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•N O C T U R N A L Intruders•

Panic attacks, a defense mechanism to quickly awaken from nocturnal intrusions,

I suppose it is a way to stop those from taking over your vessel while you nestle in your bed resting,

Hyperventilating, heart palpitating, awaiting the end to the sudden turbulence.

I’m compelled to awaken from the sudden rush of adrenaline, for no reason it seems, except that of prior abuse,

By a trustworthy human who was possessed by the shadows that lurked within my room, trying to groom me,

I was a late bloomer, didn’t get the chance to fully develop,

On the cusp of pre-adolescence, my innocence dissipated from my hands,

fighting to grasp it once again but it has disappeared into oblivion.

That wasn’t the first time I’ve seen through the eyes of the conniving.

I’ve had anxiety attacks since 2009,

There’s no longer denying the thing that inflicts me at random times,

Mainly nighttime frights that sends my body into fight or flight mode,

We may overcome past traumas but the pattern remains embedded,

Mutated into sleep paralysis, my hypothesis is that it is much more than just that,

I’ve seen foreign entities creeping, it goes beyond disruption of sleep,

Long shadows that’d extent to my bed, but have limited reach,

Seeking to seep my energy until I’m depleted,

It’s a spiritual attack laced with panic.

I am at peace currently no reason for anxiety, but it comes suddenly like someone summoned it up to me,

This thing comes to disrupt the circadian rhythm, and seize our peace from sleep,

It also comes to steal our breath.

I’ve actually felt my breath being sucked out but it wouldn’t quite budge,

Now, who’s really in charge?

No need to worry, for matter cannot be created nor destroyed.

The only tactic the nocturnal intruder has is the attempt to knock you out and induce fear into your spirit,

The feeling that death is near, but it’s far from imminent,

Remember: We are closer to the source of infinite life than they.

2 responses to “•N O C T U R N A L Intruders•”

  1. […] Early traumas can scar you for life, and cause you to never trust a soul. She had no choice but to be numb, and accept the harsh reality for what it was. The pain can be too unbearable for you to allow emotions to rattle you, so she chose to be stoic. Anger would be summoned within her whenever she got tested because she just seemed so nice and kind. To them, somehow it made sense to mess with a good person because this peaceful nature is viewed as a “weakness” to these humanoid demons. They are nothing but cowards because they pick people who don’t even have the desire to fight back because they never wanted to fucking fight in the first place. We just want to be left alone as we yearn for peace in this chaotic world, but dammit you can only push a person so far before they explode. Never underestimate a good heart that’s been broken too many times.The demons used to often follow her before she knew of her true power. They were fed by her quick-tempered anger, negativity, and desolate view of reality. They were looking for the perfect moment to use her in order to inflict great pain upon another because she was about ready to unleash overdue wrath. This was the crucial time for her to pick a side. We may go through the same kind of pain, but our decisions will ultimately set us apart.The tug of war between good and evil is really real. Her prayers didn’t seem to work at the time. She was reminded of how much her voice would remain unheard, and the demonic attacks would intensify the more she tried to get closer to God. What a perfect time for el diablo to come around and speak his lies…Would it be good or evil?The invitation to be empowered by the darkness powers was quite alluring, so the devil would whisper to her. It would go like this, “I know you’ve been through a lot. I know you’re tired of people messing with you. You’ve been robbed of so much, but there’s a way out, so just hear me out.”“Yeah, I’m listening. Talk to me since God won’t respond. Sometimes I feel like killing myself slowly with this liquor. At least the liquor would make my last days feel worthwhile. This tipsy feeling is my closest thing to joy.”“Why kill yourself when you can kill those who made you feel this way?”“Hmm. Go oon…”“Oh yes, what if I told you that I can give you the power to destroy all those who have destroyed you, or tried to, because you’re still here. You’re so strong, but I can make you even more powerful. You can inflict great pain on them. Don’t you want them to feel how you feel? That’s the only way they’ll learn: is by PAIN, so why not give it to’em. Or if you wanna get real, you can use my power to kill them. All I have to do is remove your empathy, love, and compassion from your heart. That stuff only gets in the way of you being a savage. No one will fuck with you if you’re a savage, and you will never have to worry about people thinking that you’re “weak,” “soft,” or “stupid.” All that shit they’ve been talking means nothing when death comes knocking at their door. Oh, but I know you’re more of the stealthy type like a shinobi. You can go rogue with me, and put death curses on them. I can give you the power to make them die mysteriously. Oh, wouldn’t that be great? The only way to stop people from messing with you is by simply killing them, and it’ll all be over. Make them regret fucking with you as they beg for mercy. I bet you they’ll never mess with you again. I can give you the power to destroy anyone who tries to hurt you, so what do you say?”“As tempting as it is to accept your offer, I’ll have to say NO. It’s just not me. I’m afraid of what I’ll become if I let it be me. I know I’ve been hurt a lot, and I’m angry, but why do I have to kill people to prove a point? Why do I have to kill in order to get people to stop messing with me? Hurting others will not make me stronger. It’ll make me no different than those I despise. That’s not what I’m here for. I just want people to leave me alone. I’m only getting these crazy thoughts because I have unhealed traumas which means that this is NOT what I really want. Even though certain individuals are better off dead, I don’t wanna be the one to do it. I will not do it.”“Oh, c’mon you know you wanna kill’em. Don’t you want all that power?”“The power to do what? Hurt people? Kill? Is that it? That’s not real power. I’d rather come up with complex strategies if I have to. There’s gotta be another way to escape this hell on Earth.”“Forget all that. I’m giving you easier ways to handle this shit. You won’t get caught if you use witchcraft. People don’t even believe in the spiritual realm anyway, so you can kill whoever you want and no one will ever know who did it and how it happened. You have alot of anger and resentment inside of you, and we could really use lost souls like you. All that anger built up inside you can bring a lot of chaos and turmoil upon the world, and we love that. We know you’ve been deprived of love, and you were made to feel like a burden, but I will always accept you and your flaws. Unlike God, we will answer every request you make.”“Nothing in this world is free. You want my soul don’t you? And I already told you that I’m not gonna do it. I just don’t feel like myself right now. Even if I don’t get caught, I don’t want someone else’s blood to be on my hands all because of some rage that I’ll probably get over within a few days. I don’t know what their destiny may be in the future. What if they learn their lesson? What if they repent one day? I definitely would not want their blood to be on my hands if that does happen, so I’d rather just let it go.”“Oh, look at you. All of a sudden you care. That’s bullshit! So you think you’re good now, but you were just thinking evil thoughts. What’s gotten into you huh? I marked you for a reason. You’re supposed to be evil.”“It’s just not in me to be evil. I can’t be evil even if I tried.”“But it’s not evil if they deserve to die! Aren’t you angry? I know you’re angry, and I know you wanna kill’em. ‘You really gonna let them get away with disrespecting you like that? Yeah, maybe you really are weak and soft. Having a good heart has gotten you nowhere but pain and disappointment, so why even have one, hm? It’s no wonder why people take advantage of you. You’re not built for this.”“You know what, I’m glad that I’m not built for this because I’m not gonna allow these clowns that YOU sent to turn me evil. I’m afraid of what I’ll become if I go in-too-deep into the path of darkness. I’m an old soul, so I already know how this thing goes. One foul move and there goes my soul. I refuse to go down there. I’m going to preserve my good spirit. It’s better to be at peace than to walk around paranoid. I already have enough bullshit to carry as it is, and most importantly, MY SOUL IS NOT FOR YOU TO TAKE. I WILL NOT GIVE YOU MY SOUL.”“Oh, but c’mon since when you gave a fuck? You thought about killing since you were 8.”“Yeah, but that was for self-defense, and even then I still didn’t do it because I was too afraid and he was bigger than me. He knew how to wear the mask and attack at the right times.”“So you just let him abuse you like a little bitch because you’re too weak.”“Shut the fuck up! I was only 8! You’re not about to turn me into a killer. No. Besides, he ended up dying a horrific death a few years after he abused me, so revenge was never necessary. If I was able to heal from the wrath I felt back then, then that means I can keep on healing from every wound I get from each stumble I will come across.”“I see you’re a hard one to break, but I’ll be back. Remember that I’m always watching you. After all, I was the one who placed all those curse marks on you when no one was watching.”“Wait what!?”“Yeah, those curse marks were meant to prepare you to be heartless including all the times you’ve been sexually abused. I put them there, so that I could break you enough to make you run back to me. Now, quit playing and let me make you mine, so I can give you this power.”“No! Get away from me. Wait, so it was you the entire time who’s been plotting my demise? The same one who’s now trying to lend me a helping hand like you give a fuck. You say all that like you care about me, but I know you don’t. How could you care about me if you did everything to set me up for failure. I should’ve not blamed God for this. It was YOU who tried to ruin me you damn devil, and you made me resent the One who truly loves me. YOU never loved me enough to restore me the way God did. You only wanted to use me for your own evil agenda by using my anger to bring the worst out of me, only for you to blame me for the actions YOU encouraged me to do. Your sob story was all bullshit just to get me to think that we could relate, and that only you could love me. YOU’RE nothing but a liar and a deceiver. You never cared about me.”“Oh, and you think God cares? You’re not good enough for him. I mean look at you!You’ll never be good enough. Those who believe in Him don’t even like you because you belong to me. I was rejected too you know? That’s not a sob story. It’s real. I’m just like you. You don’t know how much we have so much in common. God kicked me out just because I wanted a little bit more power, and he had a problem with that. You know, I would never prevent you from getting yours. Why do you think I keep coming back for you? I want you to have this power, and all I’m asking for is your soul. That’s all I want. Is that really too much to ask? I don’t think so. You’re no better than me. You’re over here thinking about killing somebody, and you’re over here full of anger. You mind as well join me.”“Despite all this rage I have, deep down I really don’t wanna hurt anyone. I was just mad, and I needed to calm down. I can’t think straight sometimes, and you keep bombarding my way. Just get the fuck away from me! I am NOTHING like you! Stop saying that. We are not the same. You know how I know? Because I HAVE A SOUL AND YOU DON’T! You keep asking me for my essence, but I thought YOU had all the power. If you’re so powerful, why do you need my soul for? Hm? Because I’m the one with the power. I just wasn’t aware of it until now.”“Ah, I should’ve known you’re a very intelligent one. Dammit! I wasn’t expecting you to use your logic against me though. It wasn’t suppose to go that way. Why are you going against me? I’ve been watching you all these years when God forgot about you! Why are you betraying me?”“That’s funny coming from you when ALL YOU EVER DO is betray people. You are all about destruction, so stop acting like the victim. You’ve keep putting negative thoughts in my mind hoping that I’d bite the bait, but I choose not to. I figured you out earlier than you thought. And because you’ve been so close to me, guess what? I know how you think which means I can figure out ways to maneuver around the pitfalls YOU’VE installed for my fall. I was nearly driven into insanity, but somehow I made it out with a sound mind. You wanna talk about betrayal? You were the one who tried so hard to destroy me. You even said it yourself that you were the one who gave me those curse marks.”“Oh you must understand that the curse mark is very special to me. It’s what brings me closer to mankind. Pain and suffering is the way we bond. There’s a reason why I marked you. I chose you because I know you better than you know yourself. I knew you were gonna grow up to become a powerful person, and I needed to make sure you knew about this great power and knowledge that God has kept hidden from you just like the forbidden fruit. I was hoping you would be my Eve, but it seems like you don’t love me. I love you so much that I have chosen you because you’re very clever and gifted. I need more intelligent people with pretty faces to do my dirty work. You can’t get abused if you’re the abuser.”“You can stop with the sentimental bullshit. You know damn well there’s no love in you. No matter how many times people have hurt me, I STILL REFUSE TO BECOME an abuser. That’s some coward shit. I’m not about to release my wrath upon random people just because I’m hurt. I’m not gonna become what I hate. If I wasn’t willing to hurt those who hurt me, what makes you think that I’m gonna hurt those who have nothing to do with my pain? The world has enough abusers as it is. We don’t need anymore of them. If anything, we need more healers, and you’re not gonna give me the power to do that which means YOU DON’T HAVE ANY POWER to begin with.”“But I need you, and deep down you know you need me too. I left that cursed mark, so that you can never leave me. I need you to stay broken for me. I bring the most broken people to me because no one can love them the way that I do. I recruit them, and they release all their anger out into the world. The fact that I marked you means that you mean a lot to me.”“You don’t love anyone. All you do is exploit the vulnerable because you’re the weak one. If I have to stay broken in order to keep you happy, then that means that you clearly don’t love me. Why does my healing threaten you? Because you don’t want me to awaken to my true power, and to reconnect with the Real Almighty One. When the truth comes out, you’re done! I declare the end of this spiritual bondage, and enslavement you’ve had me under for years and for generations. I will sever my ties with you, the evil one, right now. Don’t even try to come back, but I know you will. Eventually, you’ll stop because I am a firm believer of NEVER going back to my own VOMIT.”The presence of evil can’t withstand the power of the divine light that emanates from spiritually awakened minds. The frequency is too high for demons to stick around long enough. We don’t need to burn sage. We just need the wisdom of a sage.When you do awaken, and come back into the light, it is going to be the greatest moment of your life, I promise you. Reclaim your faith and come back stronger and wiser. This cold world is in dire need of righteous warriors also known as spiritual samurai. Those fearless and honorable ones who stand up for real justice with fortitude to protect all that is true and beautiful.•Psychotic Split•7 Powerful Benefits of FastingDemonic Possession & Mental Oppression Connection5 Benefits of Eating CleanSpiritual Analysis of Sleep Paralysis•Spiritual Shinobi••Nocturnal Intruders• […]


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