Power Of The Mind – Spiritual Samurai Writes

Scribe Prescribing Healing doses of ●Poetry ●Prose ●Truth Spoken

•MESSAGE AGAINST NEMESIS• – (spiritual poetic PSA)

I am a scribe who’s now thriving after years of surviving,
Sharing knowledge to release you from being a carnal hostage,
In this world there are…
Phony hoes who wanna destroy those who awaken souls,
Hoping that we get restless nights,
Hoping that one day I’ll stop writing spoken words.

Those attempting to hex me will only suffer worse sevenfold, I promise you,
The unseen swords thrown against me will return to the sender, so just stop it,
You’ll die alone doing the devil’s work,
Behind closed doors with no remorse,
Putting curses on lightworkers will never work,
As your abominations boil in a cauldron,
Our prayers will scauld you ’til you turn bald,
With this heat,
Only an idiot would try to kill what’s infinite,
And destroy what’s meant to live,
You look stupid trying to destroy those who uplift those who feel like giving up the ghost,
What the hell is your purpose?
Witchcraft strategies not so crafty,
It all gets exposed by way of downloads,
Psychic insights from the Divine,
So you can’t hide the trifling acts you unwind by, and now you’re mad at how close I am to the finish line.

Do you know who am I?
My eyes have penetrated through the onyx sockets of the most conniving,
So there’s no need to fear,
Entonces que’es lo que tu crees?
No me importa lo que pienses,
Donde perteneces?
Porque mi posicion es en realizar mi vision,
Escritora que prescribe medicina espiritual,
En la forma de palabras poderosas,
Que causa que las sombras se escondan,
Mantego mis ojos abiertas pa’que penetra contra las obras que mandan sombras don’ta en mi casa,
Ahora toda esa energia regresara a la pinche bruja que dibuja sigilos contra mi.

Siempre seremos mas poderosos que los odiosos por tener el corazon de oro,
No need to worry.
No hay temor,
Ain’t nothing new,
Porque el diablo used to talk to me tauntingly,
So what you think?
He was looking to recruit me to do what you’re doing but I refused,
Instead I chose to be useful and beautiful,
Bringing powerful healing energy in a world full of hurt.

Now how does that make’em look?
Trying to destroy an imperfect being who’s been fighting plenty of demons who tried to hijack my identity since the beginning,
Of course this shit’ll be weighing on me,
I’m nearly reaching completion without teaching,
Witch bitches still scheming against me for having dreams,
Because my heart is only increasing in love, despite the hatred they have for me,
Now I have selective energy,
Healing doses only for those receptive to accept it,
For those who can relate with near-death and traumas that continue to haunt the psyche,
I still seek peace,
And spread words to release people from psychotic horror,
Because I know what it’s like to be where you’ve been in,
No one gives a shit when you’re deep in it,
Darkness embedded in your head,
With scars to prove that you should’ve been dead,
Those who survive become like samurai uplifting the wounded warriors who’ve been beaten down by life, to the point they feel hopeless,
Coldness almost took a hold of me until the Most High restored my glow,
The moment I saw the shining light that awakened me back into who I’m supposed to be.
I would be doing a huge disservice if I don’t give Yahawa the glory for believing in me more than I believed in His existence,
He really was persistent like the guy who tries so hard to get your digits despite the rejections,
The best thing I ever did was finally say “yes.”

Gloria a Yahawa que nos trai el agua.

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