Ride through the storm,

Worrisome of course,

That it may obliterate my home,

Wind soaring through,

Huge rain droplets furiously clapping against the windows,

Like it knows who’s home,

Don’t be overconcerned with who may betray you,

A ray of light will open the revelatory veil for you to revel the truth that’s been unraveled,

Often times we think why do good people go through bad things?

Let us not take our tribulations personal,

We’re just simply passing by this life,

The storm is merely passing by,

as it always does anywhere else in the world,

we are not exempt from struggles,

We all go through it,

Why is this happening to me?

This storm is no respector of persons,

It’ll get better after it worsens,

there’s no coercin’, whether you’re making the right or wrong decisions,

Every answer we choose must be captured with precision,

Quickly observe and measure before making an incision,

For as long as we walk righteously,

We need not to fret over who’s plotting shiestily,

As they vainly spend their time idley.

Bad things happen to good people NOT because they’re not good enough, but because this world is a battlefield we are placed in, and we must be ready for anything that may come our way. We are here to get stronger everytime we almost lose our minds. This life can make you and/or break you.

You cannot run away from it.

We must face it.

Confront it with fortitude.

Behind every tribulation there is a lesson to be learned. The best way to ride through the storm is by stockpiling on vast amounts of WISDOM that will save you.

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3 Reasons Why I Do Not Disclose My Goals


Oh no!! Don’t let them know how ambitious you are, it might scare them,  just because they don’t have the kind of goals you have. Most people love mediocrity because it makes them feel comfortable, but when they see someone who aspires to do more they are intimidated by that. So, when you tell them your goals they will give you plenty of reasons why you can’t do it, how it’s too hard or impossible. They’ll tell you, “I’m just a realist. You need to set realistic goals.” What does that even mean? Realistic goals to them is basically mediocre goals.


Because they fear that one day you may actually accomplish these goals, and their hearts would burn with jealousy and hatred. They aren’t willing to put in the work to be great, but they hate on the person who is. So if you tell one untrustworthy person your goals they will spread it around town in order to round up a crowd to mock you because they don’t believe in you. Most people don’t believe in you. But that’s OK. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible. No need to hear the negativity when you’ve got alot of work to do, and the last thing you need is doubtful affirmations.


You may be lead to a different path along the way which is much more prosperous. You don’t wanna just say what you want to do without anything to show for it. It’s best to mention it when it has been done. Because plans may change along the way, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, you may find something better to expand on, as long as you accomplish it!

“You Need to be a Realist…”

I really despise when people try to undermine the abilities of others. Do not allow people to get into your head, in attempts to convince you that your goals are impossible.

I hear this all too often by people who lack drive to become GREAT. I’ve heard this from people who spoke condescendingly, trying to discourage others from being an over-achiever. We will not apologize for wanting to be better than mediocre. Do not allow others to shame you for having high goals. This is why it’s best to keep your goals to yourself.

It’s not their mission. Therefore, what they say is irrelevant. Their disbelief means it isn’t their mission.

It is YOUR MISSION. Because the goal originated from your heart. All you have to do is work towards that goal. And it takes alot of heart to do it. I wouldn’t expect soulless people to comprehend what it means to have heart.

I’d suggest to keep your ambitious goals to yourself. Write it down in a notebook. Think on it. Visualize it. And work hard on manifesting it into reality. Make it your mission, and accomplish it.

Camping as a Spiritual Retreat

It’s more than just a trip. The outdoors has plenty to offer:

beyond the scenic natural landscapes and well-nourished soil molded by a force more powerful than simply erosion,

the crashing cascade of water falling from atop a plateau, streaming down into the fresh water river,

willow trees extending its arms showing you can never overextend your welcome here,

then there’s the timid deer that trot about, wildlife is shy but nice when not provoked (our temperament isn’t so different. Don’t mess with me and I won’t mess with you),

then there’s the serenity of the grasshopper’s nocturnal symphony lulling you to deep sleep.

No need for curtains to shut off all that brightness from the street lights outside because we are underneath the tent now, it’s pitch black, with the moonlight providing comfort to us whom may still be afraid of the dark LOL.

There’s always that campfire you can have. The crackling sound of it is soothing, it mimics the percussion to go with the grasshopper’s orchestra. It all fits neatly into the perfect sleep sound so you can be sound asleep.

Photo courtesy of WordPress library.

Camping provides you with the best sleep ever! You wake up the next day feeling refreshed, looking forward to the next day, wondering what adventure will we embark on. Most importantly, camping as a spiritual retreat is good for the soul. What do I mean by this?

For starters, camping puts us in an environment where we become more in tune with our senses, heightening our physical senses, eliminating all distractions, leaving you with your own mind, to not only be at peace, but to think deeply, to self-reflect, to connect with the infinite source of wisdom which is within us given by The Most High. We are spending time away from distractions of the world, away from the noise of the so-called matrix, that which extracts our energy into tasks that are merely meaningless, we lose our senses, our sense of self, and neglect knowledge of self to the point we not only forget who we are, but we stop seeking life-saving wisdom. Too busy creating a fake world, when the real world is already here, ready for our embrace, and camping is the closest thing to reconnecting with our roots in nature.

There’s a healing power behind nature sounds, here’s a blog regarding –> “the healing frequencies of sound.” Please do check it out if you haven’t already!

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Chaos and Order. #prose and #poetry

In the deep cosmic beginning, Order came from chaos, And chaos longs to unite with order…

Chaos and Order. #prose and #poetry

This poem by judeitakali, is written with such distinctive flow to it, the way chaos and order interact with one another, dancing alongside each other to bring in perfect balance. There’s also a hint of philosophy in it that allows us to understand the intricacies of this life we live, the pitfalls make us appreciate the triumph, rain makes us yearn for sunlight, and our gloomy days makes our next days that much brighter. What would life be if it is always perfect and orderly? How would we ever know how to deal with adversity without challenges and tribulations? Chaos is as essential as order. The poem I have reblogged describes this phenomenon. Give it a read!

R E S O N A N C E (Poem)

The power of the vibrations we emanate, tends to escape, resonating with those we relate the most…

Great minds think alike,

having affinity for the blossoming of creativity,

the minute we make our acquaintance, skip the basic Q&A,

the conversation digs deeper than whether we have snow, sleet, or rain,

none of that draining small talk, we flock to those who naturally bring the sun shine when it’s not outside,

verbal exchanges like trading stocks, beyond business times, we capitalize on our profits,

we realize real life concepts that’ll blow your mind,

and it only exists when we speak, to each other,

a blissful friendship doesn’t have to be ignorant,

philosophical human interactions is a blessing,

we digest many nuggets of knowledge,

challenging our wits in order to enhance our gifts.

Or for some lost in distraught, who haven’t been taught about how our vibes can get us caught up with the wrong crowd, the obnoxious who gloat about glitter that isn’t gold, we can be…

Unaware of our own toxicity,

we attract shitty company, or be invited to the party of pity,

dimwitted characters who don’t aspire to stimulate thought to inspire,

all they are is good liars, counterfeit admirers,

who only care to fit in a monolithic box, no ambition,

spending monotonous hours wallowing in negativity,

With the Misery Company crowding,

counting capped dollars, of the last week’s salary, still shopping irresponsibly,

you barely make money but instead of investing it correctly, you choose to floss it to show off,

waltzing like your ballin’,

but you’re one check away from poverty,

what a travesty,

to have an inadequate wallet and still not uphold modesty.

The mentality and pockets are poor.

Humility is a beautiful trait.

Wisdom yields fruit to be great.

As the cliché goes, “You are what you attract“. So make sure you exude the vibration you want to emanate, so you can be included in the table of prosperous friendships.

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The Power of ViSUALiZAtiON

Photo from Llewellyn site, check out the article “A general color healing meditation.”

I think it’s been cemented in your mind that everything begins with our thought patterns. The brain is a muscle we must not forget to exercise, for without the brain we don’t have any ability.

There is not only power in the words you meditate on.

There is also great power in VISUALIZING.

To see it, before it even exists, and only you can make it happen. You don’t even have the blueprint laid out yet, nothing has been printed out, the papers are waiting on you to sketch your visualization. The papers don’t draw themselves. Before anything can be drawn, first it must be visualized.

Creativity can freely form in your dome, prone to innovative ideas, seeing the sculpture molding before your eyes can witness it, your mind is showing you something different, a creation that hasn’t been done yet. You watch. You observe. Visualizing how the art will unfold, or how the story is told, you then manifest that onto the physical plane. With the stroke of a paintbrush or pen, perhaps typing sporadically, trying to get every detail on a solid copy, can’t wait to edit or review, the masterpiece you’ve just made.

And then we’re grateful for our talents.

Think about how amazing the mind truly is. That we can visualize things that don’t exist yet. Until we make them exist. We have the power to bring beauty into existence. I appreciate the artists and writers, who bring life onto paper, screens, or canvases, for us to admire and relate, to get a glimpse of the visualization that once lingered in their minds.

We Are All Broken

Cracks make us HumanExposing all our ColorsBeauty Beholden! We are all broken.Each one of us has chips and cracks,like the dishes we eat off of and cups from which we drink.The Japanese call it kintsughi and consider this to be the gift of pottery.We tend to disrespect our broken parts and throw them to the […]

We Are All Broken

The ARt of AdAPtAbiLitY

The world keeps changing,

Constellations rearrange,

Creating new ages since the dawn of time,

What makes today so different?

Life can be enjoyed, but you will not always be comfortable,

Comfortability can become a disability, delibatating you from growth, the world appears scary and intimidating,

You will not always have your way, What makes you so special? That the world has to stop its evolution to suit you,

Life can be easier, once we realize that it does not revolve around you,

Therefore, you cannot take things so personal,

You stress less when you realize the vanity of life,

Do not be those people who lose sleep, over the least important things.

Because life is always shifting and changing,

We must delve into the art of adaptability, where…

Challenges no longer hurt us, they fortify and sharpen us, to become tougher than the challenge itself.

So just roll with it. Accept the invitation. The greater the difficulty the more you should be flattered because that means you are prepared to overtake it, you just don’t know it yet.

Just because you are unaware of your capabilities doesn’t mean they don’t exist. So don’t allow doubt to seep into your mind.

At this point the battle is with the mind.

The art of adaptability is not predicated upon planning, life is very unpredictable, and plans may not work.

Depending on plans means you still think the world revolves around you.

You may think your plans are amazing, but sometimes your plans aren’t the best, and there is more in store for you that you do not know about. But you cannot see it because you are stringent upon fulfilling YOUR plans.

This is why humility is vital. To allow room for prosperous opportunities to find you. You must accept the fact that you do not know everything.

There is no point in being distraught about ruined plans. Sometimes there’s no room for it… perhaps there is more to explore, or it may come time to endure a tribulation.

Life is laced with tribulations, so prepare for them. Get your mind right. All you got to do is endure that tumultuous storm, soon the dark clouds will subside, the silver lining makes the victory apparent, and the glimmer of hope emanates as the sun is released from atmospheric imprisonment.

In that day, you will feel a strong sense of gratitude and appreciation, as well as new found fortitude you never thought you had before. As a result, you are granted with specific wisdom as your trophy.

The more challenges and tribulations, the more strength and wisdom will be awarded to you. And life will no longer be so hard for you’ll have a sharper perception. Things that used to intimidate you no longer do.

So accept the invitation. And the higher the difficulty the more honored you must be, it means you are built for it, you just don’t know it yet! In the end, you’ll be glad you didn’t quit.

Nothing and no one can stop you.

Because when tribulations come knocking, you go against the grain,

And when you triumph, you realize your drive cannot be stopped.

You are able to adapt to any given situation.

This is what you have to look forward to when practicing the art of adaptability.

5 Ways Social Media Destroyed Our Minds

Social media has hindered people’s verbal communication and made some intellectually lazy. It’s also become somewhat addicting, creating a vicious cycle of depression, unproductivity, and negative self-image and sense of worthlessness. It has been stated that most people who are addicted to social media tend to be narcissists, or are depressed, and/or insecure.

***Here’s a disclaimer: The internet is a very helpful tool, and it’s become a platform for many creative talents to gain exposure. Artists of all types (musicians, visual artists, writers, poets, lyricist, indie film directors, actors/actresses, fellow bloggers, etc) have used social media of some form to market their talents to the world. This is an example of using the internet auspiciously in a productive and positive manner. So I’m not against all social media, it is a great marketing tool, and allows likeminded people to connect virtually and instantly. Not to mention is has helped the self-employed and small businesses grow and gain notoriety, creating more opportunities for one to prosper.

Now, let’s get into the topic!

How Social Media has Destroyed Minds


I vaguely remember the times before smartphones came out. Yeah, there were still social media sites, but they weren’t as popular or intrusive like they are today. Ever since the inception of the smartphones, social media has dominated the minds and monopolized the time of most people. You may be able to get your mind back, but time is something you can’t get back. Yet it is wasted daily, scrolling through endless pictures, memes, posts, and people compare themselves and their life to others, not realizing that most are facades. Though I do appreciate a comedic meme, comparing yourself to others can get toxic.

While you’re over here wondering why you don’t have what they have, they probably don’t have it either! And even if they do, that doesn’t mean you can’t have achievements.

Instead of being concerned about what you don’t have Focus on how to reach your goals. But you’d never know what they are by looking at another person’s accomplishments.

And we know how addicting social media can be for many. Spending hours and hours, feeling sorry for yourself or jealous, perhaps even hateful towards others. If you were to use that same time and energy on yourself, you’ll have your own story to tell, without the need to see if your life measures up to another person’s. If you ever feel worthless check out this blog right here. Your life is your life. It is not going to be identical to everyone else’s. Each person is born with their own blueprint. And it is up to us to build it with our own niches and creative spins. It’s more impressive that way: to do it your way. It gives you a better sense of pride in your gifts.

In some cases, what you see in a person’s profile may be a facade. The people you try to measure up to, may be trying to measure up to vain standards that only exist in the confines of lost minds, who endlessly try to “keep up” with relevance. But what they uphold isn’t relevant. It’s all vanity. Like King Solomon said that much of this world is vanity.

And speaking of vanity…


These traits have always existed. Nothing is new on the Earth, but social media is a hotbed for vanity and narcissism. You don’t have to showcase any good character or talent, (i mean you could, but there are those who don’t) just appearances, and some have taken that too far, to the point of exposing one’s sacred body in the half-nude or straight-nude for creeps. There’s no love, but it is often mistaken with lust, and that’s just enough to satisfy an insecure person or a narcissist. Then, the attention becomes addicting, as the narcissist revels in the attention galore they receive daily, hypnotizing many, causing others to move solely by animal instincts. It continuously feeds the beast, heavily feeding the narcissists’ egos. Social media becomes their feeding ground for constant rejuvenation of narcissist juice, with no room for self-reflection, reality checks, constructive criticism, and differing opinions. They would perceive any of those things as an attack, and they’ll send their cyberminions after you to make you think you’re wrong even when you’re right. If you want to read more about the depth of emptiness that lies within the narcissists’ cold lifeless eyes, read this.


It is quite unfortunate indeed, that many of us are forgetting how to socialize the way we’ve been doing so since the dawn of time. I recall back in the early 00s, when the internet was a bit primitive and we had those cool flip phones, we had more in-person contact, block parties, barbecues, meeting up at places to gather at, laugh, and talk. And actually talking on the phone with friends was exciting, we told many stories, then calling became a thing to avoid. Most people prefer texting now. They say it’s because we’re just too busy, but what was different then when we once made time to gather for joy?

Just about everywhere I go… whether it’s a radiant sunlit day at the beach or park, I see people with their eyes glued to the phone, absolutely oblivious to the beauty of nature that is standing right before them. You can’t be on that phone forever! Pretty soon you’re gonna want to go for a swim at the shore. What’s crazy to me is when I see a group of Gen Zs hanging out without speaking to each other, they’re literally texting one another while being in each other’s presence. Wow! That makes no sense to me. [Now, before you “ok boomer” me, I’m actually far from being a boomer. I’m a young millennial, in the cusp of old Gen Z, born in 1995.]

A pet peeve of mine is when someone starts a conversation with you, then they browse through their phone as you’re talking to them, only capturing bits and pieces of what you’ve said. You know they can’t listen fully. It is so rude and annoying. We can acknowledge how it has chopped off listening skills. If you can’t listen well, then all communications have failed. You cannot communicate effectively without listening completely. How else could you provide a legitimate response to the person you’re conversing with? Instead, you get half-a$$ responses that don’t even correspond, so it’s really not worth talking to most people.


It’s become noticeable how low people’s attention spans have gotten. I think part of it has to do with how diluted the languages have become in attempts to take things easier. Texting abbreviations have made us lazy with the spelling and linguistics. This could go on for so long that we’d probably forget what the letters stood for; the abbreviations would become a word in of it itself.

Also, not much thought goes into text conversations. You can easily escape from difficult questions if you’re texting. That’s why texting is the worst way to confront someone. It’s definitely not the way to address an important issue. But people do so anyway.

The preoccupation your mind has to social media can take a hold of you, to the point we’re no longer in tune with reality. And that can make us have lower attention spans as well. We become so inculcated in the easy read memes that may just be bias propaganda, the endless entertainment videos keeps us distracted from deep thoughts, diminishing our capacity for information absorption, and they’re damn sure not meditating because most can’t sit still for a minute without being on the apps.

Oh. And who needs to read books when you’ve got Sparknotes! Sparknotes is intended to be study notes to refresh your mind with the main events of a piece of literature. But many just skip reading and just memorize the notes they didn’t even write. No independent thought required. Thinking is just too much work!


That constant ping! you hear every time you get a notification sends an adrenaline rush to pick up your phone and see what’s going on. You just can’t stop getting on there until all notifications have cleared! But then there’s more and more! It never stops because it’s not designed to stop. I read a facsinating article about how social media was designed similar to casino rewards with psychological conditioning to keep people hooked on it, you can check out this informative article here. I’ve also written another blog regarding addictions: how temptations become addictions.

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