The Spiritual Samurai’s Arsenal: Psychic Dreams

There are certain individuals who have the gift of receiving vivid dreams encoded with messages that can help us in our spiritual journey. Not only do we dream, but we interpret its hidden meaning too.
Such individuals tend to be highly sensitive to the spiritual realm and are clairvoyant. Usually, they’ve had this since they were children, and the dreams become more frequent and accurate the older they get. They are old souls who have these extra senses that are known to be likened unto “psychic” abilities.

All it is, is a deep thinking person who can detect vibes quicker, sense spiritual activity more closely, and absorb heavy amounts of information that allows us to grow with more wisdom and understanding at a very fast rate. This is possible through inquisitive minds who have an undying thirst for knowledge. Those who seek it will definitely get it because with more consistency you are increasing the possibility of achieving it.

Empathy is also what makes us very in tune with our senses because it allows us to feel what others feel on a very deep level. In our dreams, we can feel what others feel, and we gain insight by being in that setting with them. The power of empathy allows us to have compassion for others, and forgive those who’ve wronged us. Great peace is achieved when you have wisdom to make sense out of the turbulence of life.

How does one attain the ability to have “psychic” dreams?

It is really a mystery to be honest. In essence, everyone has the potential to develop these gifts. It’s just that old souls catch on a lot faster, but at the end of the day we’re all spirit beings living the human experience. We have to unplug from the matrix in order to be more receptive to creative ideas and existential concepts. However, most people are tapped into the grid, and they have no interest in what is beyond the physical realm. Most people will not unplug because it takes them away from their comfort zone, plus most don’t see the point in seeking higher consciousness and/or spiritual wisdom.
Most people don’t believe in the spiritual realm anyways including some religious people who miscategorize everything including psychic abilities as “demonic.” Even though, the Biblical prophets clearly had some type of spiritual gifts which allowed them to receive messages from God through dreams and visions in order to warn and inform others. I’m pretty sure that’s not an “evil” thing to do, but of course the prophets were very much hated because they were spreading the truth in a world that embraces lies. As you can see, most people hate the truth still to this day.

I do want to highlight that discernment is vital, so that you can determine which dreams have an actual meaning (or message), and which ones are irrelevant, meant to deceive you, or drain your energy. All messages aren’t for everyone to know, and not all dreams have messages, so we have to sharpen our discernment in order to ensure that we come up with the right conclusions.

How To Remember Your Dreams

You’ll have to master the art of lucid dreaming where you’re consciously aware that you’re dreaming. Conscious awareness while dreaming will enhance your senses, thus making the dream more memorable. When you strengthen your senses you will be able to capture details, imprints, and impressions of the dream by remembering what you were thinking about and how you felt in that dream setting. You take it all in, and use all your senses to absorb the stimuli in the dream realm. Look for any words, phrases, colors, sounds, people, buildings, landscapes, textures, places, location, theme, numbers, voices, etc. Also, try to relate a dream object with something from the physical world.

For example, you may hear a familiar song playing in the dream. That song only exists in the physical realm, but you were able to recognize it in the dream regardless because you resonate with the sound of it. You’ve attached yourself to that frequency in a subconscious level. That’s why music is so deep as its sound penetrates the soul and mind.

Another example, in your dreams you may be in your childhood home, and you can remember a lot from the physical realm because you have many memories attached to that house. Your senses will heighten even more, so you are able to receive more information. It can be difficult if you’ve had a history of trauma in that house, but it could also let you know how far you’ve healed and what you need to do to heal more. You can read “How Dreams Can Heal You.” It may take you to a dark place, but you will be consciously aware. Once you continuously activate your conscious awareness, you’ll be able to bring that information out, and actually remember your dreams when you wake up.

Not all dreams are sweet though. Sometimes you have nightmares coming to haunt you. Parasitic entities may appear in your dreams to bring fear and anxiety upon you that causes your energy to be drained. Be aware and stay in prayer to keep yourself at a higher vibration. You can read my “Spiritual Analysis of Sleep Paralysis.”

Wisdom: The Spiritual Samurai’s Most Treasured Weapon

You would have to be more in tune with nature, and really seek for the truth and wisdom in order to receive it. Humility and having a good heart opens you up to recieve spiritual gifts. It is my belief that God blesses those who have a compassionate heart of gold, not only that but also those who have the courageous heart of a samurai and the strategic mind of a soldier. We have to be strong and wise in this world because evil forces hidden within people can attack at any moment.
Sleep is the cousin of death, and while we’re sleeping the enemy is wide awake porque el diablo nunca duerme (the devil never sleeps). That’s why evil loves to roam at night.
We are in dire need of messengers who have a high amount of fortitude and are bold enough to speak out in order to enlighten, inspire, and heal those who’ve been broken by past traumas, toxic relationships, bad life experiences, spiritual attacks, etc. There are a lot of people in this world who are hurt, and they can’t get up, so we must help one another get back up.

An awakened and empowered individual can see things very clearly, and pick up on subconscious cues effortlessly because they are most likely old souls, so they’ve grown familiar with many aspects of life.

-You may be very good at detecting lies, and you meticulously observe body language and behavioral patterns which allows you to gain a hefty amount of information.

-You can feel the vibe of certain people, places, and things which trigger thoughts and visions that you find out later on to be true. That doesn’t sound like hallucinations to me. Sounds like some very strong intuition that can save you.

-You may have dreams that will fill in the gaps and provide you with more insight, and when you wake up to research or investigate you find out that it is indeed true. Wow! That doesn’t sound like it’s “just a dream.” It sounds like an awakened mind receptive to real information.

-Your eyes can detect enemies very quickly like a spiritual shinobi. Your eyes are like the kunai knives, and your wisdom is the samurai sword. No need to go crazy because the war is spiritual, and intelligent strategy is key to winning. It’s all about the mind, and the enemy loves to infiltrate our minds for a reason. Therefore, you must guard it by equipping your knowledge arsenal. The best way to formulate a good strategy is just to sit back and observe. Just like what this Bruce Lee quote says:

Watch as the synchronicity is taking place right before you. Wow! You will get a sense tugging you, letting you know that the connection is there, and it actually was a message (not just “some ol’ regular dream”). There’s no need to worry when you can sense things before they happen, so we can make better decisions. You don’t even have to ask for it because whatever we recieve is meant for us to know, so we can dig even further and catch the serpent in its tracks right before it was about to bite us. Their weapons will never prosper as it was written.

“But it’s just a dream though!”

The consistency is so real that you’d have to be a fool to deny it, so these aren’t just dreams, and believe me I was skeptical too. People try to label the awakened ones as “crazy” or having some sort of mental illness. There was a point in time in ancient history when dreams were considered sacred messages that would serve as intel, warnings, a form of communication, and a way of accessing information from beyond this dimension. Those who received these kinds of psychic (or prophetic dreams and visions) were highly regarded as high ranking wisemen/women in ancient civilizations including Ancient Egypt. You can read my other post titled “Why You Should Keep Record of Your Dreams.”

There have been too many times when some of us have had dreams that have warned us about certain places, people, and things. Then, you get up and within a few days to a week you see that same thing show up in the real world.

Don’t get me wrong though, some dreams are irrelevant. There were times when I’d have stupid dreams about randomness, so I’d just label it as a “null-and-void.” However, I would also get those intensely vivid dreams with a vast network of information and symbolism. I especially pay close attention when it’s a reoccuring theme because that’s a sign that we have to pay very close attention to this certain place, person, or thing. You can check out “7 Reasons Why You’re Having Reoccuring Dreams.”
We just keep our eyes wide open at all times while we’re here on Earth. There’s no need to be paranoid when we are in tune with receiving guidance from beyond. We remain vigilant without any fear because it has been shown time after time again that we are protected by God, and we only get better the more wisdom we accumulate.

Remember this:
“The wise appear insane to the foolish.”

The truth will shine through regardless, and no one can hide from the infinite light. Most people will not comprehend what this post just said, but hey if you do then I appreciate you taking the time to read it. I hope it resonates with you.

Transparency, Humility & Honesty: As a Form of Healing from Our Past Mistakes

It’s not easy being open and transparent about our past traumas, failures, and setbacks because it’s a very vulnerable place to be in. You may have been trying so hard to run away from that dark place that you’ve fought so hard to get out of.
The thing is we’re not actually going to that dark place anymore. That place no longer exists. Now, it only exists in our minds as an awful memory that may still trigger you, and it doesn’t help that our PTSD nightmares remind us.

Once you get to the bottom of this you will be freed from the stronghold it has over you. You have to find the source of this pain by digging deep into the root of the problem because the trauma is deep-rooted. That way, you can pull the root right out, and be set free.

In order to do this, you must be ready to dig deep into that realm you’ve been running away from all these years. It’s time to have courage and fortitude to pull the toxic root out with your bare hands, so that you can be released.

There’s no other way around it, you have got to be 100% honest with yourself about who you are, who you’re becoming, and the mistakes you’ve made in the past. Taking accountability is required, and there’s nothing wrong with admitting that you’re wrong. Everyone has been wrong at one point. The problem is when we ignore our own red flags in our behavior. It’s better to check yourself than to have someone else do it for us, you know? Haha!

The point of being honest with yourself is to acknowledge what needs work. It’s not meant to condemn you, but rather to identify our faults and weaknesses for the purpose of self-improvement. We need to know what the problem is if we’re looking for the solutions.

Transparency is all I can see,

Otherwise you become a menace to those we detect as enemies,

Bomb ready to detonate at any moment’s notice,

You know this, take the onus if you really got cojones,

And watch how far you can go,

You were suppose to be an explosive,

From corrosive now your soul has been molded to be immortal,

Moreover, no longer do we have to mourn over the horrors,

That invited the shadows from the dark corners,

In a room as empty as our emotions, Numb,

Until healing reawakened the motions,

Like sudden currents pushing forth a new life,

Rebirth, we’ve been relieved from being cursed,

Now the only thing broken is these generational curses that made us believe we were worthless.

Now, we will be forever empowered as we are released from our sorrows that once made us sour.

The ocean current is powerful and to be feared because of how ready it is to pull you into the bottom. At the same time, the ocean does its thing by cleaning itself. You may be one of those people who gets cleansed when at the mercy of the ocean.

Healing is not linear. The process is as complex as the damage that trauma has done to our brains. Imagine looking at a traumatized mind: You will see so much faulty wiring scattered all across, some wires need replacing because some jack ass tore it into pieces. They did everything they could to make sure you never succeed or live at peace. Then, you have missing wires that the wind blew away when you were trying to put yourself together. You lost yourself in the process, and now all you have to look forward to is progress. You will only have that in your life if you begin the healing journey TODAY.

If you have no one to confide in, you always can always speak your thoughts out or write it down. The point is to be honest with yourself. You don’t need to have people around for that. (I personally didn’t want anyone around me either). It’s all about you at that moment, and being honest with yourself. Basically, all you are doing is confessing your wrong-doings to God (whether or not you believe, whatever), and that will take the burden off your chest because of the honesty behind admitting your mistakes. You can’t hide from or lie to the Most High, so it’s best to be honest with yourself for once in your life. It’s OK because if you feel that ashamed to admit it, then that means that part of you still has a good conscience (at least I hope!). Tune into that good side of you, and feed your spirit with truth and enlightenment. In order to do this you must be humble, so that you are receptive to wisdom.

That shame that you feel for the wrongs you’ve done is a good sign. It means you are still a good person in the core of your being. You just forgot about it because you lost yourself in the process. That’s why we’re starting a new process, and that is the healing process which requires a great level of transparency, honesty, and accountability. This is all for you, and you are the only one who needs to know about you. You don’t have to talk to someone, even though therapy is recommended, if you can find an actual good therapist who can relate with you and isn’t out of touch.

At the end of the day, most of the work is going to have to be done by you. No one else can heal you. No type of prescription drugs can heal you. Nothing in this world can truly heal us because real powerful healing comes from within, which is where God lives. Our temples align with the Divine, and the more we feed our spirit the higher we ascend. Watch as your pain is pulled out of you like a wisdom tooth extraction. Pulling teeth hurts like hell but it gets better once it’s all set and done. Either way, the job must be done. The faster it gets done the faster you can begin the healing process, so don’t give up.

The Art of Making Something Out of Nothing

It takes a real genius to be able to conjure up something beautiful out of absolutely nothing. Just like creating an entire fictional world through writing compelling stories with relatable characters that feels more like we’re watching a movie. We’re able to entertain and/or educate others with a creation that came straight from our minds. Think about how powerful that is. Your mind came up with the plot(s), imagined the settings, birthed the characters, and the characters develop the more you progress with the story. All that imagery and dialogue was running through your mind. This was the perfect way to calm down my intrusive and racing thoughts where voices would speak, and I thought it would make a great addition to a story. Check out the meme below!

A meme from Facebook.

This should encourage you to keep going because you don’t want to leave your characters hanging. Finish that story! One of the greatest accomplishments I’ve had was finishing my first story which I’m editing now, and will be publishing soon. You can read about it right here.

Also, some of us have used our own pain to propel us, and it ends up inspiring others. It becomes even more meaningful when your work helps heal and enlighten others.

On top of that, your creativity can become your bread and butter if you take the time to cultivate it daily. It is an art to create things from your own imagination. The words you speak and write can hold much power, and next thing you know you’ve got a website and some books coming up. Your art and music are creations you’ve birthed, and it traces back to you. These are just some examples of things that are made purely from our minds.

Your mind can be your own factory because that’s where all creative ideas come from. When we forget about who we are we lose sight of our own creativity. We don’t want to lose that! Living in the matrix can dull out our senses, identity, and creativity. There were times when I almost lost myself in these toxic workplaces, and I managed to find a better environment to be at, so that I can have my mind right to write. My advice is definitely to cut off anything that brings toxicity into your life because it will drain you and prevent you from growing. The last thing you need is discouragement and loss of identity. It’s important to take some time to learn about who we are, so we can live a more enriching and fulfilling life.

Consistency is very important in developing your talents and gifts. You don’t have to spend the whole day on it, but it’s better to work on it daily for at least an hour. You want to average about 1 hour a day, everyday; and if you skip some days you can make it up the other days by adding more hours to it. For example, I’m currently editing my first book, and working on another one. I don’t always have time to do it everyday, but I make sure to make time on the weekends where I have more availability. So if I can’t work on it every morning, I’ll be sure to work longer hours on the weekends. Of course, if you have extra time, then the more the better.

The beauty about this kind of work is that it doesn’t even feel like work. It’s motivating to do something you enjoy doing, and that it will bring forth passive income in due time. It takes a lot of patience to be an entrepreneur. The money won’t just come out of nowhere, and you may still have to work a day job or be a part of the gig economy. Whichever it is that gets your bills paid for now. It’s always good to keep an open mind, but I understand that entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone because it requires a great deal of patience, problem-solving skills, optimism, self-motivation, ambition, and drive.

You must believe in yourself and in your own vision. If you don’t believe in your own self, then who else would? People only believe what their eyes can see, so they can’t see through your eyes because it’s only up to you to work on your vision. Therefore, you keep your goals to yourself, spend less time on social media, go monk-mode, and embrace solitude so you can keep your mind straight to it without any disruptions, negative energy, or distractions. I’ve went monk-mode for about 3 years because I needed to get my life right by moving to different states to leave toxic jobs that were holding me back, and finding another tolerable opportunity for the time being. It’s not just toxic jobs, but also the wrong people can hold you back too, so keep that in mind. Bad company will prevent you from rising. You may have to reevaluate your circle. The smaller, the better. Hell, sometimes you’re better off solo. Do whatever works for you. Once you are at a place of peace, you can finally focus on keeping a steady flow of productivity, and overtime you will see growth.

Another reason why it’s best to keep your goals and aspirations to yourself is because many will not understand what you’re trying to do. Most people aren’t comfortable with that kind of path you’re taking. You will hear most people say this, “Oh, but that doesn’t pay the bills!” Yeah, it’s not a W-2 salary job. The check isn’t coming this week, but we’re not trying to live paycheck to paycheck for the rest of our lives. No, we don’t get paid to get up early and write, self-educate, research independently, produce music, go to the gym, create your products, etc. You won’t get paid by the hour, but rather you are building your identity and brand that could lead to infinite income potential. However, most people don’t believe in reaching that jackpot, but I’m crazy enough to go as far as I can to get there regardless of what anyone says. At least I can say that I tried and I won’t be living with regrets. If anything, hourly wages are a rip off, especially with the rise of prices on everything these days. Entrepreneurship is worthy of investing in if you want more out of life. It can start off as a “side hustle” then you never know, that thing can skyrocket one day. You won’t know unless you try.

These jobs will have you slaving by the clock. If I’m gonna work that hard and put in that many hours, I’d mind as well put a lot of time into my own personal growth and investing it into things that I love to do and could bring in passive income. It may not be paying the bills right now, but as it builds momentum overtime it will be able to do that and much more. We don’t wanna live the rest of our lives just paying bills. Life is more than just that, and the least we can do is try.

Just try.

Especially if you already have a talent or gift. Just keep working on it on your down time, and never forget about it.
Entrepreneurship is a great thing to get into, and only you hold to keys to reaching that success you desire. Check out “The 7 Keys to Success.” Remember that your mind is very important here, and you are a unique individual who can create something that represents you.

You are key here, but you need to realize your worth and start building upon that. Otherwise you’ll be depending on others to determine your worth which would be those low wages that we hate. First and foremost, you will need to believe in yourself more than anything because no one else will. It’s your job to bring this into fruition.

It’s yours, so go and get started! At least, do it because you love it. Don’t think so much about the money aspect. Just do it because you enjoy doing it, and then the money will come eventually. Never forget to have fun doing what you love doing! Don’t allow money or the lacktherof to discourage you, or make you dislike what you love. Never forget why you wanted to embark on this journey in the first place, and most importantly don’t forget about what you love and who you are.

The True Essence of Forgiveness

As I was thinking about the things that have happened in the past, I tend to ruminate a lot about what others have done to me. Lately, I’ve been finding myself writing about those things including my past traumas. Today, I realized something wonderful. As I’m writing and reading it back to myself, I realized that these things no longer bother me. It really is in the past, and the fact that I wrote those short stories in 3rd person really helped me a lot.

There is power behind writing about your childhood, social, and relationship traumas in third person because you are removing yourself when you talk about it. It makes sense to do this because you are acknowledging the root of your issues all while seeing that all that is in the past. You are no longer bound to it. I found myself detached to the pain and sorrow it once brought me, especially as I began to grow wiser.

Spiritual ascension allowed me to have a bird’s eye view of everything so I can see the bigger picture of it all. It allowed me to not take anything they did to me personal. I understood what they were going through, and even have traveled through the confines of their mind to see and feel the traumas that caused them to become that way. This is the power of empathy, and as a former broken individual it hits home to have compassion for others who are considered “broken.”

Our brokenness can stem from toxic environments, dysfunctional homes, heartbreaks, abusive relationships, and betrayal. When we are hurt we tend to act out of character because we cannot fathom how these things are taking place.
It is because I’ve once operated under a “negative” and “toxic” frequency that I comprehend the errors people make and what causes them to end up in the predicament they are in.
People aren’t just born toxic, and not all broken people are evil. Toxicity can be relieved when the individual decides to heal.

I may have a high amount of empathy, but I’m also a determined problem solver who will encourage others to always find their way out of a bad situation. Solutions is what I strive to attain so I can arm myself to help myself and others I may come across.

It is because of empathy that it’s easy for me to forgive. As I write about the things that once made me upset, I realized that it no longer bothers me anymore. It really has no power over me, and I mean that. I feel nothing toward the situation. It feels as though it never happened because I’m living in the present now, and I look forward to my future. This was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced as a person who once struggled with anger issues. I love the fact that I no longer feel controlled by my anger, and I have completely detached myself from my past traumas.

As I read it again, I realized that I no longer feel angry anymore, and I actually don’t feel any negative emotions toward them. I actually wish them the best, and hopefully they can one day heal the way that I did. (Sidenote: I could give a shit about the two wicked males who sexually abused me as a child. They can go to hell.). Other than that I forgive everyone else who’s hurt me in the past because I know that they were reacting to their own traumas, and they didn’t know any better. We’re in the same boat here, and my wish is for us to forgive ourselves too, and move on with our lives in harmony.

It is today that I finally began to realize the true feeling of forgiveness, and the power of it. Great peace will come upon those with empathy and wisdom as we can comprehend people on a very deep level. Forgiveness has released me from the bondage of anger and resentment, and I feel like I’m truly alive.

In the past, I’ve said to myself that I’ve forgiven this person, but I would still feel resentment, contempt, or anxiety. But now I’m in a place where I don’t feel any of those things at all. I have genuinely let go of everything that has tried to hold me back, and now I’ve discovered a new layer of joy which will allow me to live peacefully. This was the exact thing I’ve been looking for all my life, and I would love for you all to experience this too.

Betrayal: As a Blessing in Disguise

The “Judas” spirit is at an all time high in these last days. Embrace the harsh truth and move on as the wheat is harvested and the tares burn up just like the note above.

As painful as it may be at the moment, your mind will rewire for the better once you fully heal and shift your perspective on betrayal. Your mind will only rewire if you choose the path of light where you will be receptive to wisdom. Otherwise, the darkness will consume you, the lesson will not be learned, and you will lose yourself in the process. It is absolutely crucial for you to heal any wounds you may have from past traumas from childhood and other life experiences. We can all agree that we have experienced betrayal one way or another. It’s happened to all of us. Unfortunately, betrayal is just a part of life, and it’s human nature when it’s at a very low vibration.

We must focus on shifting our gaze toward the path of light whenever we experience betrayal. Betrayal is an attack on your mind and spirit that is aimed to lower your vibration, and the lower you submerge yourself into the depths of darkness, the harder it will be to see the light above. That’s the goal of the enemy: to keep you in darkness and prevent ascension. Betrayal is a part of the human experience that is suppose to break you into either becoming a better version of yourself, or cause you to go out of character. The shift can either be good or bad. It all depends on how you react and what you decide to do.
Please note: If you find yourself breaking out of character and you go through a temporary period where you are operating under a toxic frequency, don’t be so hard on yourself. Take accountability, learn from your mistakes, and try to make things right. Get back up again and keep walking toward the path of light which is indeed narrow.

Whenever you face betrayal, view it as a veil that has just lifted, and what you see was meant for you to see. Can you imagine going through life completely oblivious as to who your enemies really are and what they’re doing behind your back? Conniving aren’t they? And you’ll be hard pressed to find out that those individuals who bring you the most pain are those closest to you. That guy or girl you’re dating, in a relationship or marriage with, can be stabbing you right in your back right now, probably living a double life. Oh, or that friend you thought was a friend is really a false confidant who’s been airing out your business to those who despise you. What is the reason really? The truth is they don’t need one. Ha! People will find little petty reasons to go against you. Therefore, their perception of you is irrelevant because it’s inaccurate. It’s not like they actually wanna get to know you, so don’t worry about these things. In due time you will realize that betrayal tells us everything about them, and not you. As long as you remain loyal, you have nothing to worry about.

Loyalty is a great virtue to have, and it’s very rewarding but even then people don’t seem to see that. They think that using people and getting over on unsuspecting bystanders is the way to go, not realizing the karma that is compounded overtime like interest rates. No one can be easily released after doing a bunch of people wrong, especially empaths and good people out there. Think about that. We know good people get hurt the most, and sometimes we feel like giving up. Don’t allow the pain of betrayal to harden your heart. Don’t allow it to fill you up with poison and cause you to want to spread it to others. No. Instead, heal and find your power to extract that poison out of you, so you can be your good self again.

We know the saying, “Hurt people hurt people.” Well, that’s why we must heal from old wounds, so we can no longer be hurt and prevent ourselves from becoming cancerous to others. No more having that chip on your shoulder. No more allowing the pain of the past to control your current decisions that will drastically change the trajectory of your future. No more living in the past! Hurt people only hurt people because they haven’t healed yet.

Through healing you will gain wisdom that will bring you comfort, and it will make sense out of those terrible experiences you’ve had. Trust me. I’ve done the work of healing myself, and it’s been a very long journey with plenty of ups and downs, but the gems I’ve unearthed has empowered me in ways I couldn’t imagine. I have chosen to spread light onto others instead of poison. That is a testament to great strength that is worth pursuing.

Remember that betrayal shows us the lack of character that individual has. They absolutely don’t care about you nor do they respect you. It shows us everything we need to know about them. You will realize that it was a blessing in disguise because it made it easy for you to let that person go. Maybe it caught you by surprise because you never expected them to do such a thing. Well, now you know what they’re capable of, and you must accept that disturbing reality for what it is. Don’t be delusional. Take all that shit in, walk away and never return to that vomit. There’s nothing that needs to be talked about once you seen it all. Some things you just cannot unsee, otherwise you’ll be digging yourself further down into a deeper hole of delusion which can be your grave. You gotta be wide awake in life.

Betrayal is a painful way of sifting out the fake people from your life. It shakes shit up, so at that moment it can throw you in for a loop until time goes by and you realize that it was the best thing that ever happened to you. That betrayal showed you everything you needed to know, and it made it easier for you to cut the cancer before it grew into a bigger tumor. Be thankful when certain people leave your life. Now, I’m not saying that all people that leave your life are bad. I’m talking about those certain individuals who’ve proven themselves to be untrustworthy and have a lack of character that is beyond stupid and pathetic.

Allow God to go the cleaning for you. Allow the universe to show you what you were meant to know. Betrayal is a way to cut ties with those certain individuals who are no good. Not everyone is out to get you, but it’s important to be aware and prepare your mind for any enemy attacks. Once you’ve gone through enough bullshit in life this will become easier to deal with. You will expect the worst without being pessimistic. You will have a perfect balance of positivity and realism. You will be open to meeting better people, all while keeping a vigilant eye on the possibility for the enemy’s attempt to infiltrate into your life. You remain ten steps ahead of the game. How do you do this? By thinking like the enemy, and coming up with all possible strategies they could use against you to defeat you. In order to do this you must have some degree of cynicism, but you only use it as a tool to have greater sight to foresee enemy attacks, and be able to counteract them. It’s easy to win when you seen it before it happened. That is the power of intuition and elevated spiritual sight given by the Divine Creator, and we are the light that resonates with Him as we walk in this truth.

F L A S H B A C K S (poem)

It's been since 2009, since I lied in the dark hoping to die one day through hard liquor,

From all the gaslighting, causing me to lose sight of the writing on the wall,

Appalled by the actions of the fallen,

Just when I thought I've gotten over it all,

Flashbacks come back, to remind me of the past, that brought me much anguish.

Creating an appearance, mirroring the sting that causes futures to feel bleak despite achieving peace,

Disrupting my daily routine with obscene scenes that laced me with hostility,

As I increase insight, so does my misery, at least the devil doesn't whisper to me,

Like he once did when I was spiritually oblivious of the rituals that curses lineages,

All for the sake of attaining riches, you never know who in your kin is witches,

Wondering which one is, who's been plotting against you since the beginning,

It's no wonder we've been witnessing many spirits sprinting to the basement,

Seeking to debase you into non-existence,

Incubus pimps many women until they reach oblivion, never believing in em,

Sending em to broken graves, to the point they cannot retrace steps back to the faith from the beginning,

Feeling unworthy of blessings everytime flashbacks intrudes our vision,

Triggers hitting like an immense amount of bricks,

Seems insurmountable, yet I crouch like a hidden tiger, seeking to elevate higher,

Toward Ahayah. Elohim is the light I gleam, as He encourages me daily in my dreams,

With me wearing pearl and royal blue kimono, el exodo de todo dolor,
With pristine scenes of royalty, serving as a reminder that I am worthy.

-Y A S I R A A K A M A I

Breaking Generational Curses Creates a Shift in the Universe

It takes a very powerful and tenacious individual to embark on such a mission like this. It is said that breaking generational curses is not for the weak. It really isn’t. There’s a lot that goes on. A lot of stumbling, pitfalls, bite marks, spiritual battle scars (sometimes even real scars), etc.

You may have faced a lot of animosity from people, especially from your own family and/or relatives for going against the grain. People have hated you for trying to do the right thing, and you’re often misunderstood by pretty much everyone. The reason why it feels like everyone is against you is because your environment is toxic and mostly everyone around your proximity is operating under darkness or they’re blinded by it.

When you break a generational curse,

You are declaring the end to that dysfunction,

Which ruptures the demonic structure it had them under,

That’s been set in place for decades, and even ages,

The one who breaks it will become a sage.

A shift quickly sifts out the wicked,

Exposing the acts that have been done in darkness,

Secrets ejected from infected heads that were never bred to lead as they reject wisdom,

Which leads them to receive lead poisoning,

And spreading it to those who join their noise campaign,

Meant to smear the names of the innocent,

Causing them to be wrongfully persecuted vehemently,

Justice will leave an impact tremendously,

As the faithful make major life changes,

That puts an end to the toxicity they were raised in.

Untying faulty knots the mindless bots sought to justify throwing rocks,

At the one who arose from the rubble,

Walking through crumbled asphalt to unlock vaults full of gold,

Teaching the world what oughtta be taught so they can behold,

The truth that lived since the days of old,

You leave an imprint on the universe when you break generational curses, and speak words that overturn the feeling of being worthless.

A star was born and when it explodes it only glows brighter,

That’s that supernova powered by Yahovah.

An example of breaking a generational curse is when a loving couple forms a marriage covenant under God, and they both came from a broken family. They are the first to break the curse, so that’s when spiritual warfare kicks in. You may have experienced this if you have escaped from a dysfunctional family unit, and you decided to lead your life in a better direction. You will be in for some spiritual attacks when you marry because the familiar spirits that have haunted your bloodline cannot stay with you, and this agitates them to the core. They feed off of destroying lives and keeping us in the darkness, but when we free ourselves from their bondage they’re not gonna let you go that easily. It’s about to be war because they cannot enter to disturb your life anymore just like they were able to do so with your parents, relatives, and those who came before you. Now, that you are awakened they cannot have that, so they will attack you relentlessly to prevent you from setting yourself free, and from realizing your power to trample on those serpents. They will attack you from all angles, so you better be armed.

Sometimes these demons can manifest inside of relatives who wanna bicker with you or seduce your significant other. It can manifest in a bitter and lonely relative who hates the sight of young people in love because they never had that, and it’s a reminder of their failures. They hate your joy because it destroys their arguments against the opposite sex, and it becomes apparent that their bitterness was the problem the entire time. Most people don’t like to look in the mirror, so they’d rather shatter it while shattering your life.

These demons can manifest in people you used to be with or date in the past who want to appear out of nowhere with nothing but bad intentions of course. But you’re smarter than that, you don’t wanna go back to something that didn’t work before, especially when you know what they’re about. They may just be trying to destroy what you have because they may be miserable, or they just hate to see you happy for whatever reason. Not everyone is like this though, but do be aware of such shady characters.

Also, demons can manifest in a jealous counterfeit friend who hates the fact that you’re not that single lady/man anymore. They may try to cause division or devise conflict in order to break you apart. They could even go as far as to make up lies about that person in order to make you doubt that person’s integrity. They secretly are jealous of your blessings, so be on the lookout for that Judas spirit that may be lurking in your circle.

Lastly, demons can attack you in your sleep by sending you incubus/succubus attacks to rob you of your energy. These attacks are intensified if you have childhood abuse trauma (especially sexual abuse). This is intended to drain you when you get up to the point you feel empty, angry, and unworthy which can affect your marriage. You will experience many instances of sleep paralysis, nightmares, or anxiety attacks. The darkness is hurt that you are the individual who has closed the open portal for good by your righteous actions. The demons hate you for this because you’ve become a threat to them. They will go full throttle and give it all they’ve got to get you to break back into those old cursed ways or substance abuse.

They’re thinking like, “How dare you decide to live better, happier, and more fulfilling? How dare you actually live by the faith and accept the Holy Spirit? How dare you try to achieve peace and eternal life? I’m mad ’cause I can’t get that, so I’ma snatch it from you. Oh no, we’re gonna use everything we’ve got to obliterate you because how dare you end our supply to torment! How dare you put a stop to the cursed bloodline we have been following for years, and enjoying the pain we bring unto them. How dare you end that!? We are coming to get you! Hahaha.” You know this is the type of stuff demons say. Oh yes, and guess what? You’ve got humans who actually feel the same way too. Yup! That’s why the devil loves to use the weak/empty vessels for destruction. They hate to see other people happy because they refuse to cultivate that in themselves. Since they refuse to create, they will resort to stealing, killing, and destroying just like their evil master.

They can try to intimidate you all they want. The truth is the power is within you. It is up to you to stand strong and keep moving ahead in life. You must not be afraid of the demons because they feed off of your negative responses, especially fear. Your fear for them gives them power, so don’t relinquish your power. Realize that you are the power source. Keep that door closed, and know that they can only hurt you if you allow them to. They can only do so much if you allow them, so don’t allow them. Once you have reached this level of spiritual awareness, you will win, but make the right moves to the best of your ability.

Don’t worry about the evil that lurks. All they can do is lurk and watch, but they cannot touch the fire of the anointed ones. They may want to kill you spiritually, but they will not prosper for as long as you remain faithful to your marriage, the narrow path, and to the Most High God. Keep staying strong and be encouraged. When you endure all of this, you will realize and see the power that is within you through your determination. You may be struggling a lot right now, but I promise you that at the end of the road it will all be worth it because you stood tall to your convictions, and you get to enjoy the beautiful fruits that real love brings. Continue to learn, grow, and prosper.

When you make mistakes learn to forgive yourself, and keep going to the right direction. It’s not about being perfect. It’s about never giving up, so stay strong out here.

If you are an individual who has broken generational curses you are a very powerful person. Please congratulate yourself for this because it is a very difficult thing to do. I salute you 🙏

V I S I O N (poem)

I realized I don’t need knives,

My eyes pierce through you,

Exposing the hoes behind the mask,

The way you dress doesn’t impress me,

It’s all about where your heart rests,

Are you heartless?

I’ll find this regardless of the honey that drips from your lips,

They provoke a menace within faces that’s innocent, hoping they end up faceless,

The truth is, I can see right through this,

I’ve been a witness, to the same mind games, that nearly drove me insane,

Then got the nerve to ask “are you OK?”

While commiting conniving acts behind my back,

Brainwashing the weak sheeple, recruiting the feeble to go against real people,

Speaking evil with such subtleness, passive aggressiveness, Slander this,

Can bring the violence out of a pacifist,

I never intended to ball my fist, At the source that brought me confusion,

Grooming me until I woke up, nearly a lunatic,

But I still choose to be good to people,

As I become adept at reading them like books,

I got a whole library, you wanna take a look?

I already seen this movie too many times before,

Precise foresight, causing you to take flight,

Because my eyes show that I’m willing to put up a fight,

My light shines luminescently, blinding you from the power I have increased exceedingly,

I emanate excellence the leeches can never reach,

My vision analyzes lying eyes with precision,

Leaving them paralyzed and speechless,

I guess it’s about that time, for them to find new supply,

They’re so predictable,

Same spirit, different people.

Lies Never Age Well

Whatever bad thing that was said about you will be overturned. You will make them eat their own words through your righteous actions, so don’t give up. Keep your hands clean because they will use your flaws against you as if they never had any.

You know who you are, and the person you once was is no more. You have recreated yourself, so in essence they really don’t know you. They only know the old you, the “you” whom they expected to fail and would one day be destroyed. But here you are rising despite the bullshit.

You should give yourself a pat on the back.
Because while they were talking shit about you, putting curses on you, hoping to see you in shambles, you decided to elevate, ascend, and work on becoming the best version of yourself.

The world will see who’s been telling the truth and who’s been lying, so stay true to who you are because lies never age well.


Solitude is something I’m accustomed to,

As intrusive thoughts make its way,

Barricading the perimeter of my brain,

Making itself home.

Replaying the memories I dread,

Until I mastered the art of harnessing,

These seemingly harmless thoughts,

Seamlessly, sleeplessness inspires what I write,

Like right now, nocturnal turns all ideas into manifested concoctions,

A perfect combination of pain and passion,

Reminiscing the times, Insomniac nights almost turned me into a maniac,

Possible manic depressive symptoms,

As I was once overwhelmed by the perils set up by the tares, who sought to take me out without a cause,

I did nothing wrong, yet they often followed me,

No wonder why I nearly had PTSD,

Avoidant attachment because too many fakes hated me for no reason,

I was never made to blend in, but rather isolation is my way of coping with the shunning,

They’ve done on me for appreciating the shining light,

The Divine awakened me from,

I will never fold for no one in this world,

It’s been hell on Earth,

The battleground where souls meet,

For demons to reap from the weak,

This life wasn’t meant to be paradise,

But rather it’s a place where trifling lives thrive until they reach the end of time,

While the righteous inherit eternal life.

I, among many, are living proof that God’s anointing is powerful,

What makes me worthy? I don’t even know,

I never imagined I’d be qualified to walk this walk, abiding by the laws, due to my many flaws,

Past traumas discombobulating every step I take,

But I guess my heart is precious, and my pain was observed meticulously,

As He sees how much I’ve been treated treacherously,

By those who claim to be righteous,

When their hearts were far from it,

Many seek to kill the healers,

Jesus is proof that you don’t need to be a criminal to be on a hit list,

So I had no choice but to enlist as a spiritual samurai,

Who abides by the code of integrity from the Most High,

Otherwise I would’ve died.

As a former atheist, I realized I only had God to rely on,

While people keep plotting on my demise,

I keep on rising surprisingly,

I don’t even know how I’m even still alive,

I have no choice but to allow my faith to skyrocket.

Become the Master of Your Own Mind

You have the power to determine what kinds of thoughts you wanna entertain. Whether it’s…

Good or evil.

Positive or negative.

Enlightening or foolish.

High or low vibrational.

Empowerment or degradation.

Do not relinquish your power to those who don’t have your best interest at heart nor those who seek to destroy you.

Whatever you feed daily will become your weekly news feed. It’s like when you scroll down on social media, you see posts from pages and people you follow. It is based on your likes and interests. Whatever you choose to entertain will become you. You have the power to create your own world in your mind. Your mentality is based on what you choose to immerse yourself with. Not all thoughts are yours. Some come to deceive or annoy you like those stupid ads you may come across.

The reason why some of us don’t search for healing is because we may feel like we aren’t good enough for it. Some of us have been broken to the point where we think that we aren’t worthy of anything good. With that mindset, we would be headed to self-destruction, and we cannot have that happen.

Many people have commented on how strong I am, but what they don’t see is how I got here. I’m strong today because I’ve been hurt plenty of times, and I had to pull myself right out of it. I was all I had at the time, and with God beside me I went from being targeted to becoming an empowered individual. I’m strong because I had to give myself pep talks in order to prepare for what may come. I always expect the worst, so my hopes don’t get shattered once again, which forced me to embrace stoicism. Whatever happens happens. You can’t control what others do, but you can control how you move and react, and adjust your strategy. This gave me the heart and mind of a soldier.

You cannot become a warrior unless you’ve fought in battle. The more battles your mind overcomes, the more control you will have over your own thoughts. You want to become a master at evicting stupid thoughts that put you down, and give a warm welcome to the inspiring ones. Let’s keep our temple clean not only from what we eat, but what thoughts we feed ourselves with.

Everytime you defeat a negative thought, a fire will light up, and the more you do this eventually, you will have a firewall where negativity can no longer come through. It’s gonna take a lot for negative thoughts to enter and infiltrate your mind.

Your mind is like a Shinobi Kingdom, it is to be heavily protected and guarded from the enemy. You are the ruler of your mind, so you must be strong and wise because for as long as we’re alive the wicked will constantly try to attack our minds, in hopes that they could reap our souls, but they will never win.

“Enter not into the path of the wicked, and go not in the way of evil men. Avoid it, pass not by it, turn from it, and pass away. For they sleep not, except they have done mischief; and their sleep is taken away, unless they cause some to fall.”

Proverbs 4:14-16

One of the hardest pills for me to swallow was the fact that some people only live to destroy others, and there’s nothing you can do about it. All we can do is remove ourselves from toxic places and people because helping them could be our demise. Helping others is good, but you can only help those who actually wanna be helped. Some people pretend they wanna change, playing on your empathy only to destroy you. I cannot fathom the fact that some people only exist to shut off all the light left in the world.

That’s why we must be strong and protect ourselves at all times. Life is like a boxing match that never ends until you reach your last breath. Don’t allow this to intimidate or cripple you, but rather allow it to motivate you to build and become a better version of yourself. Everyday I work on mastering the art of empowering the mind, and I will gladly share it with the empaths.

5 Benefits of Eating Clean Meats & Raw Leafy Greens

The Earth provides us with everything we need. They say you are what you eat. We become like the life we consume, and when it’s green and clean we will grow the same way that plant did. Whatever the animal ate, we will also consume, and become like that beast (This could be good or bad). Clean meat can only come from clean animals that eat greens. The Bible has dietary laws that tells you what animals are considered clean or unclean. Basically, scavenger animals are unclean and they eat whatever is in its path because they were designed to clean the Earth from debris and even carcasses. Whatever that animal eats, essentially you end up eating that very same thing. Look at what pigs eat, but so many people love to eat that pork though!

I used to love eating chuletas (porkchops) but ever since the spring of 2012, I’ve given up pork. When I stick to my clean eating ways, I find myself having great immunity and energy. Besides minor allergies, I haven’t been sick ever since. Wow! Yeah, I know, but everytime I try to go back to it, my body will simply reject it by causing diarrhea, nausea, or stomach flu, but it would quickly leave the very next day. This gave me a taste aversion to unclean foods that I used to crave. Now, my body only yearns for highly nutritious food.

When you eat raw vegetables, particularly dark leafy greens, you exclude any possibilty of a disruption to your neural receptors. Your eliminating the possibility of your body having issues because you’re not consuming the problem.
Here are 5 reasons why we should eat clean and add more raw vegetables to our diet, especially dark leafy greens.

Disclaimer: I’m not a licensed nutritionist or dietitian. I’ve done my own independent research on the subject because I care about my health, and I find this information to be very important for personal self-development.

1. Your Mind will Operate on an Optimal Level

This allows you to focus and concentrate better. You will have a keen eye for whatever it is you will embark on. Nothing else in the world will matter because you will solely put that focus on yourself, and on your own lane. You will be eager to learn and study. You’ll be able to retain more information because the words you read will speak to you, and you will remember whatever it is that resonates with you. Studying will become meditative and healing. More neural pathways will be formed because the vast nutrients and minerals in the raw vegetables you eat literally incites more sparks.

You may have heard of how certain fruits and vegetables can conduct electricity, and you can read about that here. Raw vegetables are like spark plugs that fuel your body with all that it needs to propel you to the next level. The same minerals that are in raw vegetables are the same minerals that power electricity, and the lists of them is here. Therefore we are adding more edible electrical conductors that will bring power to our temple. Your neurons will be on fire with all the minerals you power it with.

Also, it boosts serotonin levels which gets rid of depression. Salads and raw vegetables are like natural anti-depressants basically because of the nutrients and minerals it contains. The consistency of that rhythm will kill the depression to the point it no longer has a hold of you. It may not completely go away, or it may return just like demons, but one thing is for sure, that the spirit of depression will weaken the more you empower your temple. It will get to a point where your temple will be so on fire that them destroying you becomes a suicide mission. You become untouchable by the darkness and the low vibrational crabs because you’ve reached heights they cannot.

2. Clears Out Blockages in your Body

This includes blockages in your digestive tract that may still carry “old toxic poop.” It cleans your entire system, but it goes further than that. It also clears out any blockages in your energy centers: the nervous system network and the Meridian lines. This explains how you’ll stop feeling aches or pains because the surge of energy has gotten rid of the blockages that induce tension.

Also, you’ll notice you’ll see this pattern also in your circulatory system, your blood will flow more smoothly and faster, which prevents you from having heart problems. It’s like clearing out the traffic jams from your veins, which allows blood cells to move more quickly and efficiently. This allows you to work out longer because oxygen through the bloodstream will transport at a faster rate.

3. More Energy to be Productive

You will begin to have more energy to study, read, work out, and be more productive overall. That’s because clean foods have everything your body needs to work efficiently and effectively. You will not feel lethargic or tired because you’ve given yourself the best fuel. You will find yourself getting more things done, whether it’s mental or physical tasks. You will feel a greater sense of accomplishment when you see how much you’ve managed to get done, and it becomes a positive cycle that keeps you going.

You will finally get some good sleep! It will help you maintain a healthy circadian rhythm because your body will be awakened at it’s optimal state throughout the day, and by the time night comes, you will be tired. Your body will naturally crave rejuvenation as it produces its own melatonin, which makes you want to fall asleep at the right time. This allows you to have better sleeping patterns and sleep more deeply, so you get the best rest to prepare you for the next day.

4. Daily Routines Become a Permanent Rhythm

Everyday will be an auspicious one filled with tasks that must be completed, and you will get things done daily. You will enjoy doing so. It won’t feel like a chore, especially when you consistency see the growth. It will only push you to keep going and never stop. All you have to do is get the ball rolling. It’ll get to a point where you will operate under a flow that moves at an infinite rhythm.

You will not wake up feeling like everyday will be a dreadful one. You’ll begin to “eat to live, not live to eat.” You will look forward to drinking your power smoothie, fruits will satisfy your sweet tooth, and you will anticipate that healthy colorful plate to fuel you. Instead of looking forward to a deep fried, high-carb, greasy, fat saturated, heavily processed, excessive high fructose corn syrup and lactose, you will desire things that are healthy for you because you’ve trained your mind to crave what it needs to work optimally, not carnally. You’ve taught your body to desire what is actually good for you. This transcends into spirituality as well…

5. Your Spiritual Vessel will Abide By Your Cleanliness

A clean diet will positively affect your body, mind, and even spirit. When you eat raw vegetables, your body begins to get rid of toxins, and will start to clean and rejuvenate itself. Your mind will forge new trails that will allow you to think and learn at a faster rate without feeling fatigue. Your spirit will also follow along with whatever you feed your body with because our physical body is parallel to our spiritual body. We become what we consume, whether it’s food, media, habits, people, and environment. Clean foods promote a clean temple. You will find yourself no longer desiring things that are detrimental to you which not only includes food, but also your thoughts, vices, and people. Your body pushes away biological toxins just like your spirit will push away toxic people away from you.

You will not even desire to overeat or over-indulge in the foods you used to love to eat. You won’t have the desire to engage in vices and sins you thought you actually enjoyed. You will receive greater clarity, and realize that those self-destructive habits were instilled in you as an unhealthy form of escapism.

Certainly, all this is a process that takes time, determination, and preservation, but it is very possible when you stay consistent.
Once you have reclaimed the power of your mind and spirit, you will be in full control of our own self, and you will naturally desire to do things that will preserve your life, and bring peace to your soul.

The Mask Can’t Hide You Forever

The mask portrays an attractive and beautiful face that hides the true identity of a suspected serpent with a smooth tongue. Their charm can be intoxicating, but it’s very short-lived because that’s not who they really are. What a coincidence that they try to be like everything you ever wanted. Hmm, makes you wonder if they really are who they say they are.

Once the mask falls off, you realize that you’ve been interacting with a soulless being the entire time. It begins to make sense why you’ve always felt drained just by being in their presence. It’s all spiritual not personal or physical.

They’ve been living a lie their entire lives that they’ve gotten so lost in their false identities. They don’t know who they are, to the point they become like soulless beings addicted to using and abusing people FOR YEARS, and viewing everyone as merely utilities for their own selfish gain.

Let me tell you about the mask.
You ever notice that the only holes in the mask are the eyes and nose?

Their nose needs that opening to smell vulnerability from miles away. They tend to perceive kindness for weakness until they mess with the wrong one.

The eyes have the largest opening. It is the only thing you can see through that mask. You may notice that their eyes do not match their fake face. They say you should never look at a narcissist in the eyes, but there are some people, who are spiritually gifted, who can penetrate through all the layers of their fabricated identities. They can see them for who they really are, sense their intentions, and test their spirit, so their lies never age well.

The mask doesn’t need to fall, the awakening of an empathetic person is what makes them fall. The truth is their mace, and you’ll notice how quick they flee when you expose them. That’s their demon “running swiftly back into mischief” (as said in Proverbs) because most of them don’t really care to change unless karma gives them a good ol’ ass-whooping!

They don’t stop with the BS, they’d rather run away from the real ones, and find someone they can use because that makes them feel comfortable and superior. They don’t even realize how much better they could’ve been if they would’ve surrounded themselves with high quality people to sharpen with like iron. Maybe it’s because they aren’t build tough like iron? Hmm. They choose not to improve, so that’s why they lose. They want an easy route only to boost their pathetic ego and live in a delusion forever!

Behind their pride, grandiosity, arrogance, superficiality, and false sense of superiority,
you will find an insecure and miserable individual curled up in fetal position because perhaps their parents didn’t give them the attention they needed. Rather than healing from their past traumas, they choose to age worse. Most aren’t even aware of this, or they don’t want to be.

They may be attracted to talented, influential, and highly gifted people, but they also are secretly envious or intimidated by the light they embody. They wish they had that, but rather than focusing on themselves, their goal is to destroy these very same people who loved and helped them. Their toxic mentality is “If I can’t have that, then no one can.” It is absolutely pathetic. Subconsciously, they release their contempt, play mind games, rob from others in attempts to finesse, destroy everyone they come across, and they wonder why no one wants to deal with them.

Self-awareness and accountability is key to personal growth and self-development. You never lose when you decide to become a better human being, a real one, not someone pretending to be like one.

To Whom It May Concern,

I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read my writing. I genuinely hope that it uplifts you. I do this for a reason. My dreams reveal a lot of information to me which inspires me to relay the messages to anyone who may find themselves reading this.

I never thought I’d ever find myself forgiving those who hurt me, until I sense them suffering without having to be present nor speak to them. I’m very sensitive to the spiritual realm. For this reason, forgiveness comes easy to me, and I honestly wish them the best.

This life is no joke. When a person doesn’t take heed to warnings, and is too prideful to admit any fault, karma will catch up to them. You cannot runaway from the truth. The good thing is though, you can always repent for as long as you’re still alive. Use your time wisely to get right with the One in control of where your soul goes in the afterlife.

You know what these words are for,
The cure from the hatred we were made to embrace,
Until we are faced with the consequences from past actions,
Plenty of mistakes made, to the point people think it’s pointless to forgive,
Because every time they did,
They’ve been met with disappointment,
Chances are not meant to be taken for granted.
Be grateful you still live,
So you can forge a new beginning,
For once in your life stop living a lie,
Release yourself from your own mental prison that prevents you from being fulfilled,
Finally taking self-improvement serious,
And becoming a better version of yourself,
You still have an opportunity to truly express your remorse from previous selfish acts,
The fact that you’re living with regrets just shows you have a heart of repentance,
Use your solitude as a time to seek penitentence,
That will allow you to make sense,
Out of the turbulence that life brings.

Your traumas continue to haunt you, oppressing the last bit of light left in you because it’s been robbed by those who were suppose to love you,
They used you when you were vulnerable and not old enough to comprehend why you felt so drained,
You gave so much of yourself to someone who never did,
In hopes that they’ll reciprocate affection,
Instead your needs were rejected by the narcissistic parent,
This abuse may have burned you, and turned you into someone who yearns for all the energy they can get from various people,
Not realizing you’ve just become just as emotionally immature as your selfish parent,
It clouded your perception, to the point you subconsciously hurt people along the way as you carried your pain with you,
Hoping no one would ever exploit your generosity ever again,
It left you with an insatiable void that no one could ever satisfy not even your self,
Unstable mentally, to the point you’re viewed as demented,
They don’t know that the way you moved was simply a defense mechanism,
That you can be overcome when you heal from your past traumas,
Taking your power back,
So you can walk in your true authentic self.

Despite the bridges burned, the lessons were learned as long as you actually feel remorse,
Even if you may not have much time left,
If you truly do regret the mistakes you’ve made, embrace the grace God has given,
By finally living in Truth no matter how brutal it may be,
To be released from stress, depression, anxiety, and spiritual oppression,
Acknowledge your wrongdoings,
Forgive yourself.
Seek wisdom, keep your temple clean, so you can reach peace.

Take the time to appreciate the people who’ve been a part of your healing journey. Even if it’s just been you, give yourself some credit for putting in the effort to grow. Isolation can be a blessing. It means you need to take the time to self-reflect, and get proactive on the next steps to upgrading yourself.

If you have good people in your life do NOT take them for granted because they are rare. If you lose them, you never know if you’ll ever find another.

The world is controlled by unseen forces,
You’re either a vessel for good, or for evil,
Whatever spirit you choose to feed will lead you.

Forgive yourself.

As long as you genuinely feel remorse, you have already been forgiven.


“Voice Unheard” by Y A S I R A : Spoken Word – Divine Lyricism

Currently, I’m working on this project, an album titled, “Voice Unheard.”

Just a piece of a song I wrote called “Broken Record.” This is the last half of the 3rd verse.

Spiritual Philosophy: Temptations Were Never Your True Desire

1. If you have to be seduced into doing something, can you really say that that’s what you truly desire?

Temptations were never your desire because they usually have to be introduced or forced into you. In some cases, you have to be broken into it, and it always comes when you’re vulnerable. It was all an illusion. You can’t trust your senses because it’s powered by emotions and not logic which leads to deception. What feels good for the moment isn’t good forever.

2. If that temptation was really what you wanted why does one feel drained/empty afterwards?

Because it leads to no fulfillment, only dead ends that can leave you spiritually dead, living a life of regret. Vain temptations never lead you to real purpose, instead they curse and break our temples even more. This causes you to age worse.

3. If you have to be broken throughout your life in order for you to fall into darkness, can you really say that the darkness was really your path?

Past traumas causes us to feel like we’re not worthy of God. Our sense of worthlessness makes us feel undeserving of good things, so we surrender to the darkness because we feel like we have nothing to live for. We had to be broken in order to get to this point, and traumas alters your brain chemistry and soul. Spiritual death is no different from suicide because you’ve given up the light. I’d argue that it’s actually worse than suicide, but that’s just my opinion for now.

That’s why healing from traumas is essential as it cuts off all toxic ties with what brought us misery. Unhealed traumas power the evils that will snatch your body, and create a false identity out of you. The longer you live this way, the more convinced you’ll be that that false identity is you when it never was. The further we disconnect from our own soul, the harder it is to overcome. Spiritual death is the worst thing because it cuts you off from the infinite source of life and wisdom.

RELEASE from BONDAGE – Spiritual Poetry

Yeah, we’re all human, but we’re also spirit beings,

Your soul is buried underneath the flesh,

So deep you can’t even reach it.

That’s why you feel empty,

Until you starve the flesh cravings, then the spirit strengthens,

Allowing you to gain control of your bodily autonomy,

Spiritual lobotomy,

Released from bondage,

A carnal migrant,

A refugee from a foreign entity you weren’t meant to be,

Your true identity is hiding behind your pride.

Do not underestimate the power of the mind when fasting,

Repentance provides us with a clean slate.

– Yasira Akamai

Prayer: As a Form of Elevating Vibrations

You are speaking things into existence everytime you pray. There’s an unseen phenomenon taking place when you speak confidently with faith over fear. When you think of the spoken word, you can hear it, and the words covey meaning. Since it is spoken, it is indeed a sound, and every sound carries a frequency. Sounds carry powerful vibrations that travels through our ears and penetrates our psyche, and our soul internalizes it all. There is power behind the sound frequencies that our voice creates. You can check out “The Healing Frequencies of Sound.”

Think about all the abuse and turbulence we’ve had to face throughout our lives, then our minds start to vibrate on that frequency. We are the product of our environment. We emulate what’s been demonstrated to us, then we begin to resonate with it. Our minds continue to echo the vibrations that once surrounded us. That’s how we find ourselves repeating the same thought patterns. If we were constantly shown negativity, we internalize it, and make it a part of our identity because that’s the vibration we’re more familiar with. We become our worst enemy when we don’t heal and take control of our own minds. That’s why toxic thought patterns must break. We must cut off those dreadful tunes and create a new sound for a sound mind.

We get what we put out into the atmosphere which can either create a prosperous or vicious cycle. You either self-improve or self-destruct. You are the master of your own mind. Otherwise, you’ll continue to walk aimlessly powered by dead energy. We have to be able to identify negative thoughts, detach ourselves from it, and kill that thought pattern once and for all. You have the power to evict them, and select what kind of vibes you want to live in your mind. That way, your mind can finally work for you, and not against you.

Prayer is a form of spoken word that elevates vibrations. In the words we speak, there are elements that come into play, and those are sound, meaning, and relating.

Every sound carries a certain frequency. Our voices are included in this. Our voices have a distinct sound, and the way we speak also matters. A relaxed, passionate, and confident tone is preferred over condescending, belittling, and obnoxious tones.

Photo credit Pinterest

If speaking life into a plant can help it grow can you imagine what it can do for us?

– I read this somewhere

The moment you start speaking, the vibration starts from your vocal cords and it goes out of your mouth spreading it further out into the atmosphere. It all comes from within you, which means you have the power to create the vibe. Your voice is in charge.

Evil spirits are low-vibrational entities which are detected as a drastic shift in the electromagnetic frequency of a certain area. Demonic parasites seek to drain your energy by inducing nightmares, sudden nocturnal anxiety, or sleep paralysis. Just like spiritual warfare, sound frequencies are unseen, yet they play a huge role in setting the stage in this physical realm. Prayer can readjust the frequency of the atmosphere back to its tranquil state. Your words spoken with conviction and faith with no trace of fear whatsoever is what makes your prayer potent as well.
You may check out my post “Spiritual Analysis of Sleep Paralysis.”

When you put words together to illustrate what your mind sees and consistently meditate, you’ll access different thoughts and ideas. If something is bothering you, or you can’t get your mind off of something, you can put it out in the air through prayer. As you express yourself, you will notice that insight will come to you, and the more you speak your thoughts, the more you discover from within. Prayer reinforces your thought process which allows you to understand things better. Hence, you’ll attain a greater meaning in life and in your purpose. You will find yourself speaking a philosophical language that can vividly describe concepts. This can make you a better communicator. The better you can convey your message, the better you’ll be at finding the answers to your questions.

Sometimes people pray as a group or an individual may pray for someone else or others. We relate so we can relay the message. Your message may resonate with certain people on a subconscious and spiritual level. So much so, that it compells them to analyze and self-reflect which promotes positive change.

Analyze: This is when you start to think about situations, concepts, people, or places as a way to extract new information. In order to truly learn, we must be humble enough to know that even if we are experts in a certain field, there’s always room for improvement. With that said, you will begin to look for any new data you may not have noticed before. Some people read the same book 5 times, and with each time they’ve gathered new information and discovered new perspectives they’ve overlooked previously. It’s like “Wow, I can’t believe that went over my head!”
You never know what you can learn if you don’t open your mind to do so. There’s always multiple layers worth analyzing, and it’s worth gaining the insight.

Self-Reflect: This is on a more personal level. I’d like to say it’s similar to psychoanalysis because you are reflecting on why you are the way you are today.

You may ask yourself:

“How did I get here?”

“What happened to me in the past that causes me to have these same issues?”

“What can I do to overcome my past traumas and heal?”

Finding the answers to these questions are a journey worth exploring. The thing is you have to put yourself in the position to humbly ask these questions. Every question requires an answer. Each question represents a goal worth going for, and with great tenacity comes an individual who has found the answers to the given question. Once you do find them, you will become wiser. Soon enough, it’ll get addicting. It’s a healthy addiction I promise you! You can read this philosophical blog titled “Everything began with a Question.”


The most powerful prayers are spoken from the heart, and that includes a great amount of honesty with yourself. This is crucial because in order to alleviate ourselves of our burdens we must be able to look in the mirror, and identify our faults and the patterns that allows our problems to persist. They say, “Admitting is the first step” to recovery. If you keep lying to yourself you will never heal, and you cannot lie to God either (whether or not you believe). We can all agree that lies never age well.

In my personal experience, the name Yahshua or Jesus is very powerful to call onto when praying.

Why is that?

Perhaps, it’s the vibration behind the sound of that name, or maybe it goes deeper than that because this is all spiritual.

All this is coming from a former agnostic/atheist who still loves science. In my journey of trying to find the truth and gain wisdom, I’ve had various spiritual encounters the led me into many directions that ultimately led me to God.

They do say, “Faith comes from hearing.” Interesting. Faith increases when we seek answers to spiritual phenomenon that is beyond the scope of physical science. In order for this to happen, we have to let go of pride and academic arrogance, and be open to discovering more layers of truth and spirituality. The more we pay attention to the symbolisms, synchronicities, and connections in our dreams and in the physical world, the better we’ll be able to figure things out.

By seeking the truth, you are essentially seeking the Creator “יהוה‎” because He is the Infinite Truth.

Me Versus the World (free-verse)

What are these verses for?

Me versus the world.

Stone cold, but I remain warm,

Keeping my peace hidden from the swarm of leeches, I’ve been warned to refrain from,

Disdain painted across their faces as they see me making it without them,

Without a handout I stand out,

For as much as they put me down,

Minimizing my potential, living in denial,

I didn’t need you to overcome these trials,

That keep on trying me, endless spirals,

If anything, some of you inspired me to fly higher, than an admirer wired up with passionate fire, who was betrayed by pathological liars,

And that allowed me to never turn back,
To see those who turned their backs on me when I was in dire need,

Perhaps I shoulda got therapy or seek God’s healing, but it’s hard to make sense of it all,

I’ve been lost,

Forgive me if I ever been a burden.

Normally, my attachment is avoidant, but the moment I become open,

I realized these persons, were never my friends,

Just impersonating, perpetrating a fraud, false confidant,

But I thank all those who let me know what it really was early on.

No matter what they say,

I’ve never been fake nor two-faced,

If anything I’m too transparent, and that’s just too intense for the counterfeit.

I’m genuine, I don’t fit in,

But that’s a blessing, and also menacing for those who fear their own reflection,

Life’s full of lessons for greatness,

You either break or make it, I only take wins.

– Yasira Akamai

Reflecting on the Wise Words of My Father

My father is a man of a few words, but those words were essential to instilling a logical and sound mind that allowed me to move in the right direction. It made me a solid individual.

He had difficulty communicating, but he wasn’t afraid to speak the truth. Even if it “hurt my feelings,” it was for my own good. I needed to hear it, and I’m very thankful I did because I wouldn’t be where I am today. Now, I appreciate the harsh truth because it is laced with love that allows you to grow.

He spoke bluntly because he wanted me to be prepared for this tough world because his eyes has seen the cruelty of this world before I was able to understand it. Now, I understand it.

My parents divorced and it affected me negatively for some time back then, and it took me to a dark place. I wasn’t very close to my father at first, but he never abandoned me. Divorce created the illusion that I was “unloved” but now that I’m older I realize how much he did love me. It was just an unemotional love he shown through his commitment to still be in my life.

As a kid, I used to have reoccurring dreams that he wanted to get closer to me, but I didn’t believe it because sometimes he wouldn’t show up when he was suppose to pick me up for that weekend. This really broke my heart, and I felt like a burden to him. Until time went by, he shared his childhood stories with me, and we were able to cultivate a good relationship.

I saw the growth in this man which allowed me to not hate all men because I had my dad to serve as a reference for me to see the goodness in the imperfections of man. And no matter how many struggles and vices a man may have, there’s no excuse for still being a shitty person.

I didn’t see him often, but when I did we would watch some very good movies. His favorite ones were any action movies with Denzel Washington in it. The Book of Ali was his ultimate favorite, and it is very relevant to these last days. I remember watching Scarface too, and he adopted that phrase that he would often say:
📍”El Mundo Es Tuyo.”
▪️(The World is Yours).
Recently, I saw someone with a tattoo of it, and I immediately thought about my dad. It’s amazing how much words can be imprinted in your mind for years to come.

He never made excuses and that instilled discipline and a sense of accountability in me. I’m thankful for all this. He would tell me:
📍”Tu vida sera dificil porque la mia es tambien y tu eres mi hija, pero solo tienes que correr mas rapido que los demas. Cada generacion tiene que ser mejor.”
▪️(Your life will be hard because mine was, and you are my daughter. But that just means you have to run faster than most. Every generation should get better).

He used to take me to his carpentry job, and I seen how hard men work. This allowed me to appreciate the labor of men, particularly the blue collar man, while the media likes to talk down on those professions even though they are the ones who build everything.

He was a man who didn’t talk much, but whenever he did it meant a lot to me.
Those few words he spoke would play in my mind whenever I was ready to do something stupid. Even though he wasn’t always physically there, his few words lived in my mind. This was one of them, regarding the teen years:
📍 “Estos son los años mas peligrosos de tu vida. Solo un error puede destruirte para siempre.”
▪️(This is the most dangerous years of your life. One wrong move and your life will be ruined forever).
📍”No te embarazes!”
▪️(Don’t get pregnant).
Those words put the fear of God in me because I was determined to make the right moves even back when I didn’t believe in God. I still tried to maintain a moral code because I like to do the right thing.

I used to resent him until I saw him change for the better the older I got. The older I got the more connected I felt to him, even though I lived with my mother. He always used to say:
📍”La sangre llama
▪️ (The blood calls).
He was referring to how close we are to our bretheren despite the physical distance, and it goes deeper into your ancestors as well. I would even add that it also refers to how we are spiritually connected to certain people. I think it’s more spiritual than it is physical.

He taught me about our Indigenous American heritage, and about the original Mexicans, which is information passed down from the generations before us. This showed me the importance of oral tradition, and passing down information about your history to your children. Then he’d tell me:
📍”No dejas que ellos te hacen sentir que este no es tu paiz porque nosotros somos mas Americanos que los gringos. Todo el continente de America era de los Indigenas.”
▪️(Never let anyone make you feel like you don’t belong in this country because we are more American than the gringos. The entire American continent belonged to the Indigenous).

He would often talk about how he could’ve went the wrong direction, but he didn’t.
As a result he would often tell me:
📍”Se siente muy bien no tener que preoccuparme o ser vigilante de donde voy. La paz es mas valorable quel dinero.”
▪️(It feels so good to not have to look over your shoulder everywhere you go. Peace is more valuable than money).”

We both inherited struggle, but we made it with a good heart despite all that. We have great respect for each other.

💚Having a good father in your life is the closest thing to God’s love. 🙏

💚Happy Father’s day to all the good fathers out there. 🍻

💙And while others wanna hijack father’s day for their mama, I’d like to once again give respect where respect is due: