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How Temptations can Become an Addiction

And soon affliction.

As alluring and desirable temptations may appear to be, it is just a temporary thirst, a craving that is limited, never replenishing or nourishing.

Once you give into it, nothing is gained; what’s done is done, the pleasure was fleeting, but pain and regret keeps on repeating. Was it really worth it?


Once finished, soon you will hunger for more, this desire becomes insatiable, untameable, it escalates into an addiction. Thus, that is how an addiction is born. All of this is in the mind, what’s deeper? your soul. (Body:Mind::Spirit:Soul)

When we often give into temptations and unhealthy whims, we weaken our spirit and soul. The MIND is like the bridge between the Body and Spirit; therefore, the mind must be well equipped with knowledge AND wisdom.

The more we blindly give into temptations, the more difficult it is for us to know who we are, what our purpose is, and life-saving messages becomes obscure as we set foot into darkness. This weakens us, our awareness descends, making us more vulnerable to worldly pitfalls and/or spiritual attacks.

When we give into unhealthy desires (temptations that yield no fruit) we make our bodies crave more and more, to the point that fruitlessness becomes irresistible and insatiable.

Just can’t get enough of that? It’s never enough. So since it’s never enough why desire it so much?

People crave things that don’t last. They’re so eager for instant gratification that they pursue cheap thrills which mean nothing, just a quick fix, sometimes they just want a quick whiff of it, perhaps a glimpse, but what’s the point of it all?

Once it is all set and done, all that is in the past but you’ll be yearning for more of it in your present, preventing you from growing. The heat of the moment is only temporary, so why chase it? It’s nothing but a mere tease until it becomes an addiction.

What makes addiction so hard to get over? Once we reach to that level of obscurity, not only do our bodies crave it, but the addiction penetrates the spirit, our mind normalizes it, the vice/drug becomes a staple of our being, which is powerfully dangerous. The addiction replaces our natural Dopamine that our mind produces, to the point it isn’t enough to fulfill the insatiable desire for things that damage us slowly. It goes deeper, making us prone to falling for temptations that tamper with our spirit.

Our mind is the arsenal we can use to stay sober and vigilant.

You do NOT want to engorge your body while starving your mind and spirit. Most people wonder why they feel so empty. It’s because no matter how much stuff you stuff yourself with, you’ll still feel empty. No matter how much lusts you surrender to, it’ll only weaken you, enslave you to pathetic whims you WILL NOT profit from.

They feed their body and starve their mind and spirit; yet they wonder why they feel empty.

How can the mind work at its optimal level when it is being starved? Feeding the mind and spirit will give us better control of our body: this comes through discipline, patience, and dedication. The potential of the mind and spirit is infinite, so when you feed it, the power is fulfilling.

The difference between eye candy and food for the soul: Eye candy looks appealing but it’s bad for you, not nourishing, and may decay your teeth long-term. Candy is sweet but it will never satisfy the body’s nutritional needs, it weakens you. It makes you addicted to the “feel good feeling”, never truly seeking healing, and so you’re stuck wondering how you got there.

Whereas, food for the soul is healthy and nutritious, you cannot get it from the drive-thru, it takes work and patience to acheive and maintain, but it strengthens you and is very rewarding. It keeps you full and satisfied, no need to chase vices. You no longer crave the things that’ll hurt you in the long run.

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