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Demonic Possession & Mental Oppression Connection

I know they say that this information is considered “outdated” or “not proven by science,” but it doesn’t hurt to philosophize and have our own perspectives on things. Also, spiritual matters cannot be disproved by science because science is the study of the physical world. You cannot use the “physical” to discredit the spiritual. Science is limited by what can be observed in an experiment which could only include “physical matters.” Therefore, the spiritual aspect of our existence goes beyond the surface, but just because it’s not readily tangible doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. The spiritual is very real, and it’s a huge part of the human experience. The more we expand our knowledge on this, the better equipped we’ll be to combat spiritual warfare and mental oppression. The better individuals we will become overall.

(Disclaimer: I’m not a scientist, PhD degree holder, nor am I a psychologist, so I cannot run diagnosis. I’m just a voracious reader, independent thinker, researcher, and knowledge seeker who loves to write).

With that being said, I would love to share with you my perspective on this subject right here. I can’t help but notice the connection between demonic possession and mental oppression.

There are many layers to demonic possession that ensures that the individual remains in the dark place. The strange activity looks similar to psychosis symptoms include the following in the list below. (The source comes from the Mayo Clinic).

I know you notice how they try to hide the spiritual aspect by the way they label certain things like what do they mean by “religious delusion? Also, notice the part that says “belief that thoughts aren’t one’s own.” Not all thoughts are our own because some if not most of our thoughts have been molded by our upbringing, environment, and traumas; Demonic forces work silently behind the scenes orchestrating what takes place in the human experience to ensure failure to elevate and ascend.
Worldly knowledge will not give us an in-depth breakdown of what’s actually going on in our minds and in the minds of others. We also won’t see what’s influencing our minds to think a certain way, nor how toxicity infiltrates our minds. We were all born innocent until our environment and other factors played a role in shaping our minds.

Different people can have similar traumas, yet some can become successful while the others turn for the worst.

Why is that?

How does that happen?

That would have to mean that this thing goes beyond the psychological aspect. It is my perspective that the determining factor must be spiritual. There must be some sort of interdimensional influence that dictates human behavior.

People easily succumb to negativity because they’ve been broken down by their physical environment, but it’s not just the physical plane of existence that’s affecting us; There’s a spiritual component as well. Because the physical structure isn’t what’s hurting us the most, it’s the thoughts in our heads, and the words that we’ve been beaten down with by others. Our thoughts are shaped by the words of death that has been spoken upon us for many years, and those same vile words and abusive acts continue to live on as if we’re in that sunken place.

Where do those words and abusive acts come from?
Not only from the mouth of your enemies (including toxic family members), but it comes from their minds. Their minds birthed those words laced with curses against your life. Their wicked imaginations inspired them to abuse you without a cause.

Where did that originate from before it got to their minds?

Someone else taught them that, or they were raised like that, but it goes deeper than that. This is one of the generational curses that they’ve inherited which was to speak death upon others. Demons feed off of that negativity, and that demonic energy empowers people to operate toxic and/or psychotic. Unfortunately, some victims of this abuse end up becoming just like their enemies if they do not heal in time.


Interestingly, the Bible mentions “the double minded man who is unstable in all his ways.” This reminds me of a psychotic split, or like some sort of multiple personality or bipolar disorder. A person with a double mind is everywhere, and they can’t seem to sit still as they are battling with a lot of turbulences in their mind. Also, demonic strongholds have made a home in their mind to continue the mental torment that forces them to go against their own success and life. It’s like they’re operating on demonic autopilot that sets them up for failure. They live a kamikaze type of life, and it negatively impacts those around them.

Eventually, if we keep on listening and taking heed to those negative thoughts (also known as the demonic influences that tries to hijack the mind), we’ll end up taking in that evil energy as our own. The more you accept evil suggestions, the more you will grow with the evil because you’re feeding into it constantly. The more you feed those demons, the more you lose yourself, and the harder it will be for you to see the divine light because you’ll be too far away to notice it.

You see, demons need our permission to take control, but unfortunately some of us aren’t aware that we’ve given demons the power over us. This is because some of us may have been broken down at a young age, so it left our minds open for demonic attacks until it gained full possession of the mind. The older we remain unhealed, the worse things get because the toxicity solidifies inside of us with age especially with pride and arrogance in the way. The demons get real comfortable and cozy in our temples if we entertain those negative thoughts, do crazy shit (commit sins), cause pain and suffering unto others, and heavily indulge in meaningless pleasure that will only make you feel even emptier in the end. This will fuel up your depression too because it will emphasize how empty you feel.

Picture this:

Imagine someone’s having a good day, then they felt the urge to do something impulsive. They’re not thinking about anything else other than that thrill they’re looking to seek. Once it’s over, great emotional devastation may happen. They will look back at what happened, and wonder why they did something so stupid. They don’t even recognize themselves when they look back. They can’t believe they were the ones who did that. It almost feels as though something else took the wheel while they were engaging in that act. They are left with sorrow and anguish for what they’ve just done. They may say, “It doesn’t feel like I did it. It felt like something else took over me, and now I’m feeling like I’m my normal self again, but I hate what I’ve done. Why did I do that dumb shit!?” Then, that cycle may continue to go on and on until it stops by their determination to break out of it by taking accountability and reclaiming their mind. This usually takes an act of God to break free.

It’s like a demon takes over the body and uses them to do dumb shit, then it leaves in order to torment the real individual who carries that vessel. They are left alone to live with the guilt, shame, and sorrow which will cause them more mental oppression and even substance abuse. The longer they remain under those demonic strongholds and live carnally, the more powerful that dark energy will become, and it will get to the point where they’ll grow to be so corrupted that the demons will eventually hijack that vessel as one of their own.

Evil energy ages you very badly, and the individual will go through extreme spiritual bondage and mental oppression which adds more weight to those shackles which sinks them even lower. Lower vibration awaits and negativity will sprout like never before. The longer they are in that dark place, the harder it becomes for them to get out. Eventually, they may become one with the darkness as they have given up hope in themselves because they’ve chosen the path of destruction. This is what it means to lose one’s self in the process, and it’s easier to lose yourself if you don’t know yourself. Unfortunately, they cannot break those patterns, especially the older they get because they’ve gone through those same cycles over and over again. It’s been wired in their brain, and the older they get, the more it becomes permanent. Also, their excessive pride and arrogance will keep them from even taking the initiative.

It would take some serious divine intervention for them to wake up and find out who they really are. They would have to become humble and “return as children” as the Bible says. It’s all up to God, so don’t stress about it so much if you have a spouse, friend, or family member who’s toxic. All you can do is pray for them genuinely, but don’t forget to pray for your own protection. Spiritual warfare is only ramping up, and we must not forget about our own needs. As empaths, we love to care for others, not realizing the cold world we live in. We’re the last lights standing, and the enemy will stop at nothing to dim and destroy our light, so that we become one with the darkness along with them.

We’ve already been through a lot as it is. You may have childhood traumas that you’ve overcame. You’ve been in that dark place before. You’ve had constant spiritual attacks and sleep paralysis. You know what the darkness feels like because you’ve lived in a toxic environment where you were the only light who could never fit in anywhere. You have been mistreated and abused by people for no reason. You overcame so much, so don’t give up on yourself. Release yourself from demonic possession and mental oppression today.

Take control of our mind once again.

Take your mind back.

Get your soul back.

Your mind and soul belongs to you.


• Acknowledge your faults, errors, and issues privately. Take accountability.

• Introspection and reflection in order to make sense out of what you’ve been through.

• Pray in Yahshua / Jesus name to be delivered from those demons that’s been holding you back for years.

• You have to want to change and repent genuinely in order for this to work. You have to really mean it. God knows if you’re faking it.

• If you relapse, don’t be so hard on yourself. Take that as an opportunity to learn to forgive yourself, and keep repeating the process toward healing.

• Once you let go of a vice, you will experience withdrawal symptoms which may cause your body to have aches and pains. You will feel like you can’t bear to go without that addiction, and you will be greatly tempted to do it again. It’s a very difficult thing to break, but I encourage you to keep trying. I got other blogs about that here and here.

• Fasting has helped people overcome addictions, but it’s something to get used to. Actually, I may have to write a blog about that next time because fasting is very powerful. If you are very serious about your walk in the narrow path toward complete healing, and being set free from addictions and “living in the flesh yet still feeling empty” I would highly recommend fasting.

• Continue to pray by speaking from the heart about anything and everything that’s been bothering you throughout your life. Pray for wisdom, guidance, strength, healing, and to overcome all of your past traumas and addictions. Your unhealed traumas is most likely the source of your mental oppression and ongoing addiction problems. Understand the source of your pain, and why you do the things that you do. Once you see the pattern, try to break it bit by bit, and own your mind, body, and soul.

I know you want to be free, so I encourage you to not give up. This shit is hard, I know, but it’s for your own good. Healing will bring the best out of you, but you have to have the heart to go through the challenges that life brings.

Thank you for reading.

I hope you do achieve complete healing.


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