Philosophy: Everything Began with a Question

“Where’s your source? Your scholarly source?”

You mean the source that someone else wrote? A source that wasn’t birthed from the scholar’s own questions?

What questions were asked that led to that source? And is it really true? Why would they publish all truth in every source if they know the truth would wake up the masses?

Since when did TRUTH produce good slaves?

Only certain sources are true facts and are allowed to be viewed by the public, but some information is hidden, for if that segment of truth was to be unlocked, it would create a wave of awareness that transcends cognitive dissonance in an instant, they have no choice but to accept it.

Sources were sourced from those who asked many QUESTions, then they went on a QUEST to find the answers. In order, to find information you have to know what you’re looking for, QUESTions sends you on a QUEST, a mission to find the truth, which would become a source.

However, there are entities who have done this, they have uncovered the truth, yet only to conceal it in a vault, hoping that the masses would never figure it out, nor even QUESTion. For those who do QUESTion will be seen as crazy, uneducated, and will be asked, “Where’s your source?”

Academic subjects derived from philosophy through questioning; the Art of Socratic Questioning. Therefore, everything began with a question, yet questions are discouraged in most classroom settings today. Looks like they’ve solidified the school curriculum as the end all be all. But if knowledge is infinite, why the limitations? Why the suppressing of philosophical discussions? Hmm.

Also, you’d be shamed by others to not dedicate a space for questioning, critical thinking, and deep thought, “Philosophy degrees don’t pay the bills!” Yeah, that’s what skills are for, but there is more to life than just paying bills. Who are we paying our utilities to? “You’re not allowed to ask those questions. Be a good slave.” Pay those bills not knowing someone’s getting rich off you paying for water, a basic human need. Didn’t our ancestors at one point never had to pay for water? There was wells. Nowadays, in certain areas, wells are illegal. Ha go figure! Stop asking Questions!”

Wells have the access to an infinite source of water. They want to place limitations on the expansion of our source of information. We’re in the Age of Aquarius , the water bearer, water symbolizing knowledge; also a time we know as the “Information Age“, where we have access to vast amounts of information on the outside (Internet). Let’s not neglect our own wells, our own sources of water, the knowledge within us.

The best way to go about it is by Finding the source. There are sources that are invalid, yet are placed on a pedestal of accuracy. If the source of information is corrupt, it cannot be trusted, it’ll have you going in circles. That is when you SEEK for the true source through your own QUESTioning. Some man-made sources has been sourced from concentrate, not even real juice, is it really worth the squeeze? The truth has been diluted.

The truth is out there, but if you cannot find it in the physical plane. The power of the mind is the art of QUESTioning, then there’s the spiritual source, where all information is within us.

The spiritual realm has a way of revealing the truth to the chosen few who’ve been gifted with dreams and visions. No matter how much truth they try to hide, nothing on this Earth can hide from Our Creator. Our source is infinite, all truth is within us, this is nothing new, it’s ancient knowledge.

Dreams have always been sacred, and have uncovered much information that the human mind could not fathom. In order to stop this truth, you’d have to be convinced that the spiritual realm isn’t real. If you’re going to deny the spiritual realm, then you’d have to deny ancient history. Certain historical artifacts is one of the things they like to hide. Hmm. What a time to be alive.

You cannot run away from the TRUTH.

 © 2021

Published by Yasira Akamai

Wife. Writer. Poet. Artist. Lyricist. Born in December 16, 1995. Mexican-American. Southwestern US born -> Grew up in the Chicagoland area & Northwest Indiana (mostly East Chicago) -> moved to a warmer place living that Southern coastal life. I've been writing since like around the late 2000s. Depression and anxiety was swallowing me and I had difficulty trusting others, so I decided to confide in writing. It started off as Spanish songwriting, then it evolved into English poetry, prose, and short stories the more I improved my English grammar and vocabulary. I once had to take ESL classes, until it was determined that I didn't need to anymore around middle school. I became so dedicated to writing that I just did it everyday, and it served as my daily therapy as I was battling with negative thoughts. It put my mind in a state of meditation where it opened me up to many ideas and inspiration that I lived to create. I began to notice that I could write and speak things into existence with my words and actions. I had to find myself, and search for the power of the mind. Blog posts written by the author who goes by the pen name, Yasira Akamai, are intellectual property that belongs to the original author.   ©2021 Yasira Akamai, Power_of_the_Mind_Blog

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