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The Dark Cloud from Social Media

When you spend countless hours on social media, it can have some negative affects on you. Thus, creating this dark cloud that hovers above you everywhere you go. You may feel like you’re losing yourself, and your connection to higher vibrations. Our energy can get depleted when we consume too much of something that is impossible to reciprocate.

Before I get into details… here’s a quick disclaimer.

Disclaimer: Social media has become a great way for us to communicate, attain knowledge, and build our businesses/brands. It’s not all bad. I’m not bashing social media. It has its uses, but it is important to note the negative affects it’s had on some, especially the youth (notably Generation Z).

There’s something about having this phenomenal access to communication that can be exciting but also somewhat overwhelming.

Previously, I’ve written a blog about this type of subject titled “5 Ways Social Media Destroyed Our Minds.” I suggest reading that if you haven’t already click here to check it out!


So, what’s up with that dark cloud that tends to hover above many people’s heads today? Why do some of us feel detached, empty, anxious, or depressed?

We live in a world where social media has become the supplier for dopamine surges, for those looking to satisfy the urge, they have to purge out any sense of worthlessness. Constant validation is heavily sought after. There’s this need to be seen, and to be liked, loved, and admired. This can be lethal for those who already have an empty heart and a young impressionable mind that has yet to fully develop. Some people depend on the likes to feel valued, whether they know it or not. They observe the likes, and watch it grow, hoping to get just enough if not MORE.

The problem here is that these types of people are putting all their energy into something that will not give them anything back in return. And that’s where the depression tends to kick in. Because if you’re so invested into this, then that robs you of precious time and energy that could’ve been put toward self-improvement.

You’ll always feel more confident when you dedicate time to self-improvement. Being a social media addict can rob you of that time needed, and it consumes so much of you that you end up feeling drained. And so the dark cloud begins to hover about, following you everywhere you go. Let’s say you’ve been on social media for HOURS, everyday same routine, eventually it will weigh on you. You’ll realize that you’ll never get back that time. Your mind may feel blank and within yourself empty. And you don’t know why. Since social media cannot reciprocate you will feel this way.

What do I mean by “social media can’t reciprocate?”

Social media is a tool meant to be used for certain purposes, but it cannot give you a better life. Social media isn’t going to do the work for you. There’s a lot of work needed to be done in order to attain the life you want. You have to work on yourself, and be focused OFFLINE on your goals. Also, You don’t have to tell the world all your hopes and dreams. (As a matter of fact, read this “Reasons why I Don’t Disclose My Goals“). It’s OK to be low-key. It’s OK to live a private life. Plenty of successful people prefer to be low-key!

If you’re spending more time scrolling through social media than self-improving, then that right there is feeding that dark cloud that keeps you down. Don’t let the negativity get you down. There is a way to shrink that dark cloud into oblivion.

Take steps into bettering yourself. Become a better version of yourself everyday. Take small steps. It doesn’t matter how small the steps are, just as long as you are still moving, and don’t stop.

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