Demonic Possession & Mental Oppression Connection

I know they say that this information is considered “outdated” or “not proven by science,” but it doesn’t hurt to philosophize and have our own perspectives on things. Also, spiritual matters cannot be disproved by science because science is the study of the physical world. You cannot use the “physical” to discredit the spiritual. ScienceContinue reading “Demonic Possession & Mental Oppression Connection”

RELEASE from BONDAGE – Spiritual Poetry

Yeah, we’re all human, but we’re also spirit beings, Your soul is buried underneath the flesh, So deep you can’t even reach it. That’s why you feel empty, Until you starve the flesh cravings, then the spirit strengthens, Allowing you to gain control of your bodily autonomy, Spiritual lobotomy, Released from bondage, A carnal migrant,Continue reading “RELEASE from BONDAGE – Spiritual Poetry”