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Encouragement for Writers

After unwinding for a few days, relaxing and contemplating, it finally hits you.
It’s in those moments when you realize why you started in the first place.

What inspired you to write that book?

What was it that made you want to even start writing?

When you look at a published book you are looking at the completed project of a writer who spent endless hours writing, editing, meditating, thinking, changing plots, researching, rearranging dialogues, and doubting themselves.

Writers are passionate about recreating vivid depictions, so that you get to see exactly what they’ve envisioned. You travel with it, and the story feels so real because the travail of the characters is relatable. You feel connected to the words they speak like you’re watching a movie.

The key to compelling writing is the ubiquitous concept of “show don’t tell.”

Walk us through the setting and show us what’s going on. Give us a genuine conversation that would peek the interest of any eavesdropper.

Make it powerful and memorable. Make us see it, and allow us to forget that we’re even reading because the words just flow so beautifully like a literary symphony.

At one point, the scenes you read existed ONLY within the confines of the writer’s mind. You would’ve never known about this amazing story had it not been published.

So never give up. Keep going. Slow progress is better than none.
You don’t know how much your story means to someone if you don’t put it out there.

Keep working hard, be consistent and diligent. Take a little free time, but never give up.

The more you invest into your story, the more it evolves, and the easier it’ll be to never stop because you would be too close to finishing it.

Today happens to be one of those days where I am reminded of why I even started this thing in the first place.

3 responses to “Encouragement for Writers”

  1. Oh yeah. Writing can feel like a drag sometimes, because there’s no way to tell if you’re doing the right thing or not. But if we’ve decided to embark on a project, we better make sure to see it through. Thanks for this awesome reminder!

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  2. Thank you for the comment! Us writers go through a lot of self doubt, but the more we push through it we begin the transformation process. Our minds go through a rollercoaster, but once the project is complete it’s almost like we feel complete with it. I think editing and rewriting is the most difficult part, which is where I currently am right now. We want to make our work perfect, so the reminder is very necessary. Thanks again for reading!


  3. […] should encourage you to keep going because you don’t want to leave your characters hanging. Finish that story! One […]


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