Nocturnal Intruders (poem)

Panic attacks, a defense mechanism to quickly awaken from nocturnal intrusions,

I suppose it is a way to stop those from taking over your vessel while you nestle in your bed resting,

Hyperventilating, heart palpitating, awaiting the end to the sudden turbulence.

I’m compelled to awaken from the sudden rush of adrenaline,

for no reason it seems, except that of prior abuse,

by a trustworthy human possessed by the shadows that lurked within my room, tried to groom me,

I was a late bloomer, didn’t get the chance to fully develop yet,

on the cusp of pre-adolescence,

my innocence dissipated from my hands,

fighting to grasp it once again but it has disappeared into oblivion.

Been having anxiety attacks since 2009,

there’s no longer denying,

the thing that inflicts me at random times,

mainly nighttime frights,

that sends my body into fight or flight mode,

we may overcome past traumas but the pattern remains embedded,

mutated into sleep paralysis, my hypothesis is that it is much more than just that,

I’ve seen foreign entities creeping,

long shadows who’d extent to my bed, but have limited reach,

seeking to seep my energy until I’m depleted,

it’s a spiritual attack laced with panic.

I am at peace currently no reason for anxiety, but it comes suddenly like someone summoned it up to me,

this thing comes to disrupt the circadian rhythm, and seize our peace from sleep,

it also comes to steal our breath.

I’ve actually felt my breath being sucked out but it wouldn’t quite budge,

Now, who’s really in charge?

Need not to worry, for matter cannot be created nor destroyed.

The only tactic the nocturnal intruder has is

the attempt of knocking you out by intruding your spirit with fear,

the feeling that death is near.

Remember; We are closer to the source of infinite life than they are.

 © 2021 Power_of_the_mind_blog

Published by Yasira Damas

●Writer ●Poet ●Artist I've been existing in this realm since December 16, 1995. Mexican-American of Indigenous and Spanish-Mediterranean descent. Southwestern US born ->Midwest (CHI/NWI) raised -> Southern living. I'm an introvert who loves independant films, art, poetry, writing, and music. I like pretty much all music especially instrumentals, lofi, jazz, latin jazz, 70s classic rock and soul, 90s grunge, hip-hop, and trip-hop. I read fiction as much as non-fiction, my favorite subjects include mystery, crime thrillers, psychological fiction, uplifting stories, dystopian novels, suspense, philosophy, science, and ancient history. Blog posts including poetry and prose written by Yasira Damas cannot be reproduced or copied without credit given to the original authors. Posts written by the authors are intellectual property that belongs to the original author(s).  © 2021 Power_of_the_Mind_Blog

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