The Healing Art of Prose Writing

Many people have their own interpretation about what prose writing is. It goes deeper than just a dictionary definition or a literary art form. The art of prose writing delves much deeper than the surface many have kept it on. It is cathartic healing by way of rhythmic, clever-linguistic writing, that opens the disheartened hardened hearts. And it unravels the power of your mind when you read it.

The vibrations you create with your words gives you a purpose.

Whether it be verbal, spoken boldly for the world to endorse the words from the voice unheard,

providing a breath of fresh air, because wise words have become rare,

a rarity, fine delicacy meant to be carved carefully, for those listening attentively,

or it can be left written for future generations,

it will find itself onto the right hands, the ones meant to receive the message.

Writing allows your words to live on even after you pass away. You can speak despite your voice being unheard. The same writing that ignited your zeal for life can be the same writing that inspires others, to find their purpose just like you did. It becomes a healthy generational cycle that can extent for millenia. An absolutely amazing legacy.

And if it can help me, I know it can help others. I do this not only for myself, but I do this for you. For all you empaths embarking on your lifelong path, filled with tribulations that require mental fortitude.

The path given to you was tailor-made for you to sharpen yourself, and it is known in the realms beyond that you have what it takes to surpass this. The way you view challenges determines how far you will go. Welcome them and remain solid and determined. In the end, you will realize how powerful you can truly be. The secret to this is to focus on mental and spiritual strengthening.

The body (temple) is guided by the mind (foundation of the temple); the Holy Spirit lives within our temple, and the Soul is the spiritual mind (foundation of our overall existence). We are nothing without Our Soul. The Soul is Divine Life, the breath of life.

It is unfortunate that some people choose to become empty vessels, or they accept spiritual viruses that overtake and desecrate their sacred temple. You can always be cleansed, but there’s only a finite amount of time in this physical realm. At that point, you don’t have much time left, so you want to at least make it to the finish line. (And I’m not talking about the rat race).

We’ve all heard the cliché “we were all put on this Earth for a reason.” Everyone’s purpose is unique. There are plenty of reasons why we are here. I don’t know them all, but one thing is for sure… WE WERE NOT PUT ON HERE TO NOT EVEN PUT IN THE EFFORT TO TRY. Your effort will always be counted even if it may not seem like it.

“I’ll be dammed if I don’t even at least try. You will never know how far you can go if you don’t even try to run. You’ll never know you were born to run long distances if you don’t even try.”


You have no mission (purpose) when you abort it. Do not abort the life your purpose can give you. There’s no point in living if you give up. Life isn’t worth living if you don’t even try. I’d rather try and fail, than to never try and be a failure with regrets… thinking about “what if?”

It surprises me how much the power of the mind is overlooked, when it is the foundation for all bodily processes. If it weren’t for your brain, you’re heart would have no reason to pump blood, no purpose for oxygen to ascend when the brain is dead. If it weren’t for your brain, there wouldn’t be motor skills, the body would not know what to do with itself. The mind dictates the body. The same way your mind controls your movements, you can control your destiny by thinking the right thoughts, and acting upon it. Ultimately, you are using your body to do the work that is needed to create the life you want. You don’t have to be perfect, but you have to put in the effort to achieve greatness.

Therefore, you can speak life into your life. It begins as thoughts, than you release the words onto paper, as a symbol for freedom.

May these healing words be set free from the confines of my mind,

in order to inspire inquisitive minds,

Hesitant to express the words that have been locked behind the bars of the subconscious mind, never realizing they’ve got poetic bars.

Throughout this writing journey you grow resilient as you ascertain the ability to make sense out of your own life, which is basically wisdom. And we all know wisdom is the ultimate medicine for the prevention of future problems and properly guide future generations.

Your writing is like fine wine, it only ages better with time.

© 2021 Yasira Damas

Collective Unconscience or Reincarnation?

Could we have inherited the thoughts and ideologies from our ancestors? Or are we recalling the information from our past lives?

I’d say both concepts are very interesting, and definitely worth pondering about.

Let’s begin by defining the terms.


This is more of a psychological term which was coined by Carl Jung. It is believed that we have a collection of information and images that we’ve genetically inherited from our parents, grandparents, and so on all the way down to our eldest ancestors. It goes as far as explaining our phobias. We could access these things in our dreams. Some people have had dreams about living in the era of their grandparents or ancient ancestors.

There may be some things you have in common with your relatives even if you have not grown up with them. There’s a phrase a wise man once told me, “la sangre llama” (Spanish for the blood calls) it was in reference to how blood-related relatives can have common interests even if they haven’t spent their childhood together. Could it be the collective unconscious of the ancestors that brings them together? Or maybe they just happen to have some things in common? I’d say the Spanish phrase mentioned sums up the meaning of the collective unconscious. In this context, blood symbolizes lineage, and the personification of it calling denotes the connection we have with our ancestors.

Prior Generations. Genetic Inheritance. Genes connects us. Since Genesis.

They say those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat the same mistakes. Could the collective unconscious help us learn from the mistakes of our ancestors so that we are not doomed to repeat them? If we are aware of this, and use this knowledge wisely we can transform our lives for the better. We can break generational curses. It all starts with knowing who you are, where you came from, your history, and your willingness to break the toxic cycle; and create a new generation that promotes longevity, truth, and righteousness.

To read more about Carl Jung and the Collective Unconscious click here.


Reincarnation has been known for millenia. It is an ancient spiritual concept that has peeked the interests of many, and still does to this day. Here I am writing about it! Reincarnation is the constant rebirth of a soul. It is believed that we constantly return to this physical realm in order to learn more. Souls keep coming back here until they graduate and ascend into a higher life form, and those with bad karma return as lower life forms. Different religions have their own perspectives to it regarding what happens when we reach to that level (afterlife).

In my perspective, I think that we constantly return back as humans in order to gain wisdom, seek the Truth, get stronger, and be more humble. There’s been debate on whether or not the Bible supports reincarnation. I’d say this is just one of those subjects I’m still learning about, but one thing is for sure and that is that the soul is eternal and that we are more than just these physical vessels we are in. Since the soul is eternal then that means we can achieve eternal life.

Therefore, there is more to this life than what we can see. There are powerful forces and as the Bible calls “principalities in high places” that influence much of the physical realm. Wisdom gives us the eyes to see, so we can move accordingly.

The reason why I believe in reincarnation is because there is no way all this knowledge just came from me. I’ve always been an old soul. And I’ve felt like I’ve downloaded information from a past life, and I’m just starting where I left off. That’s how it feels. Years ago, I had a dream where this old man told me that I’ve lived 201 lifetimes. I can’t confirm this for sure, but it is quite interesting.

How do they relate?

Both deal with the encyclopedia of information that is stored inside of us. It is only a matter of time before the vault is ready to be opened, and we can receive it. Or you receive bits and pieces of information as you grow up. Certain events in your life may trigger this innate knowledge you have.

Both concepts tells us that the information we know isn’t just our knowledge, but rather it originates from other sources beyond us. The collective unconscious says we get it genetically from our ancestors, and reincarnation says we get it spiritually from our past lives.

How do they differ?

From my perspective, the collective unconscious deals more with the Earthly realm. It is more centered around the physical plane of existence. It is a secular term found in psychology books. It’s a secular term that is trying to articulate a concept that goes beyond what we can observe. It may only touch the surface of something that is unseen by the naked eye.

We could’ve inherited information from our ancestors, but what about the information we may have attained that took place, not only in a different era, but also in a different culture or civilization that isn’t related to our ancestry. Hmm.

Which brings me to reincarnation…

Reincarnation covers something that the collective unconscious does not: and that is… How is it that we can be familiar with certain places, times, or ancient cultures that aren’t a part of our lineage?

Could it be that the human experience is more of a spiritual connection rather than ethnic tribalism? We aren’t just connected to the thoughts of our ancestors, but also to those across the world whom we aren’t related to yet we seek the same thing: wisdom. Maybe what we have in common is our thirst to learn more of what we were learning in our previous lives. Our yearning for it comes from the fact that we are subconsciously returning back to where we left off at. Kind of like a bookmark. And we keep reincarnating back into this world until we have finished the entire book. This is one huge book. It’s gotta be more than just one book. It’s probably a library because the Truth is infinite. I often wonder could we ever learn it all? Not in this lifetime, nor in multiple lifetimes.

Imagine if your entire lifetime is nothing but one page of the proverbial book. And you’ve got hundreds of pages to go just to finish the book.

That may be too much… how about your entire lifetime is like one book, but you’ve got the entire library to read. Each book represents one lifetime. The length of that book depends on how much wisdom you’ve gathered, and if you’ve accomplished your missions. Your purpose goes beyond what you may think life is about.

Accomplishing your missions doesn’t mean getting a high paying career or getting a luxurious house. These missions aren’t predicated upon material gain but rather it is the accumulation of wisdom, insight, and helping others get closer to what matters most. Wisdom is soul-saving and can grant you some type of immunity from the stress this world may bring. Wisdom is so vital yet it is overlooked. People think money is going to solve all their problems. But in actuality it is wisdom that gives you problem solving skills, and a strategic mindset so you can foresee the outcomes and move accordingly in order to succeed. Wisdom brings you closer to peace because you’ll know how to move in this world. You’ll know about the pitfalls before they appear in your way. So, when they do, you’ll know what to do.

Could it simply be both?

Maybe both the collective unconscious and reincarnation is true? We inherit the information and phobias from our ancestors, and we’ve inherited knowledge from our past lives. We also inherited spiritual curses from our ancestors due to their iniquities (bad karma). The generation who breaks the curse tends to struggle the most, but their children recieve the blessings. Then, there’s that one who rebels and restarts the cycle back over again. Destroy. Built. Destroy.

Which makes me wonder what’s the point? And it makes me realize how pointless life can be. It is all vanity. Even the wisest king said it himself, King Solomon, “all is vanity.” Everything in this world is vanity.

Ecclesiastes 2:17-18 KJV: [17] Therefore I hated life; because the work that is wrought under the sun is grievous unto me: for all is vanity and vexation of spirit.
[18] Yea, I hated all my labour which I had taken under the sun: because I should leave it unto the man that shall be after me.

So, you do all this work only for the next generation to inherit it, and they may take good care of it. But then the generation after that, someone’s gonna be bound to ruin it. And all that work would mean nothing. That’s why materialism and wealth is vain. It can be easily taken away, or someone who inherits it will sell it off or mess it up. Then, their children suffers, which may push someone among them to rise up, then the cycle continues. Destroy. Build. DESTROY. BUILD.

This pattern appears parallel to our overall existence. Souls are constantly returning or leaving; and ascending or perishing. There’s just so much going on that we cannot see. So much we have yet to learn more about.

But I’ll tell you one thing that can be inherited and that is wisdom. Wisdom cannot be lost nor forgotten. It enriches you, and remains alive forever. An infinite treasure trove for those who seek it.

Thank you for reading!

The Benefits of Writing Poetry

Writing poetry saved my life because it gave me a purpose. A life without a purpose isn’t even worth living.

The very same words you needed to get off your chest could become a lyrical art form that transforms the way you feel, think, learn, and grow.

It provides cathartic release for mental clarity and spiritual healing. Your communication becomes clearer and people will gravitate toward your words. You gain wisdom by making sense out of your life. Writing poetry and prose forces you to reflect on the reality of your life, and can make you a better individual.


The way you felt when you started writing isn’t the same when you finish. Usually, you’re inspired by something that happened, conflicting thoughts, memories, etc. You may feel sad, upset, or zealous in the beginning. When you finish you feel more serene and at peace.

Cathartic release is one of the biggest reasons why I enjoy writing poetry. It is very therapeutic. There’s a sense of heavy weights being lifted off your shoulders when you release all of that tension. The first draft doesn’t have to be perfect. But you’ll notice that the more often you write, you’ll develop the art of rhythm in your words. Soon enough, it becomes sort of like a prose, or perhaps POETRY. That same poetry you wrote that healed you can heal many others.

This can help you acknowledge and deeply understand your pain and use that to fuel your passion. Making sense out of your life events can help you gain insight. We’ll be discussing that on #3.


Various elements go into forming the perfect flow for a poetic masterpiece: metaphors, punchlines, rhyme schemes, parables, prose, wordplay, imagery, etc. You can add any literary element into what you write that can make your writing sound compelling.

The more you get into the habit of writing poetry, the more you’ll notice these elements, and it will improve your communication. The more you sharpen this art, the better you’ll become in articulating your thoughts and conveying them the best way possible. This writing skill will bleed into your verbal communication skills. When you write you teach your mind to organize thoughts and express them accurately, so when you speak your mind will operate similarly.


You’ll be able to make sense out of your experiences. This alone can help you become a better problem solver. It also increases self-awareness.

When you start writing your first line, you begin with a certain phrase. Then, next thing you know you’ll go on and on, and the poem comes together, knitted beautifully.

The line you started with is the fuel that kept you going into forming the rest of the body. Suddenly, your mind will guide you throughout the process, and you may end up answering your own questions and concerns. By the time you finish, you’ll notice the insight you’ve birthed through this writing. It is an absolutely wonderful thing to experience. To see how your own writing has healed you, and if it has done so for you, it can heal others as well. And that is the beauty of poetry. It connects people to each other, people you may not know, people from across the world can read and resonate with your words. Words carry vibration. And poetry gives you that power to create positivity and cathartic releases. Truth spoken in these words sets us free.


In order for you to even have content to write, you will have to self-reflect. Especially with poetry. The most compelling poems hit home and is revelatory. You are forced to dig deep within yourself and transfer those words from your mind into paper. You will learn a lot about yourself, and you’ll focus on sharpening your skills. You go from self-reflecting to self-improving, and this becomes a healthy cycle of mental growth and healing.

When you write, you create vibes through your words that spread worldwide. You have the power to change your aura, and increase the energy of others.

There are many energy leeches out here in this world that seek to deplete people’s lives, causing many to succumb to toxicity.

Choosing to remain positive, righteous, and elevate to higher consciousness is an honorable way to live. Allow us to spread the light amongst the vast darkness. That is the power of writing poetry. It can uplift and inspire someone to find their voice, and explore a gift they never knew they had, giving them a purpose… as I said before, “a life without a purpose isn’t worth living”, your writing can literally save lives, by helping guide others to find their purpose. Words are healing vibrations.

The Most High used words to bring forth creation. The Psalms of David is poetic and healing for those who may be experiencing hardships in life and spiritual warfare. Not to mention it contains great insight as well. This is why prayer and meditation of wisdom is vital.

The beauty of poetic words and flow. The art of lyricism breeds creation and wisdom.

The power of the mind. Arm your mind with the right vibes.

You have the power to create a peaceful life amongst this chaotic world.

Stop Overthinking! Use Your Energy Wisely

Instead of overthinking… instead of allowing negativity to monopolize your mind, put all that energy into developing laser sharp focus and concentration.

We all have it within us to change the way we think, in order to revolutionize the way we move. We have this power. Recognize the power of the mind. It all starts there.

Shift your thinking into what will bring forth more fruit.

Overthinking is something many of us face. And living in this social media age doesn’t make it any better!

If you find yourself in a state of overthinking, where you are drowned by doubt, recognize that you are putting your precious energy into the wrong things. You have faucets going on and on, overflowing the whole house, flooding your mind with overactivity that leads to nowhere. And if you don’t shut it off soon, you will be drowning in your own negativity. You do not want to become your own worst enemy.

Overflowing melted ice cream. Too much of something can be counterproductive.

Water is essential to life. But drowning in it can kill you. What I mean by this is that we need balance. Deep thinking is like water, it’s essential to solving problems, gaining insight, exploring our creativity, and thinking outside the box. But when we begin to overthink things, we are constantly bombarded by various information (usually useless) which causes us to make assumptions (usually tends to be inaccurate or misunderstood). Then, we dwell on these things, not realizing that some of the things we’re stressing over may not even be real, and it does not even matter.

What people think about you is irrelevant. You are wasting your time and energy focusing on the wrong things. Shut off the faucets that keep feeding into negativity and unproductivity.

It’s good to think. Keep on thinking. Think deeply even! Just make sure you put your thinking into positivity, innovation, creativity, etc.

Now, there may be times we can’t be positive ALL the time… this is normal. Be positive but also do NOT neglect your state of being. So, if you feel down, acknowledge it. Accept the pain you may be feeling. Do not ignore it. Recognize that it’s there, but don’t let it drain you.

As long as you don’t let it stagnate you, you will be fine. Accept the challenges and keep going. Everything won’t be positive all the time, but it is a matter of owning your mind, and it is about how you react to the negativity that may be thrown your way.

You cannot avoid negativity 100%. It’s going to come eventually, and you just have to be mentally prepared to use that energy to propel yourself higher, instead of allowing it to defeat you.

Overthinking can cause you to question your own self-worth and abilities. Stop it! This is the kind of negative thinking you do NOT want to entertain. It’s one thing to acknowledge your pain, but it’s another thing to let it drag you down into that abyss of worthlessness.

Only you can determine your own value, but this is also based on your action. How can other people see you’re valuable if you don’t even believe you’re own value? It all starts with you. And it all starts with your mind. The way you think about yourself and your life determines the outcome you will get.

The toughest competitor you’ll ever face is yourself. Once you’re able to knock your mind back into shape and use that energy to increase mental willpower, you will be unstoppable. You will be victorious. You just have to believe in yourself. Do not seek validation from others. They don’t see the vision you see for yourself. And even if they do they will not tell you because they may be envious of the potential you have. This is why you must keep your goals to yourself, and keep on pushing. All you ever need to succeed is to believe in yourself and in your God-given talents.

Stay strong.

Invest in yourself.

Elevate your mind.

The Dark Cloud from Social Media

When you spend countless hours on social media, it can have some negative affects on you. Thus, creating this dark cloud that hovers above you everywhere you go. You may feel like you’re losing yourself, and your connection to higher vibrations. Our energy can get depleted when we consume too much of something that is impossible to reciprocate.

Before I get into details… here’s a quick disclaimer.

Disclaimer: Social media has become a great way for us to communicate, attain knowledge, and build our businesses/brands. It’s not all bad. I’m not bashing social media. It has its uses, but it is important to note the negative affects it’s had on some, especially the youth (notably Generation Z).

There’s something about having this phenomenal access to communication that can be exciting but also somewhat overwhelming.

Previously, I’ve written a blog about this type of subject titled “5 Ways Social Media Destroyed Our Minds.” I suggest reading that if you haven’t already click here to check it out!


So, what’s up with that dark cloud that tends to hover above many people’s heads today? Why do some of us feel detached, empty, anxious, or depressed?

We live in a world where social media has become the supplier for dopamine surges, for those looking to satisfy the urge, they have to purge out any sense of worthlessness. Constant validation is heavily sought after. There’s this need to be seen, and to be liked, loved, and admired. This can be lethal for those who already have an empty heart and a young impressionable mind that has yet to fully develop. Some people depend on the likes to feel valued, whether they know it or not. They observe the likes, and watch it grow, hoping to get just enough if not MORE.

The problem here is that these types of people are putting all their energy into something that will not give them anything back in return. And that’s where the depression tends to kick in. Because if you’re so invested into this, then that robs you of precious time and energy that could’ve been put toward self-improvement.

You’ll always feel more confident when you dedicate time to self-improvement. Being a social media addict can rob you of that time needed, and it consumes so much of you that you end up feeling drained. And so the dark cloud begins to hover about, following you everywhere you go. Let’s say you’ve been on social media for HOURS, everyday same routine, eventually it will weigh on you. You’ll realize that you’ll never get back that time. Your mind may feel blank and within yourself empty. And you don’t know why. Since social media cannot reciprocate you will feel this way.

What do I mean by “social media can’t reciprocate?”

Social media is a tool meant to be used for certain purposes, but it cannot give you a better life. Social media isn’t going to do the work for you. There’s a lot of work needed to be done in order to attain the life you want. You have to work on yourself, and be focused OFFLINE on your goals. Also, You don’t have to tell the world all your hopes and dreams. (As a matter of fact, read this “Reasons why I Don’t Disclose My Goals“). It’s OK to be low-key. It’s OK to live a private life. Plenty of successful people prefer to be low-key!

If you’re spending more time scrolling through social media than self-improving, then that right there is feeding that dark cloud that keeps you down. Don’t let the negativity get you down. There is a way to shrink that dark cloud into oblivion.

Take steps into bettering yourself. Become a better version of yourself everyday. Take small steps. It doesn’t matter how small the steps are, just as long as you are still moving, and don’t stop.

We No Longer Resonate with the Earth

Some of us have forgotten what it feels like to walk on the Earth. Not just walking outside, but really actually walking ON THE SOIL of the EARTH. They say one can resonate with the Earth when they walk upon it barefoot. The vibration of the Earth connects to us at every step. We feel more laidback and “grounded”, or “down-to-Earth.”

If you’d like to read more about the benefits of walking barefoot read this article titled “Is barefoot walking good for me?” by clicking here.

But the ground is dirty why would anyone walk barefoot like that?

The only reason why the ground is dirty is because of contamination, which is man-made. We supposedly live in a civilization yet the basic principles of cleanliness are often ignored. Everywhere I go people litter. I’ve seen garbage bags left on the side of the roads of a so-called Western civilized society. I can only imagine how it is in other parts of the world.

The ground has become so dirty we don’t even want to walk on it barefoot because many humans keep contaminating it. We live amongst many people who don’t care about taking care of the Earth. Then, those same people will get mad the day the Earth stops taking care of them.

Imagine if all the fish died this way. There would be no clean fish for us to eat. Fish provide us with the best source of lean protein and Omega-3 fatty acids.
Plastic is one of the worst things mankind has invented. It is NOT biodegradable, so the Earth cannot get rid of it. It cannot be decomposed. The scavenger creatures cannot even eat it. They’ll literally die trying.

The truth is… the ground is not suppose to be that way. It shouldn’t be so dirty to the point where we don’t even want to walk on it barefoot. The Earth has a natural way of cleaning itself. Every animal, even down to the tiniest bug plays a significant role in the ecosystem. They clean the Earth in plenty of ways. Each living organism plays an important role. Certain animals are known as scavengers that clean up the Earth. These type of animals are unclean for us to eat. What sense does it make to eat animals who eat worms, carcasses, and even feces? That’s why we’re not suppose to eat unclean animals. Some people may not believe the Bible, but it is very on point regarding what meats are clean and unclean unto us. If you’d like to check it out click here.

Photo credit to Pinterest and Google Images

How is it that we’ve forgotten things that should come natural to us? Have we forgotten what it means to be human?

At one point in history, we’ve also played an important role, we knew how to live off the land, how to respect the land, keeping our living spaces clean without the use of trash bags. At one point, we weren’t so wasteful, we knew how to make good use of one mighty Buffalo (or Ox and Bison) and never let anything go to waste. We were efficient like that. We had large families and having many children wasn’t expensive because we lived off the land with plenty of resources for them without the need for money or paper chasing. We grew or own food and animals, we knew how to hunt and fish… this is the true definition of “working so you can eat” (it wasn’t referring to a soul-sucking 9 to 5 job). Living off the land is how “the Lord gives us our daily bread,” we are blessed by the Creator by what grows on the Earth we live on. We appreciated the abundance of the Earth, yet we were not wasteful because we had respect for it.

Nowadays, many people may call it a “rudimentary” or “boring” lifestyle. Most people (especially in the West) would ask “Why do I have to do all that when I can just live a comfortable lifestyle? Why do I have to hunt or raise livestock and crops for food when I could just buy it at the store?”

Well, because those food sources aren’t so trustworthy considering the chemicals in them, the GMO foods, the current food insecurity (most people cannot afford a nutritious diet for their family), and the possibility of a famine.

When you are self-sufficient nothing can stop your growth, and nothing can threaten your livelihood. You never want to leave your livelihood in the hands of other people, for the sake of a pathetic paycheck. It’s not good to get too comfortable. (I don’t see how anyone could be comfortable in the rat race, where you can lose your job at any minute). Everything about this life is unpredictable; therefore, we can never get too comfortable with depending on outside help for resources (that includes a comfortable job, a nice house that the bank still owns, materialistic vain things that mean nothing, etc).

What if one day you lost it all? And those who handed you the paycheck also lose everything? Then what?

That’s why self-sufficiency is key, yet the art of it has been forgotten because that and minimalism is viewed as “rudimentary.” But I’d argue that NOT knowing basic survival skills (like hunting, fishing, building shelter, cooking, starting a fire, growing food, digging a well, and knowing how to purify water) is below rudimentary. At least know the basics of what is deemed “rudimentary” by society. If it’s so basic how come most people don’t know how to do any of it? It is actually pretty scary to realize that most people don’t know how to do any of the survival skills I just mentioned.

And advanced digital technology has taken us further away from our innate abilities to navigate without a GPS or map. You could never get lost when you know the sun and wind patterns. The sky is your clock and your compass as the sun always sets in the West. Usually, the moss on one side of the trees would let you know where north is. Now, having a map or GPS may be nice, but what if you end up stuck without one then what?

Just like how urbanites recognize streets and it’s corners, there are people who know how to navigate by keeping mental tabs of natural landmarks. But to outsiders all trees and boulders look the same, not to a person who’s lived in the country most of their life. Similarly, a person from a rural area would easily get lost in a crowded city. The excessive commotion and constricted space can be bothersome, especially from those who enjoy the serenity of the spacious outdoors and its fresh air. But some people love that about the city… they often say, “there’s a lot to do!” And “there’s always something going on.”

If you ask me I’d rather know how to navigate around the country than in a busy city street. I’m not a fan of noise and pollution. I can’t walk barefoot on surfaces that the Earth cannot clean.

People who have spent their entire lives living in densely populated areas, or in monotonous suburbs designed with societal conformity in mind, on top of living a sedentary life, have a hard time or are oblivious to the human experience.

Can you imagine being a grown adult and coming to the realization that you’ve never truly had a complete human experience? Even though you are one!

The human experience has been forgotten by most, and we wonder why we’re so depressed and our lives seem so meaningless. That’s because we are trapped in what is known as the “rat race.” We’re not in our natural setting. We are in a board game, trapped in a game that simulates “real life” but what is life? Is life meant to be lived sedentary? How can it be when our bodies were made to move!

We’re trapped in a game without knowing how to hunt game for our survival sake. We are staring at screens all day, we don’t know how to take a break from it and just meditate in a tranquil space, even for just a minute. We don’t realize how much peace we can attain if we returned to living the natural way, the way that we were meant to live, with freedom and morality.

“I Feel Like A Failure…”

This is the mantra some of us have told ourselves. Of course, it’s never good to speak negativity into existence. There is power in the words we say, (and repeat). But it can be relieving to release the tension we have within ourselves. It is absolutely healthy to express our thoughts and get it off our chest once and for all. So, if this phrase ever popped into your head, acknowledge that thought, and think about where it came from, discern whether or not it is true.

1. It Could be Healthy Stress to Propel You to Excel

Often times, we can be harsh on ourselves because we want to push ourselves further. This could give us that “positive stress” to keep us on top of things. It is said that most successful people sit on top of A LOT of failures. You are bound to fail when you take risks, so the more you try to closer you get to the result you wanted. Of course, this only works if you apply different strategies. You don’t want to do the same thing over and over expecting a different result. (The would be the definition of insanity).

2. Feeling Stuck with Regrets? The what ifs

Or maybe we think we could’ve done better. And so we look back at the track record of our life like “I wish I would’ve done this differently,” or “why didn’t I think of this sooner?” Either way, it’s pointless to delve into “what could’ve been.” You’re basically dwelling on what something you cannot change, and this can make you feel less than. It’s not helpful to put your energy into things you have no control over. You’ll become frustrated by something that is impossible to change. You cannot change the past, but the present is yours. It’s better to put your energy towards what you can do now in order to have a better future. The best we can do is learn from our mistakes and move on.

3. It Could Just be Negative Thoughts Creeping up on You!

Sometimes the thought of possibly being a failure can be toxic. If you find yourself constantly repeating this mantra in your mind, you are giving it too much power. You don’t want to feed that beast. Most people sure do undermine the mind. They don’t believe in the power of thoughts and vibrations of words or sounds. But it has been scientifically proven that our words and certain sounds play a huge role in our growth. There’s many articles about it, to read one of them click here. Since words can influence our growth, then the same concept applies to our thoughts. Our thoughts give birth to the words we are about to speak. So it makes sense that our thoughts are as important as the words and sounds we spew or hear.

We wield the power to either prosper or be stagnant. We hold that power, and we don’t even realize it. When we undermine our mind, we undermine our own potential. Certainly, it also depends heavily on our environment. Growing up in a toxic environment can negatively impact our growth. This is true.

And this can be one of the toughest challenges we may have to face. If you’d been dealt the worse cards to play this game with… well then, failure can be inevitable. However, once you become aware of how you ended up in that predicament. Once you’ve made sense out of it all, (as disappointing or disheartening it can be) we can begin to learn, and take the measures we can to slowly evolve from it. Yes, it may be your parent’s fault, but their parents probably failed too. Your family and community may have let you down, but once we are aware of this harsh reality we can focus on shifting our mindset.

We can go FROM dwelling in the past that which we cannot change TO seeking life saving wisdom to help ourselves and others take steps into the right direction. As long as you’ve begun this journey you are not a failure. You’re only a failure if you don’t take accountability or make changes that are conducive to growth.

I know it can be hard to keep a positive attitude. I’ve been there myself. Many people have gone through it, and some are still going through it. This is just a part of the trials of life. It is a life-long battle of mental fortitude.

I was once considered a very negative person. I once said, “How can I be positive when I don’t see anything positive around me?” Our environment definitely has an influence on how we see the world. You can say that the best way to help this is by simply changing our environment, and moving elsewhere. Although, this does help tremendously, I’d have to suggest something more. It begins with the mind. Your mind must align with the prosperity you seek so that when you do reach it, you will accept it with open arms and be grateful for it. We can move but still have the wrong mindset which would still hinder our potential.

But if we focus on shifting our mindset, we can awaken a light within us even through the midst of hopelessness. We sharpen our productivity. The process will be gradual, but eventually we become able to eject ourselves out of that toxicity, and finally be able to flow easily. Once we are able to leave that toxic environment with the right mindset, the path is a lot smoother.

Now back to the question…

How can I be positive when I don’t see anything positive around me?

This has got to be one of the hardest things to crack. Our entire life centers around the ability to maintain sanity and morality throughout the midst of darkness that seems to dominate the world. We are born into an imperfect world trying to be perfect. You don’t have to be perfect, chances are we already failed at that anyways, but what we do have to do is remain aware and live righteously. Now of course, a person can choose whatever path they wish to embark on. Cool. Go on ahead. It’s your life, your story. But every action does come with a consequence. The consequence may not be immediate, but it surely will happen. Living right doesn’t mean be perfect, (again we already failed at that) it means striving to do what’s right, living for a better tomorrow, and being conscientious about the next generation. You want the next generation to be better than you. You can only achieve that by being a positive role model for them to observe and learn from. Leading by example is the best way to do it. Telling the youth “to do as I say not as I do” is compete bullshit. It is essential to lead by example. But you can only do that when you shift your mindset, leave the toxicity for good, live righteously, and attain wisdom. That way the next generation can inherit wisdom, and be guided into the right direction.

And that way the thought of them possibly becoming a failure would never cross their mind. Because the odds would not be against them. They must be positioned in the rightful place where they can thrive. We hold the keys to the success of the next generation.

If you think of yourself as a failure… there’s one thing that can be done and it is to ensure that the next generation doesn’t repeat that same mistakes, nor repeat the same self-defeating mantras that would lead them into becoming a failure.

For as long as you uphold wisdom, you are not a failure.

“Broken”: An Inspiring Story

It may be difficult to relive the past, but we must come to terms with it, to seek peace so that the pain no longer lingers into your future. You cannot change the past, but you can definitely take this present time as a present, to make changes necessary for a brighter future.

There are plenty of people who would appreciate the healing doses of (not only poetry and prose) but also of story writing. Currently, I am working on a book I had started back in 2013. Haha. Yeah I know long time ago!! I think that’s got to be the longest writer’s block ever! This story was inspired by a dream I had back in 2013, and I was compelled to record this dream. What was once a two-page journal entry in my notebook evolved into 80 pages!! Then, writer’s block came and stayed for years.

Now I’m back at it May 2021, and I am determined to finish this inspiring story, it will be titled “BROKEN.” I’ve went from 80 to 185 pages within these couple of months.

So what’s this story about?

It is a realistic/spiritual fiction that takes place in the late ’90s. It is about a woman who overcomes past traumas from her childhood and her relationship with an abusive narcissist.

She was desensitized due to having witnessed her mother go through it.
But then someone came into her life who made her realize the severity of physical and mental abuse in her relationship.

Luckily, she was able to leave that situation, but then finds herself broken as the aftermath of it all. There’s also this constant fear she has of being found by her abuser.
She seeks healing and wisdom to put the pieces back together.

As she goes through her awakening process, She gets these flashbacks from the past, that do trigger her, but soon enough she begins to understand the pattern that must be broken. She braces herself, and is determined to break that generational curse.

Her vivid dreams also inform her. Dreams range from nightmares & spiritual attacks -> to her learning more about the psychologically deadly pattern she found herself in. She’s determined to make something out of the shattered pieces.

She’s in her early 20s, still alot of time ahead of her to make those important changes in her life for the better.
She does NOT let go of her kind heart. She doesn’t allow the pain to make her become whom she hates.

Nothing wrong with having a good heart, just don’t give it to the wrong hands.

Overall, this story may be intense, but it does have a positive ending.

Anything is possible once you put your mind into it, thus the power of the mind.

10 Years Ago…

If you were to t a k e a look through m y e y e s, 10 years ago,
You’d notice a lack of glow,
As the negativity seeds have been sown,
Forlorn and torn,
From a young age, couldn’t contain much rage,

Nihilistic perspective, didn’t care about the future, because it’s bleak anyway,
Energy leeches almost everywhere, trying to dig deep into your being, til you’re depleted.

I was…
Goofy to hide the fact that I was depressed and aloof,
Used 4 locos and gin as an electrolyte, running on liquor,
In addition to, Unruliness
my antics were foolish,
Can’t believe I moved like this.

I was…
Seeking escapism, anything but be stuck in this prism,
reality is no different from a prison.
10 years ago I stopped giving damn anymore,
A fearless spirit was born,
You become stoic when you know it,
I couldn’t force a smile, a scowl was more like it,
Insomniac night owl,
Spending hours writing until my mind silences, but it kept howling,

It’s hard to sleep when thoughts race.
Fast and furious in my head, non-stop action,

Sleep distraction, but it captivated,
Me to keep releasing the words,
Of healing,

Convincing myself that there is a purpose for living,

Near-death experiences made me thankful I can still breathe,

But it also showed me there’s infinite bliss on the other side of life.

“Why do I attract the wrong people in my life?”

This is a question many of us have asked ourselves at one point, when we start to notice a pattern of toxic people coming in and out of our lives. We get fed up, but it’s essential to ask the right questions, so we gain wisdom, and not repeat the same mistakes again.

We cannot control what others do, but we can control what we do. The goal is to put ourselves in the best possible position where we will thrive. Whatever happens over there is gonna happen regardless; this temple of yours, you have to guard it by making the right moves. We cannot remove the pitfalls, but we can surely navigate around them.

We can’t be mad at a wolf for being a wolf, it is it’s nature. We need to recognize the wolf for what it is and move accordingly.

The things we do, say, and think leave an imprint on what outcomes we receive and who we attract into our lives. Be very wary of the types of signals you send out into the world, you only get what you put in.

In some cases, we may not attract what we are; we could be attracting the opposite of ourselves. For instance, a pure-hearted or passive person can attract a narcissist because the narcissist can sense those who are kind-hearted or lost and capitalize on their compassion or vulnerability.

Perhaps, the victim might be at their lowest point and may have low self-esteem, and the narcissist knows what words to say in order to “butter you up”, to get you to trust them. In actuality, the entire first impression was fake the entire time. Everything they did to make you favor them was fake. They didn’t mean any of it. But when we are vulnerable, we tend to cling onto people who can make us feel good about ourselves; those people could be the wrong ones. Their intentions were not what you thought they were.

We tend to seek validation from the very ones mentally abusing us. And it becomes a vicious cycle.

We can always break those cycles, as we become more aware of these behavior patterns.