The Eyes of a Narcissist

…are deadly, heavily laced with lies, willingly displaced their true intentions, hidden beneath the cold stoic eyes that show false cheer to those who come near, only those with heightened spiritual senses can detect the fakery within, the charming character played is highly manipulative,

It takes more than just experience to realize this, it takes wisdom to not get stuck in a conundrum web spun by a narcissist.

Their words of deceit they keep it on repeat until the illusion never skips a beat, it becomes a major part of you like your heart.

There’s just something about the eyes of the narcissist, so worn and cold, no emotion nor empathy, apathy is a path they’ve selected, it goes beyond selfishness, it’s an abyss too deep for any measurement to reach, and when you fall victim to their darkness it’s hard to come out from beneath,

The words of a narcissist, continue to persist no matter how much you insist in resisting the fallacious content from being ingrained in your brain, the little bit of sanity that remained just took a 180, you’re not afraid, see, you just forgot which way to escape, or you may be wondering if there’s even a need to regain your mind again.

We’ve been mentally slain by the speech of a narcissist, who forced us to believe in lies and undermine the reality of the bullshit standing right before us, they glorified the mortified faces we make when lies are being coerced on us by their twisted affirmations, bringing our negative thoughts into constant rotation, unrealistic but at one point we believed it.

We were held captive by their captivating form of expression, but we’ve awakened from it all. We finally unveiled the truth, no longer are we too frail to look into the lifeless eyes of the most conniving, only to see that nothing is there.

I often wonder how can such a person harbor and hoard up so many lies and webs of deception, you’d think they get caught up in their own mess, fumbling over their own words, stumbling over their own abundant well-kept arsenal of lies, they never seem to slip until you take a closer glimpse…

How can they? by day play the role of a good friend, then later that evening that kindness takes a flight, a hiatus, and their true colors lit up,

lighting you up, blinding you, winding you back into subjugation, preparing your indoctrination.

The wicked grimace that night remains imprinted it in your mind, so much so you recognize that evil grin the very next day at the dinner table, and everyone around is so clueless as to how ruthless that narcissist is, their personalities switch like changing the channel, it’s used to throw you off guard before they throw you under the bus, never let a narcissist know they’ve been busted. Just run silently, stealthily like a shinobi, leave no trace behind…

To ensure they don’t find you.

So they can no longer undermine YOUR mind.

 © 2021

Published by Yasira Akamai

Wife. Writer. Poet. Artist. Lyricist. Born in December 16, 1995. Mexican-American. Southwestern US born -> Grew up in the Chicagoland area & Northwest Indiana (mostly East Chicago) -> moved to a warmer place living that Southern coastal life. I've been writing since like around the late 2000s. Depression and anxiety was swallowing me and I had difficulty trusting others, so I decided to confide in writing. It started off as Spanish songwriting, then it evolved into English poetry, prose, and short stories the more I improved my English grammar and vocabulary. I once had to take ESL classes, until it was determined that I didn't need to anymore around middle school. I became so dedicated to writing that I just did it everyday, and it served as my daily therapy as I was battling with negative thoughts. It put my mind in a state of meditation where it opened me up to many ideas and inspiration that I lived to create. I began to notice that I could write and speak things into existence with my words and actions. I had to find myself, and search for the power of the mind. Blog posts written by the author who goes by the pen name, Yasira Akamai, are intellectual property that belongs to the original author.   ©2021 Yasira Akamai, Power_of_the_Mind_Blog

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