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Running: As a Form of Healing Escapism

Just like in that poem, ‘10 Years Ago,’ I was in a dark place mentally, my sense of hope was crumbling bit by bit as the memories of the past haunted me, it pushed me onto the verge of depression.

Depression, when you lose sense of existence,

Existence feels pointless,

The only things that once brought joy, no longer can you rejoice,

You develop an avoidance toward everything around you,

Everyone’s voices appear to be muted,

The zeal for life becomes diluted,

Reduced moods, only making room for inevitable gloom and nihilistic perspectives,

That prevent you from getting a good night’s rest, as you nestle in bed,

This is the only time you feel warm in the inside…

Any decision you make in life has the ability to either make you or break you for life. Back then, every day was a constant battle to not self-destruct. Now, every day has blossomed into opportunities for self-improvement.

One of the things that has helped me overcome negative thoughts and toxicity was running. Writing is one of my most treasured passions, but running has worked hand-in-hand with it; both creating a strong-willed individual within a broken person until you eventually become unbreakable. Running gave my brain the boost it needed to even have any sort of motivation to even write. Writing has provided a cathartic release that healed me. So, there’s a healthy cycle here of running and writing. Back-to-back. Consistently. I grew to love that runner’s high, and I felt all sorts of inspiration to write.

But can ‘escapism‘ be counterproductive?

Usually, the term escapism refers to a way of escaping from reality due to the hardships you may face. This can grow to become detrimental when we create a pattern of avoidance, which is when we lose our sense of reality. Thus, we may end up with the inability to cope with life, and none of our problems get solved. However, in this post I’m highlighting something else regarding escapism. I’m thinking on terms of using a little dab of escapism by creating new productive and creative outlets to make you rise up from that dreadful idle-mind. More specifically, I’m talking about running, and how beneficial it is, not only for your physical health, but for your mental health as well.

Let’s dive right into this.

What happens when you run?

When you run, plenty of things are happening within you. Your heart quickens its tempo, you may sweat, your lungs are working a bit harder, oxygen is being transported throughout your blood stream, and your natural endorphins, as well as the neurotransmitter serotonin makes its presence known into your mind, which gives you that runner’s high. Essentially, running alters your brain chemistry to liven your mood which can work as a natural antidepressant. (Disclaimer: I am not a doctor by the way). Here’s an article from the healthline website that explains how to naturally boost your serotonin levels without medication.

My personal experience

Running became the highlight of my life, and it even helped improve my writing. This is proof that our mind is the powerhouse of all things we bring into existence through our creative works. For instance, prior to running, my writing was more sad, hopeless, and kind of dark. It only fed me into more negative thinking. And a counterproductive cycle was emerging until I decided to change my habits around Passover of 2012. I began by eating clean, learning more about healthy recipes, and ultimately running. It was like something within me was yearning to just go for a run. And when I made running part of my constant routine I noticed changes taking place. My mind was more at ease, and my writing beautifully evolved into positivity while simultaneously putting the negativity into perspective. Basically, I didn’t just write about doom and gloom; I acknowledged the negativity around me without wallowing in it. I used it to bring forth a positive message that served to be inspiring. Many writers have come to cherish this gift.

As far as running goes, in the beginning, it didn’t matter how long I ran for… what mattered was that I did it. The most important part is to just get started, and little by little you will be able to run miles. Let me tell you that my very first day of running was quite pathetic. I only ran for like one-eighth of a mile. Despite this I decided to try the HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) strategy, you can read more about that here. I would sprint for a few seconds, then jog, and then walk, until I was ready to sprint again. This helps get your heart used to the high intensity of running, which gradually enables you to jog for a longer period of time. And it really did help! I went from only being able to run for one-eighth of a mile to 10 miles straight (that’s my best so far). Running is still and always will be one of my greatest joys.


Just run like a deer and you will not stumble’,

Abrupt eruptions of rage or tribulations will not faze you,

As you face challenges head on, head-strong without the heat,

Eyes gleaming, dreaming about the prize, but humility is key, no need for the pride of life,

Eyes still full of light, showing signs of innocence,

Noble intent, while looking attentively at end of the finish line, end times…

Track lanes become a trail of travails as the journey unveils wisdom as we run.

One response to “Running: As a Form of Healing Escapism”

  1. […] A MOTIVATIONAL MESSAGEI remember back in my late teens I was at the gym doing my thing. Then, some random dickhead said to me, “Don’t work out too much because men don’t like that.”I told him, “You’re not my man, so don’t worry about it.”So, according to him, men don’t like women who work out “too much?” They also don’t like it when we don’t work out AT ALL, so which one is it? Haha yeah OK whatever. I mean if you like’em big, just say it, and leave me the hell alone. There’s no such thing as working out “too much” just like there’s no such thing as “making too much money.” Only stupid people will try to disrupt your auspicious flow.Every man has their own preference. They’re not all the same, so his comment was very self-absorbed because the world doesn’t revolve around his opinions. And well, it seems like people in general don’t know what they want because when you’re fat you get picked on. When you’re skinny you can still get rejected, and made to feel like you’re “less of a woman” for being too small and not curvy enough. You can even be slim and toned with an athletic built, I promise you that someone will have something stupid to say. Trust me, I KNOW. That’s why we don’t live by what others say.YOU live for YOU.Fuck what people have to say, especially if they’re just trying to bring you down.That’s why we should NOT seek validation from others, but rather we should get that from within and love ourselves. You have to know how to muffle out peoples’ negative and irrelevant opinions because most likely they don’t know what they’re talking about especially when their SOLE PURPOSE is to DISCOURAGE your growth.ALWAYS keep your vibe high. Emanate greatness everywhere you go, and never let anyone rob you of your joy.Lifting iron weights has uplifted me, and gave me a lot of confidence after going through a tremendous amount of bullshit. I will not allow anyone to take anything away from me. Pumping iron, hitting the bag, and running has been very therapeutic for me during my darkest hours. I would get my daily therapy which allowed all my anger, contempt, and frustration to be released in a healthy way. In that process, I’ve become stronger than I ever thought possible both in the mind and body. Do what makes you feel good as long as it’s HEALTHY and PRODUCTIVE.I want YOU to know that it’s NEVER too late to get started on your fitness and self-improvement journey.ACKNOWLEDGE the problems, but don’t dwell on it, only use it as information for you to know what needs improvement, so you can FOCUS more on SOLUTIONS.DON’T be so fixated on things that you have NO control over like your height, age, past traumas, etc. FOCUS more on things you CAN CHANGE naturally.If you’re out of shape, you can always get back in shape! It doesn’t matter how “old” you are, just get started NOW that you are still BREATHING!! Work with what you have and bring that inner beauty out by focusing on getting HEALTHY. It’s not about “getting skinny” because skinny doesn’t mean you’re healthy. Health means not having excess fat clogging up your arteries and disrupting your vital organs from functioning. You can be skinny and still be prone to illness because of poor immunity. You see, we’re doing this for HEALTH not VANITY, but you will look very sexy when you get those results though!! Haha! The goal is to be healthy physically and mentally, but I’m not gonna lie it sure does feel good to look good too!So…If you’re FAT and you let yourself go, you can always lose weight and tone up. It’s not the end of the world, but your mind can make you think and feel that way because your unhealthy lifestyle makes you more prone to negative thoughts. I was a skinny kid until I got fat because of trauma and my love for fast food. I weighed about 130 lbs at the age of 10, and I HATED vegetables, but I also hated being CONSTIPATED. Sitting on that toilet for hours with pain in my bootyhole was definitely a wake up call. I had no choice but to learn to love vegetables, and now I LOVE my VEGGIES!! I eat more vegetables than I do meat. I slimmed down to like a size 3 around my early teens.Or…If you’re SKINNY or scrawny, you can always build some muscle at an iron gym and up your PROTEIN. I know my little self was able to do it 😉. I got into pumping iron around late high-school, and was able to lift more than my own weight. That was a huge accomplishment for me. I didn’t think I could ever do it because to be honest I was so small and weak before. I went from struggling to lift a 40 lb barbell to being able to bench 130 lbs and squat 180 lbs. This gave me a newfound confidence that I can do anything if I work diligently and consistently at it.BINGE-EATING, EATING DISORDERS, AND BODY DYSMORPHIABecause I’m such a foodie, I was determined to make healthy food actually taste delicious, and this was where I discovered my love for the culinary arts. You don’t need to eat just salads and soups everyday to lose weight. That will drive you crazy to the point where you’ll binge eat. I’m guilty of that. I would binge eat pizza and cookies, then feel like shit afterwards. I would feel so shitty that I would work out excessively to the point of utter exhaustion. Then, I would purge it out as a punishment for being such a fat fuck even though I was no longer even fat at that time. Either way, I still felt fat regardless, and I was self-conscious about my appearance because people have a way of making you feel ugly even when you’re a child. This adds more trauma on top of trauma which contributed to my somewhat misanthropic views.Everytime I gave into binge eating, a wave of shame and disappointment would come upon me which can fuel your depression and self-loathing too. Man, I was talking down on myself so much to the point there was no need for me to have bullies. My mind became my own worst enemy, especially whenever I gave into my fatty food cravings. Gladly, I’ve overcame that a long time ago, so it’s possible to gain control of your mind. Anyway, HEALTHY FOOD DOES NOT NEED TO BE BLAND or tasteless!! Dammit! We love good food and you can still eat pretty good if you stay active and get your greens and nutrients in!!Working out is fun and it can be your new addiction. If you’re gonna be addicted to something, let it be something that WILL UPGRADE YOU. You will look and feel good too, and life will feel like it’s worth living again because you will be HEALTHY.You DON’T have to starve yourself. You will feel full if you eat nutritious home cooked meals and healthy snacks throughout the day. Once you increase your metabolism from all that working out, you will be able to eat more, but it has to be nourishing. Nutritious can be delicious.NOT A SWEET TOOTHI wasn’t really a fan of sweets. Even as a kid, I hated cake and cupcakes. The frosting was just too sweet, and it was torturous eating it. Everyone thought I was a weird kid because I hated birthday cakes, and I would be the only one who never ate a slice. I do like cookies though, but that’s about it. I was fat mainly because I was addicted to pizza, chicken tenders, and burgers. I remember I was so fat at the age of 10 that I ate 2 whole boxes of Little Caesar’s pizza.Damn, how did I do that!?Now, I can’t even bring myself to eat one whole box. Hell, I can’t even force myself to eat Little Caesar’s PERIOD. There are better pizza places to go to. Hehe. Now, I’m at a point where I can’t even eat THAT MUCH like I used to. I can’t even eat the same foods I used to eat because my body will automatically reject it.But hey, if you love fried foods, you can get yourself an air fryer! 😉As far as the sweet treats…I know it’s hard if you have a sweet tooth, 😋 but cut out the extra sugar, or at least limit the sweets gradually. Fruit will be your non-guilty pleasure, or at least eat a small portion of desserts that have fruit in it (preferably low or no sugar) peach cobbler, apple crisp, or some dark chocolate. Definitely AVOID deep-fried desserts. Also, cheesecake is very unhealthy. One slice is about 1000 calories. Damn! But they do have cheesecake flavored yogurt, so you can satisfy that craving without overindulging.INCREASE YOUR MIND POWERDon’t eat out of emotion because if you do that, that means that you’re allowing your “feelings” to control you, and make you do things that will destroy you slowly. Gain full control of your mind. You tell your body what to do, don’t let your body tell YOU what to do, especially if it’s telling you to destroy yourself.Train the mind to eat what it NEEDS not what it THINKS or FEELS like it WANTS. Your hypothalamus will adjust accordingly overtime as you begin to replace bad eating habits with good ones. It’s all a learning experience. You can search for healthy and delicious recipes on Pinterest, so a healthy diet doesn’t have to suck ass.Lastly, STOP paying so much attention to the media, and take breaks from social media. The media profits off of keeping you at a low-vibration because it makes you more susceptible to being under their control. The narratives they push is meant to keep you depressed, insecure, and have low self-esteem. You can read more about that in “The Dark Cloud of Social Media” and “5 Ways Social Media Destroyed Our Minds.” These are very good reads if you find yourself feeling depressed, worthless,, unproductive, or if you’re comparing yourself to others.You are YOU, so focus on who YOU can be. Live in REALITY because life can be beautiful if you make it that way, but that can only happen once you start focusing on YOU and keeping your eyes on YOUR LANE. Your lane is your world, so make it yours. Now, you better go run it.For more posts about health and nutrition check out…5 Benefits of Eating Lean Meats & Dark Leafy Greens7 Powerful Benefits of FastingRunning: As a Form of Healing Escapism […]


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