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Keep Record of Your Dreams

Dreams can range from a replay of events from the previous day, a concoction of settings and characters throughout your life, or Dreams can be sacred messages meant for you to take heed to.

Sometimes that dream can be more than just a dream.

I’ve always have quite vivid dreams for as long as I could remember dreaming. They would be so astounding that I eventually began to write them down since I was a teenager, and to this day I’m still writing them down.

You may ask but why? Why must I keep record of my dreams? After all they’re ‘just dreams?’

See, that’s where many people fall into. They undermine their own capabilites to receive such messages. Dreams have always been sacred. This isn’t new knowledge, in fact it is ancient. For instance, Ancient Egypt had a high regard for dream symbolism. So much so that Pharaoh accepted Joseph, a Hebrew from the bloodline of Abraham, with open arms due to his gift of dream interpretation.

Indeed, dreams have always been sacred since the beginning of time, but it seems like most of the world has forgotton, or are unaware of the power behind having some kind of foresight or knowledge that would benefit us.

Why You Must Write your Dreams Down

I don’t necessarily write down every single dream; only the ones of great significance and symbolism. Especially, if it includes a serious matter, if it involves people I know in the waking world, or simply if the message is potent. That way I can keep the dream on file, in case I receive additional dreams, or life events that may confirm what the overall message was about.

It is important to keep a paper trail of past dreams, in order to better understand the upcoming dreams that may coincide with it. The connection could be easily seen, and the records help you recollect past dreams. That way, you can detect any patterns among reoccurring dreams.

What if I Can’t Remember My Dreams?

If you can’t remember a dream, then it is hard to write them down. However, I definitely recommend (if the dream is of great significance) to write it down AS SOON AS YOU WAKE UP from that dream. Even if you’re sleepy. Because if you go back to sleep, you WILL FORGET the whole thing. I’ve been through that several times. I was just too sleepy, but I was mad the next morning. So, say you have an extraordinary dream, you wake up around 1 a.m. still sleepy of course, but you must write the dream down. The moment you awaken from a dream, the memory of it is still fresh in your subconscious mind, so write it all down. Then, go back to sleep.

Then, make this a routine whenever you are compelled to write them down. You’ll notice better recollection, and details become more prominent. As you meditate on these dreams, you will find the interpretation of them. Any message that is sent to you is meant for you, it’s okay to ask others for enlightenment, but ultimately you are the one who knows exactly what it means because the elements used are tailor-made for you to identify.

What Are The Benefits?

1. You’ll learn more about yourself. For instance some people dreamed of playing instruments they’ve never played before, and it motivated them to try it out. Come to find out, the talent was embedded in them. So, it could be that dreams show you what your talents are before you realize it in the waking world.

2. You may look at life from a different perspective which can be enlightening, bringing forth philosophical thoughts, which leads to greater wisdom. NOTE: YOU MUST ATTAIN DISCERNMENT to know what dreams to take seriously, and to know right from wrong, truth or false. I’m not suggesting that every single dream contains absolute truth. That’s where discernment comes in, to determine truth from lies. This is more reason to write down your dreams, to keep tabs on it, and evaluate the patterns.

3. You may receive warnings of upcoming events, places, or people to be wary of. Don’t get paranoid of course, but remain alert. Alertness is part of the human instincts, so it is normal. There’s actually a theory that claims that dreams were a way our ancestors were able to keep their eyes open while they slept. Dreams would warn them of impending danger from enemies. It allowed you to prepare ahead of time. A survival instinct perhaps.

Don’t miss your opportunity to reconnect your mind with vast information beyond this world. Remember to always sharpen your mind. Think for yourself. Look at the bigger picture.

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