Demonic Possession & Mental Oppression Connection

I know they say that this information is considered “outdated” or “not proven by science,” but it doesn’t hurt to philosophize and have our own perspectives on things. Also, spiritual matters cannot be disproved by science because science is the study of the physical world. You cannot use the “physical” to discredit the spiritual. ScienceContinue reading “Demonic Possession & Mental Oppression Connection”

7 Ways to Protect Your Energy

There are plenty of ways to do it, but here’s a few I’d like to share with you. 1. Don’t Take Other People’s Hate & Negativity So Personal Stop allowing other people’s energy to bother you. We have to keep moving ahead no matter what. We cannot save everyone, and everyone’s problems don’t have toContinue reading “7 Ways to Protect Your Energy”

The Psychic Dreams Phenomenon

There are certain individuals who have the gift of receiving vivid dreams encoded with messages that can help us in our spiritual journey. Not only do we dream, but we interpret its hidden meaning too.Such individuals tend to be highly sensitive to the spiritual realm and are clairvoyant. Usually, they’ve had this since they wereContinue reading “The Psychic Dreams Phenomenon”