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7 Benefits of Being an Introvert

We hear a lot in the West about how introverts need to come out of their shell, and just mingle and blend in with others. They often times want to push introverts to convert into extroverts because it is viewed as “normal” or acceptable. Sure, there are a few traits extroverts may have that are beneficial; however, there are more benefits to being an introvert. Here I will discuss that, and might I add that there’s nothing wrong with being introverted. If anything, you may be ahead of the game if you are one. Here’s how!

1. You Know Yourself Better

Since you’ve spent more time to yourself you have had extra time to get to know who you are. You are comfortable being alone; therefore, you’re confident in your own identity. Also, self-reflecting tends to be easy which leads to a better understanding of yourself. Some people dread the thought of being alone, but introverts enjoy the solitude, and they try to prolong it which gives them even more time to learn more about themselves and the world.

Usually, when you spend too much time around other people you tend to lose yourself more, and you become too distracted to really dig deep within to find answers to your own questions. You don’t want to get to a point where you lose yourself, so much so that you become dependent on others to decide for you.

As for the introvert, they know when to call it a day, and go home to “recharge their batteries” after a long day of socializing. You see, this can serve as a benefit because you know when to go home to meditate or relax. You don’t allow yourself to get so distracted that you lose yourself. You never have to worry about an introvert overstaying their welcome.

2. You’re More Productive

Since introverts prefer to be alone anyways, they can make great use of that time to get things done. Also, they don’t crave social interactions as much as the next man, so they just finish the job without needing “teamwork.” Like Batman, they prefer to work alone, and sometimes they can get more done alone than in a group setting. So much for “teamwork making the dream work.”

Though, introverts can adapt to their surroundings including social demands, they just simply prefer to not have any noise disrupt their routine. They are not socially handicapped as many may assume. They can work in a team, but they are mentally wired to get more done alone. That isn’t a bad thing.

But what if you put a group of introverts to work together? What kinds of ideas could they conjure up, and how much can they get done? Would it make a difference? Maybe it’s not that introverts don’t like to work in teams, but they may not pair well with extroverts. Maybe it’s not about introvert/extrovert, maybe it’s about the personalities. Certain personalities mesh well together more than others.

Introverts can get a lot done because they are already used to spending time alone, and that extra time gives them an advantage to improve or move onto the next project.

3. You Tend to Be More Self-Reliant

Introverts are not to be mistaken with being anti-social. Years ago, I had someone adamantly ask me, “Why are you so anti-social?” I was like, “I’m not.” People tend to assume being anti-social and introverted are the same thing, but it’s not. Some introverts may be anti-social, but not all. Other introverts can be social, and may even enjoy conversing with people when they encounter a like-minded individual with common interests.

So yes, introverts can have friends, but usually they are few. They may be few, but they have meaningful friendships with them, and they respect one another’s space too. They aren’t clingy nor codependent, and this makes them self-reliant. They’d rather take matters into their own hands without the need for social approval of others. Since they know themselves better they can forge their own path and make their own decisions. This is a very liberating thing because they don’t have to wait on anyone, nor do they have to see what others will do. Introverts are OK with being alone in their journey. As a matter of fact, they will view it as a serene adventure.

4. Your Life Has Little to No Drama

Just like I mentioned earlier, introverts tend to have a smaller circle. The smaller the circle the less likely you are to have any sort of drama in the mix. Introverts are also very selective of who they allow into their lives, so those few friends they have won’t be giving them drama. And if they do, well they will simply let you go, especially if that drama has nothing to do with them. Usually, introverts don’t put themselves in positions where they’d be the focal point of drama. They don’t like small talk let alone have an argument. So, introverts tend to live a drama free life, which is great, but some people may consider that to be “boring.” Oh well, introverts don’t care what you think of them.

5. You’re a Deep Thinker

I know I keep reiterating this, “Introverts love to spend more time alone.” Since they enjoy their solitude, they have much more time to meditate and think about a vast array of different concepts. They may veer off into some philosophy, spirituality, sci-fi, or artistic concepts. They may ask existential questions, and then go on a new quest to find the answers. All of this information they gather accumulates, and it strengthens their knowledge arsenal. Overall, they become deep thinkers because they’ve spent an abundance of time seeking knowledge and wisdom. By the time they reach to a point where it’s needed, they’ll be sure of what to do.

Also, it makes them great friends because they will give exceptional advice. Their conversations are very meaningful, and may send you into journeys just from talking. Introverts don’t hate talking, they just don’t want to waste their breath to talk about nothing. They don’t like small talk, but they can talk for hours with those whom they’re close to. They may present new perspectives that can help others as well.

6. More Time for Creativity to Brew

This is one of the most fun parts of being introverted, and that is having more time to work on creative projects. Most writers, poets, artists, and music producers tend to be introverted. They’ve developed an appreciation for solitude because that is the only time they dedicate to perfecting their talents. They say “time flies when you’re having fun”, and that is true. When you spend time working on what you love to do, you will notice time would fly. It was 9 in the morning when you started, and next thing you know it’s 4 in the afternoon. And it didn’t even feel like work because you enjoy what you do. Creative work is therapeutic. I remember the many days I spent writing my book, and I’d be so immersed into the story that next thing I knew, the hours had already flown by. It felt like a trip through time. That’s when you know that you love what you do and are good at it. Introverts cherish this creative time the most!

7. You Tend to Be More Intuitive

Introverts can sense vibes and auras from people and situations. Because they are deep thinkers, they can discern things better. They have a tendency to pay closer attention to detail, so they can easily keep tabs of certain things until they notice another clue. Usually, their senses are keen and they will remember patterns. All of this culminates to them being able to figure people and things out. Their strong intuition guides them and they trust it because it’s proven itself to be accurate before. The combination of intuition and deep thinking serves to be a powerful one.

It goes even further than just intuition. Introverts also tend to be more sensitive to the spiritual realm. They can already sense auras from people which tends to overwhelm them because most people carry negative energy. And the more people around the more likely that heaviness will be present which drains their energy. Especially, given the fact that they are very sensitive to vibes. And because they have this, they are susceptible to sensing the presence of spirits. They are more likely to have paranormal experiences.

Introverts are often misunderstood especially in the West. They tend to think that they are afraid to socialize, that they are anti-social, or that their introversion is something to “overcome” or needs to be “fixed.” In actuality, being introverted is a blessing for the creative mind. There is nothing wrong or strange about an introvert. Introverts have many special gifts. They are self-assured, confident, mellow, independent, intelligent, creative, intuitive, wise, auspicious, profound thinkers, and problem solvers. They tend to be very well-read, make great friends, and enjoy meaningful conversations. They don’t seek validation externally, they receive confirmation from within.

They prefer to spend some time alone to rejuvenate their minds because they’ve just spent a day being drained by various boisterous stimuli and negative vibes from crowds of people including what we cannot see. All they want to do is cut off all that noise from the day and finally unwind.

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