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The Healing Art of Prose Writing

Many people have their own interpretation about what prose writing is. It goes deeper than just a dictionary definition or a literary art form. The art of prose writing delves much deeper than the surface many have kept it on. It is cathartic healing by way of rhythmic, clever-linguistic writing, that opens the disheartened hardened hearts. And it unravels the power of your mind when you read it.

The vibrations you create with your words gives you a purpose.

Whether it be verbal, spoken boldly for the world to endorse the words from the voice unheard,

providing a breath of fresh air, because wise words have become rare,

a rarity, fine delicacy meant to be carved carefully, for those listening attentively,

or it can be left written for future generations,

it will find itself onto the right hands, the ones meant to receive the message.

Writing allows your words to live on even after you pass away. You can speak despite your voice being unheard. The same writing that ignited your zeal for life can be the same writing that inspires others, to find their purpose just like you did. It becomes a healthy generational cycle that can extent for millenia. An absolutely amazing legacy.

And if it can help me, I know it can help others. I do this not only for myself, but I do this for you. For all you empaths embarking on your lifelong path, filled with tribulations that require mental fortitude.

The path given to you was tailor-made for you to sharpen yourself, and it is known in the realms beyond that you have what it takes to surpass this. The way you view challenges determines how far you will go. Welcome them and remain solid and determined. In the end, you will realize how powerful you can truly be. The secret to this is to focus on mental and spiritual strengthening.

The body (temple) is guided by the mind (foundation of the temple); the Holy Spirit lives within our temple, and the Soul is the spiritual mind (foundation of our overall existence). We are nothing without Our Soul. The Soul is Divine Life, the breath of life.

It is unfortunate that some people choose to become empty vessels, or they accept spiritual viruses that overtake and desecrate their sacred temple. You can always be cleansed, but there’s only a finite amount of time in this physical realm. At that point, you don’t have much time left, so you want to at least make it to the finish line. (And I’m not talking about the rat race).

We’ve all heard the cliché “we were all put on this Earth for a reason.” Everyone’s purpose is unique. There are plenty of reasons why we are here. I don’t know them all, but one thing is for sure… WE WERE NOT PUT ON HERE TO NOT EVEN PUT IN THE EFFORT TO TRY. Your effort will always be counted even if it may not seem like it.

“I’ll be dammed if I don’t even at least try. You will never know how far you can go if you don’t even try to run. You’ll never know you were born to run long distances if you don’t even try.”


You have no mission (purpose) when you abort it. Do not abort the life your purpose can give you. There’s no point in living if you give up. Life isn’t worth living if you don’t even try. I’d rather try and fail, than to never try and be a failure with regrets… thinking about “what if?”

It surprises me how much the power of the mind is overlooked, when it is the foundation for all bodily processes. If it weren’t for your brain, you’re heart would have no reason to pump blood, no purpose for oxygen to ascend when the brain is dead. If it weren’t for your brain, there wouldn’t be motor skills, the body would not know what to do with itself. The mind dictates the body. The same way your mind controls your movements, you can control your destiny by thinking the right thoughts, and acting upon it. Ultimately, you are using your body to do the work that is needed to create the life you want. You don’t have to be perfect, but you have to put in the effort to achieve greatness.

Therefore, you can speak life into your life. It begins as thoughts, than you release the words onto paper, as a symbol for freedom.

May these healing words be set free from the confines of my mind,

in order to inspire inquisitive minds,

Hesitant to express the words that have been locked behind the bars of the subconscious mind, never realizing they’ve got poetic bars.

Throughout this writing journey you grow resilient as you ascertain the ability to make sense out of your own life, which is basically wisdom. And we all know wisdom is the ultimate medicine for the prevention of future problems and properly guide future generations.

Your writing is like fine wine, it only ages better with time.

© 2021 Yasira Damas

2 responses to “The Healing Art of Prose Writing”

  1. Oh yeah, I’ve always been curious about the limits of the human mind too, and I find that topic to be highly interesting. Anyway, great post exploring prose writing. I appreciate this!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much! 😊


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