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Prayer: As a Form of Elevating Vibrations

You are speaking things into existence everytime you pray. There’s an unseen phenomenon taking place when you speak confidently with faith over fear. When you think of the spoken word, you can hear it, and the words covey meaning. Since it is spoken, it is indeed a sound, and every sound carries a frequency. Sounds carry powerful vibrations that travels through our ears and penetrates our psyche, and our soul internalizes it all. There is power behind the sound frequencies that our voice creates. You can check out “The Healing Frequencies of Sound.”

Think about all the abuse and turbulence we’ve had to face throughout our lives, then our minds start to vibrate on that frequency. We are the product of our environment. We emulate what’s been demonstrated to us, then we begin to resonate with it. Our minds continue to echo the vibrations that once surrounded us. That’s how we find ourselves repeating the same thought patterns. If we were constantly shown negativity, we internalize it, and make it a part of our identity because that’s the vibration we’re more familiar with. We become our worst enemy when we don’t heal and take control of our own minds. That’s why toxic thought patterns must break. We must cut off those dreadful tunes and create a new sound for a sound mind.

We get what we put out into the atmosphere which can either create a prosperous or vicious cycle. You either self-improve or self-destruct. You are the master of your own mind. Otherwise, you’ll continue to walk aimlessly powered by dead energy. We have to be able to identify negative thoughts, detach ourselves from it, and kill that thought pattern once and for all. You have the power to evict them, and select what kind of vibes you want to live in your mind. That way, your mind can finally work for you, and not against you.

Prayer is a form of spoken word that elevates vibrations. In the words we speak, there are elements that come into play, and those are sound, meaning, and relating.

Every sound carries a certain frequency. Our voices are included in this. Our voices have a distinct sound, and the way we speak also matters. A relaxed, passionate, and confident tone is preferred over condescending, belittling, and obnoxious tones.

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If speaking life into a plant can help it grow can you imagine what it can do for us?

– I read this somewhere

The moment you start speaking, the vibration starts from your vocal cords and it goes out of your mouth spreading it further out into the atmosphere. It all comes from within you, which means you have the power to create the vibe. Your voice is in charge.

Evil spirits are low-vibrational entities which are detected as a drastic shift in the electromagnetic frequency of a certain area. Demonic parasites seek to drain your energy by inducing nightmares, sudden nocturnal anxiety, or sleep paralysis. Just like spiritual warfare, sound frequencies are unseen, yet they play a huge role in setting the stage in this physical realm. Prayer can readjust the frequency of the atmosphere back to its tranquil state. Your words spoken with conviction and faith with no trace of fear whatsoever is what makes your prayer potent as well.
You may check out my post “Spiritual Analysis of Sleep Paralysis.”

When you put words together to illustrate what your mind sees and consistently meditate, you’ll access different thoughts and ideas. If something is bothering you, or you can’t get your mind off of something, you can put it out in the air through prayer. As you express yourself, you will notice that insight will come to you, and the more you speak your thoughts, the more you discover from within. Prayer reinforces your thought process which allows you to understand things better. Hence, you’ll attain a greater meaning in life and in your purpose. You will find yourself speaking a philosophical language that can vividly describe concepts. This can make you a better communicator. The better you can convey your message, the better you’ll be at finding the answers to your questions.

Sometimes people pray as a group or an individual may pray for someone else or others. We relate so we can relay the message. Your message may resonate with certain people on a subconscious and spiritual level. So much so, that it compells them to analyze and self-reflect which promotes positive change.

Analyze: This is when you start to think about situations, concepts, people, or places as a way to extract new information. In order to truly learn, we must be humble enough to know that even if we are experts in a certain field, there’s always room for improvement. With that said, you will begin to look for any new data you may not have noticed before. Some people read the same book 5 times, and with each time they’ve gathered new information and discovered new perspectives they’ve overlooked previously. It’s like “Wow, I can’t believe that went over my head!”
You never know what you can learn if you don’t open your mind to do so. There’s always multiple layers worth analyzing, and it’s worth gaining the insight.

Self-Reflect: This is on a more personal level. I’d like to say it’s similar to psychoanalysis because you are reflecting on why you are the way you are today.

You may ask yourself:

“How did I get here?”

“What happened to me in the past that causes me to have these same issues?”

“What can I do to overcome my past traumas and heal?”

Finding the answers to these questions are a journey worth exploring. The thing is you have to put yourself in the position to humbly ask these questions. Every question requires an answer. Each question represents a goal worth going for, and with great tenacity comes an individual who has found the answers to the given question. Once you do find them, you will become wiser. Soon enough, it’ll get addicting. It’s a healthy addiction I promise you! You can read this philosophical blog titled “Everything began with a Question.”


The most powerful prayers are spoken from the heart, and that includes a great amount of honesty with yourself. This is crucial because in order to alleviate ourselves of our burdens we must be able to look in the mirror, and identify our faults and the patterns that allows our problems to persist. They say, “Admitting is the first step” to recovery. If you keep lying to yourself you will never heal, and you cannot lie to God either (whether or not you believe). We can all agree that lies never age well.

In my personal experience, the name Yahshua or Jesus is very powerful to call onto when praying.

Why is that?

Perhaps, it’s the vibration behind the sound of that name, or maybe it goes deeper than that because this is all spiritual.

All this is coming from a former agnostic/atheist who still loves science. In my journey of trying to find the truth and gain wisdom, I’ve had various spiritual encounters the led me into many directions that ultimately led me to God.

They do say, “Faith comes from hearing.” Interesting. Faith increases when we seek answers to spiritual phenomenon that is beyond the scope of physical science. In order for this to happen, we have to let go of pride and academic arrogance, and be open to discovering more layers of truth and spirituality. The more we pay attention to the symbolisms, synchronicities, and connections in our dreams and in the physical world, the better we’ll be able to figure things out.

By seeking the truth, you are essentially seeking the Creator “יהוה‎” because He is the Infinite Truth.

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