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7 Ways to Protect Your Energy

There are plenty of ways to do it, but here’s a few I’d like to share with you.

1. Don’t Take Other People’s Hate & Negativity So Personal

Stop allowing other people’s energy to bother you. We have to keep moving ahead no matter what. We cannot save everyone, and everyone’s problems don’t have to be ours unless we make it our problem, and you really don’t want that. Negativity is inevitable, and dwelling on it will only magnify the pain we feel: a pain that isn’t even our own. This will cause us to waste time, and keep us distracted from our purpose.

As empaths, we have the tendency to feel what others feel, and it’s almost like we can read their minds. We need to filter out what enters our minds, and not get so consumed by other people’s energy. Even if that person happens to not like us, oh well. There will be many people who will either love or hate you regardless of what you do. Their perception of you is irrelevant because it’s not even accurate. You wanna know how I know?

Because they don’t even know you, nor do they care to know you, so why are you so worried about what they think about you?

Also, their negativity may not even be about you. Sometimes people tend to put their negativity on you unintentionally because they don’t know how to regulate their emotions. They’ve grown so accustomed to throwing stupid temper tantrums, and unleashing their wrath on anyone because they’re impulsive and have not fully matured mentally and emotionally. Clearly, they don’t have sense, so their actions are not to be taken seriously. Unfortunately, some people won’t grow up, so they decide to mess with people for no reason just because it makes them feel relieved rather than seeking actual healing.

2. Detach From This Physical World

Remember that we’re only on this Earth for a finite amount of time, so there’s no point in getting so attached to it. We will all pass away one day, so make sure you make the rest of your years peaceful and serene.
When you learn to detach from this world, you will feel more at ease, and you will not be fazed by anything going on. Some things are just out of our control, so there’s no point in stressing over it.

This physical realm is pretty much like a simulation. It’s not as real as we think it is. That’s why we call it “the matrix.” What we perceive is based on what our senses can detect, which can be misleading especially if our minds have been tampered with. Past traumas can cause us to misinterpret and misunderstand certain things too.

Of course, we would have to heal first and as we grow in knowledge we’ll begin to detach from this world, especially if you’re a spiritual person and/or if you’ve had a near-death experience. You’ll be in for one hell of a rude awakening if that ever happened to you. You realize how much you’ve been preoccupied with insignificant matters. When you realize how shallow, superficial, and vain this world really is detaching from it is easy because we already don’t feel like we belong here anyway. I know you old souls know exactly what I mean.

3. Stop Seeking Acceptance and Validation From Others

We need to embrace being loners because that’s where we can thrive at the most. We need to stop giving people the power to either uplift or crush us. Most people want to crush us, so relying on them is dangerous and unwise in my eyes. Also, it’s not good to be so codependent on other people’s approval of you. You are the master of your own life, so own that shit. You don’t need to ask for permission to be who you are, and you don’t need to get a lot of people to like you.

People will either love or hate you no matter how much of a good person you are. There will always be people who will not like you, and they don’t even need to have a reason. That’s just the way most people are. Their minds have been wired a certain way that causes them to perceive you in a certain light that is based on their past experiences, so it literally has nothing to do with who you are.

You will never know yourself if you keep looking for acceptance and validation from others because you’re allowing them to dictate your identity.

4. Expect Enemy Infiltration and Attacks

A wise man I greatly respect spoke bluntly to me and said, “You can’t be stupid out here!” Yup, and that woke me up to becoming more alert of my surroundings because most people don’t have good intentions. Not everyone is a good person out here, so don’t be so naive as to think that people have your best interest at heart.
They’re always plotting and looking for a way to slither in to ruin your life. Yes, and if you have a lot to offer, you will be a prime target, so keep those eyes wide open.

The pure hearts will say things like, “Oh well, why would they do that to me? I’m a good person.” Exactly, it’s because you’re a good person that that will make you a target to those who wanna capitalize on your empathy, compassion, unawareness of the darkness, and generosity. They actually believe that no one will try to destroy us simply because we’re good people, and “we’re not asking for trouble”. Here’s the thing: you don’t need to ask for trouble to have trouble, trouble could come to you; trouble could be watching you and waiting for the perfect time to strike. You better believe they got that poison ready for you, so spot those snakes that’s hidden in the grass before they come for your ass!

5. Seek Wisdom

The more wisdom you accumulate, the better you’ll be at handling conflicts and situations. You will not allow things to get to you because you understand human behavior and the spiritual influences behind the scenes. When you already know what it is, nothing will faze you, so you get to keep your peace.

You can’t fear nor hate what you already understand on a deeper level. It’s like we know why they do what they do, and it’s because I understand it so well that I know not to engage with these types of people. You will keep your distance or cut them off, and whatever manipulative mind tricks they try to throw at you will not work. Manipulative tactics cannot penetrate a mind that’s been solidified by wisdom because we know better now. We can get to a point where we can predict who the enemy will be and what his/her next 10 moves will be. Yup, “so let’s not be stupid out here,” and I say that with love.

6. Be Selective of Whom You Give Your Heart to

You can’t expect much good to come from a cold world, and that’s just the truth. Most people would rather do evil and get their selfish needs met, so your empathy is very valuable, but you can’t give that to everyone. You don’t want your heart to fall into the wrong hands. Guard your heart because there are evil people who are looking to snatch it, and they actually wanna yank it out of you, so that you stop loving the way you do. There are people who are jealous of your gifts, peace, and love because they have none. They would rather destroy what you’ve built because they’re just plain evil, and you can’t change a mind once it’s already been made up.

7. Don’t Help Those Who Don’t Want to be Helped

Like I said earlier, you can’t change a mind once it’s made up, and it’s not your job to do so. You can’t control what others decide to do, so all you can do is focus on your own life. We get so caught up in wanting to help others that we forget about ourselves, and sometimes we get burned in the process because we could be helping an enemy the entire time. Yup. They’ll pretend to be your friend, but really they were a spy (Hm, does that ring a bell? 48 laws of power?).

Also, I’ve heard this from somewhere: be careful who you help because you could be interrupting their karma. You definitely don’t want to intervene with that because you’re taking away the opportunity for them to be humbled. Some people don’t know how bad they’ve been treating people until the shoe’s on their foot, so you gotta let them learn. Hard-headed people learn the hard way, it’s unfortunate, but hey what the hell can we do about it? Otherwise, if you do intervene, you’ll prolong their delusional thinking, and they will begin to use and abuse you like they’ve always done with others because you came to save the day which prevented them from learning their lesson.

People who refuse to change don’t want to be helped! They have made their final decision, and that is to stay at a lower-level using and abusing whoever opens their heart, wallet, mind, and body to them. Some people willingly choose to be leeches and just downright rotten people. They don’t want any help! They may pretend like they do to get close to you, so we need to be very aware of the way they think. It’s twisted thinking, but we must know about it in order to know the enemy. Because you can’t fear nor hate what you deeply understand, and the more you know the better your decisions will be. The better your decisions are, the more peace you’ll have in your life.


Remember to observe, don’t absorb. Accept the fact that we live in a cold world, so there will be lots of negativity along the way. Alright, so keep it moving forasmuch as people piss you off. Always be fearless, walk confidently like to own the room, and be aware of your surroundings. You want your aura to be so powerful that no one will step up to you like that, and if they do you will not be moved by their stupidity. Accept what they did and move accordingly. Don’t allow these snakes to love-bomb you back into abuse. Set yourself free once and for all.

You won’t get so caught up in this world if you detach from it. Remember what we’re here to do. Let’s be more in tune with our true selves, and keep our vibrations high as we generate light. That way, human emotions can no longer control us nor wreck havoc upon our health.

Also, let’s stop giving a shit about what people think because most people don’t even know who they are while they’re trying to tell us who we need to be, and make assumptions about us that aren’t even true. You know YOU better than anyone else, so don’t give people the power to take away your identity.

Take the necessary steps to ensure that you’re in the best position. Examine your circle and make the right moves. Don’t expect everyone to come to you with good intentions just because you’re a good person. There are people who target good people for that very reason, because they tend to keep their guard down, wear their heart on their sleeve, and are oblivious to the tactics of the wicked.


Because most good people don’t think about how to get over on people in order to destroy them. Even though, we do NOT plan on doing such trifling acts, we need to be aware of these things, so we can protect ourselves at all times. Just because you wouldn’t do it doesn’t mean others won’t. Not everyone treats people the way they’d like to be treated.

Toxic people look for easy targets they can mistreat and do dirt behind their back because the pure hearts can’t even fathom the possibility of such evil. Don’t be one of those people who gets played like that, and don’t allow the pain of betrayal to cause your heart to harden. The devil wants you to become heartless and corrupted, so don’t let’em take your soul.

Protect yourself at all times.

Keep being good. The world is in dire need of good people.

Keep elevating, and stay true to yourself.

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