffiti Poetry Art Series on here. It features the mix of graffiti art letters which emphasize keywords of the poem. The poem is brief, yet impactful. This way, I can showcase not only my poetry, but also my love for marker art at the same time.

I will still be producing blogs though; lengthy poems too. This site will continue to have more content for you all to read and be intrigued! So stay tuned! Thank you.


In addition to blogging and writing, I do love art, particularly abstract, digital painting, and graffiti/mural art.

Check out the inventory here!! There will be more artwork to come.

Thanks for your support!!

7 Reasons Why You Keep Having Reoccuring Dreams

We dream. But then we get reoccuring dreams with similar themes and scenes. What does it all mean? You may want to get to the bottom of it, to gain a better understanding of symbolism that may be relevant to our waking world; or in other cases, it may be a replay of traumatic events that disturbs or angers us when we wake up from it, wondering why do I keep seeing the same things, events, or people? And how can we make peace with it?

Let’s delve into the 7 Reasons why you are having these reoccurring dreams.


You may keep seeing the same person in the dream consistently, over and over again. It may be a former love interest, someone you used to date or be in a relationship with. We may have heard about how if you dream about someone a lot they may be thinking about you. This could be possible, especially if you haven’t been thinking about them at all. In fact, you’ve gotten over them years ago, but here they pop into your dreams uninvited. They may possibly be thinking about you ONLY IF they later on (in the waking world) show patterns that may lead up to that conclusion. For instance, you dream about your ex then the next few days or so you get a text from them out of nowhere. Yeah.

It may be a friend or family member you haven’t spoken to in a while.

I’ve had dreams about my divorced parents, usually I’m walking with them individually having a nice conversation with each in a different setting. I started having these dreams alot when I moved to another state, and the dreams make me feel closer to them. The conversations feel so real. I often wonder if they too have had that same dream on that same time about the same conversation!

If your parents or friends miss you then this dream may be telling you they’re thinking about you. Maybe give them a call! Only if they aren’t toxic. Because if they are toxic in real life, I’d suggest you keep distance from them.


This could be the case. It really depends. Were you thinking about them before falling asleep? Have you been thinking about them alot lately? Because your thought patterns can influence who you see in your dreams. Also, another way to confirm this is by finding out what happens days after the dream. Are they trying to reach out to you? Or are they nowhere to be found? Chances are if you haven’t heard from them AT ALL then it’s just you thinking about them. Relax. These type of dreams are an expression for your longing of that person. Hopefully, you aren’t obsessed with them though.


You may have never finished something before, you’re searching for answers, and the dream realm becomes an outlet for you to explore what it is that happened. It’s gonna take time but time does heal very well.

You may need to forgive people in order to make peace with it. You can forgive them in person, in prayer, or writing.

I’ve had reoccuring dreams of someone who did me wrong. Then, when I woke up from it, I wrote a forgiveness letter to them. Not to actually mail it to them, but to simply let it be known in my subconscious mind that I no longer have this issue with them. My pen marks solidify the forgiveness I have for them. The dreams of that person stopped.

Or you can also forgive them right in the dream. They may not know you have done so. But the whole point is for you to officially let go of that conflict even if you think that there isn’t one.

My last dream about my ex, he was very sad and distraught about his mistakes. He thought I was still upset and depressed over it. In the dream, I held his hand, told him that I had already forgiven him, and that I’m no longer that same person before who had anger issues and depression. He noticed I’ve grown much since and was able to forgive himself. And we peacefully let go of our hands and went our separate ways.

That was the last reoccurring dream I had of him. I noticed a pattern: these dreams stop when we genuinely forgive these people. Sometimes, dreams can really serve as a therapeutic way to let go of unresolved conflicts we’ve had with people in our past, and it can truly be a beautiful thing. Since you couldn’t forgive them in real life, you get an opportunity to do so in dreams, and the resolution feels so real, and it helps quite a lot.


There are people who’ve had PTSD inducing experiences that appear in dreams. Nightmares really. Trauma definitely replays in dreams due to it being so severely damaging to the psyche, that it almost dominates our minds, to the point it monopolizes your dreams. This can range from war stories, P.O.W. memories, child abuse, sexual or physical abuse, domestic violence, etc the list goes on. These events leave a heavy imprint in our minds, therefore it has a heavy influence on our dreams, nightmares really. Forgiveness is definitely a great thing to do. If you do suffer from PTSD, it is recommended to see a psychological professional. There’s also the healing power of writing it all down, and praying in the form of letting it all out of your chest. Wisdom saves us from alot of turmoil, because it allows us to make sense out of our life experiences, which makes it easier for us to forgive others and ourselves. Sometimes, the hardest person to forgive is ourselves.

I struggled with dreams of me running away from the person who abused me as a child. I couldn’t help but feel lots of anger and wrath towards him. I would yell obscenities at him, curse him out, and TELL HIM OFF. He refused to acknowledge his wrongdoing, and his gaslighting angered me more. I know he was quite the narcissist. I eventually forgave him. Then, the last dream I had regarding him was of him being locked up in a jail, and I got on the train leaving that awful place. Seeing that jail shrink smaller and smaller as the train took off further and further into freedom was a powerful scene for me to see. I am truly letting go.

It’s a gradual process. But it is beautiful when we reach our peace of mind.


Because our minds know that we’d never try to confront our fears in the waking world, so our dreams give us a simulation of that confrontation in order to help us get rid of our fears and phobias.

I am afraid of deep water, in the waking world I’ve almost drowned, and I’m afraid to try to learn how to swim. However, I start to dream about swimming without fear, and I do so gracefully.

In the waking world, I have negative buoyancy, so swimming is difficult for me as it is. But those dreams believe it or not, kind of helped me build a bit more confidence to learn. Besides, swimming is an important survival skill. Not only to save myself but also others. Now, I’m looking at it as a challenge to save my life basically. If I can master this swimming thing then the fear would dissipate.


If you didn’t get it the first time then you’ll keep getting the dream memos more than once like an eviction notice. Analyze the dream symbols: people, places, or things and ask yourself how do they correlate? Chances are if you are getting the same messages then it may be important not to overlook it. It may be more than just some random dream. It could be a warning of something to come.


Dreams can simply be weird concoctions of silly memories, and eccentric moments all wrapped up into a smorgasbord of quirky randomness. Not all dreams are worth writing down at times, but some are especially if it is regarding someone you know and care about. The fact that you see it resurface again means hey! Yoohoo! Did you catch that? or may I need to send more of these reoccurring dreams until you realize it’s worthy of scrutiny?!

Thank you for reading!! Hope you found this helpful for your dream journal journey!

What’s This Life About?

You were once swimming in murky waters,

Evil lurking with you overlooking the light behind you,

Attempting to signal you back home,

But we’ve turned our backs from it momentarily,

Feeding our naive curiosity, fueled by our animosity, that was embedded in our psyche,

The world has programmed us to self-destruct,

Some people call it just “being human,” but we cannot normalize embracing the darkness, not trying to open our eyes, we would be glorifying our own demise,

We are human, but we are also spiritual beings, capable of overcoming vices from harmful devices that our traumas forced us to need to cope with,

The attacks are relentless, daily we deal with this,

At least don’t go without a fight. That fight in you shows your intent to be righteous,

your effort will not be in vain, when you seek to confront pain, practice healthy self-restraint, discipline to be vigilant,

instead of indulging in meaningless hedonism that’ll hypnotize you into oblivion, and learn nothing from this Earthly experience.

The riches we must multiply is in wisdom, a valid currency for the afterlife.

 © 2021 Power_of_the_mind_blog

Why Is Our Society So Sick?

As someone who suffered from long term chronic illness, I found that looking for health became much easier once I understood why I was sick. When I realized what I had been doing to myself, it became crystal clear to me why I was suffering. While everything is perfect in nature, what we have become by moving […]

Why Is Our Society So Sick?

This comes from the Life is a Journey blog, you can visit the site of the original post here. I really enjoyed reading this blog to its entirety. It breaks down how living in this modern day hamster wheel has brought us far away from our natural ways; hence, placing ourselves far away from our bodys’ natural healing powers. We have placed ourselves in positions where we are surrounding ourselves with toxicity attacking us from all angles, from GMO foods, foods dunked in chemicals, chemtrails, electromagnetic radiation, pollution, and the hustle and bustle of the matrix that disrupts our resonance with the Earth. How can the Earth provide us with healing when we don’t even grow our own food or raise our own animals anymore?

This is an outstanding read! Every detail of it contains valuable information.


Ride through the storm,

Worrisome of course,

That it may obliterate my home,

Wind soaring through,

Huge rain droplets furiously clapping against the windows,

Like it knows who’s home,

Don’t be overconcerned with who may betray you,

A ray of light will open the revelatory veil for you to revel the truth that’s been unraveled,

Often times we think why do good people go through bad things?

Let us not take our tribulations personal,

We’re just simply passing by this life,

The storm is merely passing by,

as it always does anywhere else in the world,

we are not exempt from struggles,

We all go through it,

Why is this happening to me?

This storm is no respector of persons,

It’ll get better after it worsens,

there’s no coercin’, whether you’re making the right or wrong decisions,

Every answer we choose must be captured with precision,

Quickly observe and measure before making an incision,

For as long as we walk righteously,

We need not to fret over who’s plotting shiestily,

As they vainly spend their time idley.

Bad things happen to good people NOT because they’re not good enough, but because this world is a battlefield we are placed in, and we must be ready for anything that may come our way. We are here to get stronger everytime we almost lose our minds. This life can make you and/or break you.

You cannot run away from it.

We must face it.

Confront it with fortitude.

Behind every tribulation there is a lesson to be learned. The best way to ride through the storm is by stockpiling on vast amounts of WISDOM that will save you.

 © 2021 Power_of_the_mind_blog

3 Reasons Why I Do Not Disclose My Goals


Oh no!! Don’t let them know how ambitious you are, it might scare them,  just because they don’t have the kind of goals you have. Most people love mediocrity because it makes them feel comfortable, but when they see someone who aspires to do more they are intimidated by that. So, when you tell them your goals they will give you plenty of reasons why you can’t do it, how it’s too hard or impossible. They’ll tell you, “I’m just a realist. You need to set realistic goals.” What does that even mean? Realistic goals to them is basically mediocre goals.


Because they fear that one day you may actually accomplish these goals, and their hearts would burn with jealousy and hatred. They aren’t willing to put in the work to be great, but they hate on the person who is. So if you tell one untrustworthy person your goals they will spread it around town in order to round up a crowd to mock you because they don’t believe in you. Most people don’t believe in you. But that’s OK. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible. No need to hear the negativity when you’ve got alot of work to do, and the last thing you need is doubtful affirmations.


You may be lead to a different path along the way which is much more prosperous. You don’t wanna just say what you want to do without anything to show for it. It’s best to mention it when it has been done. Because plans may change along the way, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, you may find something better to expand on, as long as you accomplish it!

“You Need to be a Realist…”

I really despise when people try to undermine the abilities of others. Do not allow people to get into your head, in attempts to convince you that your goals are impossible.

I hear this all too often by people who lack drive to become GREAT. I’ve heard this from people who spoke condescendingly, trying to discourage others from being an over-achiever. We will not apologize for wanting to be better than mediocre. Do not allow others to shame you for having high goals. This is why it’s best to keep your goals to yourself.

It’s not their mission. Therefore, what they say is irrelevant. Their disbelief means it isn’t their mission.

It is YOUR MISSION. Because the goal originated from your heart. All you have to do is work towards that goal. And it takes alot of heart to do it. I wouldn’t expect soulless people to comprehend what it means to have heart.

I’d suggest to keep your ambitious goals to yourself. Write it down in a notebook. Think on it. Visualize it. And work hard on manifesting it into reality. Make it your mission, and accomplish it.