Running: As a Form of Healing Escapism

Just like in that poem, ‘10 Years Ago,’ I was in a dark place mentally, my sense of hope was crumbling bit by bit as the memories of the past haunted me, it pushed me onto the verge of depression.

Depression, when you lose sense of existence,

Existence feels pointless,

The only things that once brought joy, no longer can you rejoice,

You develop an avoidance toward everything around you,

Everyone’s voices appear to be muted,

The zeal for life becomes diluted,

Reduced moods, only making room for inevitable gloom and nihilistic perspectives,

That prevent you from getting a good night’s rest, as you nestle in bed,

This is the only time you feel warm in the inside…

Any decision you make in life has the ability to either make you or break you for life. Back then, every day was a constant battle to not self-destruct. Now, every day has blossomed into opportunities for self-improvement.

One of the things that has helped me overcome negative thoughts and toxicity was running. Writing is one of my most treasured passions, but running has worked hand-in-hand with it; both creating a strong-willed individual within a broken person until you eventually become unbreakable. Running gave my brain the boost it needed to even have any sort of motivation to even write. Writing has provided a cathartic release that healed me. So, there’s a healthy cycle here of running and writing. Back-to-back. Consistently. I grew to love that runner’s high, and I felt all sorts of inspiration to write.

But can ‘escapism‘ be counterproductive?

Usually, the term escapism refers to a way of escaping from reality due to the hardships you may face. This can grow to become detrimental when we create a pattern of avoidance, which is when we lose our sense of reality. Thus, we may end up with the inability to cope with life, and none of our problems get solved. However, in this post I’m highlighting something else regarding escapism. I’m thinking on terms of using a little dab of escapism by creating new productive and creative outlets to make you rise up from that dreadful idle-mind. More specifically, I’m talking about running, and how beneficial it is, not only for your physical health, but for your mental health as well.

Let’s dive right into this.

What happens when you run?

When you run, plenty of things are happening within you. Your heart quickens its tempo, you may sweat, your lungs are working a bit harder, oxygen is being transported throughout your blood stream, and your natural endorphins, as well as the neurotransmitter serotonin makes its presence known into your mind, which gives you that runner’s high. Essentially, running alters your brain chemistry to liven your mood which can work as a natural antidepressant. (Disclaimer: I am not a doctor by the way). Here’s an article from the healthline website that explains how to naturally boost your serotonin levels without medication.

My personal experience

Running became the highlight of my life, and it even helped improve my writing. This is proof that our mind is the powerhouse of all things we bring into existence through our creative works. For instance, prior to running, my writing was more sad, hopeless, and kind of dark. It only fed me into more negative thinking. And a counterproductive cycle was emerging until I decided to change my habits around Passover of 2012. I began by eating clean, learning more about healthy recipes, and ultimately running. It was like something within me was yearning to just go for a run. And when I made running part of my constant routine I noticed changes taking place. My mind was more at ease, and my writing beautifully evolved into positivity while simultaneously putting the negativity into perspective. Basically, I didn’t just write about doom and gloom; I acknowledged the negativity around me without wallowing in it. I used it to bring forth a positive message that served to be inspiring. Many writers have come to cherish this gift.

As far as running goes, in the beginning, it didn’t matter how long I ran for… what mattered was that I did it. The most important part is to just get started, and little by little you will be able to run miles. Let me tell you that my very first day of running was quite pathetic. I only ran for like one-eighth of a mile. Despite this I decided to try the HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) strategy, you can read more about that here. I would sprint for a few seconds, then jog, and then walk, until I was ready to sprint again. This helps get your heart used to the high intensity of running, which gradually enables you to jog for a longer period of time. And it really did help! I went from only being able to run for one-eighth of a mile to 10 miles straight (that’s my best so far). Running is still and always will be one of my greatest joys.


Just run like a deer and you will not stumble’,

Abrupt eruptions of rage or tribulations will not faze you,

As you face challenges head on, head-strong without the heat,

Eyes gleaming, dreaming about the prize, but humility is key, no need for the pride of life,

Eyes still full of light, showing signs of innocence,

Noble intent, while looking attentively at end of the finish line, end times…

Track lanes become a trail of travails as the journey unveils wisdom as we run.

Spiritual Analysis of Sleep Paralysis

In the middle of the night, you wake up from a deep sleep but you can’t move or speak. You may sense an eerie feeling, you may sense an ominous presence lurking beside your bed…

Photo credit to Sleep Cycle.

Have you ever experienced this before?

If so, you are not alone. There are plenty of testimonies out there about people who’ve been through sleep paralysis. Some say it induces sudden panic that can be a frightening experience that may cause anxiety to linger. Others say it’s just a weird experience that means nothing, that it’s just a disruption of the sleep cycle, nothing to see here…

What is Sleep Paralysis?

In secular terms, it is a disruption of the sleep cycle. It happens when your conscious mind awakens from deep REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, but your body is still in sleep mode. When you are in REM sleep mode, your body is very relaxed, to the point your body is somewhat paralyzed in order to prevent you from physically acting out your dreams. Because usually we have dreams during REM sleep, therefore our brain has a genius way of making sure we don’t move while we dream.

Can you imagine if we didn’t have this and we proceed to dream about running from a bear, flying, driving in a high speed chase, fighting ninja warriors, etc? Imagine if our physical body acted those movements out? We’d probably hurt ourselves or those laying next to us. And that’s why the paralysis is there during our REM sleep stage, but the problem happens when our mind awakens while our body is still asleep. It can be frightening. Normally, it’s just a disruption of the sleep, and this is true. But not all sleep paralysis episodes are quite normal. Some are quite strange indeed, and deserve a more in-depth explanation.

A Spiritual Analysis

Sleep paralysis is quite an interesting phenomenon that cannot be thoroughly explained in solely physical terms. I believe some sleep paralysis episodes are not only a disruption of sleep, but rather some episodes can be a nocturnal turbulence occurring turning your vision blurry, due to the portals that are opening at the moment. What I mean is that allegedly, sleep paralysis bridges the physical realm with the interdimmensional realm by way of opening portals, which causes a disruption to your sleep due to the presence of evil spirits and/or a heavy concentration of electromagnetic frequencies or low energy. Surely, there’s no solid proof of what it actually is, but one things for sure, it goes beyond what we think we know. It’s always good to keep your mind open and not underestimate what is unknown to us.

There’s no solid scientific proof, however all the have is testimonies by many people about this strange phenomenon. Here’s one:

I remember waking up with sleep paralysis, usually I try to shake my foot in order to awaken my whole body, but this time it was different. Right then and there, I knew that it wasn’t just a sleep disturbance but rather something supernatural. Not only was my body unable to move, but I felt something heavy pressing on my chest. And I’ve felt hands wrapped around my neck, and my breath felt like it was being sucked out of me. I saw a long skinny shadow standing right before me, and it’s darkness hovered right above me. It was scary at the time. But I realized that once I stopped feeding it my fear, it’s power would diminish. Faith over fear, along with prayer, has been a great remedy whenever I experience this.

Usually, people experience sleep paralysis when they’ve been sleep deprived, exhausted, or stressed out. Ok, this explains the disruption of REM sleep where you cannot move or speak for a couple minutes.

Ok. But what explains the hands felt around the neck as if you’re about to get strangled along with the difficulty breathing? And what about the eerie shadow?

Hallucinations they call it. It can very well be, sure. But Hallucinations don’t actually get to touch you, so that doesn’t explain the phantom chokehold. Seems like something else to me.

Also, if it’s just a physical thing, then how is it that prayer immediately causes the shadows to vanish? Words carry vibration (it can even be used telepathically if you cannot speak verbally) that alters the frequencies around us by raising the energy higher. So, there is power in prayer that the spiritual realm abides by. But if we’re being told how unreal these things are then how can we be prepared for these spiritual attacks when it does come? Either way, everyone’s entitled to their opinion just like we’re entitled to ask questions about the unknown.

There’s a saying in Spanish that goes, “Se te subio la muerte” (The death spirit laid atop of you). This phrase describes the “old hag” archetype. All over the world, the supernatural aspect of sleep paralysis is known, but it’s considered to be nothing more than just a myth to describe sleep disruption. As always, the existence of a spiritual realm is constantly being denied and supressed. Of course science cannot prove it! Science is the study of the physical realm that which can be experimented and thoroughly examined. The spiritual realm is metaphysical, outside of our ability to touch and test its credibility. Despite this, that doesn’t mean the spiritual realm isn’t real.

Our mind is the bridge between the physical and spiritual realm because that is where the pineal gland (the 3rd eye) is located in. There’s something very intriguing about that.

Use Your Pain to Propel You

Everyone has some degree of hardship. However, some people are given more than enough tools and resources to build upon the life they want. Whereas, others don’t even have the tools. They have to spend extra time and energy to attain those tools.

Is it impossible? No.

But it can set you behind… then again, it only seems like you’re behind if you’re focusing on what others are doing. With the little bit of resources we have at our disposal, dedicate the time to using every bit of it wisely, so we may reach that finish line, and don’t worry about how easy it may have been for the other opponents.

As a recreational long distance runner, I would often have dreams about running in the track… I would have tunnel vision when it came to running on the track. But the moment I try to look over onto the next lane, I lose concentration in my own progress.

Our progression lessens when we focus on what others do, and how easy they may’ve had it. Whether or not they had a head start should not concern you…

The lane is yours.

The opportunity is yours.

Take it and put your all into it. Because if you don’t, then you’ll be wasting the little bit of resource you have to win.

Your background, the pain, and the struggle may be a generational curse, but it can be overturned when we use those experiences as fuel to propel us to win. We can break the curse, but we have to have the intrinsic motivation to embark on the mission.

We’ll never know if we’ll win if we don’t even attempt at it. It all starts with setting your mind into task. You have to strongly believe in the ability to win. Winning doesn’t only mean upward social-economic mobility, it can mean attaining peace by living righteously, not allowing this world to corrupt you. The world needs more empaths. Living with no bitterness or hatred in your heart is also a win. Success isn’t just about monetary gain. It could mean finding your life’s purpose and accomplishing goals that fulfill and enrich you.

There’s an old saying that goes, “if they give you lemons then make lemonade.” That’s pretty much what we have to do. Use the negativity thrown at you, and convert it into positivity through the compassionate actions you do for others, and the self-improvement you dedicate to yourself. How you react to negativity is ultimately what will alter the trajectory of your life.

Often times, pain tends to give you much more determination than most because you are just that hungry to succeed. (Just don’t let that hunger push you into doing the wrong things that end up shortening your life-span and add curses onto the next generation). The pain we faced can push us to be as far away from the suffering as possible. This is good, but also don’t let monetary gain taint your character in the process. Preserve your humility even as you reach to that point of success. Otherwise life anyways has a way of humbling you down.

You cannot control the pain that was inflicted upon you. You cannot control were you came from or what others have done to you. Only thing you can change is how you react, move, and decide. Make decisions that will promote self-improvement NOT self-destruction.

The moment you chose to self-destruct is the moment you let your enemies win.

A Message to Those With Suicidal Thoughts (A MUST READ)!!!

“You have a reason to live for as long as the breath of life resides within you. “

– Wise words

First and foremost, here’s the US national suicide prevention hotline: 800-273-8255 . And the site here.

Please, do not end your life prematurely…

Your pain must be increasing exceedingly, you’re in dire need of healing,

Your knees may be weary, tired of kneeling for prayer… Has your faith dwindled? I hope it rekindles.

Or perhaps your faith had already dissipated from countless hopeless experiences of disappointment…

You may feel like you have nothing to live for, perhaps you’ve been abused all your life by those who were supposed to love and protect you,

Dear Empath, you had to learn survival mode at a very young age, people have mistreated you, you’ve been targeted somehow, for what though? Why?

What’s the crime? Having a good heart and a kind soul is a threat to this evil world that views kindness as a weakness.

I just want you to know that there are some good people here who are also empaths.

There are people out here who pray for you even if they may not know you. They pray for you because at one point they’ve felt that pain before. They know what it’s like.

Or they may just be very compassionate. I’m not gonna lie, this world makes you wanna lose hope.

Your pain is to be acknowledged and not ignored. There are others who are in great pain right now. Although, there may be different levels to the struggles we face, we may react differently, but at the end of the day… THE PAIN IS THE SAME. IT’S ALL PAIN. WE’VE FELT PAIN.

And pain stings like a bitter venom that doesn’t seem to ever stop,

You wanna blotch out your own existence due to persistent afflictions,

with witnesses who don’t care to lend assistance, bystanders on stand-by hiding behind,

Please take a moment to meditate, in order to recalibrate the neurotransmitters in your brain,

Eradicate the blueprint that promotes self-destruction, and focus on self-improvement and healing the wounds that have been long overdue.



You are still here despite all the suffering, whether or not you believe in life having any meaning… You are here for a reason, even if you don’t know what that reason may be. That just shows you’re meant to find out what your purpose is.

If you don’t know what your purpose is in life, dedicate this time to seeking it. Once you find your purpose, it will give your life meaning.

For all those who have hurt you in the past, their actions toward you DOES NOT DETERMINE YOUR VALUE OR IDENTITY.

They treated you poorly, or maybe your faced with an invisible menace that tries to eat away every bit of energy and life you have left in you.

You may feel exceedingly depleted from repeated offenses,

It is now time to built up our defenses against the pythons and serpents, we become wise like them but remain innocent as doves,

Think like a wolf but don’t become one.

Don’t allow evil to corrupt you, YOU ARE TOO GOOD FOR THAT,

Become higher than the enemy, know and understand their strategy so they cannot inflict you again, dedicate your life to learning more, empower yourself through seeking knowledge, build up your arsenal with wisdom, that way YOU DON’T SUCCUMB TO THE LOWER WAYS OF THINKING. One thing you never want to become is the same as the enemy you claim to hate.

Your mind has been infiltrated, get rid of the intruders, certain brainwaves are taking place to displace the way you actually think.



Someone or something caused you to hate yourself, or made you believe that you aren’t worthy enough to keep on going. But yet you’re still breathing. THE BREATH THAT EXISTS SYMBOLIZES YOUR PURPOSE HAS YET TO BE DISCOVERED. AND ONLY YOU CAN FIND IT. IT IS YOUR MISSION TO DO SO.

The breath you breathe daily is a constant reminder, we receive every second, that life resides in here, and it is our divine right to protect ourselves, to care for ourselves even when no one else does. You may feel like no one around you cares or thinks about you, but you’re wrong. I may not know your face or your name, but I, and many other empaths think about this, and we pray or write, in order to send positive vibrations out into the atmosphere that is in dire need of agape love and holistic healing.

Do not let anyone in this world make you believe that you’re not worthy. Do not let anyone make you hate yourself that much. Your end is their win. Do not let them win.

Your soul emanates great energy, that makes enemies scurry worried,

so they make you feel weary and unworthy, even though their own hands are dirty,

do not believe the speech of a narcissist, for it is always double minded intertwined lies convoluted like vines, polluted like the end times skies.

Your life is precious, think about all the work your body has to do in order to keep you alive! Breathing is second nature to us, but it is a complex physiological function when you contemplate on it. If you feel like no one cares about you, remember there’s an innumerable amount of cells that work hard to keep you breathing. The multitude of cells cares about you. And as long as you are breathing you have a purpose to seek. Even if you feel neglected and outcasted, you are not forgotten. God is with you, and if you don’t believe in God, just think about all the cells that care about you. Cells, the building blocks of life that give you the breath you breathe every second.

Keep the breath alive just like it keeps you alive.

I hope this helped

Please take care of yourself!

You are loved!

A Message to Writers

Your unpublished work is the treasure trove ready to be discovered by those who need to hear your words.

Dear writer,

Never stop writing. Do not quit. You don’t know how many lives you can touch by your words.

There may be a vast multitude of books, websites, and blogs, but each one is unique because every writer’s voice is tailor-made for a specific audience. Everyone may not like you, your writing style, or your stories… but that doesn’t mean you don’t have an audience. Each of us have different views and perspectives, so one book may not be for everyone, and that’s OK. You’ll have some people who won’t like you, some may vehemently criticize or misunderstand you, then you may have others who will love your work. Some people in your audience may even go as far as to leave a heartfelt review or message you to let you know how much they appreciate your work.

And best of all, your writing can touch lives, and that is one of the most important things to me.

So Dear Writer,

You may not notice the value of your work, but believe me it is there. But it will only stay there if you constantly work hard to refine it, so that you can express your thoughts coherently and accurately. Writing is an essential art form of sacred communication and expression that can, not only entertain, but it can also heal others.

Spoken words carry vibrations that can build and repair broken souls. Even written words can be as powerful, especially when you’ve been mastering the skill of prose writing, and the art of compelling storytelling. The reader can read aloud those same words that YOU typed in that book. Your words are being spoken by others. Your message is being sent across the globe for those who get a hold of your literary gold.

Even when you pass away, your writing will live on for generations to come. Your writing will long live, and will reach into the right hands for those who seek it. Your story could be the very thing they’ve been searching for. It may be like a needle in a haystack, but once it is found it becomes a treasure trove for that reader. Your voice comes to life as they read it aloud even when you’re long gone.

When it comes to writing, it becomes more fulfilling when we do it for the enjoyment of it, and for the appreciation of the art form. I don’t want to rely on financial incentives because I’ve found a greater motivation for me, and that is the fact that writing has saved me from turmoil. It has helped me make sense out of life, and allowed me to overcome the negativity I was around. It is one of the greatest forms of cathartic release. And the same way it healed me, I know it can heal others. So, I want to pass on the message.

Us, writers are messengers with a mission. We all have different messages to send for different audiences, and at the end of the day our job is to provoke thought, stimulate minds, inspire positivity, and engage creative imaginations, all through printed texts.

So, please never give up. Give yourself a break when you need to refresh yourself but do not procrastinate.

What motivates me to keep going is my confidence and belief in my work. And how much it can help others. Only YOU have the control to determine the value of your work, so believe in yourself, and also sharpen your talent closest to perfection, and that isn’t so bad when you enjoy what you do.

What we need to do as writers is never stop loving what we do. Don’t lose your joy of writing. Don’t forget why you started writing in the first place. If you can keep that flame alive, you will be just fine. You have to have a healthy relationship with your writing: give yourself space but do not neglect it, remember why you love it, and keep working at it without letting it become a chore. Don’t let the very thing you love stress you out into quitting.

Don’t surround yourself with people who discourage you from pursuing what YOU know is YOUR PURPOSE. Each of us have been assigned a mission, so only YOU know what YOU must do. This isn’t for money or fame. This is for the appreciation of the literary arts and the love of healing through the spoken and written word that has enriched the souls of many.

I hope this message reaches my fellow writers, empaths, and old souls.

I hope you have a great day!

Sincerely, a writer.

When Darkness Once Brewed Within (poem)

I was approaching closely toward the burning furnace,

I could feel the heat come near me, making me weary, but it couldn’t burn me.

A power of a higher source saved me from the fiery trial, (not guilty!)

And openned the doors and propelled me into the royal blue sky.”

I remember the days when darkness once brewed within me, I bet the heat from the furnace was hot enough to cook up the crock of nonsense I’ve been foolish enough to concoct,

Thinking I was so smart, there was a lot I needed to be taught despite the fact that I’ve always been an old soul,

I was told I was ahead of my time, but pride comes before the fall, pride can push you to make unwise decisions.

And it goes further… there was a time when we once had darkness brewing within us,

Revenge disguises itself as a noble avenge venture, a pointless event even if you achieve it, the same psycho cycle will repeat without a real remedy, insanity would viciously run rampantly as the infuriated seek to set the record straight, but if you keep embarking on that, it’ll never end. We forget karma works after dark, so you may sleep at night.

Hatred was an evil that once brewed within, Hatred once dominated the heart as a form of retaliation for being broken apart, being dealt with the wrong cards, excessive losses we soon draw the line, and decide to go out of line. And become something we are not: (evil).

We only did evil for we are a deceived people.

-Wise words

In the form of anger and hate, hatred maced your own face, in attempts to erase your enemys’ existence, but in the end you become your own menace, until you retrospect and remain penitent, you begin to increase your comprehension.

Envious hearts causes you to depart from your real identity, you undermine your own talents, and relinquish your own time to refine it, envious hearts focus more on destroying another person’s blessings. Envious hearts can grow to become murderous and/or adulterous as they seek to take from another, they “seek to steal, kill, and destroy” sound familiar?

Do you really want to become like the enemy? Allowing evil to brew within you long enough will cause you to become the very thing you despise.

Lust enslaves the encaged hedonist to engage in fruitless acts, that produce confusion, one moment of heat could result in a lifetime of regret that compounds stress like interest, a debt as insatiable as the lust that possesses the vessels who suffer the consequences of selfish acts.

This is the human experience as well as a spiritual journey. We must fortify ourselves with proper nourishment of wisdom so we may live in pure peace. The root of all problems is having a lack of wisdom.

We’re all flawed as humans, yes. But we can perfect and sharpen ourselves when we live by the Holy Spirit (by having wisdom).

The Healing Art of Prose Writing

Many people have their own interpretation about what prose writing is. It goes deeper than just a dictionary definition or a literary art form. The art of prose writing delves much deeper than the surface many have kept it on. It is cathartic healing by way of rhythmic, clever-linguistic writing, that opens the disheartened hardened hearts. And it unravels the power of your mind when you read it.

The vibrations you create with your words gives you a purpose.

Whether it be verbal, spoken boldly for the world to endorse the words from the voice unheard,

providing a breath of fresh air, because wise words have become rare,

a rarity, fine delicacy meant to be carved carefully, for those listening attentively,

or it can be left written for future generations,

it will find itself onto the right hands, the ones meant to receive the message.

Writing allows your words to live on even after you pass away. You can speak despite your voice being unheard. The same writing that ignited your zeal for life can be the same writing that inspires others, to find their purpose just like you did. It becomes a healthy generational cycle that can extent for millenia. An absolutely amazing legacy.

And if it can help me, I know it can help others. I do this not only for myself, but I do this for you. For all you empaths embarking on your lifelong path, filled with tribulations that require mental fortitude.

The path given to you was tailor-made for you to sharpen yourself, and it is known in the realms beyond that you have what it takes to surpass this. The way you view challenges determines how far you will go. Welcome them and remain solid and determined. In the end, you will realize how powerful you can truly be. The secret to this is to focus on mental and spiritual strengthening.

The body (temple) is guided by the mind (foundation of the temple); the Holy Spirit lives within our temple, and the Soul is the spiritual mind (foundation of our overall existence). We are nothing without Our Soul. The Soul is Divine Life, the breath of life.

It is unfortunate that some people choose to become empty vessels, or they accept spiritual viruses that overtake and desecrate their sacred temple. You can always be cleansed, but there’s only a finite amount of time in this physical realm. At that point, you don’t have much time left, so you want to at least make it to the finish line. (And I’m not talking about the rat race).

We’ve all heard the cliché “we were all put on this Earth for a reason.” Everyone’s purpose is unique. There are plenty of reasons why we are here. I don’t know them all, but one thing is for sure… WE WERE NOT PUT ON HERE TO NOT EVEN PUT IN THE EFFORT TO TRY. Your effort will always be counted even if it may not seem like it.

“I’ll be dammed if I don’t even at least try. You will never know how far you can go if you don’t even try to run. You’ll never know you were born to run long distances if you don’t even try.”


You have no mission (purpose) when you abort it. Do not abort the life your purpose can give you. There’s no point in living if you give up. Life isn’t worth living if you don’t even try. I’d rather try and fail, than to never try and be a failure with regrets… thinking about “what if?”

It surprises me how much the power of the mind is overlooked, when it is the foundation for all bodily processes. If it weren’t for your brain, you’re heart would have no reason to pump blood, no purpose for oxygen to ascend when the brain is dead. If it weren’t for your brain, there wouldn’t be motor skills, the body would not know what to do with itself. The mind dictates the body. The same way your mind controls your movements, you can control your destiny by thinking the right thoughts, and acting upon it. Ultimately, you are using your body to do the work that is needed to create the life you want. You don’t have to be perfect, but you have to put in the effort to achieve greatness.

Therefore, you can speak life into your life. It begins as thoughts, than you release the words onto paper, as a symbol for freedom.

May these healing words be set free from the confines of my mind,

in order to inspire inquisitive minds,

Hesitant to express the words that have been locked behind the bars of the subconscious mind, never realizing they’ve got poetic bars.

Throughout this writing journey you grow resilient as you ascertain the ability to make sense out of your own life, which is basically wisdom. And we all know wisdom is the ultimate medicine for the prevention of future problems and properly guide future generations.

Your writing is like fine wine, it only ages better with time.

© 2021 Yasira Damas

Collective Unconscience or Reincarnation?

Could we have inherited the thoughts and ideologies from our ancestors? Or are we recalling the information from our past lives?

I’d say both concepts are very interesting, and definitely worth pondering about.

Let’s begin by defining the terms.


This is more of a psychological term which was coined by Carl Jung. It is believed that we have a collection of information and images that we’ve genetically inherited from our parents, grandparents, and so on all the way down to our eldest ancestors. It goes as far as explaining our phobias. We could access these things in our dreams. Some people have had dreams about living in the era of their grandparents or ancient ancestors.

There may be some things you have in common with your relatives even if you have not grown up with them. There’s a phrase a wise man once told me, “la sangre llama” (Spanish for the blood calls) it was in reference to how blood-related relatives can have common interests even if they haven’t spent their childhood together. Could it be the collective unconscious of the ancestors that brings them together? Or maybe they just happen to have some things in common? I’d say the Spanish phrase mentioned sums up the meaning of the collective unconscious. In this context, blood symbolizes lineage, and the personification of it calling denotes the connection we have with our ancestors.

Prior Generations. Genetic Inheritance. Genes connects us. Since Genesis.

They say those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat the same mistakes. Could the collective unconscious help us learn from the mistakes of our ancestors so that we are not doomed to repeat them? If we are aware of this, and use this knowledge wisely we can transform our lives for the better. We can break generational curses. It all starts with knowing who you are, where you came from, your history, and your willingness to break the toxic cycle; and create a new generation that promotes longevity, truth, and righteousness.

To read more about Carl Jung and the Collective Unconscious click here.


Reincarnation has been known for millenia. It is an ancient spiritual concept that has peeked the interests of many, and still does to this day. Here I am writing about it! Reincarnation is the constant rebirth of a soul. It is believed that we constantly return to this physical realm in order to learn more. Souls keep coming back here until they graduate and ascend into a higher life form, and those with bad karma return as lower life forms. Different religions have their own perspectives to it regarding what happens when we reach to that level (afterlife).

In my perspective, I think that we constantly return back as humans in order to gain wisdom, seek the Truth, get stronger, and be more humble. There’s been debate on whether or not the Bible supports reincarnation. I’d say this is just one of those subjects I’m still learning about, but one thing is for sure and that is that the soul is eternal and that we are more than just these physical vessels we are in. Since the soul is eternal then that means we can achieve eternal life.

Therefore, there is more to this life than what we can see. There are powerful forces and as the Bible calls “principalities in high places” that influence much of the physical realm. Wisdom gives us the eyes to see, so we can move accordingly.

The reason why I believe in reincarnation is because there is no way all this knowledge just came from me. I’ve always been an old soul. And I’ve felt like I’ve downloaded information from a past life, and I’m just starting where I left off. That’s how it feels. Years ago, I had a dream where this old man told me that I’ve lived 201 lifetimes. I can’t confirm this for sure, but it is quite interesting.

How do they relate?

Both deal with the encyclopedia of information that is stored inside of us. It is only a matter of time before the vault is ready to be opened, and we can receive it. Or you receive bits and pieces of information as you grow up. Certain events in your life may trigger this innate knowledge you have.

Both concepts tells us that the information we know isn’t just our knowledge, but rather it originates from other sources beyond us. The collective unconscious says we get it genetically from our ancestors, and reincarnation says we get it spiritually from our past lives.

How do they differ?

From my perspective, the collective unconscious deals more with the Earthly realm. It is more centered around the physical plane of existence. It is a secular term found in psychology books. It’s a secular term that is trying to articulate a concept that goes beyond what we can observe. It may only touch the surface of something that is unseen by the naked eye.

We could’ve inherited information from our ancestors, but what about the information we may have attained that took place, not only in a different era, but also in a different culture or civilization that isn’t related to our ancestry. Hmm.

Which brings me to reincarnation…

Reincarnation covers something that the collective unconscious does not: and that is… How is it that we can be familiar with certain places, times, or ancient cultures that aren’t a part of our lineage?

Could it be that the human experience is more of a spiritual connection rather than ethnic tribalism? We aren’t just connected to the thoughts of our ancestors, but also to those across the world whom we aren’t related to yet we seek the same thing: wisdom. Maybe what we have in common is our thirst to learn more of what we were learning in our previous lives. Our yearning for it comes from the fact that we are subconsciously returning back to where we left off at. Kind of like a bookmark. And we keep reincarnating back into this world until we have finished the entire book. This is one huge book. It’s gotta be more than just one book. It’s probably a library because the Truth is infinite. I often wonder could we ever learn it all? Not in this lifetime, nor in multiple lifetimes.

Imagine if your entire lifetime is nothing but one page of the proverbial book. And you’ve got hundreds of pages to go just to finish the book.

That may be too much… how about your entire lifetime is like one book, but you’ve got the entire library to read. Each book represents one lifetime. The length of that book depends on how much wisdom you’ve gathered, and if you’ve accomplished your missions. Your purpose goes beyond what you may think life is about.

Accomplishing your missions doesn’t mean getting a high paying career or getting a luxurious house. These missions aren’t predicated upon material gain but rather it is the accumulation of wisdom, insight, and helping others get closer to what matters most. Wisdom is soul-saving and can grant you some type of immunity from the stress this world may bring. Wisdom is so vital yet it is overlooked. People think money is going to solve all their problems. But in actuality it is wisdom that gives you problem solving skills, and a strategic mindset so you can foresee the outcomes and move accordingly in order to succeed. Wisdom brings you closer to peace because you’ll know how to move in this world. You’ll know about the pitfalls before they appear in your way. So, when they do, you’ll know what to do.

Could it simply be both?

Maybe both the collective unconscious and reincarnation is true? We inherit the information and phobias from our ancestors, and we’ve inherited knowledge from our past lives. We also inherited spiritual curses from our ancestors due to their iniquities (bad karma). The generation who breaks the curse tends to struggle the most, but their children recieve the blessings. Then, there’s that one who rebels and restarts the cycle back over again. Destroy. Built. Destroy.

Which makes me wonder what’s the point? And it makes me realize how pointless life can be. It is all vanity. Even the wisest king said it himself, King Solomon, “all is vanity.” Everything in this world is vanity.

Ecclesiastes 2:17-18 KJV: [17] Therefore I hated life; because the work that is wrought under the sun is grievous unto me: for all is vanity and vexation of spirit.
[18] Yea, I hated all my labour which I had taken under the sun: because I should leave it unto the man that shall be after me.

So, you do all this work only for the next generation to inherit it, and they may take good care of it. But then the generation after that, someone’s gonna be bound to ruin it. And all that work would mean nothing. That’s why materialism and wealth is vain. It can be easily taken away, or someone who inherits it will sell it off or mess it up. Then, their children suffers, which may push someone among them to rise up, then the cycle continues. Destroy. Build. DESTROY. BUILD.

This pattern appears parallel to our overall existence. Souls are constantly returning or leaving; and ascending or perishing. There’s just so much going on that we cannot see. So much we have yet to learn more about.

But I’ll tell you one thing that can be inherited and that is wisdom. Wisdom cannot be lost nor forgotten. It enriches you, and remains alive forever. An infinite treasure trove for those who seek it.

Thank you for reading!

The Benefits of Writing Poetry

Writing poetry saved my life because it gave me a purpose. A life without a purpose isn’t even worth living.

The very same words you needed to get off your chest could become a lyrical art form that transforms the way you feel, think, learn, and grow.

It provides cathartic release for mental clarity and spiritual healing. Your communication becomes clearer and people will gravitate toward your words. You gain wisdom by making sense out of your life. Writing poetry and prose forces you to reflect on the reality of your life, and can make you a better individual.


The way you felt when you started writing isn’t the same when you finish. Usually, you’re inspired by something that happened, conflicting thoughts, memories, etc. You may feel sad, upset, or zealous in the beginning. When you finish you feel more serene and at peace.

Cathartic release is one of the biggest reasons why I enjoy writing poetry. It is very therapeutic. There’s a sense of heavy weights being lifted off your shoulders when you release all of that tension. The first draft doesn’t have to be perfect. But you’ll notice that the more often you write, you’ll develop the art of rhythm in your words. Soon enough, it becomes sort of like a prose, or perhaps POETRY. That same poetry you wrote that healed you can heal many others.

This can help you acknowledge and deeply understand your pain and use that to fuel your passion. Making sense out of your life events can help you gain insight. We’ll be discussing that on #3.


Various elements go into forming the perfect flow for a poetic masterpiece: metaphors, punchlines, rhyme schemes, parables, prose, wordplay, imagery, etc. You can add any literary element into what you write that can make your writing sound compelling.

The more you get into the habit of writing poetry, the more you’ll notice these elements, and it will improve your communication. The more you sharpen this art, the better you’ll become in articulating your thoughts and conveying them the best way possible. This writing skill will bleed into your verbal communication skills. When you write you teach your mind to organize thoughts and express them accurately, so when you speak your mind will operate similarly.


You’ll be able to make sense out of your experiences. This alone can help you become a better problem solver. It also increases self-awareness.

When you start writing your first line, you begin with a certain phrase. Then, next thing you know you’ll go on and on, and the poem comes together, knitted beautifully.

The line you started with is the fuel that kept you going into forming the rest of the body. Suddenly, your mind will guide you throughout the process, and you may end up answering your own questions and concerns. By the time you finish, you’ll notice the insight you’ve birthed through this writing. It is an absolutely wonderful thing to experience. To see how your own writing has healed you, and if it has done so for you, it can heal others as well. And that is the beauty of poetry. It connects people to each other, people you may not know, people from across the world can read and resonate with your words. Words carry vibration. And poetry gives you that power to create positivity and cathartic releases. Truth spoken in these words sets us free.


In order for you to even have content to write, you will have to self-reflect. Especially with poetry. The most compelling poems hit home and is revelatory. You are forced to dig deep within yourself and transfer those words from your mind into paper. You will learn a lot about yourself, and you’ll focus on sharpening your skills. You go from self-reflecting to self-improving, and this becomes a healthy cycle of mental growth and healing.

When you write, you create vibes through your words that spread worldwide. You have the power to change your aura, and increase the energy of others.

There are many energy leeches out here in this world that seek to deplete people’s lives, causing many to succumb to toxicity.

Choosing to remain positive, righteous, and elevate to higher consciousness is an honorable way to live. Allow us to spread the light amongst the vast darkness. That is the power of writing poetry. It can uplift and inspire someone to find their voice, and explore a gift they never knew they had, giving them a purpose… as I said before, “a life without a purpose isn’t worth living”, your writing can literally save lives, by helping guide others to find their purpose. Words are healing vibrations.

The Most High used words to bring forth creation. The Psalms of David is poetic and healing for those who may be experiencing hardships in life and spiritual warfare. Not to mention it contains great insight as well. This is why prayer and meditation of wisdom is vital.

The beauty of poetic words and flow. The art of lyricism breeds creation and wisdom.

The power of the mind. Arm your mind with the right vibes.

You have the power to create a peaceful life amongst this chaotic world.

Stop Overthinking! Use Your Energy Wisely

Instead of overthinking… instead of allowing negativity to monopolize your mind, put all that energy into developing laser sharp focus and concentration.

We all have it within us to change the way we think, in order to revolutionize the way we move. We have this power. Recognize the power of the mind. It all starts there.

Shift your thinking into what will bring forth more fruit.

Overthinking is something many of us face. And living in this social media age doesn’t make it any better!

If you find yourself in a state of overthinking, where you are drowned by doubt, recognize that you are putting your precious energy into the wrong things. You have faucets going on and on, overflowing the whole house, flooding your mind with overactivity that leads to nowhere. And if you don’t shut it off soon, you will be drowning in your own negativity. You do not want to become your own worst enemy.

Overflowing melted ice cream. Too much of something can be counterproductive.

Water is essential to life. But drowning in it can kill you. What I mean by this is that we need balance. Deep thinking is like water, it’s essential to solving problems, gaining insight, exploring our creativity, and thinking outside the box. But when we begin to overthink things, we are constantly bombarded by various information (usually useless) which causes us to make assumptions (usually tends to be inaccurate or misunderstood). Then, we dwell on these things, not realizing that some of the things we’re stressing over may not even be real, and it does not even matter.

What people think about you is irrelevant. You are wasting your time and energy focusing on the wrong things. Shut off the faucets that keep feeding into negativity and unproductivity.

It’s good to think. Keep on thinking. Think deeply even! Just make sure you put your thinking into positivity, innovation, creativity, etc.

Now, there may be times we can’t be positive ALL the time… this is normal. Be positive but also do NOT neglect your state of being. So, if you feel down, acknowledge it. Accept the pain you may be feeling. Do not ignore it. Recognize that it’s there, but don’t let it drain you.

As long as you don’t let it stagnate you, you will be fine. Accept the challenges and keep going. Everything won’t be positive all the time, but it is a matter of owning your mind, and it is about how you react to the negativity that may be thrown your way.

You cannot avoid negativity 100%. It’s going to come eventually, and you just have to be mentally prepared to use that energy to propel yourself higher, instead of allowing it to defeat you.

Overthinking can cause you to question your own self-worth and abilities. Stop it! This is the kind of negative thinking you do NOT want to entertain. It’s one thing to acknowledge your pain, but it’s another thing to let it drag you down into that abyss of worthlessness.

Only you can determine your own value, but this is also based on your action. How can other people see you’re valuable if you don’t even believe you’re own value? It all starts with you. And it all starts with your mind. The way you think about yourself and your life determines the outcome you will get.

The toughest competitor you’ll ever face is yourself. Once you’re able to knock your mind back into shape and use that energy to increase mental willpower, you will be unstoppable. You will be victorious. You just have to believe in yourself. Do not seek validation from others. They don’t see the vision you see for yourself. And even if they do they will not tell you because they may be envious of the potential you have. This is why you must keep your goals to yourself, and keep on pushing. All you ever need to succeed is to believe in yourself and in your God-given talents.

Stay strong.

Invest in yourself.

Elevate your mind.