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Collective Unconscience or Reincarnation?

Could we have inherited the thoughts and ideologies from our ancestors? Or are we recalling the information from our past lives?

I’d say both concepts are very interesting, and definitely worth pondering about.

Let’s begin by defining the terms.


This is more of a psychological term which was coined by Carl Jung. It is believed that we have a collection of information and images that we’ve genetically inherited from our parents, grandparents, and so on all the way down to our eldest ancestors. It goes as far as explaining our phobias. We could access these things in our dreams. Some people have had dreams about living in the era of their grandparents or ancient ancestors.

There may be some things you have in common with your relatives even if you have not grown up with them. There’s a phrase a wise man once told me, “la sangre llama” (Spanish for the blood calls) it was in reference to how blood-related relatives can have common interests even if they haven’t spent their childhood together. Could it be the collective unconscious of the ancestors that brings them together? Or maybe they just happen to have some things in common? I’d say the Spanish phrase mentioned sums up the meaning of the collective unconscious. In this context, blood symbolizes lineage, and the personification of it calling denotes the connection we have with our ancestors.

Prior Generations. Genetic Inheritance. Genes connects us. Since Genesis.

They say those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat the same mistakes. Could the collective unconscious help us learn from the mistakes of our ancestors so that we are not doomed to repeat them? If we are aware of this, and use this knowledge wisely we can transform our lives for the better. We can break generational curses. It all starts with knowing who you are, where you came from, your history, and your willingness to break the toxic cycle; and create a new generation that promotes longevity, truth, and righteousness.

To read more about Carl Jung and the Collective Unconscious click here.


Reincarnation has been known for millenia. It is an ancient spiritual concept that has peeked the interests of many, and still does to this day. Here I am writing about it! Reincarnation is the constant rebirth of a soul. It is believed that we constantly return to this physical realm in order to learn more. Souls keep coming back here until they graduate and ascend into a higher life form, and those with bad karma return as lower life forms. Different religions have their own perspectives to it regarding what happens when we reach to that level (afterlife).

In my perspective, I think that we constantly return back as humans in order to gain wisdom, seek the Truth, get stronger, and be more humble. There’s been debate on whether or not the Bible supports reincarnation. I’d say this is just one of those subjects I’m still learning about, but one thing is for sure and that is that the soul is eternal and that we are more than just these physical vessels we are in. Since the soul is eternal then that means we can achieve eternal life.

Therefore, there is more to this life than what we can see. There are powerful forces and as the Bible calls “principalities in high places” that influence much of the physical realm. Wisdom gives us the eyes to see, so we can move accordingly.

The reason why I believe in reincarnation is because there is no way all this knowledge just came from me. I’ve always been an old soul. And I’ve felt like I’ve downloaded information from a past life, and I’m just starting where I left off. That’s how it feels. Years ago, I had a dream where this old man told me that I’ve lived 201 lifetimes. I can’t confirm this for sure, but it is quite interesting.

How do they relate?

Both deal with the encyclopedia of information that is stored inside of us. It is only a matter of time before the vault is ready to be opened, and we can receive it. Or you receive bits and pieces of information as you grow up. Certain events in your life may trigger this innate knowledge you have.

Both concepts tells us that the information we know isn’t just our knowledge, but rather it originates from other sources beyond us. The collective unconscious says we get it genetically from our ancestors, and reincarnation says we get it spiritually from our past lives.

How do they differ?

From my perspective, the collective unconscious deals more with the Earthly realm. It is more centered around the physical plane of existence. It is a secular term found in psychology books. It’s a secular term that is trying to articulate a concept that goes beyond what we can observe. It may only touch the surface of something that is unseen by the naked eye.

We could’ve inherited information from our ancestors, but what about the information we may have attained that took place, not only in a different era, but also in a different culture or civilization that isn’t related to our ancestry. Hmm.

Which brings me to reincarnation…

Reincarnation covers something that the collective unconscious does not: and that is… How is it that we can be familiar with certain places, times, or ancient cultures that aren’t a part of our lineage?

Could it be that the human experience is more of a spiritual connection rather than ethnic tribalism? We aren’t just connected to the thoughts of our ancestors, but also to those across the world whom we aren’t related to yet we seek the same thing: wisdom. Maybe what we have in common is our thirst to learn more of what we were learning in our previous lives. Our yearning for it comes from the fact that we are subconsciously returning back to where we left off at. Kind of like a bookmark. And we keep reincarnating back into this world until we have finished the entire book. This is one huge book. It’s gotta be more than just one book. It’s probably a library because the Truth is infinite. I often wonder could we ever learn it all? Not in this lifetime, nor in multiple lifetimes.

Imagine if your entire lifetime is nothing but one page of the proverbial book. And you’ve got hundreds of pages to go just to finish the book.

That may be too much… how about your entire lifetime is like one book, but you’ve got the entire library to read. Each book represents one lifetime. The length of that book depends on how much wisdom you’ve gathered, and if you’ve accomplished your missions. Your purpose goes beyond what you may think life is about.

Accomplishing your missions doesn’t mean getting a high paying career or getting a luxurious house. These missions aren’t predicated upon material gain but rather it is the accumulation of wisdom, insight, and helping others get closer to what matters most. Wisdom is soul-saving and can grant you some type of immunity from the stress this world may bring. Wisdom is so vital yet it is overlooked. People think money is going to solve all their problems. But in actuality it is wisdom that gives you problem solving skills, and a strategic mindset so you can foresee the outcomes and move accordingly in order to succeed. Wisdom brings you closer to peace because you’ll know how to move in this world. You’ll know about the pitfalls before they appear in your way. So, when they do, you’ll know what to do.

Could it simply be both?

Maybe both the collective unconscious and reincarnation is true? We inherit the information and phobias from our ancestors, and we’ve inherited knowledge from our past lives. We also inherited spiritual curses from our ancestors due to their iniquities (bad karma). The generation who breaks the curse tends to struggle the most, but their children recieve the blessings. Then, there’s that one who rebels and restarts the cycle back over again. Destroy. Built. Destroy.

Which makes me wonder what’s the point? And it makes me realize how pointless life can be. It is all vanity. Even the wisest king said it himself, King Solomon, “all is vanity.” Everything in this world is vanity.

Ecclesiastes 2:17-18 KJV: [17] Therefore I hated life; because the work that is wrought under the sun is grievous unto me: for all is vanity and vexation of spirit.
[18] Yea, I hated all my labour which I had taken under the sun: because I should leave it unto the man that shall be after me.

So, you do all this work only for the next generation to inherit it, and they may take good care of it. But then the generation after that, someone’s gonna be bound to ruin it. And all that work would mean nothing. That’s why materialism and wealth is vain. It can be easily taken away, or someone who inherits it will sell it off or mess it up. Then, their children suffers, which may push someone among them to rise up, then the cycle continues. Destroy. Build. DESTROY. BUILD.

This pattern appears parallel to our overall existence. Souls are constantly returning or leaving; and ascending or perishing. There’s just so much going on that we cannot see. So much we have yet to learn more about.

But I’ll tell you one thing that can be inherited and that is wisdom. Wisdom cannot be lost nor forgotten. It enriches you, and remains alive forever. An infinite treasure trove for those who seek it.

Thank you for reading!

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