We are rising,
Awakened by the Divine light,
With a message for us to fulfill our purpose,
“But I thought I was worthless?” ‘Guess not.
Surprised by the gifts we’ve got,
With a goal in mind, to go beyond gold mines.

While the world despises how high we choose to rise,
The true colors of mankind is tragic,
The unveiling of the mask reveals a face never seen,
Eyes onyx, a body overtaken by darkness,
There’s no reviving this, simply because of their decisions,
They choose this and relish in it, spreading the illness,
A covert menace is never your friend.

You create beauty through your gifts and they despise every time you get lifted,
Through your undying work ethic,
Despite being afflicted with bite mark scars to prove the tribulations,
You’ve been resuscitated as they continue to hate,
The same people who doubted you will hate you,
The lack of credit they give is not a currency to accept,
We need to be adept at not giving a damn,
It’s just another day for the outcast.


The eccentric loner hones in on the creative gifts they were born with,

Despite being torn from past disappointments,

Though it may be hard to cope, scoping on the possibility of hope,

Social anxiety comes knocking on our door,

Me against the world,

Overthinking paranoia,

Unseen toxic ammonia,

Clouding our perception of reality,

As we observe from a distance,

We often feel like a hindrance to our own progress,

We were treated like burdens, so we grow yearning for the love that we been burning, turning over a new page, engulfing it in flames,

Because we’re afraid to face another day of humiliation,

Even though we’re no longer fazed when people decide to betray us, doing a 180,

Layered betrayal is symmetrical, cementing the trail of failures until we learn to discern,

Between the genuine and the counterfeit, so we can win and not forfeit.

Our hearts are large ready to accept open arms, but instead we bear arms because we bared to witness pain we had to dislodge the bullets we caught,

Immense defense strategies only work on enemies,

But recognize who’s in your royal team otherwise you’ll hurt those worthy to be in your circle.

Encouragement for Writers

After unwinding for a few days, relaxing and contemplating, it finally hits you.
It’s in those moments when you realize why you started in the first place.

What inspired you to write that book?

What was it that made you want to even start writing?

When you look at a published book you are looking at the completed project of a writer who spent endless hours writing, editing, meditating, thinking, changing plots, researching, rearranging dialogues, and doubting themselves.

Writers are passionate about recreating vivid depictions, so that you get to see exactly what they’ve envisioned. You travel with it, and the story feels so real because the travail of the characters is relatable. You feel connected to the words they speak like you’re watching a movie.

The key to compelling writing is the ubiquitous concept of “show don’t tell.”

Walk us through the setting and show us what’s going on. Give us a genuine conversation that would peek the interest of any eavesdropper.

Make it powerful and memorable. Make us see it, and allow us to forget that we’re even reading because the words just flow so beautifully like a literary symphony.

At one point, the scenes you read existed ONLY within the confines of the writer’s mind. You would’ve never known about this amazing story had it not been published.

So never give up. Keep going. Slow progress is better than none.
You don’t know how much your story means to someone if you don’t put it out there.

Keep working hard, be consistent and diligent. Take a little free time, but never give up.

The more you invest into your story, the more it evolves, and the easier it’ll be to never stop because you would be too close to finishing it.

Today happens to be one of those days where I am reminded of why I even started this thing in the first place.

Encouragement for Those Who Defied the Odds

A person can know everything you’ve been through, but that doesn’t mean they won’t try to hurt you.

They may know about all the pain you’ve endured for years to the point you wanted to end your own life.

You were about to self-destruct because you felt like there was nothing to live for.

They knew this and they still hurt you, but that’s OK because that just means they weren’t meant to be in your life.

When SHTF those are the moments when life sifts out all the fakes.

You will see who’s real and who couldn’t stand the test of time.

The experience they had with you may either serve as a life lesson for them to better themselves, or they may end up feeding into that toxicity and get worse.

You can either get better or get worse each day: the choice is yours.

Some people will hate you for choosing to upgrade yourself daily.

Don’t worry about them.

Focus on you.

You’ve come this far, and it may bring a tear to your eye when you look back at the long distance you’ve covered.

Yet and still some will misunderstand how you got there. They may even feel like you’re undeserving of the triumph.

It’s crazy because they may actually know what you’ve been through, but they don’t want to acknowledge it.

You don’t need their acknowledgement nor validation.

You know YOU better than anyone else.

Despite all the suffering you went through, you decided to use it to fuel you for positivity because you needed something to make life worth living.

You work very diligently because that was the only way for you to cope. Productivity was your life support because an idle mind is not the kind of playground you wanna be in.

We don’t do this for the attention or praise we do this because IT IS WHAT KEPT US FROM SELF-DESTRUCTING. It gave us a reason to live, so we put our heart into everything that we do because WE NEEDED TO KEEP THE BEAT ALIVE!

Some people have no idea what goes on in your mind when you are at work, and pushing yourself beyond the limit.
Rather than them respecting you for it, they’ll rather envy or even try to destroy you.

I could never wrap my head around the amount of hatred one has for those who went against all the odds.
I respect every single person out there who has done it because it’s not a easy thing to do.

I also have empathy for those who’ve been ensnared by the pitfalls of life due to having a shitty deck of cards. Life is hard as it is, and it’s even harder when you have to live with childhood trauma. I know we ought to have personal accountability for our actions, yet at the same time I understand how the lack of love and guidance can break anyone. My heart goes out to those who’ve been through hell in this life, but still have a good heart.

You’re Against All Odds

By doing something oddly different, out of the ordinary,

Only you hold the keys to this honorary door,

When you come up,
The same ones who ignored you will wanna get to know you,

The majority of people are phony,

This gift was given to uplift the hearts of the forgotten,

The ones who were told that they’re going “against all odds,

Believe it or not, I was told the same thing due to past trauma and social economic status,

People don’t wanna take a chance with you nor give you one,

And that’s fine, because God is always with the ones mankind deems as a “lost cause.”

A lot of them are beautiful people with kind souls,

We can rise higher than those who doubted us mockingly,

Those who thought we’d match those stats that they like to label our boxes with, a box we don’t even belong in,

They cannot box against the odds we were born with,

We go beyond social construct,

Our existence is an obstruction to the linear logic that was expected,

We emanate determination laced with passion,

All of which we earned through pain and a yearning for guidance,

Our inherited debt is at a minus,

They don’t see how much work we did to get our balances back up to a positive,

Remarkable, a stark contrast from the rest, an outcast that outlasted mass turbulences,

But our efforts seem to be in vain, while onlookers claim we lack work ethic,

They don’t know what it’s like to try so hard but barely scratch the surface of survival,

Instincts, we couldn’t afford to gleam at succeeding,

It sucks to see ourselves secede from all that we thought was true, but at the same time we feel relieved by the freedom that truth brings,

We seek to increase our intelligence diligently, in order to diminish meaningless labor,

Wage war, not with wages, but by adding skills to our belt that kills,

Anything that may threaten our economic mobility while maintaining humility,

No one may believe in you, they’ve already mistreated you before you even got to fail because they expected it,

The odds have been embedded in their minds,
But pay no mind, don’t expect kind regards from them,

Just gradually rise, silently elevate high,

They’ll only acknowledge you once your shine becomes so luminescent that they can’t deny,

The greatness you’ve become.

Despite the odds, you made it, and will make it no matter what anyone else says.

Your voice holds more weight on your goals than theirs ever will.

God bless those who read this ’til the end. 🙏

Open Your Mind for High Quality People to Enter into Your Life

I’ve got a story to share…

A man met a woman and they talked for some time. One day he texted her, “What are you doing?”

“Just catching up on some cleaning while I have some food cooking. I love cooking.”

Whenever they would meet up they would have great conversations that he claimed were very enjoyable and refreshing. Rare for our generation.

Until the next day, he tried to ghost her.
She was confused as to why he wasn’t responding. He finally gave into her plea for answers as to WHY.

She asked, “Even if you are no longer interested in me, can you tell me what I did wrong so that I can learn from this?”

There was a long pause.

You know what he said?
“Nothing. You did nothing wrong.”

“So what’s the problem then?”

“That’s the thing you didn’t do anything wrong… you didn’t annoy me nor disrespect me. You made me laugh. I find you attractive, and we connect very well.”

“OK, so why would you wanna stop talking to me then?”

There was a long pause, and he made more excuses that made no sense.
Eventually, they never spoke again.

She still didn’t understand how could someone run away from something so beautiful. She was heartbroken, but eventually she accepted it for what it was.

A few days later, she looked at his social media and saw that he posted about how, “Ain’t no such thing as a woman who cooks and cleans.”

She already knew what inspired that post, so she shook her head. It was a huge turn off.

Ever since that day, she learned this: “I will never say that ‘there’s no such thing as a man who……’ because those words will repel high quality people from your life…”

“…Your Words speak things into existence or it can cause it to vanish from existence.”

– Wise words

It was at that moment that she learned that “If a woman like me exists then there’s got to be a man with the same values who also exists, and when I find him we will never take each other for granted. This world can continue to believe what they want.”

Nothing makes a solid person run away faster than someone whom you need to constantly prove your value to, no matter how much you show them who you are, they will not believe it JUST BECAUSE OF SOME BAD EXPERIENCES FROM THE PAST. Their perception of you is based on the kind of people THEY CHOOSE to surround themselves with.

Your perception dictates who you allow into your life. Make sure that it doesn’t repel the people you know you want in your life.

A Message to the Ladies Coming of Age

This was a quote that birthed from my mind when I was in high-school. I wrote it on my desk, so it would serve as a constant reminder of what I need to do.

Wisdom saves lives.

Some people in Modern society view sex as a sport or hobby, but it’s absolutely not a game. People think that they’re “missing out” if they don’t engage in meaningless casual sex. Well, you’re not. There shouldn’t be FOMO (fear of missing out). If anything the only thing you’re missing out on is time wasted, toxic soul ties, unexpected pregnancies, broken relationships, drama, and STDs. Sex isn’t meant to be casual. It is a deep connection to another soul, that which merges itself into one. You become one with that person. It is the ultimate spiritual bond that binds you both forever, so you definitely want to make sure this is the right person.

Promiscuity does not benefit men nor women. I’m noticing that this wisdom is being muffled by the nonsense that is promoted here in the West. As a woman, I’ll be mainly speaking to the ladies, particularly those coming of age because there’s always hope for the youth. Certainly, gentlemen are free to read this as well.


It is important for us to protect our energy and lifesource. We cannot allow just anyone to enter into our sacred bodies, so we must protect it. Don’t allow foolish men to desecrate your temple. I’m not excusing the foolish men. They are wrong for deceiving, lying, and using women, but what else could you expect from someone who is foolish?

“Sex is a sacred act that was not designed for people to willingly discard each other.”

We carry the womb, so we must protect it. The goal isn’t to just prevent an unexpected pregnancy. It is also to keep our peace of mind intact by not creating deep-rooted toxic soul ties. We tend to overlook the power of the mind, and it can either work with us or against us. The more trauma that we add unto us, the more self-destructive we become. We don’t want that to happen.

Sex is a very deep thing, and when you engage with the wrong person it can destroy you emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. We cannot stop whoremongers (aka F-boys) from being whoremongers (F-boys), but we can provide life-saving wisdom to ensure that the next generation of women make the right decisions to avoid whoremongers, toxic, and narcissistic men. We can’t control what they do, but we most certainly can control how we move, and who we choose to be a part of our lives.
I’m speaking on this out of love for the sake of your mental, physical, and spiritual health.


It makes you smart, wise, and vigilant. This will empower you as well.
People may mock you if you are still a virgin, and I say let them. They may even laugh at you, but that’s OK. Don’t let anyone pressure you into doing something you aren’t ready for. Take your time, and focus on yourself. It kills me how young people feel like they need to rush into things when they have so much time ahead of them.
I was ridiculed by some people for the same reason. Yeah, they laughed at me too. Haha, but who’s the one laughing now? They’re just trying to shame you into making stupid decisions just so that they can feel better about their own mistakes. Don’t become company to misery. Choose your friends very wisely too. A real friend wouldn’t pressure you or make fun of you for wanting to wait.

Whether you are socially liberal or conservative, one thing is for sure, no woman wants to feel used by a man they thought loved them back. Can we at least agree with that?

And I don’t like seeing people getting hurt like that either, man or woman, in whatever case. Promiscuity serves no one any good. It is not only fruitless, but it keeps men and women away from loving one another, and causes us to repel away from each other. You would think sex brings them together, but it doesn’t because love was never a part of the equation. Another problem is some confuse love with lust. I wrote about this before; it’s titled, “L O V E vs L U S T.”


You may be experiencing this, and just acknowledge it, but find ways to heal. You have to find the root of the issue. What has caused you to look down on yourself?

We have to shift our thoughts to more productive and creative things. During your youthful years, that is when you focus on yourself and build yourself up. Don’t be so concerned about what others think, especially if they have low expectations of you. Their perceptions are not who you are. Don’t give them that power.

You may not see it yet, but you are a beautiful person. It’s just that someone or something has robbed you of your sense of self worth, but you can always reclaim it. You have the liberty to regain your power back, and stand up for yourself. You are beautiful, just keep working hard on yourself, stay holistically healthy, and get into some creative and active hobbies that will enrich your soul!

Go for a nature walk, or if you don’t live in an environment like that, you can vibe with some chill music and write. Maybe draw or make some art. You may not know what you’re good at, but you will discover it. Everyone has a purpose, which means there’s at least one thing you you’re good at you just don’t know it yet.

Let’em Doubt You

No one’s expected to believe in you, only you can fuel that, and the power increases through undying faith and determination that we get from God. We work as hard as we pray and meditate.

Everyone doubts you, and that’s perfectly fine. Perhaps, you may have been taken for granted or seen as a joke, and that’s OK too. Their perception of you doesn’t even scratch the surface of who you are. Only you know who you are, and no one owns the patent to that. Therefore, their negativity and hatred toward you is absolutely irrelevant.

So, Let’em doubt you!

There’s a hidden beauty,

Whenever negativity is spewed, by those who surround you.

It is fuel for you to convert that waste of air,
Into helium,

That will allow you to rise up higher.

Imminent elevation,

Can be your next stage if you step up to the plate,

But first you need patience, you must visualize it before you can bring it to life,

Pay no mind to those who pray on your demise,

They will be the ones who will eat their own words,

Just stay in the course,

Your tenacity disturbs the sloth, which are just a small, insignificant fragment of your audience,

They swear they hate you, but they can never stop surveilling you,

Give them a show, it’s not over til the curtains close.

Those closest to you will doubt you. It tends to be that way for some reason.
You must not allow their lack of vision to discourage you because they cannot see what you see, through your own eyes.
Only you can create that which is birthed by your mind.

Hang onto that idea tight, and never give some else the power to undermine your goals.

You are just too creative and ambitious to be understood, so you’ll often get overlooked.
And that’s OK.
You are the only one who can do WHAT YOU CAME HERE TO DO!

I say let’em doubt you,

let’em mock you,

let’em talk shit,

let’em hurt you or do you wrong,

Because when it’s all set and done, it is only the most determined ones who will reign victorious in life, despite all the tribulations and pitfalls.

You will realize that those who doubted you, doubted you because they don’t even believe in themselves. Do not mirror that kind of negativity. You know who you are, and no one can take that away from you.

Don’t dwell on their lack of faith in you, but rather spend more time in solitude, focus on yourself, and build a stronger character that will never take doubts into consideration.
Soon enough, you’ll get to a point where nothing can get to you because you have completely solidified that confidence into you.

The better you get, the stronger you become mentally, and the more believable it will be that you can achieve more goals because you already made it.
If you can make it once, you can make it again and again, until you become indestructible.
That right there is the highlight to the power of the mind… the ability to fulfill your life’s purpose and finish the course you were given since birth.

May God be with you in this journey!


Detecting Patterns is Key to Healing

Breaking generational curses is all about breaking patterns in your brain and soul ties attached to your spirit. We will be going over the physical and the spiritual aspects of this. The spiritual aspect of things tends to get overlooked, yet it is the most important component of our existence.

When you really sit back and reflect on your life, you will begin to realize that all things are contigent upon patterns. The patterns are dug deep into your very being, from your soul to the familiar spirits that continues to plague your lineage with the same generational curses. The oppression of it remains alive even if you thought you’ve overcame it. We must be very self aware and vigilant because it can really throw you off. The entire time you’ve been trying to run away from the things you despised about your parents only to realize you’ve become no different from them. We must break the toxic patterns, so we can be free from the bondage. The key is to detect the pattern, which forces you to admit to your own flaws and those of our parents, grandparents, and henceforth. Pride can get in the way of you healing.

Let me tell you that

Once you detect the pattern, it will give you better awareness of your own actions. You will reconsider indulging in the vices that once filled in the void where love was supposed to be.

The pain runs deep, and the traumas are deeply-rooted, tattooed into you,

Leaving you with nearly loose screws,

Inviting more abuse,

as we walk in this life blindly looking for the love that was denied,

but no one in this world can give you what your parents should’ve given you.

Therefore, you are filling up an insatiable tank, hoping that one day you will be happy. Happiness feels fleeting because you are not aware that your tank had holes in it the entire time. That tank is the proverbial heart of yours, broken. Broken hearted where love has departed, because you taught yourself to never love again, in order to avoid feeling that pain again.

The truth is that all that time you thought that abuse was love, it never was, but you equate it as such. Your mind proceeded to be programmed to retreat from the very thing you needed: love. You were denied of it, so you either yearn for it in the wrong places, or you may take that frustration out into the world. The only kind of love you’ve seen came in the form of manipulation and dysfunction, but that was never love. You may have to come to terms with the fact that you were never loved to begin with, and that gave you a skewed perception of a beautiful thing. The reason why you weren’t loved isn’t so much because your parents hated you, it is because they themselves don’t know how to love either. They may have similar traumas as you that their parents unconsciously instilled in them, and they’re still reacting to that which was programmed into their minds.

Your mind is where it is today because of what it’s been exposed to, or deprived of. You may be operating in a way that is detrimental, but you aren’t aware of it nor understand it. Your brain has been programmed since birth, and you are subconsciously reacting to the past traumas you’ve experienced.

The way we think and move is dictated by our mind. Our mind has been molded since birth, and I would even argue that even since we were in our mother’s womb. Our minds were molded during our “formative years,” which is usually when most of our traumas occurs. When we are still developing, we absorb our surroundings, whether it was wholesome or toxic. We take in all the energy around us subconsciously, and the patterns become deeply embedded into our psyche. As we get older the patterns continue to persist. We may still be operating in survival mode even though it’s been 10+ years since we’ve had to face that kind of threat. We have to unlearn the toxic patterns we were forced to be programmed with, and learn new ways to prosper and thrive.

In order to achieve this we have to stop those same old patterns by not entertaining negative thoughts. Negativity has almost become a permanent neurological pattern due to the consistency of toxicity in our dysfunctional environments. We relive and reenact what we’re taught. The older we get the more it solidifies until we become self-aware, and take the initiative to put an end to this generational curse.

The old pattern must fade away by us not dwelling in it. We have the power in us, and in our minds. We hold the keys to what we want to bring into existence. This negativity exists because we allow it to dwell in our minds for far too long. The neurological pattern that induces toxic behavior persists because we keep making it a reality every time we entertain those thoughts. As difficult as it may be, we have the power to make those neurological patterns fade away by replacing it with things that will promote creativity and productivity. We have the power to remold and remodel our minds, so let’s flip this house since we still have good bones!

Also, you have to deprive your mind and body from unhealthy cravings that causes us to turn to vices. This will allow us to break free from the neurological patterns that continue to enslave you. The best thing to do is to take control of your life, and attain discipline by completely changing your lifestyle to suit a healthier one. Gradually, replace your vices with good habits. This is why fasting is very helpful because it trains you to have self control, and instills discipline in you. That way, you are no longer dependent upon unhealthy indulgences that you thought would satisfy your sense of emptiness.

That’s why some seek validation externally, rather than fulfillment from within. It is dangerous to be in a position where we feel the need to depend on outside sources to validate our worth which comes from God whom lives within us. Unfortunately, we push ourselves further away from our true selves the more we consume things that we think will fulfill us, but never will. The void where love was suppose to be can never be truly satisfied by anything or anyone in this world. There’s no point in succumbing to the whimsical pleasures of this world that get you nowhere in life. Detecting patterns, it will give you better awareness of your own actions.

Some people tend to undermine the heaviness we may still feel due to our past traumas from our childhood and adolescence. They’ll tell you to “just get over it.”

The reality is that we are who we are because of what we’ve experienced during our formative years. They call it “formative” for a reason, it forms you into the grown adult you ought to me; but unfortunately, some are behind in their development.

It’s not your fault that you’ve been robbed of the love and proper nurturance from your childhood. However, we reach a point in our adult lives where we have to take accountability for the mistakes we make, and start taking steps toward healing. The only way to truly live a prosperous life is to heal. It takes time because the brain needs time to mold itself back into productivity. There’s a psychological term called, brain plasticity which means that the brain can mold based on whatever you stimulate it with. You become what you immerse yourself in.

The difficulty comes when your brain was been molded by your formative years, which may be filled with past traumas. Negativity has been embedded into your brain, and became almost like a permanent pattern. You have to deprive the cravings from vices, in order to break free from the neurological patterns that continue to enslave you.

Your brain is programmed to protect you, but sometimes our defense mechanisms can end up working against us. Moreover, we go through spiritual warfare daily, which adds another possible threat to our temples. Our temples is our bodies and our mind is the ultimate control room.

Darkness can hijack our temples causing us to become corrupted and make malicious decisions that appear delicious, but it’s all a deception as many move like a empty vessels. Our temples are our bodies and our mind is the ultimate control room. You do not want to be left to your own devices, especially when you have self-destruction on autopilot. The more we feed the legions of death, the more we grow closer to spiritual death. The cleaner your temple is the more light will emanate from you, which irritates the demons. Although, you may still experience spiritual attacks, you will overcome it due to your light which comes from the infinite source: God. The more you grow spiritually, the better you will be equipped for spiritual warfare.

Therefore, healing is the only thing we ought to do, and I am here to tell you that it is very possible. Consistency is key, not the speed. Life is like a marathon, you wanna at least get to the finish line because that symbolizes that you have accomplished your life’s mission.

May peace be with all those who read this!

How to Overcome Heartbreak and Reclaim your Mind

It can feel like a knife went through you, after you’ve been used and abused, betrayed or lied to. Whatever the situation was for you, it was surely devastating. Heartbreak is something that we all have gone through at one point in our lives. The only good thing you can take from this is a life lesson learned. It is imperative that you analyze the situation through unbiased lens. Sometimes it’s their fault, your fault, or both. Either way, it hurts. However, I think that hurting another person hurts more than receiving it, but not everyone agrees with that.

For those who’ve caused the pain: The Heartbreaker

It usually takes a while for them to realize the severity of their actions. Some may or may not feel bad in the beginning, but generally, it hits them years later once they realize how good they could’ve had it. They may want to come back to that person’s life, but by then it’s too late. Once they get that epiphany, great sorrow comes upon them as they mature and gain more understanding. The pain is greater when they realize they’ve done a good person wrong, and it becomes hard for them to forgive themselves. The only thing they can do is learn from that experience, and make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

As for those who’ve been on the receiving end of pain: The Heartbroken

They tend to grieve early on as soon as the betrayal hits them like a ton of bricks. A part of them feels lost and gone. Emptiness takes over them as they’re trying to process the reality they find themselves in. They are left with plenty of unanswered questions, and no matter how much they try to make sense out of it they just can’t. A sense of heaviness comes upon them, and depression and anxiety may kick in. Anger incites bitterness to creep in especially if they’ve had a history of trauma already.

This blog is for you. We will be talking about how to reclaim your power, and how to get back into your rhythm of life after a devastating heartbreak. Let me tell you that you can definitely make it out of this. Not only make it, but you can exceedingly upgrade.

Disclaimer: Just so you know, I am not a psychologist or anything like that. I’m just a writer who is very interested in sharing my thoughts and insight regarding this topic. Life is our greatest teacher.


Use the pain and sorrow as fuel to upgrade. I know it may be hard to get up from this, but we have to rewire our minds to convert the negativity into positivity. This is almost like an art form, and it is up to you to master this. Once you do, you will be unbreakable, especially if you’ve already gone though a lot already. Combine that heartbreak with all the pain from childhood trauma, and use it to propel you higher. All those people who did you wrong will one day be sorry for what they did. Even if they don’t feel remorse, they are cursed if they don’t have a conscience, therefore, their opinions are irrelevant. Their lack of remorse does not justify what they’ve done to you. They may not be mature enough to understand what they’ve done. Either way, they did what they did, and they are no longer important to you. Let them go, and use your pain to propel you!

Continue being productive. An idle mind will only bring you unnecessary hell, so stay busy. Whatever it is that you do: whether you’re taking college courses, studying, working, etc. Make sure that you feed your mind with knowledge. Keep learning new things everyday, so you can have meaningful concepts to meditate on. This can also help you make sense out of the mess you found yourself in. You’ll be able to find closure through attaining greater understanding for the human mind, and why people do what they do. This can also help you pin-point some weaknesses you may have.

One question that has helped me tremendously was, “What is it about me that attracts a certain type of man (usually a narcissist)?”

You have to ask yourself even more uncomfortable questions that may probe your mind into figuring things out. The purpose for this is to ensure that we never find ourselves in the same position, so that one day we can live a fulfilling and prosperous life with the right people in our lives.

Find your talents, gifts, and hobbies, and focus on that. This will keep your mind busy, so you won’t dwell on the negativity. If you don’t know what you’re good that, don’t worry! The journey can still begin by trying different activities. Don’t worry about being a master at something. We all start somewhere, and the whole point is to find something we enjoy doing. Once we do that, we work on improving ourselves with it each and every day. These activities include: Singing, writing, painting, drawing, cooking, gardening, arts, filmmaking, dancing, traveling, photography, music production, running, etc. You can go run a marathon if you want! The list of things you can get into is endless. How about playing instruments, sports, or get into combat sports (my personal favorite is boxing).

Personally, I’d like to highlight writing, running, and fitness boxing.

Writing: For over a decade, writing has served as a therapeutic cure for me. I cannot express to you how much it has damn near saved my life because writing has rewired my mind. it was a turbulent journey. I went from negative to positive. I evolved from aggressive pages of sorrow and gritty rage to soothing words of wisdom that uplifts. I found myself healing through poetic prose, and I felt more confident because I wrote those. How beautiful is that?

Running: I was already consistent with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) since I was like 16 years old. When I was at my lowest about a couple years after that, I would increase the consistency. Discipline was never really an issue because I had so much adrenaline running through me. If I didn’t go out for a run I’d probably snap, so running was my drug. Thankfully, that kind of drug was a good one. I would anticipate that runner’s high. I loved putting on my headphones and running to some tunes, and just forget about the world around me. My mind would wander as I ran, and I felt a sense of encouragement that I would apply into every area of my life. Next thing you know, I was in great shape too, and that gave me even more confidence. It became hard for to me feel hatred for anyone because I was too content with myself, and I looked forward to improving myself in all areas.

Fitness Boxing Calisthenics & Weight Training: Again like I said earlier about that adrenaline, I had too much energy within me that needed to be released. My routine was insane! It got to a point where running wasn’t enough. In the weekday mornings, I took weight training in high-school, and this improved my muscle tone. I’m skinny, so this helped add some meat to my bones. I always walked home from school. That same day, I’d walk to the boxing gym nearby nearly every weekday afternoon. It was the best thing I ever did for myself. This added even more confidence as I was learning how to fight while shedding visceral fat and toning up at the same time. I learned and improved greatly on various calisthenics exercises. I got to a point where I was able to do clap push-ups. Then, I’d still go run at the track sometimes after school and consistently on the weekends. It wasn’t something that felt forced. It genuinely brought me joy.

The more you focus on self-improving the more confident you will be. Concentrate on building your body, mind, and spirit!

When the Heartbreaker is the Narcissist

Not all people who’ve broken heart are narcissists. So, in this section we’ll delve into the narcissist heartbreaker. As if heartbreak couldn’t be any worse! Oh, it’s much worse when a narcissist does it because they have absolutely no chill. Your pain is their thrill. They will leave you confused, and will blame you for it even if it’s not your fault. They will play mind games with you. When they do come back, it is only to hurt you even more, and they get a kick out of it. Right when they stabbed you on your back, they only come back to dig the knife even deeper. After convincing you that it’s “your fault”, they still expect you to beg them to come back. If you keep letting them back into your life it will only get worse, trust me. You have got to cut them off, and let them go for good.

Years can go by, and they still expect you to be on stand-by for them. It’s like they actually believe that you’ll never move on, or that you still “need” them. Despite the mental torture they put you through, they actually believe you cannot live without them. The best gift you can give them is a new version of yourself that will shut the door at their face with grace. They’re forgiven, but you don’t want to see their face again.

Acknowledge what they’ve done to you. They do not love you the way you thought they did. Just because you still love them doesn’t mean they ever will. They already have shown you, so you must acknowledge the truth. They may come back though, but not for good reasons. They will keep coming back for as long as you allow them back into your space. Once you can see through them, their gaslighting will no longer have any power over you.

Recognize that you’re worth more than that, but you won’t see that the longer to entertain them. Please cut the cord. Once you realize the pattern of this psychological abuse, you must cut it off. They have burned all bridges with you, so I say “let it burn.” The bridge they burned with you is not your fault. They did that, and you should not view it as a loss, but rather a blessing in disguise. They made it easier for you to get rid of them. They cannot cross over to you without that bridge to connect them to you. Please do not rebuild what is not meant to be. You’ve been through enough with this person, and they’ve shown you enough. Eventually, enough is enough.

Don’t expect closure nor an apology from them they will never give it to you because most of them are too prideful to admit their wrongdoings. They could care less if you’re suffering. Understand what they’ve done to you, and move on silently. Focus on yourself, seek knowledge, and extract wisdom from your bad experiences.

Even if they do eventually apologize to you, it’s hard to determine its validity given the source of where it’s coming from. You cannot trust someone who’s had an extensive history of doing you and others wrong. Sure, you can forgive them for the sake of your peace, but that doesn’t mean you have to allow them back into your life. Just make peace with it and move on gradually.

Therapy is recommended if you’d like to seek a mental health professional to help you get through certain situations in life.

Always take care of yourself no matter what!

Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

The Beauty of Karma

There’s just something so glorious about overdue justice. The universe has a way of sending the karma that is rightfully deserved. You get what you put out, that is a fact! But unfortunately, some people don’t understand that, nor do they care to.

They’ll say things like, “Oh well, no one’s perfect.” This is true, no one is perfect, but that doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be consequences for the wrongdoings people have done, and still continue to do. What is baffling to me is how some people think they can just mistreat, betray, decieve, or abuse people and never stop, but they get mad when they are exposed or the universe sends them their punishment. Karma is beautiful because one doesn’t have to go on a revenge spree. You don’t need to make a list and check it twice. Karma has it all handled. Just sit back and watch it unfold.

Like I said, none of us are perfect, but we just have to make sure we get ourselves right so that we reap an abundant harvest.


You may be in pain right now, or maybe it happened in the past and you just happen to reflect on it. Always remember that if you know you didn’t do anything wrong to that person, you have nothing to worry about. Whatever evil they decide to do has nothing to do with you. All you can do is remove yourself from their lives or else you lose peace. Let them do what they wanna do, but remove them from your life. As the years go by, you will know them by their fruit. You will see how much that karma will be kicking their asses, so there’s no need for revenge.

Don’t soil your hands for them.

Do not succumb to the lower level they’re at (that’s what they’re hoping for since they don’t want to rise high) just let them go, and let them be that person they want to be.

You don’t have to surround yourself with that toxicity.

You do not have to become like that either.

Of course, we hope that they change their ways. Everyone has the potential and capacity to change, but unfortunately some don’t. No matter how much they’ve hurt you, do not allow anyone or anything corrupt your character. Keep on walking the way you do, be vigilant, and remain solid. Your sincere good character will tear down the negativity they try to throw at you.

Your consistency of good character will shine through in due time. The harvest has yet to appear. Stay strong and focused on your own goals. The land won’t till itself. In order for you to have a garden, you need to work hard for it. Never mind the foolish distractions. Those people aren’t helping you. They aren’t paying your bills either, so why stress over it?

Keep your focus on point at all times. Don’t let the pain of betrayals corrupt your character. Too many good people turn bad because of rotten fruit that grows beside them. Toxic behavior seems to be contagious, please increase your immunity from these venomous leeches who pollute the beauty of good character within us. They bring the worst out of us, that’s why we get away from that environment because we won’t be able to thrive around under murky conditions. Let them be wicked, dirty, trifling, and shiesty. You don’t have to be like that no matter how long you’ve known them for. Their path will end prematurely unless they change, otherwise karma always arrives on time for the harvest or lack thereof.

There is no greater peace than to know that your hands are clean. Any imperfections or flaws you may have can diminish with discipline and self-awareness. Your sense of remorse over past mistakes is evidence that you have a conscience, and you are indeed walking in the right Spirit.

Keep going!


At the end of the day, life is full of pain and suffering. You either suffer for good or evil. When you suffer for evil, you trade your peace of mind with instant gratification that holds no true value. The reward may appear instantaneous and lavish, but it ends up taking you into strange places. The darkness swallows your true identity, to the point where you lose yourself. It drains you, and sucks the life out of you. The suffering ushers in later on, increasingly, and by the time you begin to regret your decisions it’ll probably be too late.

Either way, life isn’t easy, but the path of righteousness is more fruitful. It will provide you with peace along some of the way. The trail may be arduous and challenging, but there’s always that hope for a water station. Water symbolizes wisdom and the life that it gives us when you finally get to drink it. It refreshes us, so you can continue to hike the rocky roads our life unfolds. You feel much lighter the longer you trek, and you are destined to arrive to that place you seek. Once you get there you will never take it for granted, and you’ll have wonderful stories to tell the next generation of proverbial hikers.

7 Things to Keep in Mind When Dealing With Narcissists

Everytime you get around these energy leeches, their vibe is heavy and uneasy. You may feel anxiety when you’re around them. Then, they do things that bother you, and they try to make you feel worthless. They may secretly hate on you for no reason. They despise your good vibes and the fact that you’re on cloud 9. Since they can’t create their heaven on Earth, they will bring hell upon your life.

It can be hard to navigate around them when you don’t even know that they are indeed a narcissist. But once you’ve identified them as such, the next step would be to find out how to maneuver around their nonsense, if you’re temporarily forced to be around them (whether it’s at school, work, or living situation).

Here are 7 things to keep in mind:

1. Embrace Stoicism

Narcissists live to get a reaction out of you. Don’t give them what they want. Deprive them of the juice they seek from you, which is found in your reactions and emotions.
Being stoic doesn’t mean be emotionless, it simply means to control the way you respond whenever bullshit arises. I’m telling you, these leeches live to make you feel like garbage. But if you show them no emotion, it will confuse them, and they will feel stupid.

At first, they may continue to try though. They are relentless in trying to squeeze the juice outta you, so be aware of that and act accordingly. But eventually, your stoicism and short clever responses will agitate them because they’ll realize that they cannot get to you. They may stop and try a new strategy, but eventually when they’ll see that their energy is being wasted more than yours. When this happens, they usually move onto another victim who is easier to play with.

2. Remember That They Speak Lies About You Or May Stretch the Truth & Twist Your Words

Do not stress over what they say about you behind your back, nor what they say to you in hopes of gaslighting you. You know who you are. Don’t let them get into your head. They will try to capitalize on any weaknesses, flaws, or past mistakes to try to distract you from seeing through them.

We all make mistakes and have flaws, nothing new! You know if you were aware of these things you’d try to change for the better. If that is you, then you know you’re not a bad person. And whatever bad things they say about you many have little to no truth in it. They may either straight up lie about you to others, or they’ll try to use some truth (about your flaws or past mistakes) and stretching it so far to emphasize how “bad” you are.

They may also use your words and twist them in such a way as to make you look bad. But you know what you meant when you said those words. They do this to get people to go against you. The more people on their side, the easier it is to gaslight you, in order to make you believe in the lies, stretched out truth, or twisted words.

At the end of the day, you know who you are, and you know what you said. Those who don’t care to hear your side of the story, but are quick to believe theirs are no better.

3. Be Steps Ahead of Them

Always expect what’s to come next. The more you observe how they move, the easier it is to predict what they’ll do next. Once you master this knowledge they can no longer decieve you, and you will be unstoppable. They live to cause you to second guess yourself, so that you will be doubtful about whether or not they’re messing with your head.

Always expect the worse from them because most likely that is what their up to. It may be hard for empaths to imagine that someone would go so far to hurt them, but the reality is that there are many people who seek to hurt others.

Why? Because they are miserable in their life, and they want to bring you down. They do this, because they cannot elevate. Technically, they could, but they’ve chosen to be low-down, and all they can do is bring others down, in order to make themselves feel good.

The more you pay close attention to their moves, the easier it becomes to read them. You keep reading those chapters, you’re gonna be able to make an accurate prediction for the next chapter. Once you do this, you will see it. Keep being observant and you will see it for real! Keep your eyes open!

4. Be Wary of Fake Compliments

This is meant to throw you off-guard. They want to flatter you, in order to get you comfortable around them. Their compliments are fake, and usually it is the inverse reflection of what their jealous of. Say for example, if they compliment you on your talent, they’re actually letting you know what they wished they had. They are not happy for you, they are envious of the gifts you have.

5. Watch Them Close, But Don’t Allow Them to Get Close to You

I’d like to use a boxing analogy for this. Boxing is the art of “hitting without getting hit.” You want to land hits, but not be the one to take the hits. In order for you to land precise hits, you must watch them close, so you can see how they move. Do this, while simultaneously dogding, ducking, slipping, and stepping away from them. You don’t want to let them get close to you, and you damn sure don’t want to position yourself in an area where they can corner you.
Only get close enough to observe them, but do not open yourself to them. They are opportunists that will take advantage of any vulnerability you leave.

6. Do Not Let Them Know YOU KNOW What They’re About

If you do, all they’ll do is switch their game up, in order to gaslight and manipulate you even further. Everytime you confront them about their off behavior, they will deny it, and they will only become even more sneaky. They may start to behave well for a moment to reel you back in, and then next thing you know they go back to their old ways. Most narcissists do not seek to change. The only thing they change is how much better they can hide their dirt.

Essentially, if you confront them, you’re only going to dig yourself into further mental anguish. Confronting them would be like giving them the fire to fuel even more gaslighting. So, move silently. Remain cool, calm, and collected. Play dumb, basically act like you don’t know what they’re up to, and they will get very comfortable. So much so, that they will foolishly prove you right. They will make it easier for you to see that they are indeed a narcissist. They may insult your intelligence. Let them, they’ll eventually expose themselves through their actions. And Karma will catch up to them.

7. Let’em Talk But Do Not Confide in Them

If you are forced to be around a narcissist for the time being, I’d recommend staying low-key. Do not confide in them at all. Do not make friends with them. If they approach you and speak to you, let them talk, but pay close attention to what they say. Once you know for sure that they are indeed a narcissist, then you already know that their information is most likely invalid or inaccurate.

If they are very talkative, listen, and treat it like free Intel. They’ll let you know exactly what kind of character they have or lack thereof. Since they don’t know what YOU KNOW, they will be even more comfortable in opening up to you without you having to ask. They’ll confide in you, in order to clear their name or get closer to you, so that you’d eventually confide in them. But don’t trust them! They will try to use your words against you by twisting them.

Hopefully, this helped. Thank you for reading!!

7 Keys to Success

Some people define success as having material gain. Though, you do want to be financially stable and build wealth, there is more to success than just money. Success can also be defined as the moment you’ve achieved great peace and security within yourself. So much so, that you feel like you can take on the whole world, and no one can stop you. We need that kind of positive energy. However, there will be times when you’ll be faced with some challenges that may mess with your mental well-being. There will be times when you’ll feel drained, and it’s worse if you overthink.

Before you can embark on that journey you must make sure you have your mind in the right place. The mind is KEY to everything you decide to do. You must mentally prepare for any curveballs that may be thrown at you.

1. Learn to accept constructive criticism

None of us like to hear about how terrible we’ve done, or how much we’ve failed before. But take a listen to the facts that can help you improve. Honest feedback is key to greater improvement. Don’t take it personal if the feedback isn’t satisfactory. Understand that whatever you lack in can be improved. But how can you improve if you don’t know what your weaknesses are? And sometimes the truth will hurt. It often does, but harsh truths that are constructive can make YOU indestructible. In order for you to be the best at anything, you need to have greater self-awareness. You need to know what you’re lacking at in order to focus your attention on getting better at those things.

Remember, just because you messed up on something doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. It can always be fixed.. Therefore, take heed to constructive criticism, and put your mind into making a better version of you. Without honest feedback, you can never be great.

2. Be self-motivated and independent

This journey requires you to be autonomous. You must be comfortable with being alone because it is all up to you! Don’t expect others to stick around for the long haul. If you do have real people close to you, then you are certainly blessed. However, we must be able to embark on this journey alone if we have to. We should not be codependent on others. You have to be able to give yourself pep talks, and keep yourself motivated 24/7. No one else will push you harder than your damn self!

3. Prepare for the haters

Be ready for the haters that will come to try to disrupt your cloud 9 vibe. There are many energy leeches out there who take pleasure in ruining your day. Usually, the people who hate on you don’t have anything going for themsleves, so always remember that. Do not take these haters seriously. They are just mad that you are making real moves and making it happen. Keep doing you. As long as you are minding your business and staying focused, you have no reason to pay haters your attention. There’s a saying that goes, “You know you’re doing something right when you’ve got haters!”

At the end of the day, you know who you are more than anyone else, so don’t let anyone step you off your square. You have a lane to run on, so OWN IT. these haters are NOT in your lane. Hell, they’re not even in your league! They ain’t even running!!! Yet they talk the most because more than likely they cannot do what you do. They don’t even want to do what you do, yet they’re mad YOU’RE doing it. So, just keep doing what you’re doing!

4. Be prepared to lose friends

This goes back to #2, you have to be comfortable being alone. The only way for you to cultivate your own talents is by spending time alone to perfect it. As you begin to rise, slowly but surely, you will lose friends. It doesn’t have to be this way. We’d all like for our friends to support us, be happy for us, and rise with us, but that’s not always the case in real life. Now, you may have a few real friends who genuinely care for your success. But we cannot always rely on them to get the job done. Be prepared for the worst to happen, so when it does happen you will not be surprised. That way, you can remain strong and focused. Check out “Reasons why I expect the Worst Case Scenarios.”

5. Don’t be afraid of change

“The fear of success” is something we’ve heard about somewhere. On our journey to the top, we will be undergoing a lot of change. Do not be afraid of how great you’ll become. As long as you don’t have to compromise your morality, then I’d say welcome the positive change. Do not be afraid to learn new things, to move to another city or state. Do what will best benefit you. Do not allow the nostalgia of your hometown keep you from growing. If it is in your best interest to relocate, by all means do it. The key is to move out of your hometown at an early age (like around early to mid 20s) so you can adapt faster to a new environment. From then on, it’ll become easier to accept upward growth, and you’ll only get better from there.

6. Stop being a people pleaser

The reality is that we can NEVER please everyone, so don’t even try to do it. We cannot please every single person. No matter what you do, some people will admire it, but others may hate it. So, you mind as well just do what you’ve gotta do. You mind as well do what has been ordained for you to do. Fulfill your life’s purpose, and that is where you’ll find true fulfillment. Some will love it, others will hate it regardless. So, since you’ll be loved and hated, just do what you love. If you succumb to people pleasing you will never be happy, you’ll never get anything done, and it would be a waste of your time.

Oh, and even if you do try to please people guess what?

There will still be people who will hate you regardless. You can serve them an ice cream sundae with a cherry on top and they will find something to hate. They’ll still find something to complain about. So, stop people pleasing!! Stop seeking validation from everyone! They do not possess the eyes you have, therefore, they are no visionary. They cannot see what you see, and that’s OK. Go do you and keep it moving!

7. Believe in your own vision

Even if no one else believes in you, YOU NEED to believe in YOU first and foremost. You have to understand that you are the architect of your own life, no one else can create a better blueprint than YOU! So, do not rely on what others think or believe. This is YOUR journey. YOUR vision. Only you have the eyes to see that vision. This goes back to not seeking validation from others. You must rely on yourself to make it happen!

Do not expect people to believe in you!! Do I have to repeat that?

DO NOT EXPECT PEOPLE TO BELIEVE IN YOU! Not even your friends or family. NONE OF THEM WILL BELIEVE IN YOU until they see the results. So, my suggestion is to keep your goals to yourself, and just take those steps on your own. Here’s a blog about why you shouldn’t disclose your goals. You don’t need to tell everyone what you’ve got under your sleeve. Just go do it! Keep your mind at peace and just find your daily flow of productivity. And remember that slow progress is still progress. Sooner or later you will see gradual change, but you will only see that when you put in the work. But in order for you to do that, you MUST BELIEVE IN YOURSELF first. Because no one else will! And don’t expect them to either!

Thank you for reading!

Boxing as a Metaphor for Life

“Protect yourself at all times…!”

The bell rings, symbolizing the commencement of a bout,

By the end of this fight you’ll know what life is all about,

Just make sure you make it through without getting socked in the mouth,

Keep elbows down to block incoming punches, possible uppercut,

Leave no openings otherwise the void gets filled with a reality check,

But you kept your head up as you sped up the tempo,

Absorbing the adrenaline of that memento,

Don’t lament the times you missed a hit, it’s a reminder of what you can do next,

Constant change of strategy, forcing me to adapt to all surroundings, as it transforms right before me.

They say the punches you don’t see coming hurt the most. That’s parallel to how our greatest setbacks and losses are unexpected. And it hurts the most when you get hit by one whom you thought was a friend. Not only did you not see the punch coming, but you didn’t even realize your own friend was in the arena fighting with you the entire time. As the saying goes, “With friends like that who needs enemies?”

The thing about it is… the red flags were always shown to you, we were either naive, not aware, or we just didn’t pay close attention. And when you are in this ring we call life, we must be aware of who our opponent is for one. Secondly, we have to observe the pattern of their movements. Watch how they move around you. The footwork is key to knowing their next moves, and how they will charge at you. Footwork gives you the signals, and you are to adapt to the rhythm in order to dodge all hits precisely. Watching how they move, gives you a foreshadow of what’s to come next. That way, you are prepared to counterreact effectively. Boxing is not only physical, but rather it requires you to be pensive. Without command of the mind, the body does not move nor abide.

Are they moving funny? Listen to all that little slick stuff they say that they try to play off as a joke, be keen to see all the little details, and connect it all. And when you connect it all, your punches will connect because you’d master the art of reading lips and non-verbal language. It can even get to a point where you can damn near read their mind! Because their shiesty moves become predictable, especially once you know where they stand (Remember the footwork?). You’ll be able to see with which fist they’ll punch with next and from what angle. Angles, as in perspective. We must be very speculative of how people move, and selective of whom we allow to get close into our personal circle.

As the old saying goes, “The closest ones will hurt you.” Look at how close two opponents are in the boxing ring. They are very close. Close enough to break a nose bone if they can, and/or if you allow it.

You have to be very resilient to survive this life, otherwise your mind will wither away at every punch you take. At least try to block and dodge hits, some decide to let it slide like the Vaseline on the boxer’s face, as fists swipe across each time. Some people just gave up even trying to put up a fight.

But you were selected to participate in this bout for a reason, they knew your skill level. They knew you could handle it, so do not rob yourself of the ability to see your own potential shine through.

Coming Soon! “B R O K E N”

This is an excerpt from the book I just finished writing, and currently editing right now.

It is titled “B R O K E N.” And I’m looking to publish it some time this year. More updates will be coming up!

It was the winter of 1997, gusts of wind whistled from the cloudy skies, but the cherry colored brick building barricaded the frigid temperatures. Coldness from the outside could not penetrate the home, but the coldness of heart had already made itself home.

A young lady who was an empath found herself sucked into a mirage that all started from the facade of the narcissist she’s grown fond of, the bond was slowly breaking due to the barrage of toxic spews, then refurbished with faulty upgrades, false apologies with no resolving. This pattern confused her, it left her with almost loose screws.

L O V E vs L U S T

Some of us confuse love with lust, and end up getting hurt in the end. Life takes many twists and turns, you may not intend to hurt the other person, but it can happen. That’s why we must have self-awareness, so that we never hurt someone again or be hurt.

Now what is love?

Love, in its purest form shines through,

When you feel compelled to repell from any peril that may threaten your marriage,

The connection ages gracefully because you’ve overcome great obstacles,

Increased patience, you become one flesh, eternally connected,

It has much more depth than just sex.

Love is decisive and not divisive, nor does it play with your mind.

It is consistent honesty and selflessness.

You feel what they feel at any given moment, and you feel moved to improve their mood.

Most importantly, all is reciprocated.

The act of selflessness, you go out of your way to make sure they are doing well, more than you would usually do, and IT IS RECIPROCATED. There’s no need to lie, which builds the trust like a trust fund you want that to accumulate exponentially. When life knocks them down momentarily, you are there to help them come up, you don’t talk down on them, and vice versa. Helping each other out is NEVER a chore, but rather it is an innate thing you have when you truly have love for someone.

You are willing to have difficult conversations that may require the hard truth, in order to prevent misunderstandings and disconnections. You don’t keep secrets from each other. If you feel like you have to, then that person is just not for you, or you may not be ready to be in a relationship.

Love isn’t just an emotion, it is shown through actions that promote growth. It is the deepest level of care and compassion. Love isn’t just about “how a person makes you feel,” it’s about how much they’ve been there for you through thick and thin. Often times, we may mistake love for lust because of “the way it makes you feel.” Emotions can cloud your judgment, and that includes sexual arousal. Just because that person makes you feel aroused doesn’t mean you love them, or vice versa. It’s a trick. This is how people end up in bad relationships, and marriages break apart and the children suffer from the aftermath of it all. It is also quite damaging for children to see their parents have no love for each other. We must be conscientious of the type of example we provide for the younger generation. They grow up never knowing what love really looks like, or they have to go through so many unnecessary things in order to find out which leads to learning it the hard painful way.

Lust is short-lived, instant gratification,

A vacation from reality,

That reaches a screeching halt, suddenly,

So abruptly, that you stumble,

And after it ends the feeling becomes numb,

The beat of the drum diminishes from the heart,

Because the beat been dead already,

We were too mesmerized to notice, the eviction,

Lust is quick to rinse, wash, and repeat a human being, reducing them to a lower frequency.

Lust bears no fruit long-term,

Heartbreak may hit you with brute force, and it does not stand the test of time.

Lust is just an itch you scratch, eventually you stop scratching otherwise you leave a mark. That’s how you know that act isn’t right for your body. Because if lust was a good thing, you wouldn’t feel the need to stop. But because lust is like scratching, it is something only meant to be short-lived.

Wanna know the depth of pain that comes from it? Try to prolong the scratching, and you tell me if that’s good for your skin. Scratching may be satisfying for a little bit, but the longer you do it it will start to bleed, it leaves behind a scab that you become tempted to scratch once again. Now, tell me if that is healthy for you?

Lust sounds more like an addiction rather than an addition to your life. Lust depletes you until your love is deleted. Love goes beyond and transcends fleeting feelings.

Thank you for reading!

How Dreams Can Heal You

It’s those reoccurring dreams,

The ones replaying the same theme,

And it keeps repeating until your fortitude exceeds high enough to defeat it,

Until you can relinquish the links that chains you to your pain,

A strain that drives the mind insane, and it hides, disguises itself as a defense mechanism,

When it is another layer of weight we bare on our shoulders,

Therefore, I write this prose in hopes that it’ll undo the ropes from psychological bondage, a carnal hostage,

so that the trauma that haunts us can no longer do us damage.

So how exactly can dreams heal you?

It puts us in situations where we are reminded of the very deep and personal things about ourselves and our lives.

You are made to face it until it can no longer have control over you. One of the reasons why you may have reoccurring dreams is because you have not made peace with it. You don’t have to gladly accept it as a wonderful thing.


However, you do have to accept the fact that it happened, but you have to not allow it to overpower you or swallow you alive while wallowing in misery. You don’t want to allow that pain to hold you hostage in your own mind. Since it is your own mind, OWN YOUR MIND.

Please realize that you aren’t controlled by what others have done or said about you. The mistreatment you may have endured does NOT mean that you’re worthless, it means those who did you wrong feel themselves to be worthless, and so they take that out on you.

It is key to own your mind, and dreams can help you do that. Hopefully, you have vivid dreams; if not, then I do hope you achieve the ability to do so. Dreams serve as a simulation that our mind designs, showing us wonders and signs, and a special sight given by the Divine Creator many like to deny the existence of.

When you do have dreams with specific themes that you feel at the core of your being, basically if it makes you contemplate deeply about something or even if it brings out alot of emotion from pain of the past, then it is time to meditate on it. Dreams give us an avenue to either release our anger and frustration, have closure with others, express your thoughts to someone, go through tough challenges, overcome fears, or accomplish great feats. These are just a few among many ways dreams can teach us valuable lessons. When we wake up from them, it plants a seed of thought that we have for the rest of the day. It becomes self-reflection time.

If you have reoccurring dreams, ask yourself:

Why am I have this same dream over and over?

Why do I dream about the same place (It could be where you used to live, a landmark, where trauma occurred, etc)

Why do I keep dreaming about the same person over and over again?

Now, I’m not a psychologist or anything like that. Just a writer who is very interested in the mind, dreams, philosophy, old souls, and the art of resilience.

Based on my experience, I’ve found it very helpful to write a fake letter (NOT intended to be actually sent) to the person, experience, or place I kept having reoccurring dreams about. There you can address everything you have been keeping bottled up within. Let it all out. Everything you ever wanted to say you can say in that “letter” and keep on writing until you get that “writer’s high.” You will feel better, and possibly gain insight or at least a clue as to why you keep having those same dreams. After you finish writing, well it just stays there in your notebook or laptop. It’s literally a letter you never send.

In my experience, this has helped me. I’d usually stop having those dreams, or I have them less frequent, and when I do I’m in control of the scenario and it no longer has power over me. Nor do I let it move me to anger or whatever emotions. I’m at peace because I made peace with it. As time goes on, your peace will increase, and you will look back and think about how far you’ve gone and how much you’ve grown.

I’ll even add the importance of prayer and fasting. It empowers your mind’s ability to have discipline and control of your emotions, vices, and fruitless desires. You can become one who cannot be controlled by darkness.

All Glory to the Most High God, Creator of the Universe

7 Benefits of Being an Introvert

We hear a lot in the West about how introverts need to come out of their shell, and just mingle and blend in with others. They often times want to push introverts to convert into extroverts because it is viewed as “normal” or acceptable. Sure, there are a few traits extroverts may have that are beneficial; however, there are more benefits to being an introvert. Here I will discuss that, and might I add that there’s nothing wrong with being introverted. If anything, you may be ahead of the game if you are one. Here’s how!

1. You Know Yourself Better

Since you’ve spent more time to yourself you have had extra time to get to know who you are. You are comfortable being alone; therefore, you’re confident in your own identity. Also, self-reflecting tends to be easy which leads to a better understanding of yourself. Some people dread the thought of being alone, but introverts enjoy the solitude, and they try to prolong it which gives them even more time to learn more about themselves and the world.

Usually, when you spend too much time around other people you tend to lose yourself more, and you become too distracted to really dig deep within to find answers to your own questions. You don’t want to get to a point where you lose yourself, so much so that you become dependent on others to decide for you.

As for the introvert, they know when to call it a day, and go home to “recharge their batteries” after a long day of socializing. You see, this can serve as a benefit because you know when to go home to meditate or relax. You don’t allow yourself to get so distracted that you lose yourself. You never have to worry about an introvert overstaying their welcome.

2. You’re More Productive

Since introverts prefer to be alone anyways, they can make great use of that time to get things done. Also, they don’t crave social interactions as much as the next man, so they just finish the job without needing “teamwork.” Like Batman, they prefer to work alone, and sometimes they can get more done alone than in a group setting. So much for “teamwork making the dream work.”

Though, introverts can adapt to their surroundings including social demands, they just simply prefer to not have any noise disrupt their routine. They are not socially handicapped as many may assume. They can work in a team, but they are mentally wired to get more done alone. That isn’t a bad thing.

But what if you put a group of introverts to work together? What kinds of ideas could they conjure up, and how much can they get done? Would it make a difference? Maybe it’s not that introverts don’t like to work in teams, but they may not pair well with extroverts. Maybe it’s not about introvert/extrovert, maybe it’s about the personalities. Certain personalities mesh well together more than others.

Introverts can get a lot done because they are already used to spending time alone, and that extra time gives them an advantage to improve or move onto the next project.

3. You Tend to Be More Self-Reliant

Introverts are not to be mistaken with being anti-social. Years ago, I had someone adamantly ask me, “Why are you so anti-social?” I was like, “I’m not.” People tend to assume being anti-social and introverted are the same thing, but it’s not. Some introverts may be anti-social, but not all. Other introverts can be social, and may even enjoy conversing with people when they encounter a like-minded individual with common interests.

So yes, introverts can have friends, but usually they are few. They may be few, but they have meaningful friendships with them, and they respect one another’s space too. They aren’t clingy nor codependent, and this makes them self-reliant. They’d rather take matters into their own hands without the need for social approval of others. Since they know themselves better they can forge their own path and make their own decisions. This is a very liberating thing because they don’t have to wait on anyone, nor do they have to see what others will do. Introverts are OK with being alone in their journey. As a matter of fact, they will view it as a serene adventure.

4. Your Life Has Little to No Drama

Just like I mentioned earlier, introverts tend to have a smaller circle. The smaller the circle the less likely you are to have any sort of drama in the mix. Introverts are also very selective of who they allow into their lives, so those few friends they have won’t be giving them drama. And if they do, well they will simply let you go, especially if that drama has nothing to do with them. Usually, introverts don’t put themselves in positions where they’d be the focal point of drama. They don’t like small talk let alone have an argument. So, introverts tend to live a drama free life, which is great, but some people may consider that to be “boring.” Oh well, introverts don’t care what you think of them.

5. You’re a Deep Thinker

I know I keep reiterating this, “Introverts love to spend more time alone.” Since they enjoy their solitude, they have much more time to meditate and think about a vast array of different concepts. They may veer off into some philosophy, spirituality, sci-fi, or artistic concepts. They may ask existential questions, and then go on a new quest to find the answers. All of this information they gather accumulates, and it strengthens their knowledge arsenal. Overall, they become deep thinkers because they’ve spent an abundance of time seeking knowledge and wisdom. By the time they reach to a point where it’s needed, they’ll be sure of what to do.

Also, it makes them great friends because they will give exceptional advice. Their conversations are very meaningful, and may send you into journeys just from talking. Introverts don’t hate talking, they just don’t want to waste their breath to talk about nothing. They don’t like small talk, but they can talk for hours with those whom they’re close to. They may present new perspectives that can help others as well.

6. More Time for Creativity to Brew

This is one of the most fun parts of being introverted, and that is having more time to work on creative projects. Most writers, poets, artists, and music producers tend to be introverted. They’ve developed an appreciation for solitude because that is the only time they dedicate to perfecting their talents. They say “time flies when you’re having fun”, and that is true. When you spend time working on what you love to do, you will notice time would fly. It was 9 in the morning when you started, and next thing you know it’s 4 in the afternoon. And it didn’t even feel like work because you enjoy what you do. Creative work is therapeutic. I remember the many days I spent writing my book, and I’d be so immersed into the story that next thing I knew, the hours had already flown by. It felt like a trip through time. That’s when you know that you love what you do and are good at it. Introverts cherish this creative time the most!

7. You Tend to Be More Intuitive

Introverts can sense vibes and auras from people and situations. Because they are deep thinkers, they can discern things better. They have a tendency to pay closer attention to detail, so they can easily keep tabs of certain things until they notice another clue. Usually, their senses are keen and they will remember patterns. All of this culminates to them being able to figure people and things out. Their strong intuition guides them and they trust it because it’s proven itself to be accurate before. The combination of intuition and deep thinking serves to be a powerful one.

It goes even further than just intuition. Introverts also tend to be more sensitive to the spiritual realm. They can already sense auras from people which tends to overwhelm them because most people carry negative energy. And the more people around the more likely that heaviness will be present which drains their energy. Especially, given the fact that they are very sensitive to vibes. And because they have this, they are susceptible to sensing the presence of spirits. They are more likely to have paranormal experiences.

Introverts are often misunderstood especially in the West. They tend to think that they are afraid to socialize, that they are anti-social, or that their introversion is something to “overcome” or needs to be “fixed.” In actuality, being introverted is a blessing for the creative mind. There is nothing wrong or strange about an introvert. Introverts have many special gifts. They are self-assured, confident, mellow, independent, intelligent, creative, intuitive, wise, auspicious, profound thinkers, and problem solvers. They tend to be very well-read, make great friends, and enjoy meaningful conversations. They don’t seek validation externally, they receive confirmation from within.

They prefer to spend some time alone to rejuvenate their minds because they’ve just spent a day being drained by various boisterous stimuli and negative vibes from crowds of people including what we cannot see. All they want to do is cut off all that noise from the day and finally unwind.


Moonlit skies dyes the clouds indigo,

When your mind is inclined to dig gold,

Yearning to unearth the gems stuck within,

‘Til it gets struck, no more living in the rough.

Do we have to be broken to be made whole?

How else can we see within the crevice if it weren’t for the breaking of the outer layer of ourselves?

Or at least we thought it was ourselves…

We would’ve accepted the darkness that constricted us as our ultimate reality,

Until the day our cocoon cracked and the light gleamed from the outside,

“Never did I ever think that life could be this pristine and serene,

I need more room for my wings, never thought I could grow these.”

Metamorphosis approaching,

This cocoon made us crave a more spacious habitat,

We look back at our former home wondering how’d we spent so much time confined to the darkness that once enveloped us, thinking that was our reality.

Although, most of that cocoon remains a part of us,

Eventually, the rest is lost permanently due to shedding,

Letting go of what you’ve outgrown,

A transformative metamorphosis,

Your formative years are behind you but can still haunt you,

Unless you fly higher than a hawk,

Keen eye overlooking the scenery, beaming at what was once your habitat,

The world’s so vast compared to that.

Makes no sense to live with a scarcity mindset,

When our wings give us infinite reach to abundance and eternity beyond this Earth.

Our words unearth our purpose.

Running: As a Form of Healing Escapism

Just like in that poem, ‘10 Years Ago,’ I was in a dark place mentally, my sense of hope was crumbling bit by bit as the memories of the past haunted me, it pushed me onto the verge of depression.

Depression, when you lose sense of existence,

Existence feels pointless,

The only things that once brought joy, no longer can you rejoice,

You develop an avoidance toward everything around you,

Everyone’s voices appear to be muted,

The zeal for life becomes diluted,

Reduced moods, only making room for inevitable gloom and nihilistic perspectives,

That prevent you from getting a good night’s rest, as you nestle in bed,

This is the only time you feel warm in the inside…

Any decision you make in life has the ability to either make you or break you for life. Back then, every day was a constant battle to not self-destruct. Now, every day has blossomed into opportunities for self-improvement.

One of the things that has helped me overcome negative thoughts and toxicity was running. Writing is one of my most treasured passions, but running has worked hand-in-hand with it; both creating a strong-willed individual within a broken person until you eventually become unbreakable. Running gave my brain the boost it needed to even have any sort of motivation to even write. Writing has provided a cathartic release that healed me. So, there’s a healthy cycle here of running and writing. Back-to-back. Consistently. I grew to love that runner’s high, and I felt all sorts of inspiration to write.

But can ‘escapism‘ be counterproductive?

Usually, the term escapism refers to a way of escaping from reality due to the hardships you may face. This can grow to become detrimental when we create a pattern of avoidance, which is when we lose our sense of reality. Thus, we may end up with the inability to cope with life, and none of our problems get solved. However, in this post I’m highlighting something else regarding escapism. I’m thinking on terms of using a little dab of escapism by creating new productive and creative outlets to make you rise up from that dreadful idle-mind. More specifically, I’m talking about running, and how beneficial it is, not only for your physical health, but for your mental health as well.

Let’s dive right into this.

What happens when you run?

When you run, plenty of things are happening within you. Your heart quickens its tempo, you may sweat, your lungs are working a bit harder, oxygen is being transported throughout your blood stream, and your natural endorphins, as well as the neurotransmitter serotonin makes its presence known into your mind, which gives you that runner’s high. Essentially, running alters your brain chemistry to liven your mood which can work as a natural antidepressant. (Disclaimer: I am not a doctor by the way). Here’s an article from the healthline website that explains how to naturally boost your serotonin levels without medication.

My personal experience

Running became the highlight of my life, and it even helped improve my writing. This is proof that our mind is the powerhouse of all things we bring into existence through our creative works. For instance, prior to running, my writing was more sad, hopeless, and kind of dark. It only fed me into more negative thinking. And a counterproductive cycle was emerging until I decided to change my habits around Passover of 2012. I began by eating clean, learning more about healthy recipes, and ultimately running. It was like something within me was yearning to just go for a run. And when I made running part of my constant routine I noticed changes taking place. My mind was more at ease, and my writing beautifully evolved into positivity while simultaneously putting the negativity into perspective. Basically, I didn’t just write about doom and gloom; I acknowledged the negativity around me without wallowing in it. I used it to bring forth a positive message that served to be inspiring. Many writers have come to cherish this gift.

As far as running goes, in the beginning, it didn’t matter how long I ran for… what mattered was that I did it. The most important part is to just get started, and little by little you will be able to run miles. Let me tell you that my very first day of running was quite pathetic. I only ran for like one-eighth of a mile. Despite this I decided to try the HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) strategy, you can read more about that here. I would sprint for a few seconds, then jog, and then walk, until I was ready to sprint again. This helps get your heart used to the high intensity of running, which gradually enables you to jog for a longer period of time. And it really did help! I went from only being able to run for one-eighth of a mile to 10 miles straight (that’s my best so far). Running is still and always will be one of my greatest joys.


Just run like a deer and you will not stumble’,

Abrupt eruptions of rage or tribulations will not faze you,

As you face challenges head on, head-strong without the heat,

Eyes gleaming, dreaming about the prize, but humility is key, no need for the pride of life,

Eyes still full of light, showing signs of innocence,

Noble intent, while looking attentively at end of the finish line, end times…

Track lanes become a trail of travails as the journey unveils wisdom as we run.