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The Healing Frequencies of Sound

Our minds register the vibrations of the sounds we hear around us, our bodies then resonate with it, reminding us of harmony.

“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. ”

– Nikola Tesla

There is a YouTube channel, Healing Vibrations, has numerous videos of soothing singing bowls. This one in particular, “sleep music for anxiety” calms me down, and there are many more videos: energy regeneration, insomnia relief, underwater sleep music, mind clarity, stress relief, etc. There’s plenty to browse and relax to.

We tend to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the world, working and trying to make ends meet, saving up, or investing. Whatever it is, we’ve taken away our focus on pure serenity, taking the time to truly relax, and rejuvenate our energy centers which are influenced by vibrations and frequencies. That’s why our own thoughts can destroy our productivity in the daytime, and our sleep in the nighttime. Stress dismantles the tranquility of a normal frequency, it chops it up, zapping your energy away, causing you to lose focus, making you irritated. When the frequencies we surround ourselves with are negative, chaotic, or just boisterous noise, our energy centers are unable to replenish. We must change our environment quickly before we are consumed by the toxicity. Noise Pollution hmm.

What makes 432 hz so special?

Singing bowls, among many sounds in nature, is at 432hz, which is known to be a healing frequency that resonates with our body and spirit. It sets all living things into a healthy balance, alleviating stress. This may sound far-fetched for some, but when delving into physics, it makes scientific sense.

It was already known in the ancient times about the healing frequencies and its ability to realign yourself. There’s more information here. 432hz isn’t the only frequency, there are others that mathematically are aligned with the order of the universe. There are also other healing frequencies including the Solfeggio frequencies.

As you know, the universe has an invisible blueprint that is calculated by vast mathematical and scientific calculations that are beyond what we know. In fact, we can be geniuses in this world and still only know a speck of information about the universe. Because everything in the universe must align, specific numbers are selected to represent a movement of sound (vibration) that travels and resonates within us, bringing us closer to nature.

The inside of our bodies resembles the universe, for example: our neurons firing looks like shooting stars, brain activity moving like the galaxy, dancing, constantly molding into something greater.

We have a universe within us, breath of life is in us, and life is abundant outside of us and BEYOND. The universe is as complex as the inner workings of our brains.

We’re not as connected as our ancestors were to nature. We tend to preoccupy our minds with insignificant things, and forget what truly matters. We’ve lost our touch with nature. We don’t want to even touch the rich soil, for concern that we’ll get our sleeves dirty. We cleave onto material things we don’t need, yet we’re not happy with it. So what is it that we really want?

We’ve forgotten who we are. Spiritual beings encased in vessels that makes us human. But if we’ve forgotten how to be human (in tune with nature, hunting, building with hands, survival) how could be ever get to realizing that we’re spiritual beings? highly capable of acquiring infinite knowledge and wisdom. Our time on this Earth is to learn many things, discovery, creativity, innovation, and growth. But most of us are so busy chasing paper, that will lose value in the near future, chasing careers that still don’t make us fulfilled, and we surround ourselves with the hustle and bustle that muffles the vibrations we need.

Rain is the most soothing sound for me, yet many people are inconvenienced by it on their way to their 9 to 5, it messes up their slacks or high heel shoes. But I bet if they were growing crops they’d appreciate the rain more. A day off from watering the plants… a day to relax and be soothed by the sounds of the showering skies, showering you with the healing frequency, making you feel at ease. Once again, remembering the harmony that exists. Harmony is a musical term for a reason you know.

 © 2021

6 responses to “The Healing Frequencies of Sound”

  1. Prominence, this is a wonderful post. Very informative. I love getting caught in a rain shower. I feel so clean and love the way everything smells. Thank you for the information. I will try out the singing bowls for relaxation. Take care. Scott

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    1. Thank you Scott! I’m glad this post has been of good help.


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  3. Youtube has amazing binaural beats and meditation frequencies for anyone who wants to try sound healing.

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