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Open Your Mind for High Quality People to Enter into Your Life

I’ve got a story to share…

A man met a woman and they talked for some time. One day he texted her, “What are you doing?”

“Just catching up on some cleaning while I have some food cooking. I love cooking.”

Whenever they would meet up they would have great conversations that he claimed were very enjoyable and refreshing. Rare for our generation.

Until the next day, he tried to ghost her.
She was confused as to why he wasn’t responding. He finally gave into her plea for answers as to WHY.

She asked, “Even if you are no longer interested in me, can you tell me what I did wrong so that I can learn from this?”

There was a long pause.

You know what he said?
“Nothing. You did nothing wrong.”

“So what’s the problem then?”

“That’s the thing you didn’t do anything wrong… you didn’t annoy me nor disrespect me. You made me laugh. I find you attractive, and we connect very well.”

“OK, so why would you wanna stop talking to me then?”

There was a long pause, and he made more excuses that made no sense.
Eventually, they never spoke again.

She still didn’t understand how could someone run away from something so beautiful. She was heartbroken, but eventually she accepted it for what it was.

A few days later, she looked at his social media and saw that he posted about how, “Ain’t no such thing as a woman who cooks and cleans.”

She already knew what inspired that post, so she shook her head. It was a huge turn off.

Ever since that day, she learned this: “I will never say that ‘there’s no such thing as a man who……’ because those words will repel high quality people from your life…”

“…Your Words speak things into existence or it can cause it to vanish from existence.”

– Wise words

It was at that moment that she learned that “If a woman like me exists then there’s got to be a man with the same values who also exists, and when I find him we will never take each other for granted. This world can continue to believe what they want.”

Nothing makes a solid person run away faster than someone whom you need to constantly prove your value to, no matter how much you show them who you are, they will not believe it JUST BECAUSE OF SOME BAD EXPERIENCES FROM THE PAST. Their perception of you is based on the kind of people THEY CHOOSE to surround themselves with.

Your perception dictates who you allow into your life. Make sure that it doesn’t repel the people you know you want in your life.

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