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How Dreams Can Heal You

It’s those reoccurring dreams,

The ones replaying the same theme,

And it keeps repeating until your fortitude exceeds high enough to defeat it,

Until you can relinquish the links that chains you to your pain,

A strain that drives the mind insane, and it hides, disguises itself as a defense mechanism,

When it is another layer of weight we bare on our shoulders,

Therefore, I write this prose in hopes that it’ll undo the ropes from psychological bondage, a carnal hostage,

so that the trauma that haunts us can no longer do us damage.

So how exactly can dreams heal you?

It puts us in situations where we are reminded of the very deep and personal things about ourselves and our lives.

You are made to face it until it can no longer have control over you. One of the reasons why you may have reoccurring dreams is because you have not made peace with it. You don’t have to gladly accept it as a wonderful thing.


However, you do have to accept the fact that it happened, but you have to not allow it to overpower you or swallow you alive while wallowing in misery. You don’t want to allow that pain to hold you hostage in your own mind. Since it is your own mind, OWN YOUR MIND.

Please realize that you aren’t controlled by what others have done or said about you. The mistreatment you may have endured does NOT mean that you’re worthless, it means those who did you wrong feel themselves to be worthless, and so they take that out on you.

It is key to own your mind, and dreams can help you do that. Hopefully, you have vivid dreams; if not, then I do hope you achieve the ability to do so. Dreams serve as a simulation that our mind designs, showing us wonders and signs, and a special sight given by the Divine Creator many like to deny the existence of.

When you do have dreams with specific themes that you feel at the core of your being, basically if it makes you contemplate deeply about something or even if it brings out alot of emotion from pain of the past, then it is time to meditate on it. Dreams give us an avenue to either release our anger and frustration, have closure with others, express your thoughts to someone, go through tough challenges, overcome fears, or accomplish great feats. These are just a few among many ways dreams can teach us valuable lessons. When we wake up from them, it plants a seed of thought that we have for the rest of the day. It becomes self-reflection time.

If you have reoccurring dreams, ask yourself:

Why am I have this same dream over and over?

Why do I dream about the same place (It could be where you used to live, a landmark, where trauma occurred, etc)

Why do I keep dreaming about the same person over and over again?

Now, I’m not a psychologist or anything like that. Just a writer who is very interested in the mind, dreams, philosophy, old souls, and the art of resilience.

Based on my experience, I’ve found it very helpful to write a fake letter (NOT intended to be actually sent) to the person, experience, or place I kept having reoccurring dreams about. There you can address everything you have been keeping bottled up within. Let it all out. Everything you ever wanted to say you can say in that “letter” and keep on writing until you get that “writer’s high.” You will feel better, and possibly gain insight or at least a clue as to why you keep having those same dreams. After you finish writing, well it just stays there in your notebook or laptop. It’s literally a letter you never send.

In my experience, this has helped me. I’d usually stop having those dreams, or I have them less frequent, and when I do I’m in control of the scenario and it no longer has power over me. Nor do I let it move me to anger or whatever emotions. I’m at peace because I made peace with it. As time goes on, your peace will increase, and you will look back and think about how far you’ve gone and how much you’ve grown.

I’ll even add the importance of prayer and fasting. It empowers your mind’s ability to have discipline and control of your emotions, vices, and fruitless desires. You can become one who cannot be controlled by darkness.

All Glory to the Most High God, Creator of the Universe

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