When the going GETS TOUGH

“I’ve got a lot of problems I have to deal with…”

Digging up precious jewels isn’t ever going to be easy. It wouldn’t be so rewarding if things came to us to easily. You want to unlock your full potential, and that only happens when the going gets TOUGH.

The healing comes when you don’t focus so much on the feeling, unpeel the emotions and you’ll see the commotion, senses can be deceiving,

A sudden clever idea is as satisfying as retrieving deleted memes,

After all that mining, you’ve finally struck a diamond, (it would’ve never happened if you didn’t endure the ROUGH) you grow to have a new found admiration for prior dire situations,

When you may have contemplated dying, lying down lifeless due to stress, suicide only exacerbates suffering, your soul recycles, putting you back into the cycle, back with the psychos,

You’ll never know whom you’ve inspired through all your trials, give them a result that’ll make them smile,

Progress exists at every mile you trek ahead, no point in ending it, you may reincarnate and restart the process again.

Just like in an ultra-marathon, very challenging to the human spirit, but we want to run ’til we get to the finish line. No sense in quitting, you’d have to start over next time.

“I don’t stop when I’m tired, I stop when I’m done.” – David Goggins

Nevermind the blood clots, sweaty wet drenched socks, rocks blocking our path, stumbling on rough rubble.

Nevermind the leg stiffness, shin splints, nerve pain kissing your latissimus muscles, running fumbling, but you’re still living.

We’re on a mission to win this, and many are present to witness your gifts, talent and resilience.


The main thing keeping me encaged,

A self inflicted venom, provoked by them, who keep the poison hidden, But we are to get rid of it, when we’re hit,

By the unseen needles they need us to be idle to drive our minds off a cliff, dwindling any wit that still remains,

Scooping up any sense of autonomy, monopolizing what is rightfully mine, robbing me blind.

I react against any attack, Meditative prayers send them packing,

They lose, for they’re the ones who signed a pact, to unleash discord among the world,

And what we have is the Word, the righteous vibration that obliterates any trace of wicked existence, it’s already been written,

When you’ve witnessed prophecies unfold, behold your very eyes, it becomes easy to see,

Sometimes it feels like I’m the last one of my tribe, I take no bribes, no matter how high, the price will never suffice eternal life,

Our home goes beyond this earthly dome, no matter how much knowledge you acquire, wisdom is still required,

Even then we’re still limited until our lives become infinite.

Lofi And the Serenity it Brings to The MiNd

I’ve always been quite the music junkie, exploring various hidden gems. Jazz and Hip-hop being the perfect combination for some soothing beats that cradles the mind into relax mode.

I’ve been listening to Lofi since around the 2010s, as it regained popularity. The genre has been around since the 90s, as the musical art of sampling sounds into a beautifully crafted mix.

My love for this genre as well as writing came accompanied together. I’d listen to various instrumentals and when I discovered lofi I was quickly hooked, inspired me to finish writing books. (I have yet to do so! Lol).

You do need some tunes to get you through the vast hours spent on writing.

I love writing don’t get me wrong, but music enhances the concentration to stay on top of it! It’s quite enjoyable.

If I’m having a crappy day lofi, has a way of erasing any nonsense the day has tried to fill my head with. It’s difficult to stay mad.

I recommend sufficient doses of musical treasures as a mental remedy, side effects may include new found inspiration, increased focus, loss of irritation, no sense of agitation, stress fleeting, as changing beats keep repeating, beating the mindset of defeat, expect enjoyment from self-employment in your own oasis, your abode, chill mode, no longer anxiety prone. Please do try it at home!

Feed your mind with pleasant vibrations to unlock the power of it!

Never Tell Yourself that You’re not ‘good enough’

YOU have total control of your own VALUE. DO NOT sell yourself short.

YOU are in control of your vessel when you are AWAKE that is… first you have to be aware that you’re not sleep-walking throughout life. Many perils await when opportunists can sniff vulnerable ‘bystand’ers who’d ‘stand by’ their disguised enemies not knowing they’re about to get ambushed.

DO NOT give your good heart to such people who would use and abuse you. YOU are much better than that. And even if you’ve been used and abused before, DO NOT let them corrupt YOU. Do NOT become whom you despise, or you’ll end up hating yourself.

DO NOT put yourself in a position where your vessel can get hacked by a wolf, seeking to devour the last droplets of innocence that may still remain, resulting in your efforts becoming in vain.

When such tragedies do occur, learn to forgive yourself. Dwelling in the pain that causes mental swelling won’t take back what happened. Your remorse brings you into a different course, a more prosperous one, and you may feel you don’t deserve it after all the mistakes you’ve made. This is where the battle of the mind kicks in. You feel you’re not good enough to accept that new path ahead even though IT’S RIGHT THERE!

The path is there for you to walk to. But your mind cannot fathom it. The one thing holding you back is the belief YOU SET FOR YOURSELF that ‘you are not good enough.’ But who told you that? WHO made you believe you’re so unworthy? The same people who made you feel unworthy are the same people who most likely are narcissists who live with no remorse or empathy, they’ve become hollow vessels, and they’re seeking to recruit more miserable people.

DO NOT sign up for that club. The fact that there is a path for you is enough hope for you to FORGIVE yourself and WALK with fortitude. Tune out the nay-sayers, they don’t care. They’re mad they cannot access the path that YOU can. Why can’t they access it? Because they’ve chosen to relish in bitterness, anger, and absolute misery. They’ve volunteered to become an architect of their own hell, and they wanna hire you for another position at the Misery Company.

Decline that offer, otherwise that offer will make you decline.

DO NOT follow behind the footsteps of the misery company, don’t let their dark clouds hover over you, but the longer you spend being close to them, the more those dark clouds will lean over and overtake you, to the point there’s no overcoming.

Please know YOUR value is precious. If you can still see the path then it is not too late. For most of us, we struggle to realize we can make it through, and despite our flaws, our past, we can get passed it by finally backpacking down that path.

Where does the path lead to?

Away from self-destruction, and into a new, cleaner place of peace, pristine with tall trees that remind you of prosperous longevity. Tree branches resemble the inside of your lungs, the broncioles, which do supply the body with oxygen, needed for you to breathe.

The fact that you’re still living is a gift that should remind you of the possibility of YOUR longevity.

But it is now up to YOU to accept the path to reach that goal. Now, YOU must FORGIVE yourself, and move on. This trail isn’t going to walk itself. 😊

Really, the Only thing holding YOU back is…


Your mind is the powerhouse of all thoughts… THOUGHTS that can be manifested into reality. You’ll either have productive or self-destructive thoughts.

Which one would YOU prefer to have? The answer is quite simple, but is it easy to maintain a level head?

For most of us, if not all, it can be a daily challenge until we focus on investing in our MINDS, if you don’t MIND.

You set out to do something crazy! Say, maybe participate in a 100 miler trail run, and you’ve never done it before. You train physically, but your mind is the real CHALLENGE. Your mind constantly reMINDS you of what you can’t do! It does this when you least need a talk of self-defeat, so you turn around and combat it with incredible AFFIRMATIONS that you will make come true through your actions! So when you look back at those actions… there is your proof that it can be DONE!

YOU CANNOT SAY that it can’t be done. The more you accomplish the farther you can go.

Same concept can be applied to everyday life when our MINDS have been programmed with self-defeat from the past. The best way to let go of the past is by DISMANTLING those self-defeating thoughts. Bit by bit, and piece by piece. Like mining for precious stones, we’re digging through dark and murky tunnels, it may be uncomfortable doing so, but the reward is much greater. Always remember why you are here. Don’t stop until you’ve accomplished what you’ve set out to do! You never know how close you are to strucking that gold or that diamond.

Words are powerful. You can either build or destroy yourself or others with them. Which one will you choose? You’ll either bask in the ambiance of true fulfillment, or you’ll self-destruct with only yourself to blame.

The answer is simple. The challenge to maintain it remains, only to solidify your drive, which must be continuous. The wheel must keep going! Only you can power that wheel to life, so keep on LIVING!!

The Forgotton Vibration of Words

We TALK, TALK, and Talk so much throughout the day, we tend to overlook the power behind the talking that we do. Every word we use carries a vibration. And whatever vibration you choose to use will determine the outcome.

There are plenty of things we cannot control in this world. But the one thing we can control is Our TALK, the vibration we carry with us in our walk.

We TALK so much we dilute the power behind the words we use. It becomes meaningless when we bring into existence the idea of self-defeat and doubt.

Is doubt what you want to be about? I sure hope not!

Do not speak doubt into existence.

We tend to overlook the power we carry by simply speaking. The best speeches come from self-reflection. Inspect your life and see what it is that needs to be improved, and prove to yourself that it can be DONE.

Vibration can either breed creation or destruction.

You choose.

Why I expect the WORST case scenarios…

There’s just something about the soothing sounds of music, it serves as a therapeutic remedy for the mind to get ready, for anything that may come… even if you don’t have your headphones, your mind can produce tunes.

Life has a way of throwing curveballs at you.  You better make sure you’re looking. As the saying goes, it doesn’t cost money to pay attention! Not only should you be looking, but also be steps ahead of the game. Have ten steps set in your mental arsenal.

My strategy has always been to expect the worse possible scenario. Sounds morbid huh? Maybe pessimistic. Well, it’s kept me from getting my hopes up too soon.

I would await the impending death of joy I may have when bad news comes to visit. Pessimistic? Maybe for some. I’d say it sucks to be flying high expecting to meet with the clouds of Hope, until torpedoes come to destroy your plane’s wings. MAYDAY! MAYDAY! When you already have laid out a plan on how to deal with surprise ATTACKS like this, you’ll know what to do.

Life is about adaptation, and we have to know how to maneuver through it. I’m not saying you can’t make it. What I’m saying is be prepared to fail some times, but keep going until you pass. You will pass. But failure will come knocking many times before Success can reach your door!

Just like going on dates or making friends throughout your life. You may meet some strange characters along the way, (the fails), don’t let the past rewrite your future, and don’t allow people of the past to hinder you from meeting great people (the success). Look ahead, not back otherwise your life will be backwards.

Essentially, you wanna have a balance of enJOYing moments of JOY, and also being able to ADAPT to changing surroundings that may not work in your favor. So it’s not so much I’m cynical or a pessimist, I just simply prepare my mind for the worst, so that I can survive it, overcome it, and return back to normal. All it is is mental preparation.

Life isn’t always going to make you happy all day, everyday,  all the time. No. Life is a battlefield of the mind and spirit. Happiness comes from how much you’ve overcome and accomplished. And it brings you even greater happiness due to how thankful you are to be where you are at. You no longer take things for granted.

So, yes I expect bad news, I expect the worst scenarios, because if it does happen I’ll know how to deal with it, and if it doesn’t happen well what a RELIEF. Happiness multiplies even more. No matter what life will be life. So hang on tight! Hopefully you’re a good driver. Make sure you wear a seat belt, there may be some turbulence along the way. Either way Keep on Living! And DO NOT UNDERMINE the POWER OF THE MIND.