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A Message for Those Currently Healing

May you be guided to the right knowledge that actually applies to you, and don’t get sucked into the negative opinions that may or may not even apply to you. Don’t worry so much about what people think of you because by doing so, you would be handing them over your power. Keep that power with you by getting to know yourself, so you can always stand firm. Knowing who you are is a superpower because it gives you the ability to self-validate. No one can tell you anything because you have accepted all our flaws, and you’re in the process of converting your weaknesses into strength.

Remember this, don’t feel ashamed to admit your weaknesses because every human being has them. Yeah, some of us may come off powerful, strong, and all that, but all those qualities were birthed from our weakest moments that became the catalyst to propel us. It is through our lowest times when we are pushed to the point where we discover new strengths hidden within us. That is the beauty in struggle. It is that it gives us that pressure that forces us to activate new strength because it puts our mind on survival mode. You take what you’ve learned from those painful experiences, and use the skills you’ve acquired as tools that can work for you (and not against you). You see, our past traumas do leave permanent scars that changes our brain wiring, but when we undergo healing, we allow our minds to mold into a more higher frequency. We learn to shift our thoughts overtime, and once you master your own mind, you will know yourself, or at least be close to it.

We all have been weak before, so don’t be so hard on yourself for having flaws. Every human being who has ever walked on this Earth has been weak. If you feel like you’re weak, please realize that you can become strong, but you have to believe that. You have to have the faith in yourself to even be diligent enough to attempt it. Then, you need consistency, and overtime you will notice a transformation in yourself. The more you invest in yourself, the better you will learn to appreciate your existence. You will love the spirit that is within you which will manifest into self-love. You wanna learn to love that person in the mirror no matter what others think. Their opinions hold no weight, so why do we bother worrying about it? Opinions are not reality. You have the power the create your own reality. Give your mind that kind of power (not to the opinions of others). Sometimes people lie about you just to get you to question your own worth, when that shouldn’t even be up for debate. Love yourself so much that the opinions of others mean nothing because you know you have all the power to evolve.

You can get rid of those negative intrusive thoughts when you focus on yourself, and on your purpose. Once you do that, you will shift your focus toward productivity which will make you feel great. Overtime, these accomplishments will accumulate. You will be so into your purpose that the past will be ancient history that’s been buried. Even when you excavate it, it will be so old that you can’t even identify with those artifacts, you know what I mean? Those awful memories become a haunted relic of the past that no longer scares you because you realized that you’re the one who holds power. It is important for you to know that YOU hold all power to achieve your destiny.

Live life and allow the moments of solitude to teach you who you are. Shut off all the noise that pollutes you, and get to know yourself from within. The media is full of fake information, so why rely on it to define you? You exist and breathe on this Earth right now, which means you hold the power to envision your beauty. The more you know yourself, the better you’ll be able to serve yourself. You must create your own way of viewing yourself that promotes hope and love for yourself. You only need YOU to believe in YOU. Most people will not believe in you, but does that mean you shouldn’t also? You break through more barriers when you believe in yourself regardless of what others perceive. Your attempt is respected by me and other like-minded individuals.

Please learn to forgive yourself for the mistakes you’ve made, and learn from them. Realize that there are no perfect humans. We’re all fighting in this spiritual war that relentlessly seeks to dim the light. The more levels you ascend to the greater your power and resilience will be. Things get more difficult the higher you go, but it is a beautiful journey that will reveal all the strengths you’ve gathered in this lifetime. Start rebuilding yourself and create new memories that liven you. Keep your eyes on the future as you keep on working as hard as you do. The more time you dedicate toward achieving goals, your mind will rewire into creative-innovative-on-fire mode.

Connect with nature, so your body aligns with the tranquil energy that is emitted from the natural sounds. If you’re no where near nature, then create a small space at home and make it an oasis. Put those headphones on, and vibe to some relaxing music that muffles out the world. Just chill, and accept this healthy escapism. Allow the euphoric journey to remind you of what joy feels like again, and be open to inspiration.

Please never stop taking care of yourself.

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