Power Of The Mind – Spiritual Samurai Writes

Scribe Prescribing Healing doses of ●Poetry ●Prose ●Truth Spoken

•R I S I N G•

We are rising,
Awakened by the Divine light,
With a message for us to fulfill our purpose,
“But I thought I was worthless?” ‘Guess not.
Surprised by the gifts we’ve got,
With a goal in mind, to go beyond gold mines.

While the world despises how high we choose to rise,
The true colors of mankind is tragic,
The unveiling of the mask reveals a face never seen,
Eyes onyx, a body overtaken by darkness,
There’s no reviving this, simply because of their decisions,
They choose this and relish in it, spreading the illness,
A covert menace is never your friend.

You create beauty through your gifts and they despise every time you get lifted,
Through your undying work ethic,
Despite being afflicted with bite mark scars to prove the tribulations,
You’ve been resuscitated as they continue to hate,
The same people who doubted you will hate you,
The lack of credit they give is not a currency to accept,
We need to be adept at not giving a damn,
It’s just another day for the outcast.

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