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•When Darkness Once Brewed Within•

I was approaching closely toward the burning furnace,

I could feel the heat come near me, making me weary, but it couldn’t burn me.

A power of a higher source saved me from the fiery trial, (not guilty!)

And openned the doors and propelled me into the royal blue sky.”

I remember the days when darkness once brewed within me, I bet the heat from the furnace was hot enough to cook up the crock of nonsense I’ve been foolish enough to concoct,

Thinking I was so smart, there was a lot I needed to be taught despite the fact that I’ve always been an old soul,

I was told I was ahead of my time, but pride comes before the fall, pride can push you to make unwise decisions.

And it goes further… there was a time when we once had darkness brewing within us,

Revenge disguises itself as a noble avenge venture, a pointless event even if you achieve it, the same psycho cycle will repeat without a real remedy, insanity would viciously run rampantly as the infuriated seek to set the record straight, but if you keep embarking on that, it’ll never end. We forget karma works after dark, so you may sleep at night.

Hatred was an evil that once brewed within, Hatred once dominated the heart as a form of retaliation for being broken apart, being dealt with the wrong cards, excessive losses we soon draw the line, and decide to go out of line. And become something we are not: (evil).

We only did evil for we are a deceived people.

-Wise words

In the form of anger and hate, hatred maced your own face, in attempts to erase your enemys’ existence, but in the end you become your own menace, until you retrospect and remain penitent, you begin to increase your comprehension.

Envious hearts causes you to depart from your real identity, you undermine your own talents, and relinquish your own time to refine it, envious hearts focus more on destroying another person’s blessings. Envious hearts can grow to become murderous and/or adulterous as they seek to take from another, they “seek to steal, kill, and destroy” sound familiar?

Do you really want to become like the enemy? Allowing evil to brew within you long enough will cause you to become the very thing you despise.

Lust enslaves the encaged hedonist to engage in fruitless acts, that produce confusion, one moment of heat could result in a lifetime of regret that compounds stress like interest, a debt as insatiable as the lust that possesses the vessels who suffer the consequences of selfish acts.

This is the human experience as well as a spiritual journey. We must fortify ourselves with proper nourishment of wisdom so we may live in pure peace. The root of all problems is having a lack of wisdom.

We’re all flawed as humans, yes. But we can perfect and sharpen ourselves when we live by the Holy Spirit (by having wisdom).

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