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7 Powerful Benefits of Fasting

Fasting activates aspects of you that you didn’t even know existed. I would like to share with you what I learned about fasting. I started this not only because of the digestive health benefits, but also because I wanted to sharpen my mind, detox my body physically and spiritually, combat spiritual attacks, and to maintain a high vibration to defeat all negative thoughts that will destroy the vices that my past traumas was about to bring. I knew I was doomed to ruin my own life, so I tried my best to stay diligent. My determination to endure and defeat all evil kept me going even during the times when I lost my faith in God. I wouldn’t be here, and my writing would not exist had it not been for Him. At one point, God believed in me more than I believed in Him. Let me say that again.

God believed in me more than I believed in Him.

– A Lost Soul that God Chose

My goal was to have control of my own mind, body, and spirit, so that nothing can stop me and I can operate at an optimal level.

Disclaimer: I’m not a licensed dietitian or physician. I’m just a writer and an independent thinker who’s serious about holistic health.


Discipline is key to success. It’s absolutely important for you to have discipline. We can’t get anything done without it. The more discipline, the better you will be in all areas of life. You will become more motivated and productive because you’ll have more energy. It’s easier to keep having determination and drive when you follow a consistent routine. In order to do that, self-control and discipline are a must.
Some people tend to do things out of impulse. Impulsivity stems from reacting emotionally without thinking. Discipline allows you to think before you react, and it will prevent you from doing stupid shit.

Discipline is the ability to do what needs to get done regardless of how you feel at the moment. You have to push yourself even throughout the most hardest times. In life, you will face many challenges, difficulties, and setbacks, and we have to be prepared for those things at all times. Your mind has to be ready for whatever is to come, and having discipline makes you more solid. You won’t have that entitled mindset. It’s not good to get too comfortable with having things go your way always because that’s not reality. I can definitely see a correlation between entitled people and a lack of discipline.

Discipline allows you to have full control of yourself instead of being a slave to your carnal instincts. We are not animals, but sadly, some of us act like it. We are human beings with the intellectual capacity to do many great things. Unfortunately, the majority operate under a low-vibration which is the “carnal life-style” whereby they “live by the flesh,” and this prevents them from awakening to greater insight and wisdom. Living carnally is like living as a “beast in the field,” who is controlled by instinct rather than by the intelligent mind and enlightened spirit. Those who “live by the flesh” lack discipline, and that keeps them from elevating in all areas of life. Their lack of awareness and sight makes them prime targets for control and manipulation because they’ve become similar to lab rats in this meaningless rat race.

Also, those who are overly stimulated lack discipline too because they’re always looking for overstimulation at all times. They always want to be entertained and they cannot sit still for a bit. Those are the ones who get easily bored or distracted, so they can never finish tasks because their minds have grown accustomed to constant stimuli 24/7. This usually stems from always satisfying every indulgent craving that may come their way regardless of the toxicity it brings, and how unhealthy and risky it is to them and others. They only live in the moment, so they will heavily indulge in whatever satisfies their fleeting desires to fulfill that instant gratification. The more this pattern of meaningless hedonism is repeated the more the mind gets programmed to expect to “get yours,” all the time. This cripples your ability to maintain discipline and make sound decisions. Fasting can definitely help shift your brain wiring, but it is most effective when you do it on a consistent basis like once a week or so. Willpower is a key factor to attaining that mental fortitude.


I know that pizza looks good, but you don’t wanna eat that much. Damn, at least enjoy the food! Not everything that may come your way is meant for your consumption. Opportunists love taking advantage of any and every moment to fulfill their selfish desires. They are greedy like that, so they tend to be gluttonous in any aspect you can think of. They just want it all, and they want it now. They will consume and consume until there’s no more money left in the bank, or they will engorge themselves with food until they are beyond stuffed. They’ll have sex with anyone that shows just an ounce of attention, but the more they indulge in meaningless sex the more empty they will feel. Fasting allows you to feel full without consuming (besides water), and this teaches you to be content with yourself. You can be happy without all that extra stuff because your joy is supposed to come from within, not from the external.

The problem is that some of us have wired our brains to seek validation from the outside, so we seek that short-lived pleasure by overindulging in things. You end up feeling like shit in the end because those things are not healthy, fulfilling, and they don’t have longevity. In the Western society, most people live and breathe mass consumption and gluttony which can include overeating, excessive spending, and meaningless casual sex. None of these things builds connections with anyone or anything.

Some people are slaves to their cravings to the point where overeating is a daily routine. Nowadays, all you have to do is order some high-calorie foods on an app, and they’ll deliver that heart attack in an instant. You don’t even have to walk or drive to the place. People can just have all the food they want delivered straight to their door, so they can engorge themselves some more. Next thing you know, they become overweight or morbidly obese. It’s not a mystery how that happened. Like the saying goes, “You eat to live, not live to eat.” Usually, gluttonous people love restaurant food which tends to pack a hefty amount of calories that are most likely “empty calories” at that. Eating empty calories will only make you less nourished and more hungry which causes you to eat more than what you should. Some people have grown accustomed to eating at a whim. They don’t eat to nourish the body because if they did, they would be eating nutritious foods. They eat simply for pleasure and for their feelings. They only do it to feel good, but that coping mechanism creates an unhealthy dependency which can lead to other eating disorders, health problems, depression, and low self-esteem.

Some people might be in the mood for a different kind of dinner, so they go on a dating app to get their sexual fixes met with no connection. People become reduced to utilities that satisfy for only one night no different than a dinner meal. People are not appreciated or valued anymore especially in the Western modern society, and it is a damn shame. It’s no wonder why people get STDs, and we also have so many broken homes especially here in the U.S. We have all these great opportunities only to let them go to waste because of the high rates of broken homes, rise of narcissism, vain materialism, and the glorification of stupidity and meaningless hedonism.

Emotional eating is a terrible habit to have because you’re teaching yourself to eat when the body doesn’t need to. Usually the food choice is high in fat and processed sugar because those tubs of ice cream are supposed to make the pain go away, right? That’s that emotional eating, and the more you give in to it, the more depressed you’ll feel because of the extra fat and weight gain, and you’ll feel tired all the time. You’ll feel too tired and unmotivated to do anything which will keep you unproductive, and the depression cycle will continue to go on. Emotional eating creates a destructive cycle where you lose control of yourself, so that needs to stop if you want to save your health.

By implementing fasting to your routine, you’ll be going somewhere. You can start small, by fasting for 3 or 6 hours if you’re not used to it. Eventually you wanna work up to 24 hours, which is great. You control your mind and body, don’t let it control you. Once you break your fast, you’ll get used to eating reasonable portions.

Why is that?

Because you’ve spent the last 12 to 24 hours not eating, so your body has gotten a bit used to not stuffing your face. It will only desire the amount of food that it needs. Most likely it will be highly nutritious food.


Photo Credit: raggio5 at Pixabay

Fasting for 24 hours will push your body to only desire foods that have the nutrients that it needs. When you deprive your body of food for that period of time, it pushes the old food out, it forces your body to adapt, and your mind will abide by that shift. It will adjust to this change, and will program itself to only want foods that will fully nourish the body.


Because your body is saying, “It’s been a long time since you fed me, and I’m really gonna need some real food that will replenish me.” You can check out a post I wrote called, The Benefits of Eating Lean Meats & Dark Leafy Greens.

Trust me, there are many ways to cook some delicious food that’s healthy. Healthy food doesn’t need to be bland. We just need to be more open-minded about different ingredients. It’s lots of fun actually. I love discovering new recipes that includes plenty of veggies that fills my plate with various colors. The more colorful, the more nutrients you’re eating. God made fruits and veggies brightly colored for a reason. I heard that the reason why that is, is so that it can catch our eye. This goes to show you how important to it is to eat more plants. Plants carry a lot of energy, yet some of us don’t get enough of it. Our bodies need it, but we have forgotten that because we’re not in tune with what’s good for us. Gluttony makes you lose your connection to what your body should be consuming. It’s all about conditioning your mind to accept healthy habits.

I’m not telling to go vegan.

Um no.

All I’m saying is that we need to eat more plants because it’s essential to preserving our health and youthfulness. I know you wanna look radiant as you age. If you wanna age like fine wine then you better start eating more vegetables especially those dark leafy greens; in addition to some supergreens like spirulina, wheatgrass, and moringa.

Why do you think it’s healthier to eat “grass-fed” lean meats? Also, the Bible even gives us the dietary laws which often says you can only eat animals that “chew the cud” because those that eat grass are “clean unto you.” Makes sense to me. I don’t wanna eat an animal that eats filth, dead carcasses, and feces, yet many people still do *ahem* love that pork ‘n bacon!

You are what you eat, so what do you think is gonna happen when you eat a bottom feeding scavenger animal?

I’d rather go against the grain, and treat my body like a clean temple, you know like a pristine palace.


Yes. Yes! YES!! That’s exactly what the body is: a clean temple. Fasting cleans you out too. You want to keep that digestive tract clean otherwise you’re gonna have a backup of old toxic shit still in there. That’s just nasty, and it will cause alot of health problems down the road. Some of us stuff our faces with food constantly, and we don’t give our bodies the time to properly and fully digest everything that we eat. I can only imagine the major hold up that it causes in us. It’s like having a traffic jam in your digestive system, and it becomes harder for your body to break food down the more you eat constantly. Going over your daily calorie limit and eating bigger portions will make it worse on top of that.

Just relax. Take it one bite at a time. There’s no need to overeat. Give your body the time to digest the food. Fasting gives your body time to finish digesting the food remaining, and it will flush everything out.
You won’t starve I promise you, not after all that food just you ate. We’re so used to eating so much here in the States, it’s not even funny, and that’s why we lead the world in obesity. Having a healthy gut and a clean digestive tract is key to good health especially as we get older. I’m pretty sure you don’t wanna get a colonoscopy.

Um, no thanks.

We don’t want that finger in our ass, so let’s keep that colon clean. Eat those delicious greens! If you’re not used to it, you can mix spinach or kale with some frozen fruit and make a delicious and sweet smoothie without having to add sugar.

Here’s one of my favorite smoothies to make in the morning.

Frozen Mango
Pineapple juice
Aloe vera water
Sometimes I add Moringa powder and Chia seeds, or both.


I didn’t have an addiction per-say, but there were times where I was on my way to alcoholism. I was able to prevent that from happening by catching my own thoughts that would tell me to drink more and more.

Those thoughts would go like this:

“Yeah, take it all to the head. You know you want to! Let’s see how far you can go. You feel good don’t you? That tipsy feeling got you feeling sleepy. Oh wait, you can’t sleep? I got something that’ll put you to sleep. Just drink the pain away.”

I broke that pattern before it could evolve into an addiction. I knew that the moment I started thinking, “I’m having a very shitty day. These hoes keep pissing me off! I hate my damn job! They keep pushing me. You know what time it is. I could really go for a drink.”

I knew that was a bad habit getting ready to form, and you know bad habits will eventually lead you to destruction. Let’s cut it off before the cancer grows into a bigger tumor. As I look back, I’m like “Damn, it’s been a long time since I had those thoughts to the point I don’t even get those urges anymore.” I drink occasionally, and when I do I don’t drink as much. I don’t have the need to because I can be happy without it. My joy doesn’t depend on substances, and that’s a blessing right there. That’s the reward you get for not feeding the beast, and cutting it off before it gets worse.

Addictions tend to come from a consistency of overindulging in harmful vices. The more you feed into that destructive cycle, the harder it is to get out. A great way to slow this cycle down is by cutting off the supply through fasting. This may take some time though, especially depending on the severity of the addiction. Relapsing is to be expected because addiction is not a easy thing to break, so don’t be so hard on yourself. Forgive yourself and acknowledge that your flesh is weak, but that doesn’t mean you can’t strengthen it. That’s what fasting is for. God is always there, but they do say that “faith without works is dead,” so let’s put in that real work through our daily efforts. Add fasting to your weekly routine, but it also takes a lot of willpower to break that thing too. Consistency is key, so don’t give up. Take it a step at a time, eventually you’ll look back and see how high you’ve climbed. It’s all about breaking bad habits and creating new ones that are good for you.

Fasting trains your body to get used to not giving in to things at a whim. It rewires your mind to not give into urges and impulsivity. Once you gain control of your mind and body, things will get better as you begin to exercise self-discipline.


Photo Credit: Photo Science Library

Your hypothalamus is in charge of controlling the homeostasis of your body. This includes eating, sleeping, and sex drive. Interesting how all three of those things correlate. That means that if we can control what we eat and how much we eat, we can definitely control our sexual urges, and once we achieve that high level of self-control we can do everything else. We won’t operate like wild animals at instinct, but rather we can actually think better, and make better decisions including whom we choose to spend our life with, and not just fornicate freely like it’s some sport.

Sex is a sacred act that is meant to connect a couple together on a very deep and spiritual level. I don’t care what modern day society says. Sex is not a sport, and it’s not healthy to treat it as such. Families are broken because of selfish and unbridled lustful acts such as that.

Have control of your mind. Don’t allow yourself to be controlled by your mind-controlled mind, if you know what I mean. Our minds are constantly under attack by the outside influences that subconsciously program you to become a mindless drone who is a slave to meaningless pleasure. It’s the type of meaningless pleasure that leads you nowhere but the land of the unfulfillment which includes an immense amount of guilt, regret, and shame.

I also found that fasting allowed me to focus and concentrate better. I get into the rhythm of productivity each and everyday which allows me to get more things done. It’s easy to do that when you have plenty of energy, and fasting will give you that. Fasting is powerful when you actually implement a healthy eating lifestyle, so that you’re constantly nourishing your body with all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and water that it needs to replenish itself. Otherwise, you’ll just be malnourished yourself, and we don’t want that at all.

On a spiritual level, fasting has brought me closer to God because its effects allowed me to align with higher things. I don’t crave the pleasures of this world. I was never really a fan of it to begin with, but I used to have eating issues, the temptation to drink, and the yearning for affection which we all know can lead into the wrong direction. However, being married to a good man of wisdom is a great blessing because it’s great to have someone to love who also lives by that holistic healthy lifestyle. When you have this, there’s no need to look elsewhere, when you have everything you could ever need and want. On top of that, God pours his wisdom unto us, and it becomes easier to hear from Him when we feed the spirit more than the flesh. You know that’s up next.


The more you deny the flesh, the more you have control of your mind, body, and spirit.
Though you’ll still get spiritually attacked, the demons will flee more easily when they sense how powerful your spirit is to the point they cannot handle being in your presence for too long. You will not be moved by their tactics of mind control and spiritual afflictions because your awareness will be greatly heightened. You’ll be able to see them from a mile away, and predict their next move. This gives you leverage to formulate strategies, and prepare for when the threat comes near you. Nothing will faze you as you’ve seen it all, and your higher intuition gives you the ability to receive foresight and premonitions.

God will reward you will spiritual gifts which include but are not limited to wisdom, discernment, dreams, visions, and pretty much what people call “psychic abilities.” To further explain, different people get their psychic abilities from different sources. I’m only dealing with and supporting the source that comes from the Most High. I’m not gonna debate about religion because I’m not religious at all, but I am a seeker of Truth. Throughout my journey, I’ve discovered that “the Faith from the beginning,” before the Bible was even written, that Truth the world hates which was spoken by the Hebraic prophets is the real deal. The God of Israel is real, and He cannot be put in a box we call “religion” because God is beyond human comprehension. He doesn’t think the way we do, so I don’t take the foolishness and pridefulness of mankind and religious hypocrites seriously. I say all of that as a former atheist/agnostic and even as an intellect.

One thing that remained constant throughout my spiritual journey was upholding the Truth no matter how many hate it. The Truth is liberating and healing, and I always felt inclined to achieving higher consciousness. I didn’t care to follow the crowd because usually the things they do is stupid, and I just don’t gain pleasure from meaningless dabbling and babbling here in Babylon. I never felt like I belonged in this God forsaken world because I was never meant to, and you probably feel the same way I do. That’s why you’re reading this right now. More power to you.

When you connect more with the spirit, you will no longer operate like a mindless drone or in a beastlike manner. Feeding your spirit will propell you into being a more powerful human being. You can become more than just human because you will not fall into carnal weaknesses, and so-called “temptations” will have no control over you. People love saying, “Oh, well I’m just being human!” Yeah, we are human, and we are prone to error, but don’t you wanna elevate?

Aren’t you tired of allowing the pleasures of this world control you?

If you can’t control your urges, then you have no control over your life. You can always get back your control though, but making excuses and justifications will not help you at all. “Oh, I’m just being human!”

Time to ascend.

Time to become a better human.

Become filled with the spirit of light.

It all starts by gaining control of your mind.

It’s all up to you though. Whatever spirit you choose to feed will lead you. You either feed the spirit, or you feed the flesh. You either become an empowered individual of majestic light, or be stuck with the spirit of the warthog beast that eats whatever nasty thing that comes into its path. You either become honorable or downgrade into a disgrace. Your mistakes don’t make you permanently terrible, but it can make you that way if you keep making the same mistakes and don’t try to change.

You want to own your mind. When you do, it becomes harder for evil to infiltrate it. The act of you fasting means you are putting an effort to gain control of your mind, and telling it what to do and when to do it. You call the shots, not the other way around, and when I say “shots” I’m not talking about tequila. Haha. Anyway, once you achieve this, it will be more difficult for demonic influences to hijack your mind. You see, it’s hard to recognize a demonic attack when we live in willfull sin, and when our thinking aligns with evil ways. The lines between light and dark gets blurry, and that’s how you lose sight of who you are.

How can you tell you’re being influenced by darkness when you’ve grown so accustomed to it?

The demons have made a comfy home in your temple. They’re having a party right now because they know you’re a reliable host who always brings those snacks, so you can’t discern anything. That toxic shit feels normal and right to you because you’ve been feeding it very well and you’ve gotten used to it.

It’s no wonder why the light bothers them so much. The darkness became their home and all they ever wanted to know. We can all come out of the darkness when we take accountability and learn from our mistakes, so this is nothing more than a message of Love. Real love comes laced with truth no matter how much it may hurt. Lies hurt more if you ask me, and lies never age well either.

If you are a knowledge seeker, it will come easy to you because you can spend the whole day reading some good books, meditating, or be out in nature. I could spend the whole day reading or writing so much that I forget to eat because I don’t really feel hungry whenever I’m invested into mentally stimulating things. Feeding your mind and spirit will fill you up in ways that the external world cannot. That’s why I don’t find much satisfaction in vain pursuits and materialism is boring as hell to me. I’d rather stimulate my mind to see how high it can go without getting high.

Time really does fly when you’re reading or writing a good story. Next thing I know, I’m like “Oh, I haven’t ate yet, and the day’s almost over.” I would often do this on my days off, usually on Saturdays, and this was before I even knew about the concept of fasting. You gain a better sense of control of your mind and body when you aren’t easily moved by random cravings, urges, or so-called temptations. Once you understand what temptations are intended to do (which is to ruin your life and destroy you), you will reject it without a doubt because you understand that it’s not really what you want, and the lifetime of pain it could bring which can even spill-over unto the afterlife.

That karma just won’t stop, huh?

Time to get right and get your mind right.

Fasting strengthens your spirit, and it makes you more receptive to creativity and wisdom. This will give you a clear mind and make you more on-point. The more you feed your spirit, the closer you get to God, the more powerful your prayers will be, the easier it will be to discern enemy attacks on the mind, and the easier it will be to make the devil flee because his lies will be hard to believe. Those negative thoughts will have no power over you because you know that’s just the devil trying to discourage you. Kick those toxic guests the hell out, own your mind, clean your temple, reclaim your throne, and allow the divine light to shine right through you. That same light will burn the evil spirits and disarm your enemies because you’ve chosen to genuinely live righteously. God can work through those who choose to make things right until the end of time. Fasting has already been spoken of and written since the ancient times, so I think it’s a great thing to keep that tradition living.

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