Let’em Doubt You

No one’s expected to believe in you, only you can fuel that, and the power increases through undying faith and determination that we get from God. We work as hard as we pray and meditate.

Everyone doubts you, and that’s perfectly fine. Perhaps, you may have been taken for granted or seen as a joke, and that’s OK too. Their perception of you doesn’t even scratch the surface of who you are. Only you know who you are, and no one owns the patent to that. Therefore, their negativity and hatred toward you is absolutely irrelevant.

So, Let’em doubt you!

There’s a hidden beauty,

Whenever negativity is spewed, by those who surround you.

It is fuel for you to convert that waste of air,
Into helium,

That will allow you to rise up higher.

Imminent elevation,

Can be your next stage if you step up to the plate,

But first you need patience, you must visualize it before you can bring it to life,

Pay no mind to those who pray on your demise,

They will be the ones who will eat their own words,

Just stay in the course,

Your tenacity disturbs the sloth, which are just a small, insignificant fragment of your audience,

They swear they hate you, but they can never stop surveilling you,

Give them a show, it’s not over til the curtains close.

Those closest to you will doubt you. It tends to be that way for some reason.
You must not allow their lack of vision to discourage you because they cannot see what you see, through your own eyes.
Only you can create that which is birthed by your mind.

Hang onto that idea tight, and never give some else the power to undermine your goals.

You are just too creative and ambitious to be understood, so you’ll often get overlooked.
And that’s OK.
You are the only one who can do WHAT YOU CAME HERE TO DO!

I say let’em doubt you,

let’em mock you,

let’em talk shit,

let’em hurt you or do you wrong,

Because when it’s all set and done, it is only the most determined ones who will reign victorious in life, despite all the tribulations and pitfalls.

You will realize that those who doubted you, doubted you because they don’t even believe in themselves. Do not mirror that kind of negativity. You know who you are, and no one can take that away from you.

Don’t dwell on their lack of faith in you, but rather spend more time in solitude, focus on yourself, and build a stronger character that will never take doubts into consideration.
Soon enough, you’ll get to a point where nothing can get to you because you have completely solidified that confidence into you.

The better you get, the stronger you become mentally, and the more believable it will be that you can achieve more goals because you already made it.
If you can make it once, you can make it again and again, until you become indestructible.
That right there is the highlight to the power of the mind… the ability to fulfill your life’s purpose and finish the course you were given since birth.

May God be with you in this journey!


Published by Yasira Akamai

Wife. Writer. Poet. Artist. Lyricist. Born in December 16, 1995. Mexican-American. Southwestern US born -> Grew up in the Chicagoland area & Northwest Indiana (mostly East Chicago) -> moved to a warmer place living that Southern coastal life. I've been writing since like around the late 2000s. Depression and anxiety was swallowing me and I had difficulty trusting others, so I decided to confide in writing. It started off as Spanish songwriting, then it evolved into English poetry, prose, and short stories the more I improved my English grammar and vocabulary. I once had to take ESL classes, until it was determined that I didn't need to anymore around middle school. I became so dedicated to writing that I just did it everyday, and it served as my daily therapy as I was battling with negative thoughts. It put my mind in a state of meditation where it opened me up to many ideas and inspiration that I lived to create. I began to notice that I could write and speak things into existence with my words and actions. I had to find myself, and search for the power of the mind. Blog posts written by the author who goes by the pen name, Yasira Akamai, are intellectual property that belongs to the original author.   ©2021 Yasira Akamai, Power_of_the_Mind_Blog

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