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5 Benefits of Resetting your Mind

There are times we may feel fatigued or burned out, from the everyday routines we stick to, the stresses of life, sensory overload, the redundant work we do, and getting our daily dose of screen radiation from our smartphones and computers. The longer we spend glued to our devices, the more we are being transformed into a being separate from what we were initially created for. We become more robotic in a sense. Grant it, everything revolves around the internet, apps, and smartphones; it is inevitable, however, we must also take some time off these devices. Our mind needs to reset from time to time. I’d say try to limit your consumption of TV or internet/apps everyday, but if you cannot help it then you can perhaps take a day off of it.

What is resetting your mind?

Allowing your mind to relax from constant stimuli and distractions. You’re essentially dedicating that time or day to clear your mind of any toxic thought patterns. It simply means to give your brain a break from sensory overload which leads to overthinking and insomnia. You know those times you try to go to sleep but can’t because of random thoughts intruding? Random thoughts that require you to look it up to be sure of it. The picture below can best describe this:

Photo credit to Factorymeme

I’ve gone through that myself too, and it can mess up your sleeping patterns. It really should be top priority to gadget fast or refrain from social media if you can help it. Since I’ve implemented this I’ve noticed I sleep much better, a wake up early with energy, and no migraines. Even if I don’t fully gadget fast, I’d only use my phone to play healing music/chill lofi while making art, reading, or writing. I usually do this on Saturdays since it is the 7th day of the week for keeping Sabbath. Either way it goes try to fit relaxation and mind recalibration time into your schedule. Your brain will thank you!

Now let’s look at the benefits of resetting your mind.


Especially if you read books during your reset, you’ll notice your thoughts moving quicker and more efficiently. You don’t have that brain fog, and forgetfulness flees. You can pretty much think clearer, resulting in increasing your cognitive abilities like breaking down the logic of an argument, better comprehension, recalling information, and being able to articulate that knowledge. You become like a sponge, being able to absorb vast amounts of information without feeling the overload so soon. It actually becomes satisfying to learn, (that’s the beauty of reading physical books). On another note, it is said that reading physical books could reverse the adverse effects of phone radiation that are eyes are blamed with everyday. Check this article here regarding “Digital dementia” and how to rejuvenate our brain from the damage of phone addiction. Reading books was one of the things mentioned in the article that could prevent mental deterioration later on in life.


When you take the time to go for a casual walk, or (even better!) an adventurous hike in nature, you are forced to be alert. You are cautious. Because you have to be. And this places us back into our human nature, of being wary of our surroundings; therefore, our attention spans increase. You have to pay attention to where you go in your environment. Also, walking or hiking for example, can help us reevaluate our lives and thoughts. Our thoughts can be transformed from that experience, thus our lives transform along with it, because it all starts in the mind. Going for a hike gives us that slight anticipation of what’s coming next up ahead, you have no time to be staring at a glaring lit phone, otherwise you might stumble, fall, and drop your phone on the mud! Oh no. And we don’t want that do we? So put it in your pocket and keep moving! Your thoughts are now your “feed.” Now FEED your mind with organic thought traffic.


We need to take breaks throughout the day, and even so take the whole day off at least one day out of the week. Stress is one of those silent killers, so take the time to relax and shut off all that noise. We all need some quiet time to regenerate otherwise we’ll degenerate into degenerate behavior in order to cope with the stress.

You never want to let stress get the best of you. You don’t want to fall back into toxic patterns. But in order to prevent that, you must first avoid stress from building up in the first place. That’s why it is so crucial to take a day or two off. We all need it. And just chill. Go do a hobby you enjoy. Dance. Play an instrument or produce music. Write therapeutically. Go to the beach, enjoy that ocean breeze. Any waterfront will do, but nothing tops the majestic ocean. Immerse yourself in nature like a trail. Or listen to some chill music and draw or paint. Play a sport, or hit the gym. Go for a good run, and allow that cardio action to give you runner’s high. As a person who’s runs anywhere between 5 to 10 miles, I can attest to the fact that runner’s high is euphoric. It keeps you in a good mood. Definitely a stress reliever.


Have you ever heard of a person being agitated after meditation? Has anyone been angry after enjoying a day of leisure? I’ve never seen a person irritated coming from a sunny day outat the beach! Generally, when we are getting burned out, we tend to be on edge, which can push us to get triggered easily. We need a break and when we don’t get that we go off. Like in jail for instance, everyone’s on edge to an extent, and it doesn’t take much to agitate an inmate. I’m sure we know this. Being confined behind walls and bars with maniacs can drive anyone over the edge. You get no breaks in jail, and just like in the outside world, we may be overworking ourselves to death daily. Of course the environment is different, but the fatigue can be felt the same when we don’t give ourselves that peace that we need. Thankfully, we are out here, with some degree of freedom to choose to take a day off.


This rings true especially if you are an artist of some sort. You need that time to unravel the ideas trapped in your mind. Your mind is a factory that manufactures infinite creations. But if you don’t allow the machine to cool down it will break from constant overuse. No more creativity. Too tired and stressed to fix it. You don’t want to destroy that thing in you that gives you purpose. You have it in you to create many works. But in order to bring that into fruition you must reset your mind, then dig into it, to find the jewels. Normally, people don’t know they’ll find jewels until they do. But you have to dig for it. In order to dig, you have to be in a relaxed state. And when you keep digging, you’ll find an infinite river current where your creativity flows. And it’ll keep flowing forever so don’t waste any time! Whenever you can tap into that, please do, and never let this rat race world make you neglect your God-given talents. Do not give up your creativity or peace of mind!

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