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7 Ways to Live a Stress-free Life

Life has a way of throwing curveballs at us. But just like baseball, we’ve got 2 more strikes left before we’re out. Even when we are out, be thankful for another opportunity to be a batter again. Hey batter, You can do better!

What if I told you that there are a few things you can do to reduce the stress out of your life? Or better yet, let’s eradicate the stress.

1. Cut off Toxic People

You don’t need to breathe in all that pollution everyday.

This one tends to be tricky for some. Especially, if you’ve known these people since childhood whether it be friends or family. Nonetheless, if they are TOXIC then there should be absolutely no tolerance for Toxicity, no matter who it’s coming from. It’s usually those closest to you who may end up back stabbing you. Sometimes, we have to come to terms with the fact that those friends you grew up with aren’t the same anymore.

Everyone was innocent as a child, once we transition into adolescence we learn a few things about ourselves, then we reach into adulthood and life slaps you in the face. This is when we have to face reality. Most people tend to lose their childhood friends once they go through their middle school years, each one goes to their own clique, and become a different person in attempts to find themselves. In actuality we don’t really know who we are until we do some soul searching, which usually happens when we become mature adults.

So, cut off the toxic people from your life, and it’ll allow more room for your serenity, and for new positive friends to come. You can’t attract good people by hanging out with the wrong crowd. You could be missing out on various opportunities because of your association with radioactive toxicity. Good vibes don’t like clashing with substances that may cause a chemical explosion. No. No. No. We’re too chill for that mess.

As for family, well the best way to go about that is to place your focus on building a family of your own, instilling noble values, and those children you raise will not depart from your wise teachings. Create your own oasis of peace and joy. But in order to do that you must have wisdom among other resources.

2. Stop Caring about What People Think of YOU

Let them talk. When have gossipers ever been right about anything? Rarely!

Only YOU know yourself better than anyone else, so why does it matter what others have to say about you?

In this social media age, a lot of people have become so consumed with the opinions of others to the point it drives them to depression and stress.

Here’s the thing though:

Everyone has an opinion, and it may clash with other opinions. At the end of the day. It is simply just that: An OPINION. Do we really want to stress over something as fickle as an opinion? If that’s the case, we’d all lose our minds all day everyday, because opinions are always changing and it differs from person to person. Opinions are not the end-all be-all. If you try to satisfy opinions, you’ll never truly enjoy life, because if it’s not one thing, it’s another. It’s never-ending and inconsistent.

So, shut off the boisterous noises from social media voices, and really take the time to find yourself. Focus on building yourself up to become the best version of yourself. Stop caring about what people think. This is also the mantra of David Goggins, who has been able to accomplish many feats by simply not giving a damn about the opinions of others.

3. Focus on Your Path Ahead

Are you going to go or what? The path cannot walk itself!

Stop worrying about what the next person is doing. Take the time and energy to trailblaze your own unique path. We are meant to be different. I don’t know what’s the obsession with wanting to be like everyone else. There’s nothing wrong with standing out. But see you wouldn’t know you’re standing out of you were busy focusing on YOUR path ahead.

Every person has their own route to navigate through, so it doesn’t make sense to look at what others are doing in order to conquer a path they isn’t the same as others. And that’s OK.  The path was laid out for US, we wouldn’t be given a quest that we couldn’t handle.  Whenever it gets tough, it’s only for your betterment not detriment.

4. Let Go of Your Own Baggage

Mental or emotional baggage, traumas of the past. You don’t want to be carrying all that unnecessary load with you for decades on, onto the grave. Life can already be hard as it is, why make it even harder?

We cannot control the ills that have been done unto us, but we can control how we react, deal, and heal from it. Ultimately, you want to continue succeeding in the mission of becoming the best version of yourself no matter what happens. If you succumb to misery forever, you’ve lost the battle, and your enemies have won. Don’t let them beat you. These people who hurt you in the past are NO LONGER THERE so how is it that we still allow them to win? Our joy and resilience is their pestilence. The best way to heal is to not allow ourselves to self-destruct sue to the program our abusers have instilled in us. Stop letting them win! Your mindset can defeat them, you don’t even have to exchange fists (anymore).

Life will have suffering in it, there’s no going around it. Just keep being that strong soldier. The key is to strengthen your mind. Wisdom is a powerful remedy. There’s more life beyond this dimension. 

5. Seek Greater Wisdom

This one’s very vital to your vitality. I’ve mentioned wisdom plenty of times. Even the Holy Bible emphasizes the importance of seeking wisdom, also the fact that wisdom is more precious than rubies. We could have plentiful riches but without wisdom, we wouldn’t know what to do with all that. Without wisdom we’d squander on those gifts, and before we know we go broke.

Not only is wisdom beneficial for your finances and investments. Wisdom can go deeper than that. It gives you the information you need to save yourself from misery and hellish consequences. We often tell ourselves: “if only we have known better.” Of course, if you know better you do better (so I hope!). Wisdom provides that ability to forsee consequences, and also it gives you a profound understanding of how detrimental certain actions can be. You’ll look at the long-term more as opposed to instant gratification. People get in the most trouble by trying to fulfill their short-term pleasure excursions, which tend to cost you a huge chuck of your life. Ask ex-convicts who’ve done a solid 10+ years, they’ll tell you all about how they’ve thrown away their youth all because of instant gratification, which translates to a lack of wisdom.

So, as a free citizen, take some time to increase your wisdom. Learn some things, read, and meditate on it. Tread lightly though, not everything that’s written in this world is solid. Let’s take a dive into our philosophical capabilities in order to dissect information, have discernment, and make the right conclusions. Life’s nothing more than a learning experience.  Let’s use the time wisely.

6. Eat Healthy and Exercise

Vegetables are bright and colorful for a reason. It is to captivate our eyes to consume such healthful goodness!!

I’m no registered dietitian, but I’ve done a lot of research myself on nutrition. It’s quite straightforward. You want to treat your body like a holy temple. Eat healthy. Mostly vegetables, legumes, clean meats, whole grains, then fruit and oils(olive, coconut, grapeseed, avocado oils). We can indulge in a little bit of sweets in moderation though. But fast food is a definite NO NO!! Avoid processed garbage and refined sugars. However, cane sugar (brown and white), agave nectar, honey, maple syrup, and coconut sugar are some great alternatives for sweetness.

But you’ll see how the more active your body is from exercising consistently, the less your body will crave high sugar and fatty foods. Once you get your body into the rhythm of eating healthy, it’ll reject that Whopper you tried to feed it. Trust me, you’ll never wanna relive that grueling toilet experience again! Burgers aren’t so unhealthy if you make it at home. It’s the fast food junk you don’t want. Also, you can get creative with cooking, or create healthy alternatives. You don’t have to sacrifice the flavor! Curry is loaded with flavor and is very healthy!

7. Tune into Your Hobbies

Discover and refine your talents. Find activities you enjoy.  Compile a list of them, and try to fit them in your daily schedule. Once you find hobbies you’re good at, never let them go. The moment you let go of your hobbies is the moment you lose yourself. Keep nourishing that talent and you’ll see yourself flourishing. This will help you to stay concentrated in your path as well. You won’t be jealous of the person next to you because you’ll be too busy focusing on Your path. When you drive,  you wanna keep your eyes on the road otherwise you’ll crash. And that’s a mess you don’t want to get into.  So, please keep your eyes on the road (your path). And maneuver rightfully, avoiding the crazy road raging drivers.

This about sums it up! 7 Ways to live a stress free life.  Thank you for reading! And I hope this helps.

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    1. Thank you for reading! And glad it was helpful !


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